Does Your Business Need an App? Best Reasons

Does Your Business Need an App, yes of course it is needed? There are at least a couple of mobile devices in each home, pocket, purse, and bag. Most of the internet browsing is now happening on tablets and smartphones and therefore that’s where all the advertising should be as well. With the advancing technology, it is becoming easier to develop and promote the apps, so they can be used even by small or family businesses. There is also a novelty factor involved – businesses are deciding to create the app in order to seem like they are cutting edge in their field.

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Being available

Looking up a product or a service on a computer takes active effort. Phones and tablets, on the other hand, are always available and easy to reach. Apps are also easier to ingrate with a payments system (sometimes without a need for a password or other personal information), which makes “calls to action” easier as well. Also, a lot of time spent with a smartphone is just browsing without a clear purpose. With a well- designed app, business could attract much more impulsive purchases or at least visits.

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Loyalty perks

Does Your Business Need an App

Discounts and special offers are still what advertising is based on. These could be advertised and distributed without too much trouble, using an app. For starters, if you want to promote the app itself, provide a discount for every in-app purchase, also create discounts codes for those who recommend the app to their friends on social media. Later on, you can provide early access or other perks for app users only. Smaller businesses which rely on a community based on their product could even organize a real life meet-up for app users. There is also no harm in advertising how much user does your app have and using milestones for free giveaways.


The apps aren’t only about providing the information to the consumers – they also let the business know pretty much everything about the habits of those who use them.  Tracking the analytics of your app with tools like Leanplum gives you an understanding of the demographics of your clientele, but it goes much further than that. Knowing how the users react with the app means knowing what and when to change not just as it relates to marketing, but the product and business plans as well. Adaptability is the most important part of a good marketing campaign.

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Business need an app

Just carrying around something that has your corporate name and logo on it is a form of advertising. Having a nice looking and easy to use app is like having a billboard put in front of the window of each of your users. But it isn’t just about awareness. The app can be a way to introduce and explain the product to the customers. Don’t forget that it can be a platform for all kinds of content. Create blog posts or tutorial videos to keep the users engaged. This is especially lucrative for new businesses that need to establish their brands.

It helps sell

In the end, there is only one really important metric for any business success – the money it brings in. All evidence point out, that apps can, in fact, help you bring in more revenues. Some of it a direct revenue trough purchases within the app. Others come from more visits to the actual physical store due to the buzz the app is creating. But, the fact is having an app to advertise and sell you product will lead to more sales.

There millions of apps for all platforms at this point and there is a reason for it. They are convenient and easy to use. Businesses of all kinds could benefit greatly from using mobile apps, especially if they aim for a young and tech savvy market.

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