The 30 Best Date Night Movies to Set the Mood For Couples

A movie date night with your loved ones is equally romantic as a dinner date!

Many things have changed in the past 2-3 years. People are going crazy for web series or movies, especially after work from home trend. There are many OTT platforms to choose the best movie for your date night. 

And one of them is Netflix, which has a huge collection of good movies to choose from. You can select the best Netflix movies or any other popular movie to set your romantic date night fantastically. 

There are plenty of options available for date night movies to set the mood, So it’s difficult to have your hand on one. From romantic comedies to all-time classic movies, we tried to gather all the favorites. 

To make it even simpler for you, we have presented the trailers links for each movie. So, Here is the compiled list of the 30 best date night movies to spread the warmness all around! 

So, Sit tight with a cup of coffee, and enjoy exploring the list…!!!!

Best Date Night Movies to have an awesome night together!

The Photograph (2020)

The very first option on our good date movie list is ‘The Photograph’, a 2020 American Romantic storyline that is based on the life story of the movie writer Stella Meghie’s grandmother. 

An awesome love story of a Journalist (Lakeith Stanfield) with the daughter (Issa Rae) of a popular Photographer. The Journalist in the movie is searching for her late mother’s life. The sizzling chemistry between the two will blow your mind. Without a doubt, you can opt for the movie to watch for a date night.

Watch the Trailer Now-

The Photograph

Moonlight (2016)

The movie revolves around one character, Chiron, in the three phases of his life which are childhood, teenage, and early adult life. The film features the difficulties, he faces in finding his sexuality and identity with the physical and emotional abuse he faces during his grown-up period. 

The movie won Academy Award for Best Picture and is well made from the screenplay to the direction which makes it worth watching on a movie date night.

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Blue Valentine (2010)

The next pick on the list is Blue Valentine film which is an American romantic drama film directed by Derek Cianfrance. This film best expresses the feeling of how love changes over time featuring Michelle Willaims and Ryan Gosling as love partners from their youth to an unraveling wedding. 

The director provided an insight into the disturbed minds of the married couple with some mixed emotions. They share an unavoidable bond throughout the relationship. It is one of the recommended films to watch to check the unmatched love changes of a couple over time showing such a reality of today’s time. Their steamy hot love and then heartbreaking silence between the two is worth a great date night movie!

Check the Trailer Now-

Blue Valentine

Basic Instinct (1992)

A date night is a perfect time to watch the next thriller romantic movie on the list named Basic Instinct directed by Paul Verhoeven. It is a very interesting story in which a police investigator (Michael Douglas) got stuck in an intense relationship. That too with one of the prime suspects (Sharon Stone) in the brutal murder of her boyfriend, who was a rock star. 

The thrilling and steamy love affair of these two will involve every single moment of your perfect date night movie. What’s better than watching a story highlighting the love relationship between a vulnerable police detective and a beautiful seductive novelist?

Check the Trailer Now-

Basic Instinct

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Love & Basketball (2000)

Love is not an easy thing especially when you have a choice between love and passion. The next movie on the list best describes this fact as its title. Both the actors have a love for each other and basketball as well but are not sure whom they love the most….The Partner or The Game..!!!

The romantic sports drama acted by Quincy McCall and Monica Wright is worth watching a movie when you have spared some time for your bae. As they pursue their dream passions, their relationship suffers. Watch their love for each other and Basketball from childhood to adulthood and enjoy the romantic movie date night.

Check the Trailer Now-

Love & Basketball

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

The next go-to movie is an American romantic comedy-drama movie directed by Jon M. Chu. This is one of the best comedy cum romantic movies to watch on a great date night. The story portrays a Chinese-American professor who travels to meet her boyfriend’s family and discovered with surprise that his family is one of the richest in Singapore. 

People call her a gold-digger and she faces many more things from jealous relatives and society. She comes to know that her boyfriend is one of the most eligible wealthy bachelors in the country. Watch their relationship if it will cross so many hurdles and withstand at last..???

This movie is one of the all-time favorites on the best Hollywood movies list. 

Check the Trailer Now-

Crazy Rich Asians

SYLVIE’s Love (2020)

A 2020 American romantic drama film directed, written, and produced by Eugene Ashe. The film represents a good old-fashioned love story spanned over years for both lovers to come together. 

The soothing jazz tunes and the memorable love story can easily melt your heart. Enjoy this lovely heartwarming story to set the mood on your romantic movie date..!!!

