Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon: Unveiling the Perfect Seasons to Visit!

When you plan a trip to the Grand Canyon, countless questions flood your brain. The biggest question among all is ‘What is the best to visit the Grand Canyon? So, what is the perfect time to witness this place chockful of wonders? Keep reading and find the right time and best season to visit the Grand Canyon!

Being one of the most popular destinations in the United States, the Grand Canyon receives around 5 million visitors every year. The Grand Canyon is among the seven wonders of the world. It was formed millions of years ago with an average depth of 4000 feet and 275 miles long. The Grand Canyon National Park is rich in flora and fauna and offers majestic views all year long.

From guided hikes, Colorado river rafting, and simply basking in the view to an expedition to one of the many trails, this place caters to every type of explorer. 

However, due to extreme weather conditions, it is wise to know the best time to visit the Grand Canyon. The way you do flight bookings, consider cost, and other factors prior to any vacation, knowing the best time to visit the canyon can elevate your entire experience. 

In this post, we have covered the best time to visit the Grand Canyon, so you can plan accordingly and experience this wondrous place to the fullest.

First, let’s explore temperatures at the Grand Canyon based on different months to factor this in whenever you plan a visit to this vast natural marvel.

Let’s dive in! 

Temperatures At the Grand Canyon Based on Different Months

Grand Canyon temperature

Whether you are a summer hiker or a winter wandering enchants you more, the Grand Canyon has something for all. However, this massive natural wonder is a land of alternating temperatures. Grand Canyon temperature can go from 0° to 120°. Therefore, the most important thing to consider before planning your trip to the Grand Canyon is understanding its climate during different months. 

The following table displays the Grand Canyon’s average monthly temperatures on its four Rims i.e. South Rim, North Rim, West Rim, and Inner Rim. Information source:

Average Monthly Temperature at Grand Canyon South Rim

MonthHigh/Low (°F)Rain (in)

Average Monthly Temperature at Inner Grand Canyon (Below the Rim) 

MonthHigh/Low (°F)

Average Monthly Temperature at Grand Canyon North Rim

MonthHigh/Low (°F)

Average Monthly Temperature at Grand Canyon West Rim

MonthHigh/Low (°F)

Best Time To Visit the Grand Canyon based on Less Crowd, Weather, & Low Price

Grand Canyon National Park

Finding out the best time to visit the Grand Canyon depends on what you want to do there. Here is the list of activities that can be done in this vast natural wonder. 

Trek into the Grand Canyon
Hike along the Rim trails.
Seeing skywalk.
Rafting in river Colorado.
Simple sight-seeing.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip with fewer crowds and unsure which season is best for your Grand Canyon visit, we will address these questions and more in the next section.

Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon: Weather & Season

Grand Canyon weather in December

The Grand Canyon offers breathtaking views in different seasons and weather conditions. But, when we talk about enjoying immensely beautiful views in a comfortable weather condition then consider the following list.


Spring season falls between March to May. These months are considered the best time to visit the Grand Canyon as the daytime temperatures are lower and manageable for day activities. Also, these months experience less rainfall and the crowd is much less. Spring season is also considered best for hiking because daytime temperatures range between 50° to 60°.


Similar to spring, fall (September to November) is another season when the temperatures are quite comfortable. Also, the daytime temperature starts to decrease ranging between 50° to 60°. Since the schools are functional during this season, the crowd is also thinner. You can also witness the Grand Canyon’s sunset sooner as the days are shorter.


Summer (May to August) is one of the most popular and busiest months for this place. The Grand Canyon is one of the best places to visit in summer. However, the daytime temperature can become very extreme ranging from 70° to 80°. 

So, if you are planning a hike, you should consider carrying a lot of water to avoid dehydration from the heat. Plus, don’t forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen to beat the heat. You can also plan hiking during the early morning and later evenings to avoid extreme heat.

Also, North Rim remains open during summer which offers comfortable temperatures. So, if you want to avoid the rush or you face trouble booking the lodge, you can consider visiting North Rim.

Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon: Less Crowd

Grand Canyon weather in December

If you want to visit the Grand Canyon during the thinner crowd, then avoid the month of June as this place is packed with visitors this time. The following is the list of seasons where you can expect comparatively less crowd in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Shoulder Seasons 

The shoulder season falls between spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). These months allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the canyon without the hustle and bustle of heavy crowds. Spring and autumn are also the seasons where temperatures are not extreme but comfortable. 

While the spring season offers pleasant hiking weather and fills the surroundings with beautiful wildflowers, autumn makes this place beautiful with greenery and colorful leaves. Consider checking the website before planning during this time as high-elevation facilities might be closed during the spring and fall seasons.


