The 10 Best Fitness Apps to Stay Fit Download in 2022

Staying in shape and maintaining good health in such a hectic daily schedule is never easy. In the battle of meeting tight deadlines at work each day, taking out time for hitting the gym and hiring a personal trainer seems impossible. Such a busy lifestyle results in failure on your well-being front but who said without a gym you can’t keep your health upright? There are so many fitness apps to stay fit and vigorous throughout the day while maintaining a balance in your work life.  Carrying a fitness app on mobile is like carrying a personal trainer in your pocket. These apps can help you with heavy lifting, eat better food, push harder, and much more.

Best Fitness apps, You can download them, many people prefer working out at home rather than going to the gym. This is also one of the major reasons why fitness apps are in great demand today. It not only saves many bucks by becoming your handy personal trainer but also the time and effort you put in commuting to the gym. These apps motivate users to adopt healthy habits and track exercise via a pocket-fitting device.

How are fitness apps helpful?

Best Fitness Apps

Regular exercising helps a person maintain an adequate weight in the body and minimize various heart-related diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Frequent workouts make your heart stronger, minimize the risk of depression, and improve lung functioning.

However, getting motivated to work out is difficult and fitness apps can bring that missing impulse in your life by increasing physical activity. You don’t need to step out of your house to work out. These apps can be conveniently operated through a smartphone. Easy right?

Here are some benefits of using fitness apps to stay fit:

  • Monitor diet: Fitness apps track the calories, proteins, fat, and carbohydrates of your meal. You can avoid having unhealthy food and maintain a virtual diary.
  • Track progress: With a single click you can track your health progress and check whether you are reaching your fitness goals or not.
  • Health Tips: Many fitness apps provide free health tips to meet users’ health goals. You get workout ideas and plan your routine accordingly.
  • Personal coach: You can directly speak to physical trainers at affordable prices.
  • Track footsteps: You can easily track your aggregate footsteps in a day with fitness apps. Monitoring daily steps will help you improve it and achieve your health targets.
  • Motivation: Fitness apps undoubtedly keep you motivated by sending reminders and notifications about your goals each day.
  • All in one: Health apps are an all-in-one health tool that helps you monitor your daily activities. It tracks your water intake, workout routine, footsteps count, diet, and blood pressure.

Best Fitness Apps to Stay Fit and Which one is the best fit for your need?

1.   Nike Training Club

Best Fitness Apps

In the year 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, people had to stay at home all time due to frequent lockdowns, Nike made its training app completely free for 3 months to help people keep their health upright during Covid-19. Since then Nike Training Club app is absolutely free for its users. This means you can access physical activity programs without spending a penny.

However, with the recent update, Nike has removed some of its health and training programs. But you have the option to put filter by muscle group—arms & shoulders, glutes & legs, and abs & core. Option for level, intensity, and duration filtering is also available. Some exercises that are led by the instructor are very motivating and engaging. You can follow the whole exercise according to your pace. You can also connect your chosen workout with Apple Music. If you are looking for a free app, Nike Training Club has plenty of options to keep you moving.

2.   Apple Fitness Plus

Best Workout apps

This is one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watch owners. There is a huge variety of exercises to pick from. From yoga & Pilates to strength and meditation classes all are taught by instructors. The best part of this app is that there will be two trainers in the background during workout classes, one will teach exercise for beginners and the other will do vigorous workouts for experienced. Some people might find it overwhelming at first but you can filter exercises by time, preferable music, and trainer. You can easily add classes that you want to take in the future.

You can also check workout stats on your Apple watch screen. You can enjoy working out in groups via SharePlay. Apple keeps adding new classes and physical training activities to avert boredom.

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3.   Peloton

Best Fitness and Exercise apps

Everyone can’t afford Peloton Tread or exercise bike to stay fit that is why its fitness app provides what you are looking for. There are several interactive workout classes to strengthen and sculpt your body. All the instructors are enthusiastic. There is also an alternative to join live exercise classes and compete with your friends. It is impossible to get bored while using this app because it has everything that you need to stay fit. You can add multiple classes that are easy to follow. To improve your experience, stream the classes on TV.

4.   Sweat

Best Fitness app for Women

It is one of the best fitness apps for women. Sweat has grown into a wide training app since its birth in 2015. It offers n number of programs to reach your fitness goals. From new mommies’ fitness to women looking for more confidence, the Sweat training app caters to every need.  This app offers a 7-day free trial, you can take it and see whether it works for you or not.

