The 10 Top-Rated Stunning Places to Visit in Mauritius

Best Stunning Places to Visit in Mauritius,As a traveler, you may have visited numerous places but Mauritius, on the southeast coast of Africa, is every traveler’s dream.

Mauritius – A Glistening Jewel in the Indian Ocean!

Mauritius is a well-liked honeymoon destination because of its stunning beaches and pleasant weather. On the other side, it also offers a wide range of activities. Here couples can spend some romantic time and plan and celebrate birthday party ideas for their partner on the beach. There are so many things to do in this awesome place so vacationing can be a wonderful experience here. Apart from beautiful beaches….Islands, Forts, Parks, Museums, Retail Centers, and Monuments are the main viewpoints of Mauritius. 

We have compiled a list of the greatest far-out spots to visit in Mauritius, taking into account everyone’s preferences. These are all great for everyone who wants to spend unforgettable holidays!

For a memorable vacation, try visiting these 10 quirky

Places to Visit in Mauritius For a memorable vacation, So try these places.

Grand Bassin – Have a spiritual encounter!

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens – Discover the world of vegetation!

Black River Gorges National Park – Beautiful in every way!

Blue Penny Museum – Learn the authentic past!

Chamarel Waterpark And Seven Coloured Earth – Spectate the seven-colored sand!

Le Souffleur – For unreal sight!

Casela Nature & Leisure Park – A fantastic tour of the creatures!

Tamarin Beach – Perfectly Elegant!

Belle Mare Plage – Savour sunrise amidst green foliage!

Pereybere – Aquatics and more!

Let’s have some more details…!!!!

Grand Bassin

Places to Visit in Mauritius

Grand Bassin also known as Ganga Talao, is a crater lake situated in Mauritius’ Savanne region. It is located in a faraway mount area. It is considered the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage site in the area. There are temples dedicated to several Gods along the Grand Bassin including Lord Hanuman, Goddess Ganga, and Lord Ganesha. 

It is considered so powerful that many pilgrims go barefoot from their homes there on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

The location’s tranquil and calm atmosphere is what people bring back again and again.

How to get there: Driving or taking a taxi from Mauritius airport to Grand Bassin is the best option.

Well Known for Mahashivratri festivity

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

Places to Visit in Mauritius

Commonly known as Pamplemousses Botanic Garden and shortly called SSR Botanic Garden is an eye-catching tourist site in Pamplemousses, near Port Louis Mauritius. As being one of the oldest botanical gardens in the southern hemisphere, it is intact in its breathtaking beauty in this era also. It is one of the best and worth visiting places on the island.

It is known for its huge water lilies as well as spices, ebonies, sugarcane, and a huge variety of palms.

How to get there: It’s directly next to the highway on the way from Port Louis to Grand Baie. The best way to get there is to take a taxi or a private vehicle. 

Well-Known for: A large pond filled with giant water lilies.

Black River Gorges National Park

Places to Visit in Mauritius

If you are looking for savage adventure, head to Black River Gorges National Park, one of the most famous destinations to visit in southwest Mauritius. It spreads across an area of 68 km square including humid upland forest and drier lowland forest.

If you are a solo travellers then this place is very beautiful for you and you will come and take a photo capturer, Wherever you will turn, you can capture all the scenery. By coming here you can collect your clicked picture memory.

Numerous wild pigs, rusa deers, privets, and Chinese guava can be spotted when trekking. The national park is also the home of some of the world’s most endangered birds and animals. This is undoubtedly Maurituis’ most interesting sight.

How to get there: Take a bus from Port Louis or drive from Pellegrin to Black River Gorges National Park. 

Well-Known for: Hiking and Camping…the two most popular activities of visitors.

Blue Penny Museum

Places to Visit in Mauritius

All the history lovers out there…who want to know the history and culture of Mauritius then must visit Blue Penny Museum.

This museum showcases everything from a profusion of spectacular adventures around the island. This offers information and a fast review of Mauritius and how it has changed over time. Begin by reviewing the three colonies- Dutch, French, and British- before moving on to the history of Mauritius’ postal service.

The museum includes the very first stamp to the rarest and world-renowned stamps and many more interesting things.

