20 Best Free Things To Do In Dubai with your Loved Ones

Free Things To Do In Dubai – Is there anything you can do for free in Dubai? Are you perplexed? The name Dubai conjures up images of skyscraping structures, luxury, and traditions wrapped in a blanket of deserts as well as exotic man-made coastal areas. 

And, with a reputation for extravagant luxury, it is difficult to associate with ‘free things.’ Isn’t that right? 

However, truly think it or not, there are several free things to explore in this amazing city. And the list contains items that you won’t believe! If you travel solo then you can also come here and do many free activities. From exhibitions to art museums, Dubai has a variety of places where you’ll have a free experience. 

So, aren’t you pumped? 

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What To Do For Free In Dubai?

Embark on an Exploration of Dubai’s Rich Heritage

Cheap things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, thanks in part to its rich culture. It’s an intriguing blend of the ancient and the new. 

At Al Shindagha, one of the most exciting free activities in Dubai, demonstrations of potters, craftspeople, and other traditional specialties, as well as displays of pearl jumping, enrich the perspective of Dubai’s way of life and legacy.

Discover AL SEEF Through its Streets

Affordable Things to Do in Dubai

Al Seef Dubai, a perfect blend of old and new Dubai, is among the best free tourist places in Dubai. It is located all along the Dubai Creek area, which Meraas revitalized and brought to life. Views of the creek’s waters are available from this trendy location. 

Furthermore, Al Seef is well-known for hosting a number of festivals that showcase some of the best free activities in Dubai, so keep a close eye out for those if you plan to visit. 

Al Seef is easily accessible by cars and public transit. There is parking available for those who are driving their own vehicle.

Free Entry Ticket to Camel Museum

Affordable Things to Do in Dubai

Another free attraction in Dubai is the Camel Museum, located in the Al Shindagha area. The history of camels in the UAE, their link with Arabian people, camel racing, and camel life structures are all covered in various sections of the art gallery. For introductions, there is also a theater there. This is one of the most amazing free activities in Dubai.

Picnic in Dubai’s Free Parks

Best Free Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai’s parks are an obvious first choice for your “tourist places in Dubai for free” bucket list. The city’s public parks are perfect for families looking for cost-free leisure time in Dubai, with picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and play areas for children. If you have come with your partner then you can plan this romantic surprise birthday party for them.

The Al Barsha Pond Park and Burj Park are free to enter, but the rest are only free to differently-abled visitors and kids under a certain age.

Don’t Miss The Grand Mosque of Bur Dubai

memorable things to do in Dubai

You may also take a tour of the Sheikh Zayed mosque if you find calm in visiting mosques. It is a magnificent building located in among the city’s finest districts.

Visitors can enjoy free tours every day from Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 morning until 11:30 night. There are tour guides that work for the Islamic Resource Centre and are well knowledgeable about the mosque.

Watch a Romantic Film for Free Underneath the Stars

Free Things To Do In Dubai
Watch a Romantic Film for Free Underneath the Stars

You heard correctly!

You wouldn’t want to leave the house on a Sunday night to attend a movie in Dubai, do you? It becomes one of the must-do free activities that every traveler should do, though, because it is offered for free at the Pyramids Rooftop Complex in the Wafi complex and you get to enjoy it outside under the stars.

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Have a Great Kite Beach Day

free attractions in Dubai

Kite beach remains a popular destination for all sea lovers, watersports enthusiasts, and surfers, particularly for kitesurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. All of the equipment required for these exercises is accessible at the beach, making it even more comfortable for tourists to participate in these activities.

The beach is 14 kilometers long and ideal for a morning walk or jog, with a committed walk or run track and play area for children. If your child has the best smartwatch then it can track even more. Furthermore, the breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab here enhance the experience.

Free Bicycle Paths

fun things to do in Dubai

Both experienced and novice cyclists both use Al Qudra as a destination. One option is to go cycling while taking in the breathtaking sights of Al Qudra Body of water. Second, if you carry your own bicycle, it’s free. Cycling is very beneficial for health, by doing this, the person stays fit and healthy, so if you go to Dubai, then definitely try it. At the Trek Dubai store, bicycle rentals are accessible close to the track.

A 50km or an 18km track that goes right towards the Bab Al Shams Hotel is your option. You may check off the Al Qudra Riding Path from your lengthy series of free fun things to do as one of the best cycling paths in the city.

Fitness Enthusiasts can take Free Yoga Classes

fun things to do in Dubai

Are you a yoga enthusiast who enjoys staying connected to nature? Then this one is going to be of your interest.

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There are numerous options for reasonable exercises for the well-being of monsters. However, the free meditation practice from Friends Of Yoga is one of the best. These 1-hour classes, which are spread across 5 areas of the city, will help you maintain your health and well-being regimen while on the Dubai And Experience trip.

