10 Quick Website Builders To Build Awesome Websites

In this digital world, it is impossible to succeed a business without welcoming a digital presence. In fact, it is not for all business owners to spend the huge money to make their business identity. To overcome this barrier, the engineers have created plenty of free websites builder templates. These quick website builders give a leg up especially to small businesses with all the primary tools they need to arise-and-walking and turn some heads online.

Aside from small businesses, these quick website builders are also beneficial for wedding planner websites, portfolio websites, architecture’s websites, writer’s websites, educational websites and a lot more. Let’s move ahead and reveal the names of 10 quick website builder templates:


Yola is a web-based tool that is supportive for small business owners who like to get something that is comfortable and free from the coding languages. No technical experience is required to use this website builder template as it has a drag and drop feature which makes everything at your fingertips.

I mean to say that, you can convert your offline business into a professional style by just spending a small fee $4.16/month. In fact, it’s too less in a case if you hire a web developer for creating a website.


Wix Website Builder

Wix Website Builder

Wix is a cloud-based web development that empowered anyone to create their website without involving any coding techniques. It is a fantastic platform, highly recommended because it is simple to use and flexible to change.

The most imperative benefits of using Wix is that you will enjoy more than 300 website builder templates by just paying $9.25 per month.


SiteBuilder is one of the best free website builders used for creating stunning websites. It can offer you a amazing collection of well-designed website builder templates divided into different categories.

It is my favorite because alongside offering free website templates you can also enjoy a free domain on a sub-domain just at $8.99 per month.


It is a famous one as it exists for a pretty high time on website builders market. No need to worry about its price as it is free to use. It also offers services like free hosting without limitations, domain name on sub-domain and an unlimited number of pages.

You can get the full benefit of this website builder template by just paying $8 per month. I am also using it for my SEO projects for a very long time.


Another amazing website builder permitting you to build your website for free is Ucrafts. No doubt, it is a new brand on the website builder market, but it allows to build the SEO friendly website.

If you pick up a free plan, you will able to get a one-page website. But if you are dreaming for a polished website, then please choose the affordable plan at $8 per month.


Site123 is considered as the simplest and quickest website builder. By getting it, you can able to build a website using well-defined styles and layouts.

It is mostly liked as it offers a quick website builder template where you just enter your content and 1, 2, 3, now it’s up and running. You can avail its premium package $9.80/month.


You can make an online shop with moonfruit as it is a simple-to-use free website builder with numerous appealing templates. I liked it as it provides everything to get your site up and to run.

You can freely pick it as it offers a free package comprises only one website with maximum 15 pages on a second level domain, 1 GB bandwidth and 20 MB of storage.


Website Builder


It is a good platform as I have used it many times for my clients. I am convincing you to add it really has many appealing and responsive quick website builder templates.

No doubt, it is quite expensive if comparing with others. But remember one thing that you can’t get the top-notch quality at very low prices.


Shopify Website Builder


It is a famous Canadian e-commerce company offering website builder templates to all who want to enter its presence in this digital world. In other words, it offers you a gorgeous store that will reflect the personality of your business.

You don’t need any debit or credit to start. Just go for a free trial. If you like it, then you can accept $29 per month plan.

IM Creator.com

It is an intuitive platform using a drag and drop system that offers a huge range of well-designed web templates that are user-friendly in nature. You can select any of templates as per your needs.

I can’t use it right now, but I heard a lot of praise of this free website store builder as it is a super-simple and you never need to do any coding.

There are plenty of more quick website builder templates are available. But I highlighted the above one as I understand that these are free, easy-to-use, coding-free and responsive in nature. You could add more in the comment box if you had a good experience.

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