How to get there: Book a taxi via a tour operator to reach the museum on Caudan Waterfront. 

Well-known for: The rarest red one-penny and blue two-penny coins.

Chamarel Waterpark And Seven Coloured Earth

Places to Visit in Mauritius

If you visiting Mauritius then seeing seven colored earth is a compulsion for you otherwise your tour is just a waste..!!!

Visiting Chamarel Coloured Earth is a must for anyone who wants to see something out of this planet. This amazing attraction has grown in popularity over years due to the fact that it is made of seven different colors of sand that will leave you bewildered and startled at the same time. Because of Mauritius’ tropical climate, the colors aren’t extremely noticeable, but if you combine the color dirt, you will see a significant difference. Red, Black, Cyan, and Purple are the most prominent hues, you will see. On the list, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations. 

How to get there: One of the simplest ways to reach Chamarel Coloured Earth is to take a local bus through route 5A.

Well-known for: Sand in seven different colors

Le Souffleur

Places to Visit in Mauritius

This is a place for those who aren’t afraid to take chances. Le Souffleur is a half-formed grotto perched on the edge of a cliff. When the sea is turbulent, there is a fountain of a height of 20 feet can be seen. To get there, we will need a 4WD and permission from Savannah sugar estate near L’Escalier; but it’s well worth the effort. 

A natural bridge built from the collapsing ceiling of a neighboring grotto can be found nearby if you are the lucky one to arrive at the right time.

How to get there: After taking permissions, you can continue the munching trail to this great location. 

Well-known for The geyser fountain and the stunning vistas

Casela Nature & Leisure Park

Places to Visit in Mauritius

Excited about safari..?? 

On the island, this is where you may go on an African safari. Lions, Ostriches, Zebras, Giraffes, and Elephants may be viewed from the inside of a safari minibus. You may also rent a segway or a quad bike safety and zoom around dispersing enormous herds of deer. In addition, The Indian Ocean’s longest zip line is located here. You can easily spend a whole day at this park, especially with the amazing park restaurants. The park’s richness includes 1500+ birds and rare flora which will appeal to nature lovers.

How to get there: Take a bus or private taxi or car from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam international airport and you can easily be there.

Well-known for: Wildlife Safari

Tamarin Beach

Places to Visit in Mauritius

Tamarin Beach is located near the hamlet of Black River on Mauritius’s west coast. This is one of the most beautiful and attractive sites to visit in Tamarin Mauritius if you enjoy surfing. Bodyboarding, Paddleboarding, catamaran cruises, swimming with dolphins, kayaking, and many more activities are available there. 

If you prefer a calm and peaceful atmosphere then visit this beach on weekdays because of the less crowd but on weekends, you can see some rush there due to locals visiting the beach. 

How to get there: You can easily take a jetty or ferry to reach there, it has good connectivity.

Well-known for: Water Sports

Belle Mare Plage

Places to Visit in Mauritius

The beach at Belle Mare Plage is a fantastic place to watch the sunrise for early risers. There is nothing more precious than morning’s serenity, here you can enjoy that…!!!

Take a dip as the sun rises, you will be more delighted to add Belle Mare Plage beach to your sightseeing must-sees. 

Experienced swimmers can have breathtaking fun here because of the little stronger currents on this beach. 

How to get there: The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam international airport is only 42 km away and buses, private taxis or cars are available every time to drop you here.

Well-known for: Windsurfing and Swimming


Places to Visit in Mauritius

As holidays don’t come around very often, they should be memorable, So to choose a specific country, city or place is very critical. Pereybere is a great destination to visit whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time traveler. It is the most appealing area of interest in Mauritius with fantastic snorkeling and deep-sea diving.

This beach is tranquil despite the fact that it is deep in comparison to other beaches on the island.

How to get there: You can be here via Grand Baie which is only 2 km away where you can get lots of taxis or cars.

Well-known for: Coral and Marine life which is a pleasure for sea-life enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up

You will love every minute of your holidays in Mauritius..!!!

Mauritius has a plethora of amazing sites to visit. Plan your vacations to this place to fulfill your dream of visiting an amazing island.

If you plan to spend your vacations in Mauritius at any of the above-mentioned places, then don’t forget to share your experience with us. We will be happy to hear your story!

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