Fanfix vs OnlyFans: Which Platform is Better For Creators?

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Today, content creation is one of the most sought-after methods to make money.

The creator economy is booming so are the platforms to help them convert their talent into revenue.

Two of the biggest platforms that help creators monetize their content are Fanfix and OnlyFans. However, a few similarities and differences between these platforms often confuse creators and fans in choosing the right one.

Plus, do these platforms really aid creators or just hype? Is Fanfix like OnlyFans

Let us not confuse you anymore and familiarize you with what Fanfix is, the key differences between Fanfix and OnlyFans to pick the most suited platform for your needs and help you reach your goals.

Sounds good? Let’s plunge in!

Fanfix Vs.OnlyFans: A Closer Look on Both Platforms


 Is Fanfix like OnlyFans

Harry Gestetner, the current CEO of the platform founded Fanfix in 2021. Based in Los Angeles this subscription-based platform is one of the newest ones that offers several content monetization features to creators. 

In a short timeframe, Fanfix has gained a lot of popularity among users. Unlike OnlyFans, it prohibits content that displays sexual topics. Its target audience is Gen Z influencers and creators between 13 to 24 years old. 

The total number of Fanfix users is about 10 million which is ⅓ of TikTok users. Out of which 3000 are active content creators. Fanfix takes a 20% commission fee from the creator’s earnings.

Newer than OnlyFans, Fanfix has built a sizable audience in a short period of time. As of now, Fanfix has paid $11 million to content creators and has a revenue rate of $35 million. Recent data shows that the average annual revenue of Fanfix content creators is $70000.


is fanfix like onlyfans

Tim Stokely who is an accomplished British tech entrepreneur founded OnlyFans in 2016. Based in London, this subscription-based platform has become among the leading social sites for content monetization. The target audience of this platform is 18 and above. It is quite renowned for its adult content entertainers.

OnlyFans allows creators to charge a subscription fee to access their content like videos, live streams, photos, personal DM’s, and more. In 2021, OnlyFans had 187.9 million users across the globe, out of which 2.1 million users were content creators. In this figure, 87% of users are male, 10% are female, and 3%  are others.

Now, OnlyFans has over 210 million registered and active users out of which more than 2.1 million are content creators.

The annual revenue of OnlyFans is more than $2 billion. The monthly subscription fee that fans pay to their favorite artists ranges from a minimum of $5 to a maximum of $50. OnlyFans take a 20% commission fee from creators’ income.

Here is the breakdown of the OnlyFans content creator’s income from 2018 to 2022.

YearContent Creator’s Revenue
2018$29 million
2019$485 million
2020$2.2 billion
2021$5.9 billion
2022$12.5 billion

As OnlyFans was launched early in the market, it enjoys the added advantage of having a better brand recognition in the content monetization field. 

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: Which Platform Has Better User Base and Popularity?

As already mentioned, OnlyFans is the first mover in subscription-based content monetization, so it is obvious that it has a comparatively larger user base than Fanfix. With more than 210 registered and active users, it clearly dominates the creator’s economy. 

OnlyFans is one of the most popular subscription-based platforms and enjoys a huge market share in adult content creation. 

Talking about Fanfix, this platform is still gaining traction. However, since its launch in 2021, it has become a popular subscription-based platform and has amassed more than 10 million users in a couple of years. This figure shows that Gen Z is quite inclined towards content monetization in Fanfix. 

Fanfix requires content creators to have at least more than 10,000 followers to be on the platform. Whereas OnlyFans needs creators to have a good number of followers to join and earn from this platform.

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: Which Platform Has Better Brand Recognition?

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans

As far as brand recognition is concerned, OnlyFans has a comparatively larger presence than Fanfix. OnlyFans is quite popular as it started off earlier than Fanfix. Many creators and users choose OnlyFans when they think of monetizing their content.

Fanfix doesn’t have that much name recognition the way OnlyFans has because it is a late starter. However, Fanfix is getting a lot of acknowledgment for having a lot of users in a non-adult content platform.

Therefore, if you are a creator who has an established following and a good number of followers on your social media account. You can increase your paying subscriber base using OnlyFans because this platform already has big brand recognition and millions of active users. 
Content creators in Fanfix will be required to put more effort into building brand recognition and educating and growing their followers to earn more subscriptions. This is because the number of Fanfix users is comparatively less than OnlyFans and still gaining popularity in the subscription-based content monetization market.

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: Which Platform Offers Better Monetization Options?

Both Fanfix and OnlyFans have a similar monetization model. Both platforms offer features like pay-per-view posts, fees for personal DMs, exclusive content, tips, and others.

In OnlyFans, as nudity and sexual content are allowed, there is a high potential for earning. Creators who have a large number of followers on OnlyFans can make a lot of money on this platform. Therefore, creators who want to multiply their revenue from NSFW (not safe for work) material should opt for OnlyFans.

About Fanfix, this platform caters to Gen Z and follows strict guidelines when it comes to sharing content on the platform. In Fanfix, creators can share their content on general interest while staying aligned with the guidelines. The monetization model in Fanfix is quite solid. 

