The 14 Easy Anime Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Are you a beginner and looking for some easy anime drawing ideas? Then you have landed at the right place. Continue reading this blog to find out some easy-breezy inspirations.

What is Anime Drawing?

easy anime drawing ideas

Japan is the source of the popular hand-drawn animation style known as anime. Anime, as rendered in English, refers to Japanese animation. There are a few distinguishing characteristics that help identify this artwork style and contribute to its exclusivity.  Anime prioritizes graphically captivating imagery over actual scenes. Following are its unique qualities:

  • Big, evocative eyes: Anime actors frequently have eyes that are excessively huge. As they say, the eyes are the window to a soul, they are used by artists to convey or accentuate feelings.
  • Hairstyle: The hair of anime characters is nearly always wild, sharp, incredibly long, and bizarrely colored.
  • Towering body: A lot of anime characters have disproportionately tall or oversized bodies.

For novices, anime drawing can appear intimidating, particularly if they are viewing professionally created versions of their beloved characters. The good thing about present time is now anyone can draw their favs if they divide the process of drawing into easy couple of steps. But before that, you will be needing some beginner friendly anime ideas.

In this blog, we will share some easy anime drawing ideas that any beginner can draw from scratch. But let’s dive into the history of this very popular art style and learn about how anime drawings have become an inextricable part of every age group.

History of Anime Style-Art

With a history spanning more than a century, animation has a lengthy and rich past. Of course, in all this time, it has changed a great deal.

1900s-1940s: Origins of Anime

cool anime drawing ideas

Japanese directors started making short animated movies in the early 1900s. They manually drew a still landscape using chalk and boards of chalk. After recording the picture, the scene would be deleted and an entirely new one would be sketched. The movie created the

impression of mobility when it quickly spliced these separate shots together. That was an extremely time-consuming and tedious job.

Most people agree that Shimokawa Oten is the founder of anime. In 1917, he created Kobo’s New Picture Book, which was the first animated movie to be released on a commercial basis.

In the ensuing years, stop-motion art developed from the animation approach. Artists shot individual paper sculptures in place of whiteboards. Stop-motion animation takes a lot of time, similar to chalk sketching. Produced by Kenzo Masaoka in 1933, Within the World of Power and Women was a groundbreaking animation movie with audio that took more than an entire year to make.

The Japanese authorities made use of the expanding creative medium amid World War II as anime’s prominence increased. A whole animated advertising film called Momotaro was made with the intention of giving the Japanese folk optimism.

1950s-1970s: Beginnings of Modern Anime

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

With the growing popularity of TVs, anime was first brought into Japanese homes. Both extended films and TV series were in development. Technological developments have made it possible to generate color cartoons as opposed to only black and white.

In 1958, the first manga movie in color came out. Astro Boy was arguably the most well-known and memorable animation of its time.The initial edition of the graphic manga depicting a researcher who, in grieving for his child, builds a superpowered cyborg in his likeness was published in 1951 by the renowned designer Osamu Tezuka. It was Astro Boy. The wildly successful manga served as inspiration for the creation of the first black-and-white TV program in 1963.

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Simple Anime Drawing Ideas for Novice Artists

Snow Queen Elsa: Frozen

 easy anime drawing ideas

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen Disney’s Frozen? Everyone, am I correct? All of you have undoubtedly made a thousand unsuccessful attempts in your early years to see yourself wearing the brown hairdo and blue Elsa dress.  But as an adult, the dream hasn’t exactly vanished from your imaginations. Nevertheless, by attempting the snow queen anime drawing, you can have another opportunity of living all your dreams.

Demon God Goku: Kishin Douji Zenki

cool anime drawing ideas

Who can recall binge-watching Dragon Ball and obsessing over Goku, the show’s prominent character? Most likely all of them, right? The angry eyes, rich brown hair, and recognizable facial expressions can transport you back to your early years. When you were younger, you most likely couldn’t come up with the perfect anime drawing ideas, but now that you’re older, you may discover numerous possibilities and even add your own originality to the picture.

Kakashi Hatake: Naruto Manga

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

Growing up, seeing Naruto was a constant source of swoon, and our enthusiasm for the show was only confided in our sketches.  But perhaps the main issue was that, at the time, you had no idea how to sketch the movements and postures. Being a Japanese style, its facial characteristics differ greatly in comparison to those of other anime protagonists. However, after you become mindful of these differences and adjust some techniques, you can continue and gradually work things out.

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anime drawing ideas

While sketching a female figure with an attractive facial expression is difficult, drawing an anime drawing is rather simple. When it comes to drawing such sketches, the angles are all that really matter. Because anime characters have more detailed features than those from animation, you can learn a lot of sketching techniques on your own by keeping this in mind. Additionally, you have a lot of creative freedom to alter this particular drawing to suit your own preferences and suppleness.

