Summer Date Ideas

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers

It’s Summer Date Ideas and you know what that means – perfect weather, vacations, and warm evenings spent together. With all this fun, it can be easy to fall into a comfortable routine with your partner. 

In fact, you may have grown weary of the typical dinner dates and Netflix and chill, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun this summer.

So, we’re opening the doors on our list of dates and sharing fun date ideas to help you plan the best summer romance. These dates include FREE ideas and a few splurge ideas – and they’re all ready to go right now!

Best Date Ideas that Will Liven Up Your Summer

To be honest, as long as the two of you like what you’re doing and have a chance to enjoy yourselves, most things can work for your date. So, ask your partner what specific things interest him or her the most and plan accordingly.

Here we have put together some fun and romantic ideas you will be sure your partner will love.

Cute summer date ideas for the outdoors

Go Kayaking

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Paddling together keeps a couple together!

You’ve seen the city skyline while walking around town, but how much cooler is it when you’re floating in the water on a kayak? Consider renting a kayak, competing with your partner, and enjoying the views from the water while experiencing the real feel of a city.

Go Hot Air Ballooning

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Want to experience something hotter?

For the best fun summer date that gets your blood pumping, try a hot air balloon ride. It’s a peaceful and relaxing experience. As the balloon rides with the wind, you will feel nothing but the gentle breeze. So add this date idea to your list and let the stress of everyday life go and enjoy your favorite person’s company.

Take a Road Trip

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Happiness is planning a road trip with someone you love!

When planning a vacation, it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with. Instead of forking out for a pricey overseas Self-drive trip, create your own once-in-a-lifetime getaway. Drive to a nearby town instead of sticking around at work and check out the museums, amusement parks, historical Places, and shops if feasible.


Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Kind deeds bring the love!

The best way to bond with someone is to do a kind deed for another person. Connecting with those who are not directly involved in your life can be the key to happiness. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, focus on what you do have by volunteering for an organization that can benefit from your two cents: You can donate your time at your local shelter or help prepare meals for people at a nearby soup kitchen.

Go for a Hike

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Are mountains your thing?

If yes, then to build a deeper bond with your partner, try taking on the great outdoors summer vacations day activities together with some hiking. You’ll see beautiful sites while encouraging each other along the way. According to a relationship expert, “When one partner is feeling adventurous or afraid and they are stepping out of their comfort zone, this gives the other partner the chance to show their protective side.”

Fire up the water balloons

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Keep your inner child alive!

If you haven’t played with water balloons since you were a kid, surprise your date by getting some and seeing who gets soaked first. And if you want to make sure not to get a case of sunburn, inflatable pools are great for cooling off when the day gets hot.

Summer Date Night Ideas That Will Warm You Up

Get The Rooftop Movie Theater Going

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
A movie outside is always better than a movie inside!

And with the rooftop movie theater, it is even better. Regardless of where you live, there’s probably a rooftop theater nearby. Not only are these alfresco screening spaces a convenient way to catch a flick on a nice night, but you can enjoy happy hour food and drink beforehand and watch the sunset with your special one.

Dinner in the Sky

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
I wish I could have wings to fly high in the sky and have dinner with my bae!

You will be happy to hear that Ginnie has granted your wish. Restaurant dinners are no longer the only option for enjoying dinner. For couples who like to try new things, Dining in the Sky offers a thrilling experience, with an excellent meal. 

I hope you will consider this for your next summer night date. Enjoy the city lights while you dine and drink champagne in the sky.

Go Stargazing

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Let’s stay outside tonight!

Sometimes the best things a couple can do for their strengthened relationship are to stop overthinking and overanalyzing their actions and just enjoy each other’s company, even if it’s just by taking a short walk in the park. Something as simple as stargazing can give you that moment when you can reconnect with your partner.

Perfect Indoor Date Ideas (that aren’t a movie)

Try a DIY Wine-Tasting

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers
Wine + Dinner = Winner!

While you may not love wine, it’s important to participate in the best summer activities that your partner enjoys. Doing so shows that you are willing to compromise with your partner and try new things. You can make your date more memorable by treating your partner to a DIY wine tasting.

Take a Cooking Class

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers

The couples that cook together stay together!

If you’re looking for ways to bond with your partner, consider signing up for a cooking class together. Cooking is a great way to have fun and at the same time, we get such an emotional reward out of the process. 

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a local restaurant or cooking school nearby offering in-person classes, you can still gain this experience online via classes. Remember, the key is to do things together.

Play some backyard karaoke

Astounding Summer Date Ideas Perfect For Summer Lovers

What happens at karaoke stays at karaoke!

If you are planning for a first date, then trust me, karaoke is high on the list of suggestions in the date ideas. The reason being karaoke brings out a lot about a person’s personality. The way your partner sings karaoke is a reflection of that person’s self-confidence level or musical taste. You can make your date even more romantic by karaoking your favorite playlist with your special someone.

That is all we have on our bucket list for now. Did you like these ideas?

What are your thoughts on the perfect summer date ideas? Let us help you come up with your dream date by sharing your ideas in the comment section below!



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