5.   Centr

Best gym workout apps for android

Thor himself has come up with this app, yes the actor Chris Hemsworth created Centr with hand-picked experienced trainers. He himself used this app to reduce extra kilos for a project. This fitness app is a combination of mindfulness and meal planning to keep mental as well as physical health upright. It offers workout videos on a daily basis, you can practice at your home or at the gym. It covers a range of disciplines including boxing, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and strength training. If you are free and at home, then you can do some fun activities with teenagers or your kids like yoga, and some types of exercise. By doing this, they get a lot of confidence and stay fit.

Meal plans introduce you to tasty yet healthy recipes and drinks. You get sleeping tips to put your mental health in the right place. Indisputably there are several classes in Centr but we truly wish that an option for playing desired music was available. Also, there is no option for downloading favorite workouts so you need an internet or Wi-fi connection to access it.

6.   Strava

Best gym workout apps of 2022

This fitness app is the best in the market when you need a running feature. You can keep a track of your progress while cycling, running, and walking. It has built a reputation as a runner and cycling app but you can track over 31 sports including canoeing, rowing, swimming, alpine skiing, hiking, standup paddleboarding, e-bike riding, and yoga.

It is important to note that Strava is not a strength training app like others on the list. This app is great when it comes to tracking progress. Strava comes both in free and paid versions. Its free version offers great features but you get the Routes tool in the paid version. There is also a handy feature namely Strava Beacon’ that is designed to keep runners safe by allowing users’ families and friends to track their location.

7.   HWPO Training

Best gym workout and fitness app

If you are taking your very first steps into the weight-lifting world then you find something for yourself in this training app. The workouts in HWPO (hard work pays off) Training app is clearly written and easy to follow. It has some instructional videos that help you ace the most complex form. You can quickly gain strength if you religiously follow the steps.

This training app does what it stands for. It is up to you where you want to follow the plan whether in the gym or at home as it doesn’t need unending equipment. The only downside of this app is the cost that it is offered. But if you can afford it, you will get trained by one of the fittest men in the world i.e. Mat Fraser.

8.   MyFitnessPal

Best free workout and fitness app

This app comes in both free and paid version and runs seamlessly on both iOS and Android. MyFitnessPal helps users in tracking calories, and fitness activities, and connect with friends. There are over 350 workouts present in this fitness app. It has a database of more than 11 million foods. This app can easily be integrated with over 50 applications and devices. It tracks physical activities, as well as calorie intake including a restaurant logger that ensures not a single calorie, is left uncounted.

You get customized options for your health goals. MyFitnessPal helps you change your lifestyle for your health’s betterment. The only con we find in this health app is that you need to pay for the premium package to access the full array of services.

9.   Future

Best Fitness apps

You get personal training at the ease of working out at your home through this fitness app. You can begin with matching your health goals with a personal trainer. You will get live instruction from the trainer in the first class but you might not see them in every workout session. But you will get virtual feedback from them. Your weekly training program will be created along with a video and audio guide for each movement.

There is a great personalization touch for every workout session. They track your progress and listen to what you have to say after every exercise and modify it according to your requirements

10.   Fitelo

Best Workout apps of 2022

This fitness app is very smart in identifying people’s habits, medical conditions, and health goals to create customized programs. This app helps people to eat the right food, stay active, and enjoy little treats on cheat days whilst keeping up with the everyday mundane. The whole journey of getting fit and losing weight is very easy for its users without any supplements. They have a team of experienced dieticians in maternal nutrition, disease prevention, and weight loss.

It serves over 15 thousand customers globally and the results are quite amazing. Fitelo helps in losing weight while keeping a healthy diet. If you take healthy food then the weight will be reduced as well as your height will also increase. Based on your provided information about body type, requirements, and composition, it analyzes your build. The expert trainers closely work with the app users to understand their medical condition, likes, dislikes, and other preferences. Your diet plan will be provided after assessing all these factors.

 Wrapping Up

If you are looking for an efficient tool that helps you accomplish your fitness goals then your smartphone alone can cater to your need. There is a range of fitness apps that help you easily work out in any location. These fitness apps can help you sweat up, stay motivated, and build strength from anywhere, anytime.

The best fitness app is the one that helps you reach your health goals. You need to check all the features of each app and most importantly which fits your budget. All the above fitness apps are hot in the market right now, choose what suits you the best. Always remember the benefits of staying fit are limitless.

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