Tips for Solo Travellers

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

Tips for Solo Travellers? Are you scared of how it will turn out?

Traveling all by yourself versus traveling in a group is a very different experience. The experience of traveling solo brings joy and independence to you. You enter into a different culture, meet new people, make new friends, share laughter with strangers, and ultimately gain a sense of peace.

All of the things described above, however, are correct. But there’s one more thing to remember: while we’re solo traveling, there’s no one nearby to help us, which means we’re responsible for everything. There is a vast list of things to consider, from budgeting to safety precautions to medical facilities. And you won’t be able to miss a single one of them.

In this article, we have covered 15 useful tips that any solo traveler should not miss, regardless of whether it is their first or tenth trip.

So, keep reading!

Before Tips for Solo Travellers – Remember These Tips!

Choosing the Right Destination

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

“Take the Road Less Traveled” is a phrase we’ve all heard before. 

It isn’t bad, but it isn’t ideal for first-time solo travelers.

Keep in mind that while picking a destination for your first trip, you should choose places that sound familiar. Don’t try to go to very remote locations. Why take on more burden with no known destination when traveling alone is already an overwhelming experience? 

We recognize that everyone has different preferences. So while choosing the destination for your trip, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit and have thoroughly explored, or is there a place you’re drawn to?
  • Do you enjoy mountains, going to the beach, or exploring cities?
  • Is the place sounds familiar? (like native-language speaking)
  • And, as a woman, is this a female-friendly environment?

Do Your Homework

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

Even though solo travel allows for a lot of flexibility because you don’t have to rely on anyone to arrange your day, it also necessitates a lot of homework.

“Search, search, search, and read!”, is going to be your mantra.

As you are the one who has to manage everything, you will need to put in a lot of effort to make your trip a success, such as knowing the weather conditions, accommodations (which is a different chapter), places to visit, food and transportation options, consider entry and exit timings if there are historical sites to visit, and everything else that may arise.

And the internet will be your finest ally in this endeavor. There are a plethora of bloggers out there. Look for people that are a good fit for your journey, ask them questions, and, if possible, heed their counsel.

Pro Tip:

Always have a journal or a travel planning app on your phone with you. It will assist you in planning and executing your trip to the best of your ability.

Creating a Travel Budget

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

The most crucial aspect of a solo trip is determining how much money you are willing to spend. You can save money by staying with friends or relatives rather than staying in hotels, and by choosing public transit rather than cabs.

Finding a place to stay in the city or town you’re visiting can be difficult. There will be several possibilities available to you, including luxury hotels, inexpensive boarding houses, and so on. Examine internet reviews and ratings to select a location that fits your budget and provides all you require.

Pro Tip:

When planning a trip, make sure to include enough money for food, drinks, entry fees, souvenirs, and travel insurance.

Avoid Carrying Too Much Luggage

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

When it comes to solo travel, another key factor to consider is packing. Always pack light while keeping all of your basics with you. 

Keep in mind that there will be instances when you will need to carry your luggage around with you, such as when you go sightseeing. And without a helping hand, the whole thing can become very taxing. Try to carry tote bags or a rucksack that you can easily carry on your shoulders.

Follow the steps below to carry as little as possible:

  • Check to see if toiletries are provided by your lodging. If you answered yes, cross them off your list.
  • When it comes to clothing, choose convertible choices that will provide you with a variety of options.
  • Take only two pairs of shoes, one for hiking and the other for everyday usage.
  • Pack your belongings in an army-style roll. This will provide you with extra space and help you organize your belongings more efficiently.
  • Pack a first-aid kit, a power bank, resealable plastic bags, and a money belt with you.

Make Your Reservations in Advance

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

It’s time to buy your tickets when you’ve decided where you want to go and established a budget. It’s a different story if you’re traveling by train. However, if you want to travel by air, there are numerous websites that provide great airfare deals if you book in advance like a month prior to your journey.

If you can find low-cost airline tickets, you should consider flying to your location. Similarly, if you book your hotel well ahead of time, you can check for online hotel deals; there are numerous online travel businesses that provide amazing deals and discounts all year.

Pro Tip:

Keep your dates as flexible as possible. You can acquire your flight tickets at a lower price if you book between Monday and Wednesday at midnight.

Arrive At Your Destination by Day

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

When traveling alone in any part of the world, there is always a risk. As a result, it is always preferable if you can arrive at your location throughout the day. Even though most tri-cities or metropolitan cities are congested at night, why face an additional risk when you may do so during the day? 

Furthermore, if you find difficulty discovering routes, you may always seek assistance from the locals, which is not available at night.

Pro Tip:

Download Google Maps offline in case you lose your connection in the middle of your journey.

