20 Best Android Apps For Business Use

Gone are the days when apps were used for communication or entertainment, business apps are equally important now. As the world is growing digital, most businesses are investing heavily in apps, especially Android apps which are one of the most popular. 

Business applications help employees use the right tools to connect with the customers to make the most out of the business and technology together. There are many business software like Remote Desktop Management software to collaborate with your team members from anywhere in the world. 

Such business apps help companies to work in various domains like healthcare, software development, marketing, manufacturing, etc. Not only do best business Android apps help streamline the work process, but they also make your work more efficient and quicker. Being a business owner, such apps can help you to:

  • Manage employees of the organization.
  • Take corrective actions and quicker decisions.
  • To market newly launched products and services.
  • Identifying risks associated with the business processes.
  • Management of sales and marketing.

If you want to know ‘How to grow your startup’, this blog is really helpful for you in choosing the best business apps. So, here we have put a mixed list of the best Android apps for business use to increase productivity!

Best Business Android apps to make the most of your business!

1. Sansan: Business Card Scanner App

Sansan: Business Card Scanner App

The first pick on the list is a cloud-based business card-based contact management application named Sansan. Over 6k+ corporate customers are using this best Android app worldwide.

It helps to solve the simple yet important issue of transferring business card data into Salesforce CRM. It helps to increase the user’s productivity and efficiency to follow up on leads effectively. This business application successfully enabled the successful way businesses work

Key points of Sansan:

  • It helps to successfully and accurately scan the business cards.
  • It helps to upload business cards to the Salesforce CRM.
  • You can scan 4 cards at one time in 16 languages.
  • It helps to process cards in batches. 
  • Sansan is valuable for field teams and marketing repetitions. 
  • The authorized users can quickly take follow-ups for new leads and manage contacts, etc.

2. Slack: Communication App for Businesses

Android Apps For Business
Slack Communication App for Businesses

Slack is another option for one of the best Android apps for business use. It is an instant messaging software created by Slack Technologies. The platform is owned by Salesforce. 

This business software was created for business and professional communication, but it is well-adapted as a community platform. You can easily manage your business or company team with this powerful communication application.

Key points of Slack:

  • You can do a lot on this channel-based messaging application, like using many other internal apps within Slack. 
  • You can easily decide a specific time for the meeting for organizations.
  • One can easily assign tasks and schedule meetings.
  • Managers or HR persons can easily accept or reject leaves with just a few clicks.
  • Project management is hassle-free that too without closing the application. 
  • One can message and call any other person on the team whenever required.

3. Phonebook: Contact Management App

Best Android business app
Phonebook Contact Management App

If you own a business, our next Android business app pick is Phonebook. One can easily manage contacts through this easy-to-use app. You can check missed calls, messages, unread emails, or even upcoming birthdays of the members. There is no need to have extra applications like email apps or message apps to manage. You can even upload pictures of your contact to keep track of employee recognition if you are part of a big organization. If you miss keeping track of your contacts, this handy business software can solve a lot of your work.

  • The phonebook app is nicely designed to keep track of and protect your business address book. 
  • It lets you save the latest and complete contact information of relevant people.
  • You can control which contact is on your list to get updates.
  • You can fully track what you share with the required contacts from the address book.
  • Whenever there is a change in the contact information of any of your contacts, Phonebook helps to quickly send the updated information to connected persons.

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4. Google Voice: Free Voice Service

Google Voice: Free Voice Service

Google Voice is one of the best Android apps for voice-related business uses. It provides a voice number that works on your smartphones or web to place and receive calls globally. This software helps to transcribe voicemails or lets you send free messages. The integration of Google Voice with the address book of your device is the best feature one can have for business purposes. 

If you have a query in mind ‘Does your business need an app for voice calls’?

The absolute answer is ‘Yes’. You will understand this with the given key points. 

Key points of Google Voice:

  • It lets you do cheap international calls that help to save a lot of your business money. 
  • The app is very easy to navigate to helps you save a lot of time on making business calls.
  • You can forward calls to any other device and easily block spam calls.
  • The integration of the address book of your business device is the best potential ability of this software. 
  • You can easily back up text messages, voicemails, and calls to search whenever required. 

5. Rodeo: Project Management App

Rodeo: Project Management App

If you want the best Android app for managing your business projects, Rodeo is one of the great options to opt for. This software helps to align your workflow and ease out the business processes. You can prepare and approve the budget with the help of Rodeo. You can gain report insights and send invoices too. 

Key points of Rodeo:

  • It provides a collaboration-based platform for doing project planning. 
  • You can keep a close watch on the project’s expenses.
  • You can monitor billable and non-billable hours. 
  • You can maximize the profit margins through deep insights into the reports.
  • The invoicing feature of Rodeo helps to streamline the invoicing process.

6. Social Status: Social Media Analysis App

best Android app
Social Status Social Media Analysis App

As this is the era of social media, having a good social media analysis app for managing businesses is a necessity. So, our next choice on the list is social status. It is a social media analytical and reporting tool that enables business owners to understand the ROI of social media marketing strategy. 