Tsukasa Hiiragi: Lucky Star

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

Despite the fact that most of us are now grownups, Tsukasa Hiiragi, sometimes referred to as the Lucky Star in the cartoon community, has left us envious of her extraordinary abilities since our teenage years. Not many of us have been able to get over our ardor. But you may relive your childhood and stock your sketch pads with your favorite anime drawings characters with our collection. As you start, you won’t even have trouble coming up with thoughts because this specific anime protagonist is frequently spotted experimenting with different poses and movements.

Black Lagoon: Manga

 cool anime drawing ideas

As a kid up, Black Lagoon was perpetually an integral element of our life, and it’s likely still there in some form. But when you see it on TV, sketching it often appears too difficult. On the big screen, it frequently appears heightened because of the incorporation of visuals and color hues. On the other hand, it becomes too simple to replicate the postures when you sketch it on board. 

It would be excellent to have some black ink on hand as well, since you may utilize these to bring out the highlights.

Aya Komichi: Kin-iro Mosaic

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

Earlier in their early years, the blue eyes, the deep purple weave, and the all-blue outfit unquestionably made all the girls go crazy. However, as a devotee, don’t you want to immediately fill your sketches with its illustrations? If that was the case you will find our easy anime drawing ideas to be of great assistance. Once you get the figure numbers and facial form down pat, you should be able to easily grasp the outfits and form. Work on these aspects first.

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Akira Anime

easy anime drawing idea

You must be familiar with the iconic Akira anime avatar if you consider yourself a devoted fan and have consistently enjoyed watching anime episodes. During our early years, watching too much Akira anime on tv has always been pretty popular. But it’s a significant deal, and most people want to have its drawing in their drawing book, just as in a manga.  Someone who have never used drawing parts, however, may find drafting to be rather difficult.

Naruto Uzumaki: Manga Naruto

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

As a member of the Uzumaki animation, Naruto is a popular character among the general public, particularly with younger audiences, as he embodies the fire anime attitude and is one of the easy anime drawing ideas. Anyone is drawn to the combination of brilliant yellow and reddish-o because it looks so good. It may have seemed difficult to you because of all the images you saw on tv, but that is not how things actually are. After mastering the angles of the face and the body, which are mostly composed of straight contours, you may seamlessly conclude it by adding the background image of fire.

Erza Scarlet: Fairy Tail

cool anime drawing ideas

The Erza Scarlet is rather simple to draw in comparison to the other cartoon designs, so regardless of your level of experience drawing manga, you can always give it a shot and use your abilities to make it reality. life. Everybody’s beloved character from the Fairy Tail manga was Erza, and girls in general could always relate to her. However, once you sketch it in your sketchpad, it seems to have come to life with its outfits, wrath in its eyes, and its bushy red hair.

Kirito: Sword Art Online

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

Kirito would be our choice if we would ask to live as one anime superhero forever. His imposing stature is quite strong due to his manly face, gorgeous eyes, stylish hair, and simple clothing choice. Not to mention, his attitude was quite commanding. However, if you want to sketch

these characteristics on paper, they won’t ever provide a problem. All that’s required is a steady technique and some attention in order to end up with a work of art.

Asuna: Sword Art Online

 anime drawing ideas

Drawing Asuna in the notepad was undoubtedly one of everyone’s greatest fantasies ever. She was the Sword Art Online princess who captivated our souls for a long time. With our simple and cool anime drawing ideas, you may create masterpieces whether or not you have creative training. Asuna’s eyes have always been her most distinguishing feature. Once you capture their attention, just nothing can hinder you from expressing your artistic abilities.

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Shikamaru: Narutopedia

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

The main bolstering protagonist of the anime drama Naruto Manga, Shikamaru Nara, has attracted a lot of interest and admiration from spectators. We were all enthralled with the ninja and salivated over his demeanor and extraordinary knowledge.  He didn’t have anything particularly remarkable about him, yet the drawers could easily capture his laid-back demeanor, serene, neutral colors, and minimal facial features on paper.

Sakura Kinomoto: Cardcaptor Sakura

easy anime drawing ideas for beginners

It is a given that you are unable to let go of your creativity if you are an anime enthusiast. Accessorizing it with some originality won’t be a problem, particularly if you’re an anime monger. Imitating Kinomoto, who is renowned for having bright green pupils with short brown hair, is an incredibly dream come true since it is arguably one of the finest and most beautifully drawn figures. If you can draw, you can easily recreate these anime features. Just make certain you’re carrying some black marker crayons with points for more clarity.

That’s all we had in store for you. We hope you found these beginner anime drawing ideas interesting and are ready to give them a shot.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the pencil and start drawing!

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