Using Social Media For Local Business Is Profitable?

Nowadays Social Media for local business plays a major role in all fields.

Once upon a time, it was much more difficult to promote a business if you are a startup. It takes at least two or three years to deliver what the company is doing and their role in that field. This is because of a lack of awareness about social media in those days.

There was no proper guidance to use those sites and also the number of social networking sites available on those days is very less ,the existing is also not user friendly.Then the evolution of smart phone enhances the thirst of people ,who are using smart phones to open account in social networking sites.

As a result there comes a Facebook ,which changed totally the marketing field and the world. Even though there is more number of social networking sites ,nothing can able to overcome the Facebook at that time.

So Facebook stands in top till now.

Social Media for local business

Then after that people started using many social networking sites.”Internet to all” helps the people to learn new things each and everyday.

Google’s AdSense programme promote people to upload tutorial videos on almost each and everything (The people who upload the videos will get rewards for the number of views) this only promotes people to use social networking sites.

Here are the few tips for using social media for local business, which helps you to use the social media in most effective ways.

Social media for local business, share your business in all social networking sites

The first and foremost task in marketing is ,you need to have your profile in each and every social networking sites that is on top .Open an account in all the social networking sites.This is because different people may feel ,different media as an effective one.

Some may constantly use Facebook ,Some may use Whats app ,Some may use twitter. But your task is to attract each and every individual ,so its mandatory for a newbie to open account in all the social networking sites. Try to make a portfolio about your business and upload it in your Profile of all the Social networking sites.

This portfolio should be of high quality as it depicts your business. The professional quality should be maintained in your portfolio which you are using it in your profile.

Try to update the status each and every day and it should be related to your business .For example ,if you are doing business related to electrical you can share the status like amazing facts about electrical ,amazing facts about Lights,New technology in lightings and so on.

This will attract more people to like and follow your profile.

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Use premium facilities if available

Every thing becomes money nowadays in this world. Abruptly the for accessing premium package you need to spend some money. In Facebook the premium package has better promoting features when compared to freebie account. There is also an option to buy likes. This allows your page to promote in extremely faster time.

The concept behind this was ,giving thousands of likes for few dollars. The likes are of two types

1. Real likes
2. Autolikes

-> Real likes

These are real likes provided by real persons. It is usually done by agencies or freelancers. You can gets some thousand likes for some money.

-> Autolikes

These are unreal likes. It is done by the social networking site itself. The concept is making a changes in the program codings. In other words it is also called as fake likes.

So the intention and mentality of the people is giving likes to some thing which already has more likes.Ultimately as a result your profile or page will get more likes at short span of time. The same procedure is applicable to YouTube video also. There also you can get paid likes and views.

The following YouTube video tutorial will helps you learn “How to get likes” ?

Link all social networking sites

If you have a website it is mandatory in the field of marketing to link all social networking sites where you have accounts. If anyone sees your content, there may be a chance for sharing those on anyone social networking sites they are using.

Some may like to share it on Facebook and some may like to share it on Twitter. If their favorite link is not there, there may be a chance to terminate from that page without liking it.So be perfect on your side to avoid those.

Another thing is all your social networking sites should be inter linked with each and every social networking site that you are using. Don’t forget to mention your contact info on your profile.

The following video will guide you a lot

Paid Promotion

If you are targeting a specific area or specific state you can choose paid promotion. Your task is to find the group in your state that is having more active followers. Ask them to share your portfolio on their page.

Some may do this free of cost but some may charge a decent amount for this. If they are meme creators ask them to create a meme regarding your product or service.

I am insisting on this because nowadays memes have more reach while comparing them with any other source. Definitely you can expect at-least one or two sales from these.

To get more idea on paid promotion kindly watch this YouTube video.

Organize Contest in social media

“Money makes many things” so organize a contest similar to slogan contest ,meme contest , short film contest related to your product or service that you are offering.This was considered as one of the most important thing in Social Media marketing for local business.

You can even make few of the similar rules for the contest .

-> To participate the contest like our page.
-> To participate in the contest share our page to 10 whats app numbers.
-> To participate in the contest show the bill of our product.

You can crosscheck the following details before distribution prizes. So this idea will surely promote your business interms of marketing and also interms of sales.

Maintain a blog with forum

Maintaining a blog and forum will also help you to boost your business. Try to post a blog related to the service or product that you are offering.

Here consistent posting is important. If you post one blog today and then posting next blog after a month is utter waste.

It won’t help you to improve your business progress.The blogs can be related to new trends ,discount ,offers,buy one take one offer and so on.Then the last thing you have to share these all things in social networking sites.


Online networking has changed how we impart, as well as in a general sense changed the way we learn,work together, experience our everyday lives, and capacity as a general public.

Follow the above Social media tips for local business to get better results.

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