Best Fitness Apps

The Best Fitness Apps to Stay Fit

Finding the best fitness app is important for your overall health, and you will find that you can completely change your health status if you are using some of these apps every day. They all have different purposes, and you just need to decide which ones will work best for you when you are trying to lay out a fitness plan that you can stick with for long periods of time.


Calm is one of those apps that reminds you to reduce stress. It can give you exercises and takes to reduce stress, and you can use this when you are feeling worked up. Most people who are stressed cannot work out, and they do not get good results if they do.


Strava is the app that will help you keep up with the things that you are doing to stay healthy. Most people who are trying to track their activity have a hard time, but they do a much better job with Strava. Plus, it could be the anchor point of all your other work. You can cycle or run, and this app will tell you how you are performing.

Cycle Cast

Cycle Cast is a place where you can watch the videos with the instructors who will take you through your own spin call if you are trying to work out at home. This is a very simple thing for you to do, and it can give you reminders so that you will get on the bike that day and make sure that you have gotten your exercise in. It can also track your performance on the bike each day.


Fooducate can tell you about all the things that you put in your body. It is very hard to learn about these things if you are not using something that can tell you your calorie intake. You need to know what you are putting in your body, and you can use this app to know that what you are doing is going to be good for you.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows you to run or bike for a good cause. The charity makes money when you do this, and you can get in shape at the same time. This is a partnership that you need to take seriously because both you and the chamity are counting on this app to help you get better. You can get alerts every day to run, and you can choose among many charities that need your help.

Lose It

Lose It is a weight tracking app that will give you a chance to learn about all the things you are doing to lose weight. It can help you track diet and exercise to see how you are doing at the present, and you can change your plan if you feel like you are not losing enough.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a place where you can get a routine from the app, go through your practice in a way that makes sense for you, and get much more fit because you can choose the skill level that is best for you. Someone who takes yoga seriously can use this app because it has all the tips you need.


Runkeeper is an app that tells you how far you have run, where you are going, and your position. You might need some help to make sure that you do not get lost, and you could start to take routes that you will be able to copy in the future. This helps you decide how you can get the most out of each run.


MapMyRun will tell you where you are going, and it will help you check the places where you are running so that you know how far you have run. You could make routes in the app that you can repeat in the future, and you have to be sure that you have used this particular app when you want to save runs that you want to take again.


Happify will help you stay positive by giving you motivation during the day. It is hard to keep up with your routine if you are not feeling well, and the app will try to keep you motivated through it all.

Fit Radio

Fit Radio will play sounds for you while you are working out, and you will perform much better because you have been running, biking, or working out to something that will help keep your heartrate up. This is a very big thing for you, and you have to be sure that you have programmed the kinds of songs you want to hear.

PEAR Personal Coach

You get a personal coach who tells you what to do that day, and they will give you motivation during the workout. This is a simple app to use that lays out your workouts for you.


Sworkit will help you work out so that you can stay in shape, and it offers you options in all kinds of disciplines so that you can do the workout that you actually want. You are unlimited when using this app.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle helps you get to bed every night and get a good night of sleep. It tells you when to go to bed, when to get up, and how to help you get the full R.E.M. Cycles you need.


ActiveX is an app that will track your performance while also giving you an option depending on the workout you want to do. This is a big program that can let you do any workout and track your diet at the same time.

MyFitness Pal

MyFitnessPal will track what you are doing, and it will tell you how well you are doing. You can do any workout easily, and they are all tracked through the analytics on your phone.

Couch to 5K

This is a program that shows you how to learn to run a 5K. It tells you how much to run every day in 30 days until it is time for your first race.

Each of the apps above works perfectly, and they can be used together in any combination to help you get in shape.