Information about Visas

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

If you are planning In Some countries, you can travel without your passport and visa anywhere However, if you are planning a trip overseas, you may require it. And in that case, applying for a visa may become a barrier between you and your destination, especially if you’re traveling alone for the first time and don’t have a solid passport.

Find out about visa requirements by doing some research. Each country has its own visa policy. For example, a visa is required to enter China, although France requires a visa only if a person intends to stay for more than 90 days.

Check websites of the countries you are planning to visit, for more information on possible travel restrictions, warnings, and general circumstances.

Pro Tip:

Always keep a good distance between your passport and visa application by having your passport ready in advance.

Take good care of your travel documents, cash, and cards

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time
Take good care of your travel documents, cash, and cards

Never pack all of your belongings, such as documents, cash, and credit cards, in one bag to avoid them being lost or stolen during your vacation. Instead, divide them among several bags so that, in the worst-case scenario, if one is lost or stolen, you still have options. They’re great for emergency cash and cards and can be kept in a deep pocket of your sling bag or in your toilet kit.

Despite all of your preparation and packing, you will have complete control over situations if you do it this way. So keep this in mind if you plan a solo trip.

Pro Tip:
  • Keep soft copies of your travel documents and do not write down any passwords or pin numbers.
  • You won’t want to draw attention to your large wallet while traveling alone. These days, there is a good supply of ATMs. Even if you have to pay additional withdrawal fees, it is still preferable to be robbed. Carry as little cash as possible.

Be Aware of Vaccination Policies

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

In the midst of covid, where it is a requirement to have two doses and an RT-PCR test within 72 hours of arrival, some countries require other vaccination reports for diseases such as polio or yellow fever too. 

Different vaccination reports are required for different age groups of people. Furthermore, if you have a medical history, you must submit those documents as well.

So, make sure you know the medical policies of every country before you travel alone.

Find Your Tribe

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time
Find Your Tribe

When traveling alone, it’s a good idea to make new friends. Use social media to connect with people where you’re going, and offer to make friends of friends out to dinner. You’d be surprised how many people will agree to show you around – everyone enjoys playing tour guide for a day. You don’t have to be an alone traveller just because you’re traveling alone!

To that end, in order to meet other like-minded people, you can check out tours that tie in with your interests and the specialties of the places you’re visiting.

Pro Tip:

Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Traveling Community to connect with your tribe.

Become a Solo Diner

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

The essence of solo travel is doing everything alone; exploring, staying, and dining alone. Yes, if you’re lucky, you might find like-minded people, but that’s only part of it. The true beauty is in performing the activities on your own.

While dining alone, you will learn to appreciate the food and flavors while watching people go about their daily activities. You will learn to survive in a minimalist culture by learning how our forefathers used to cook food without modern gas and chulha systems. 

You will grow to appreciate your solitude!

Explore Explore Explore!

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

Now that you’ve spent a few days at your destination and become acquainted with the surroundings, you’re ready to venture off the beaten path. 

Yes, we are talking about “The Roads Less Traveled.”

Certainly not the tourist traps. There will be fewer tourists and fewer common people. You can start exploring these rejuvenating places one step at a time with the help of locals. Don’t go too far, but try to visit unusual places.

It will thrive you in an unrivaled way, but you will love it in the end!

Engage Yourself in Local Activities

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

What is the point of solo travel if you don’t learn about the local culture? You own your time as a lone traveler because you are not bound to anyone. 

So, organize your time wisely and make the most of it by immersing yourself in local activities such as learning the local language, knowing their cooking techniques, one signature dish of that area, pottery, and how these people manage to survive in those places.

By doing this, you will not only develop a new skill, but you will also become a better person as a whole.

Learn To Say No

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time

The attention you receive while traveling can be a little overwhelming at times. Learning how to say “no thank you” and “absolutely not” in the local language is an important part of being polite.

Keep emergency contact information, such as the tourist police, on your phone. You won’t need them, but knowing you have them can make you feel more confident in dealing with situations that would otherwise make you uncomfortable.

Become Your Own Photographer

Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers for the First Time
Become Your Own Photographer

Finally, while traveling alone, you learn many new skills and adapt to new environments. One of them is photography. Even if you find people who are kind enough to take your pictures, you cannot expect it to happen.

As a result, it is critical that you learn how to take self-portraits while keeping all of the surrounding factors in mind. If you want, you can also take selfies from your smartphone, nowadays there are many types of photo editing apps by which we can click our pictures.

When you return to your old house, all you have are memories and photographs! It is not only the locations that are important, but also your presence in them.


So, these are the mandatory and helpful tips that you, as a solo traveler, must follow before embarking on your journey.

I hope these suggestions help you have a pleasant trip!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. We will gladly help you!



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