Visit the Corniche of Jumeirah Beach for Free

things you can do in Dubai for free

The Jumeirah Beach Corniche is just a recent addition to Dubai’s list of free attractions. It has 800 meters of beachfront, a running track, showers, children’s play areas, and hidden outing areas. The 14-kilometer-long corniche connects Dubai Marine Beachfront to the Burj Al Arab Hotel. If you are in Dubai on a budget trip, then you can count it on your checklist.

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Free Access to the Dubai Aquarium

things you can do in Dubai for free

Why spend 60 Dinars to visit the aquarium when you can access the main exhibit for free at the Dubai Mall entrance? On our list of free Dubai attractions, the enormous aquarium comes in second and is home to the biggest acrylic panel ever.

Bind Your Love Here: Love Lock Bridge

fun things to do in Dubai

Searching for a cheap date night? To the Love Lock Bridge in the Yard, just bring a lock and key. You may attach a lock to the bridge bearing the initials of you and your beloved one and then fling the key off. You don’t have to go all the road to Paris to get this experience, though!

One of the best fun handouts to do with your significant other is the Love Lock Bridge in the Yard. The Yard is one of the most well-liked free attractions, but there are lots of other activities available if this Love Lock place isn’t your thing.

Bluewaters Island Gives You a Peek at AIN DUBAI

Dubai attractions

Blue Water Island is yet another popular free place to visit in Dubai. It’s a relatively new addition to the Meraas itinerary. The Caesars Palace, which has one of the best famous chef restaurants in Dubai, is also located in the area, as is Ain Dubai, the largest monitoring wheel in the UAE. 

Although Ain Dubai is not yet open, the magnificent structure can be seen towering over the island. Check out the facts about Ain Dubai if you’re intrigued by this widely anticipated Ferris wheel in Dubai.

Explore Riverland Dubai

Cheap things to do in Dubai

You may go into the past to the streets of France in the 1600s or America in the 1950s at Riverland Dubai. Visitors to Resorts and Parks may explore four different historical villages at Riverland Dubai.

The French Town is modeled like a medieval French hamlet, while Boardwalk in mid-1960s America, India Gate with an Asian motif, and The Peninsula’s piazza are all based on real places. Parking is not free, even if entry to Riverland Dubai is.

Exploring the Old-Style Spice and Gold Souks

Cheap things to do in Dubai

One of the most popular free places to visit in Dubai is the thriving old souk in the Deira district. The sparkling products and services of the gold vendors, spices of all sorts, exotic frankincense, and pashmina shawls are all famous in the old market. If you are going shopping then definitely follow these shopping tips

No, you cannot get any of these items for free. But that doesn’t mean that wandering around the market is free.

A Free Pehlwani Wrestling Match

Best Free Things To Do In Dubai

Watching local wrestling at Deira is also one of the best free things to do in Dubai (sandlot behind the fish market). Every Friday, hundreds of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi laborers gather to watch the brave men compete for glory.

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Check it out at Dubai Festival City (DFC) Mall

Dubai attractions

The Fathom performance is comparable to the pulsating waterfalls at this mall in that it features similar visual effects. The DFC Mall becomes one of the top free nighttime tourist destinations in Dubai after the sun sets thanks to the IMAGINE attraction.

One of Dubai Festival City Mall’s most well-liked attractions is the water and beam show. Along with fireworks, lasers, lighting, and dramatic effects, it also has one of the biggest water screen projections in the whole globe.


Camping and lakeside barbecue are two of AL QUDRA’s well-known attractions. In particular, during the Eid and extended vacations, Al Qudra Lake, one of the city’s most well-known BBQ sites, provides guests with some of the greatest free activities in the city. It is free to set up a tent at the park and there are no entry fees. Bring everything you’ll require for a bonfire if you plan to remain the night because it might become chilly. A camping trip at Al Qudra may be categorized as one of the best fun-to-do free family things. And if you have come here with a dating partner, then come here and spend time, by this both of you will be able to know each other better and Strengthen Your Relationship.

Visit the free Coin Museum

Looking for free activities for kids in Dubai? Bring people to any of Dubai’s free museums! The Coin Museum and Coffee Museum, both located in the Bastakiaya neighborhood, provide children with the opportunity to learn about the country’s history and view artifacts from the past. 

The coin museum is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and the coffee museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you go to drink coffee, then this Starbucks drink is a must, it is very tasty and gives freshness to the body in summer.

How can I visit Dubai without paying a dime?

Acquire a Dubai Card. It costs money to use the chip card. For Dinar 1150, you may get a two-day pass that grants you cash-free access to a few of the city’s most well-known sites and attractions. The pass is usable for a two-week period. Get your Go Dubai all-in-one card to your smartphone, then have it verified at each destination you’ve selected. If you’d like, you may obtain your pass at home.

You can be eligible for free entrance to popular attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Warner Bros., and others, depending on your package.

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