The Grand Canyon experiences the least crowd during the winter season (December to February). The Canyon South Rim remains open throughout the year including winter. However, Grand Canyon weather in December becomes quite chilly.

Therefore, you should be prepared for likely snow and very cold temperatures. Plus, some services are also closed. But the view of the Grand Canyon sprinkled with snow looks can be truly astounding. So, you can plan a romantic surprise for your special one in the cozy atmosphere. 

Additional Tips to Avoid Heavy Crowds in the Grand Canyon

Week visits: Weekends are always busy and crowded in the Grand Canyon. To avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowd, you should plan to visit this place on weekdays (Monday to Thursday). 
Plan early or late:  Another method to avoid crowds is to visit early morning or late in the evening. You can also take sunrise or sunset tours to experience the Grand Canyon in different gleams with less crowd.
Ranger-led programs: Ranger-led programs are not only less crowded but the experts take you to less-explored areas. They also provide you with deep insight into the Canyon’s history.
Less-visited locations: Although the South Rim is the most popular segment of the Grand Canyon, the North Rim and West Rim have fewer crowds and don’t fall short of stunning views for the visitors.

Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon: Lower Prices

Grand Canyon in December

If you want to save your money on flights, rental cars, accommodations, and other travel expenditures, you can plan your Grand Canyon trip in the following seasons.


Winter is considered the most affordable season to visit the Grand Canyon. From flight bookings, and accommodations to parking fees, major aspects of travel often get wallet-friendly for many visitors. South Rim remains accessible throughout the year for tourists. So, Grand Canyon in December can be a budget-friendly deal.

However, there are high chances of snowfall during the winter which drops the temperatures and makes it the coldest time in the Canyon. Plus, many roads and facilities are entirely closed due to hazardous climatic conditions. 

Spring and Fall

Spring and fall seasons are other seasons where the accommodations and flight fares are comparatively lower. You can find a lot many better and budget-friendly deals and tours compared to peak season (summer).

Spring and fall seasons offer a comfortable climate, you can plan hiking on trails surrounded by blooming wildflowers and colorful leaves. However, as this season receives less footfall, some services and facilities have limited operational hours.

Free Pass Days

You can enjoy a free Grand Canyon vehicle permit (which is $35) for a few days in a year. The Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act on August 4, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday on January 16, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday on January 16, and the first day of National Park Week on April 22 can help you save money on the permit cost.

Annual pass

The National Park Service offers annual Grand Canyon passes at $80 to many guests including current and former members of the United States Military, people with permanent disabilities, Gold Star Families, and Fourth graders. 

They can sign up on the website named every kid outdoors and get complimentary annual passes. Also, senior citizens aged 62 and above are eligible to get a $20 discount on annual as well as lifetime passes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

When is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon?

The best to visit the Grand Canyon depends on your traveling goals. For example, if you are planning a budgeted trip, spring, fall, and winter are the best seasons to visit this place. Whereas, if you want to enjoy hiking and other adventure activities, you can plan during the summer season.

What month is best to go to the Grand Canyon?

Summer is one of the most popular seasons and the best time to go to the Grand Canyon. However, the temperatures get quite extreme during the day and the crowd is thicker during this season.

What is the cheapest month to visit the Grand Canyon?

Winter, spring, and fall are considered the cheapest months to visit the Grand Canyon. However, the high-elevation facilities might be closed during this period.

How many days do you really need for the Grand Canyon?

Although you can spend as many days in the Grand Canyon to enjoy sightseeing and adventure activities, a day tour can cover major highlights of this place. You have plentiful time to take beautiful pictures, discover the areas, and learn the historical background of this place in a day.

What is the hottest month in the Grand Canyon?

Summer (May to August) is the hottest month in the Grand Canyon. Due to summer vacations, many people plan family vacations in the Canyon which makes this month comparatively crowded of all seasons.

When not to visit the Grand Canyon?

Winter is considered the least favorite season to visit the Grand Canyon. Not only certain attractions and facilities are closed but as the days are shorter, visitors might not be able to check out the beautiful sunset views.

Wrap Up on the Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park draws countless visitors each year due to its majestic views all year round. However, if you want to experience this place’s beauty maximally without any discomfort, you need to plan smartly.

First, whenever you plan for the Grand Canyon trip, decide whether you are interested in trail hiking, camping, rafting, etc. Once you have decided on your trip goal, check out the temperature of different Grand Canyon rims (as we have shared in the blog) and choose what suits you the best.

Spring and fall are considered the best time to avoid crowds. Whereas, winter, spring, and fall are good options to make your trip wallet-friendly. 

Now, you are all set and might have decided the best time to go to the Grand Canyon. Just grab your hiking boots and pack your luggage to explore the amazements of the Grand Canyon.

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