Key points of Social Status:

  • You can easily monitor all the pages on which the admin has access.
  • You can connect with Facebook ad accounts hassle-free. 
  • You can monitor the performance of influencer marketing campaigns.
  • It lets you export reports in various formats like PDF, Google Slides, PPT, etc.

7. Surfer: SEO and Content Management App

business Android app
Surfer SEO and Content Management App

In this digitally competitive world, having and maintaining a social media presence is equally important as the offline existence of any business. So, our next business Android app is Surfer. If you want to optimize your business content, the Surfer is a nice tool to try. It is based on NLP algorithms and machine learning to give the best keyword suggestions.

If you want to make your business app user-friendly, Surfer is a must-have option. After all, managing a social media presence is one of the most profitable business ideas these days. 

Key points of Surfer:

  • Its content editor helps to compile a list of suggested keywords based on focused keywords.
  • It also has a feature content planner to get a complete overview of the content based on a given keyword. 
  • Its SERP analyzer is good for analyzing and comparing pages to get good rankings in search results. 

8. Zapier: Integration App

Zapier: Integration App

If you want to build automated workflows for your business, Zapier is one of the popular Android apps for business use. It lets you focus on automating your workflow to save your precious time so that you can spend more time on business operations. It integrates your difficult works into simpler ones. You can optimize the tools you use as Zapier offers hassle-free integration. 

Key points of Zapier:

  • You can easily manage, store and take needed actions on the data. 
  • It offers appealing and easy-to-use Zap dashboards.
  • You can easily edit, add, or delete tasks with the Zapier editor.
  • You can monitor the task history module to check the progress of your tasks.

9. Asana: Project Management App

best Android business apps
Asana Project Management App

Asana is one of the best Android business apps that you may have heard a lot. Asana offers a lot of useful features to increase productivity of the business projects. This is one of the best project management software that many companies rely on.

This platform has numerous features to run a business smoothly, like to-do lists, reminders, meeting deadlines with due dates, comments on tasks, etc. 

Key points of Asana:

  • Asana offers a handful of simple-to-use features to smoothly run your projects.
  • Asana offers cloud-based services.
  • The third-party app interaction is so well to use, like, that you can upload files from Google Drive. 
  • You can track everything related to each other’s projects in a team. 

10. SocialTable: Employees Socialization App

SocialTable: Employees Socialization App

In this world full of people who don’t have time to spend all around apart from their social media platforms, there is a need to necessarily have an employee socialization app. And SocialTable is one of the finest Android business apps fulfilling this criteria. It is a social networking application for remote staff of any organization. It was created to create and strengthen the connections between employees. It is one of the best apps for small business owners as well as bigger companies. 

Key points of SocialTable:

  • It lets you remove biases that reside unconsciously among employees. 
  • You can easily connect with the mind-liking people of the organization.
  • You can share or highlight your story if you want to. 
  • You can make stronger connections among employees to have better work productivity.

11. isLucid: App for Meeting Management

isLucid: App for Meeting Management

Having meetings in any sort of business is a crucial part, so managing them is equally important. Our next choice for the best Android business app is isLucid for managing meetings quickly and conveniently. isLucid is a Microsoft team application that is based on AI. One can easily transcribe conversations of a meeting in real-time. 

Key points of isLucid:

  • You can quickly capture important assignments for a meeting. 
  • You can instantly transfer real-time information to the project management team or tools.
  • You can give meeting minutes quickly to save documents in a meeting and time too.
  • It provides full data security by protecting personal information and discussions. 

12. Astro File Manager: File Manager and Cleaner

best Android business apps
Astro File Manager File Manager and Cleaner

The next pick on the list of the best Android business apps is Astro File Manager: a well-known tool for managing files. This all-in-one tool provides a handful of features to organize, move and back up important files. So, this helps in cleaning up the storage of your mobile device while managing your business files.

Key points of Astro File Manager:

  • You can move, share, copy, and rename files on internal storage and cloud spaces.
  • You can easily sort and categorize files as per convenience. 
  • It lets you easily manage downloaded files to view them and move them to the required folder.
  • It helps to take a backup of needed files and folders before cleaning the storage of your device. 

13. GDocs: For Managing Doc Files

Android apps for business use
GDocs For Managing Doc Files

If you have a little awareness of handling mobile phones or systems, GDocs is one of the most-used Android apps for business use. You can take your Google Docs anywhere you want. You can create or upload your important documents on GDoc and then review them later. 

Key points of GDocs:

  • Google Docs lets you create, edit, and share documents with your teammates over Android devices. 
  • You can work on it anywhere anytime or even in offline mode.
  • You can add or reply to the comments of your teammates with whom you have shared the file. 
  • Everything you type on a Google Doc file is saved automatically, so you don’t need to worry about backups.

