How To Plan A First Date: Must to know things

Having jitters about your first date? Relax. We all have been there. If you are frantically googling for ideas on how to plan a first date, then you have come to the right place.

Falling in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. And what’s even more thrilling is going on a date with that person for the first time.

After hours of endless talking and meme sharing and countless changes in meet-up plans, when you finally agree upon seeing each other in person one day, you want to make it all perfect.

But to execute it the way you are thinking in your head, you need to plan everything in advance. And that’s why we are here.

So, today, in this blog, I will help you through the grapples of how to plan a quintessential first date, covering everything from basic etiquette to taking the next step.

So, what are we waiting for? 

Let’s dive into them.

10 First Date Tips to Make It Great

Select the ideal location for your first date

how to plan a first date

We all want to make a first big impression by choosing some fancy, loud place. But let me stop you here. 

You are meeting this person for the first time probably via some dating app. Doesn’t matter. And you are here to get to know each other and discover how well you can connect, not how much you squander money on some fancy food that you two might not even like. Just saying!

Instead, try choosing a casual place that gives you a lighthearted environment for some engaging conversation. 

You can hit a local pub or a coffee shop, and if you are an outdoorsy person, try picking some open-air places or simply go for a walk. And if you both enjoy fun activities, you can go bowling or ice skating or something else. The choice is all yours.

Set a dating budget

Just like any other aspect of our lives, dating too costs money. It is good if you are already saving separately for this area of your life. But you still need to stick to a dating budget so as to be disciplined and remain within your financial boundaries.

Always remember, being frugal doesn’t mean you’re cheap; rather, it means you’re wise with money, which can be difficult when you live alone. Furthermore, someone who keeps to a spending limit sounds like great potential partner material, regardless of who is covering the bill. 

Also, there are lots of dating ideas to cut costs without sacrificing enjoyment. So, next time you plan on going on a first date with someone, go easy on your pocket.

Be authentic

Date plan at home

I know what you guys must be thinking – what a cliche! But, my dear, this is the best piece of advice that I have received when I was planning for my first date.

Sometimes we burden ourselves with the thought of whether that person would like me or not, and our entire foundation is laid on seeking external validation. And that is where we go wrong. 

You can’t build a framework for a genuine relationship until you are true to yourself. So, keep all the judgments aside. Let them know the real you. What you like, what you don’t. 

You would want a date who celebrates who you are as  a person today, not who you were in the past or who you want to be just to impress others. So, keep it as raw as possible; keep it real. 

Going this way will also give you a chance to know more about yourself, which you would miss otherwise. 

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Stop daydreaming

One of the big “no lists of things to do” while planning for a first date is fantasizing about your crush. Now don’t give me the looks as if you have not. Oh, common, Harry Styles!! Or Chris Evans!!

As humans, we have this tendency to idolize the person with our very own version before we have met them in person and start building our life dreams around them. And when the person does not stand out to be the same as we fantasized, it brings nothing but disappointment to us.

You need to put an end to it right now and come out of your la la land world.

Remember, it’s just a first date, or it may be the first of many. So, don’t put your entire bundle of relationship expectations on the person. Save your daydreaming for at least your third date or fifth if you have that sort of dating rule.

Pay keen attention to red flags

Should a guy plan the first date

Well, when you are out on your first date, pay close attention to the red flags. These are the telltale signs that show that someone won’t live up to your standards and principles.

It could be interrupting you too much while having the conversation or suppressing your thoughts or ideologies. Or they could be showing up late on a date. Or it could be violating your emotional, physical, and mental boundaries. It does not matter what; it is utmost important to keep yourself safe and not get negatively affected by it. 

As soon as you realize the person is not meant to be, just run away from the place with some excuse. Remember, you are so much more worthy than that.

The early stages of the dating process are the ideal time to notice all these red flags. So, take it slow, and don’t overlook them.

Be a good listener

The key to reaching someone’s heart actually goes through how well you listen, and that goes both ways. Being curious to know about your date and indulge in a genuine conversation helps build connection. Ask them what kind of things interest them? Do they like watching comedy movies or web series? Or are they more of an adventure person?

So, while listening to your partner, make eye contact, keep your body language open, keep your mind free from any external distractions, and pay close attention to what your date is saying. Who knows you might get a second date! 

Set your phone aside

First date tips for men

Checking or using your phone constantly while you are having a conversation with your date is considered a sign of bad etiquette. And eventually, it may lose the interest of other people in you. 

In fact, research shows that more than 35% of people use their phones as a key reason to walk out of the room and leave their date. So, try to keep yourself away from the phone as much as possible and only answer your phone when it is urgent. Consider your date time as a no-phone zone.

Embrace the awkward silence

Meeting someone in real life is always weird, and you are not going to make it the entire time without showing any inhuman signs. There are 99.99 percent chances that you would both share a moment of awkward silence. So, just do not stress about it or experience dating anxiety. The only way to make it through is by embracing it. 

Always remember, if it is awkward for you, the chances are it is for the other person too. So, instead of saying sorry on the loop, just acknowledge it, take responsibility for the situation, and move on. And if you still need a distraction, try ordering a pina colada. It will definitely take away all your worries!!

Learn from your past experiences

Get a second date

I understand that dating people can be hard, especially if you have some very ordealing past experiences. But that negativity should not stop you from having a romantic relationship in your life.

A wise dating scholar once said that he had too many bad experiences in the past, and that gave him the wisdom and strength to create better experiences. 

He further says we should learn from our past dating experiences and always be ready to bring something new to the table rather than first expecting from others. We also need to pay attention to negative signs like jealousy, overdominance, and more so that we know when to walk out of the room.

So, dig deeper into your past dating affairs and analyze what possibly went wrong. Keep in mind that it is an exercise in self-awakening to see yourself as the exact person you are hoping your partner will see in you. And keep continuing the exercise until you find the one you are looking for!

Follow up at the end of the date

Dating anxiety

It is always considered a good gesture to thank the person for taking you out (or allowing you to take them out) and hanging around with you. This is also the time for you two to be honest with each other and share your mutual feelings. 

We understand it is never pleasant to confront someone you are not looking forward to, but it is still better than ghosting someone. Just find ways to convey your feelings.

And if you feel like moving forward, in that case, you can tell them that you would want to know them better, which may be more like a second date. Either way, tell them with the utmost clarity and sensitivity.

Bottom Line

Dating might seem like a drawn out, exhausting, and uncomfortable process, but with full self-awareness and the right attitude, it can be one of the most pleasant and most learning experiences of your life. 

On the path of dating, you will be exploring the truest version of yourself while also getting acquainted with new people. Slowly and eventually, you will get to know what qualities you cherish in other people. What sort of company do you enjoy the most? Is it the one that gives you a momentary butterfly or the one that gives you the ease and comfort of a lifetime? 

We hope that the aforementioned tips have guided you on how to plan your first date. 

Now, all you need to do is have courage in your heart and take the next step. Who knows, someone like you is waiting on the other side of the door.

Good luck and happy finding!

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