Flight Booking Myths

8 Flight Booking Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

Flight Booking Myths you need to ignore this, Who won’t love to save a few bucks on the flight booking? Everyone, right!

And it’s for this reason that we spend hours upon hours trying to find that one single trick that will save us money while also getting us the best flight. If You Are Ready For Solo Travel Journey And Going First Time Then Follow These Top 15 Useful Tips for Solo Travellers

But what if we tell you that all the efforts you are going to put into that search will bring nothing to you.

It’s true! There are certain rumors about the cheap flight booking hacks that are circling around the internet. And today in this blog, we will share 8 such common flight booking myths that you need to stop believing right now!

So keep reading!

Search Flights in Incognito Mode

Flight Booking Myths

No, using incognito mode to search for flights has no effect on your flight prices. Certain websites do, in fact, use cookies and cache permission to track our data and internet visits. However, this does not apply to airline businesses. 

According to some flight specialists, it is common for ticket costs to vary while scrolling through the travel options, but this is due to the fact that airline fares are highly volatile, so what was most likely a coincidence turned into people believing in them and spreading falsehoods. 

Sure, you can remove your system cookies before beginning your flight search in incognito mode, but trust us when we say it won’t affect the price.

Book Flights Early To Get Great Deals

Flight Booking Myths

While it is recommended to book flights at least 21 days in advance, this does not guarantee that you will obtain a better deal. Yes, early booking gives you options such as preferred seats or airlines and the possibility of receiving cheaper flights. 

However, it does not guarantee that you will receive the cheapest flights. In addition, the best time to book is between 21 and 4 months before your departure date. However, a large event or festival can raise demand for flights and cause airline prices to skyrocket.

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Round-Trip Tickets Cost You Less Than One-Way Trip

Flight Booking Myths

This assertion isn’t completely incorrect. Airlines’ rules and regulations vary from time to time. Previously, airlines offered lower round-trip fares to entice customers to stay with them. In the current circumstances, however, this is not the case.

In fact, purchasing a one-way journey can now be cheaper because you can modify it by adding connections and you don’t have to worry about paying a large sum all at once.

No Refund On Ticket Cancellation

Flight Booking Myths

Who says you won’t get a refund if you have to cancel your ticket due to unforeseen circumstances? Of course, you must adhere to certain cancellation conditions in order to receive a refund for your ticket.

You might be surprised to learn that you can get a refund even if your tickets are non-refundable. Yes, if the airline promises to offer you a full refund or reschedule your ticket, this will occur.

There are two types of ticket cancellation situations:

  • If an airline cancels a flight, it is the responsibility of the airline to either issue a full refund or reschedule the customer’s travel.
  • If a consumer cancels their flight for any reason, they are entitled to a refund if the ticket was booked within the last seven days. They will receive a full refund within 24 hours in this situation. 

Again, policies differ from one airline to the next. Even if some airlines refund the entire amount, they still levy cancellation fees.

International Destinations Are Always Expensive

Flight Booking Myths

Another prevalent misconception is that all overseas flights are prohibitively expensive. Of course, flights fare differ from one location to the next. However, this does not rule out the possibility of taking an international flight. The difference between flight fares to Dubai or Thailand from India and domestic flight fares in India, for example, is not significant. 

Moreover, some places are often pricey, but there is a concept known as a budget trip that everyone may plan according to their financial position. Furthermore, several countries’ airlines, such as Dubai’s, provide lower flight costs during their major events, such as the Auto Expo.

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Website Cookies Can Vary Prices

Flight Booking Myths

Customers have been believing in this strange story for a long time. There is no evidence that airline websites store cookies and use them to their benefit and the detriment of their customers. Airfares are variable, and they might increase before, during, and after you buy your ticket. 

And if you receive certain messages from the airlines you frequently fly with, it’s because of your previous travel history. Simply clear caches & cookies before buying a flight for your personal satisfaction to see whether it makes a difference.

Tickets Are Cheaper On ‘X’ Day

Flight Booking Myths

Some airlines used to lower their tickets on Tuesdays back in the day. After extensive investigation, it was discovered that only 1.6 percent of airlines did so. This is no longer the case in the current situation. Airlines are now employing advanced technology and, with the help of artificial intelligence, are able to make more precise predictions. 

Changing airfares are influenced by a variety of factors, including important events, weather, season, and airline demand. So, in the current circumstances, there is no such day, so don’t wait until Tuesday.

A-One Best Website For Booking Flights

Flight Booking Myths

You may have noticed that flight prices range from one website to the next. Because these are third-party websites, they frequently purchase tickets in bulk from airline websites at a discount. In this manner, you see the low airfares at first, but as more people book tickets, the fare rises, and this is how the prices fluctuate. 

Certain apps, such as Skyscanner or Momondo, provide the finest flight booking experience. However, no single website can provide you with all of the information and the greatest pricing. You should examine multiple websites and web engines over and over again.


We hope that now that you are aware of the falsehoods that have been brainwashing you, they will not be a barrier to booking your flight. As a result, fly smarter!

Let us know if you know of any more inexpensive flight booking myths in the comments section below. We’ll be grateful if you let us know.



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