14. FreshBooks: Accounting Software

Android apps for small business owners
FreshBooks Accounting Software

The management of any business’s accounts is one of the most crucial tasks to do. So, our next pick among the best Android apps for business use is FreshBooks. It is one of the top-most invoicing and accounting Android apps for small business owners. It allows invoicing, recording costs, and monitoring the time for business processes. 

Key points of FreshBooks:

  • It lets you create professional invoices in no time.
  • One can also accept online or credit card payments to make do payments quickly and hassle-freely.
  • You can integrate FreshBooks with many famous services, like Paypal, MailChimp, etc. 
  • If you want to cover an unlimited number of clients, then go for its paid version. 
  • You can even send payment reminders. 

15. HubSpot: Marketing App

Android business app
HubSpot Marketing App

If your company needs an Android business app for managing content, social media marketing, sales, and marketing, HubSpot is the best solution for it. You can manage your business website content to enhance conversion rates. In short, it helps to close more deals by appealing to more and more potential customers. 

Key points of HubSpot:

  • It helps to enhance your work efficiency via automatic log calls.
  • You can create tickets and reply to the customer’s conversations.
  • You can insert meeting links and snippets in any application. 
  • The app allows many third-party applications integration, like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, etc. 

16. Fox Business App

Fox Business App for Android
Fox Business App

The next popular choice for business applications is Fox Business App for Android. If you are in a business where there is a necessity to stay connected with business news, the Fox Business app is the best choice. You can easily learn about worldwide markets, economy news, mortgage rates, and global finances.  

Key points of Fox Business App:

  • You can quickly browse Fox international business stories. 
  • You can enjoy a live and on-demand video featuring the popular Fox Business Network Personality. 
  • The app has a Market tab that gives you a clear view of breaking market news and data. 
  • You can easily watch the current financial situation of the nation.

17. Evernote

best Android app

When you want to keep track of your business and work notes, Evernote is the best Android app. It will completely take care of all the business notes and help you to get work done quicker. You can bring the important notes, to-do lists, and schedules together in one place to keep a keen eye on. This way you can accomplish more work in less time and from anywhere around the world.

Key points of Evernote:

  • You can quickly write notes, and checklists, and do research work. 
  • It lets you organize web articles, pictures, and docs hassle-free.
  • You can do work discussions with the required persons that too within the app. 
  • You can add different types of content to your important notes, like, Text, Docs, Web Clippings, PDFs, Sketches, etc. 

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18. Google Keep: For Notes and Lists

Google Keep: For Notes and Lists

If you are so occupied with various business works, and forget to remember what was on your mind, then Google Keep is the perfect Android business app for you. It lets you easily remember what’s on your mind and need a reminder later on.

You can even speak and transcribe a voice memo instantly. With Google Keep, you can save and share your quick notes and thoughts with your members or friends. 

Key points of Google Keep:

  • You can add lists, notes, and photos to Google Keep.
  • It allows you to add colors and labels to your code notes to quickly remember the exact information.
  • You can even set a location-based reminder to quickly remind you of the exact notes at the exact place. 
  • With Google Keep, you can pin notes to your phone’s home screen with widgets.

19. Chrome Remote Desktop: Secure Access to Your Computer

best Android business apps
Chrome Remote Desktop Secure Access to Your Computer

While operating any kind of business, there may be a need to access your PC or laptop through your mobile device. So Chrome Remote Desktop: one of the best Android business apps is the solution for you. You can simply install the Chrome desktop browser and install this application on your mobile device If your browser is supported, this Android app is well compatible with any operating system. 

Key points of Chrome Remote Desktop:

  • You can access your system from any corner of the world to protect your business data from any kind of fraud.
  • You can even share your screen for collaboration in real time.
  • Built on Google’s infrastructure, the app is well-secured to share your screen with full confidence. 
  • After connection, you can use an Android device to open files, and folders, and to run programs on the remote desktop system. 

20. Skype: For Smooth Communication

Skype: For Smooth Communication

Communication is a vital part of any business to run smoothly and our last pick on the list suits best for this business need. It is important to connect with your team workers to have hassle-free working of your business. So, to have a better communication bridge, Skype is the best Android app option. 

Key points of Skype and Google Hangouts:

  • Skype is well integrated with Bing (cutting-edge AI-powered copilot) now as in the latest update. 
  • It is one of the best ways to connect with your team members from anywhere around the world.
  • You can connect with up to 100 people over a video call. 
  • You can send and receive free text messages and emojis to express your emotions.

The Closure: Go for the best Android business app!

This is all about the best Android apps for business use from our perspective. We have tried to build a mix-and-match list of different business apps for Android devices to fulfill all the basic business needs. If you opt for similar apps, you don’t need to have Android app development services to create unique apps for you. 

All such apps are useful for any business owner being capable of:

  • Saving your precious time to focus on other business activities.
  • Saving important resources of the business, like manpower. 
  • Enhances productivity and thus ROI of your business.

If we forget to mention any other important Android business app, do let us know in the comment section. All recommendations are welcome!

Hope you had a good read!








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