However, as the number of users is comparatively lesser than OnlyFans, content creators with a good number of followers can earn better than those who don’t. But, Fanfix has helped several content creators and influencers to make huge revenue. 

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: Type of Content Allowed

Is Fanfix like OnlyFans

The major point of difference between Fanfix and OnlyFans is the type of content that is allowed on both platforms.

Talking about OnlyFans, this platform permits and allows adult content including pornography, nudity, and other NSFW materials. This makes this platform highly unsafe for kids and teenagers.

On the other hand, Fanfix prohibits such content that displays nudity, adult materials, etc. It has strict guidelines for content creators that need to be followed to use this platform. Only SFW (safe for work) content is allowed on this platform. 

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: What Are the Top Best Niches for Creators?

Both Fanfix and OnlyFans attract content creators from different niches. Let’s take a look at some of the top niches in Fanfix and OnlyFans which are helping creators to earn maximum subscriptions. 


Here is the list of niches that are popular in Fanfix through which countless content creators are monetizing their talent.

  • Cooking channels.
  • Fitness coach.
  • Gaming.
  • Diet plans.
  • Motivational speakers.
  • Craftspeople and artists.
  • Workout and Yoga


Here is the list of top niches that are considered highly monetizing ones in the OnlyFans platform.

  • Adult content.
  • Musicians and artists.
  • Lifestyle. 
  • Gaming streamers.
  • Fitness influencers.
  • Costume designers.

Gaming, fitness, and motivational content are very popular on both platforms. The only difference is that Fanfix is a platform for creators who produce family content with no nudity and OnlyFans is full of adult entertainment. 

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: Which Platform Is Safe and Offers the Best Customer Support?

Fanfix vs OnlyFans comparison

One of the biggest considerations while choosing a content monetization platform is the level of support and protection that it offers to the users. 

For OnlyFans users, this platform offers 24/7 customer support to them via online tickets. However, based on many reviews the response time seems to be very slow. Many creators have complained about inferior support. 

Fanfix also offers 24/7 customer support to their users. This platform strongly focuses on moderation of the content produced which often results in slow payments. However, as this platform prohibits nudity and sexual content, this platform is better in terms of security. 

Fanfix monitors all the private messages exchanged between creators and fans to prevent harassment. This monitoring is specially designed for underage content creators.

Therefore, when customer support and safety are concerned, Fanfix provides a safe environment for content creators as well as their fans. Fanfix emphasizes more on creator’s security. This promotes a positive community for users that is free from harassment and exploitation. So, Fanfix is better in terms of safety and offers peace of mind to the users.

Fanfix Vs OnlyFans: What Are the Major Pitfalls of these Platforms?

Despite huge earning potential, both Fanfix and OnlyFans have a few pitfalls that should be considered before choosing one. 

Pitfalls of OnlyFans 

  • Competitive: Over 210 million users make OnlyFans a highly competitive platform for creators. It is very difficult to stand out among countless accounts.
  • Content leak: It has been observed that many third-party sites share content of OnlyFans on different other platforms.
  • Limited tools: OnlyFans offers comparatively limited promotional and analytical tools to content creators than other platforms.

Pitfalls of Fanfix

  • Small user base: Fanfix has comparatively less users than OnlyFans i.e. 10 million.
  • Low earning: As this platform prohibits sexual content and nudity, it has a low earning potential.
  • Slow payouts: Based on some reviews, the Fanfix payout process is a little slower than other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fanfix Vs OnlyFans 

Which platform provides a better analytical tool Fanfix or OnlyFans?

Fanfix offers better analytical and promotion tools for creators than OnlyFans.

Which is better OnlyFans or Fanfix?

Both platforms are considered good for monetizing the content. However, the type of content that is allowed in OnlyFans and Fanfix needs to be considered before opting for any.

Does Fanfix cost money?

Creators can charge a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $50 for their content. Fanfix takes 20% of creators income.

Is Fanfix like OnlyFans?

Both platforms follow similar subscription-based methods to monetize content. The key difference between the two is that OnlyFans allows nudity whereas Fanfix has strict policies against the display of sexual content.

What app is better than OnlyFans?

In terms of security, Fanfix is better than OnlyFans as nudity is strictly prohibited in Fanfix which prevents harassment.

Is Fanfix the best alternative to OnlyFans?

Fanfix is considered one of the best alternatives to OnlyFans as it offers the same features to content creators and follows the same monetization model.

Is Fanfix safe to use?

Yes, Fanfix is safe to use for creators and their fans. It prohibits sexually explicit content which creates a protected and positive environment for users.

Final Verdict: Fanfix Vs. OnlyFans 

Fanfix and OnlyFans both platforms provide a similar subscription-based model and cater to different types of audiences and keep them happy

Content creators who want to monetize through NSFW or adult material should choose OnlyFans as it offers matchless reach in this niche. Whereas, Gen Z creators looking for a safe monetization platform via producing non-adult or SFW content should choose Fanfix. 

We hope this post guided you well and made you understand all about Fanfix and OnlyFans.

Tell us which platform you decided to pick and come back here to share your experience with us!

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