Enjoy the Trailer


Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

Our next pick is an American romantic comedy movie directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. The film displays a recently divorced man who searches for his manhood and learns how to pick women at the bar. His wife cheated on him and needs a divorce all of a sudden. 

The ultimate man’s character moves on and finds love again. Watch this fantastic story of a funny man who went to the herd of women years after marriage and enjoy true love time..!!!

Check the Trailer Now-

Crazy, Stupid, Love

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

The next movie to watch on date night is an American teen romantic movie directed by Susan Johnson. The movie is based on a novel of the same name written by Jenny Han in 2014. It is the story of Lara Jean, who has kept her crush secret but wrote letters about each boy she liked. She sealed and hid the letters under her bed. 

But one day her secret letters were mailed to the respective persons. All the past lovers confront her then. How she learned to face all the ex-lovers and moved on?…. So, She learned one good thing from all those letters. Watch the movie to know her courage…!!

Watch the Trailer-

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Love Jones (1997)

Love Jones is a 1997 American romantic drama film directed by Theodore Witcher a debut director. A young black poet Darius Lovehall in Chicago starts dating Nina Mosley who is a talented photographer.

Nina tests the love strength of her boyfriend Daris’s feelings and the relationship turns out to be a sour one. Nina decided to move away with her ex-fiance, Marvin and the heartbroken Darius finds their relationship’s future in danger.

Check the Trailer Now-

Love Jones

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The Princess Bride (1987)

The next pick is a 1987 American comedy romance film directed by Rob Reiner based on a novel of the same name. It shows a farmhand named Westley as he wants to help his beloved princess to be free from the evil prince’s hands. 

He faces several encounters with enemies and obstacles. The story is an intelligent mix of romance and comedy. Watch to enjoy your private time on movie date night!

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The Princess Bride

The Big Sick (2017)

An American romantic comedy film directed in 2017 by Michael Showalter based on the real-life romance of Kumail Nanjiani and  Emily Gordon. The couple faces cultural differences among the families when Emily falls ill. 

Watch the movie to catch a glimpse of a heartwarming message about embracing new cultures and all the problems faced by modern love!

Check the Trailer Now-

The Big Sick

Lovers Rock (2020)

A very good option for a fantastic romantic movie date is the name called ‘Lovers Rock’ directed by Steve McQueen. The movie stars two lovers, Micheal Ward and Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn meet at a Reggae party in West London in 1980. 

The movie also gives you an insight into Black British Life at that time. See the love of the couple to set your mood on date night!

Check the Trailer Now-

Lovers Rock

Hitch (2005)

The next is a very interesting pick to steal some moments of your date night ‘Hitch’ directed by Andy Tennant. The movie is about a professional date doctor who is teaching other men to woo women. 

The twist is when he told one man to attract his lady love, the doctor realizes he still has to learn more about love and relationships. Watch this unique story to enjoy every moment of the movie date night!

Check the Trailer Now-


Free Guy (2021)

One of the latest picks on the list is Free Guy- A good action-comedy movie to boost your mood on a special evening. The movie is directed by Shawn Levy. It represents the story of a bank teller who suddenly finds that he is the non-player character in a multiplayer digital game. 

With the assistance of his character friends, he should find a way to save the town before the destruction of the game. After all, a comedy cum action movie can be part of a great date night movie list!

Check the Trailer Now-

Free Guy

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Dirty Dancing (1987)

The next choice on the list is an intimate dancing scene movie to set the mood right on a dinner date. If you are a dance lover, then this movie is like the cherry on the cake for you with its unforgettable dance moves. 

This story depicts a young woman, Frances AKA Baby, who falls in love with her dance instructor during her vacation. Their mesmerizing on-screen chemistry will set your mood the right way for a romantic movie date!

Check the Trailer Now-

Dirty Dancing

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Palm Springs (2020)

Palm Springs is a 2020 American fiction romantic comedy directed by Max Barbakow. The movie depicts two strangers who met at a spring wedding and fell in love with each other. 

Very different in nature, but still, both lovers show amazing chemistry. They get stuck in a time loop and find a way to escape. This romantic comedy can be a good part of your best date night movie list.

Check the Trailer Now-

Palm Springs

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Call Me By Your Name is a coming-of-age romantic drama directed in 2017 by Luca Guadagnino. You can’t get through the steamy and sweet romance between the 17 years old Elio and his father’s young smart 24 years old intern Oliver. 

The picturization is of a romantic seaside town on the Italian coast. See the numerous coming-of-age lessons of self-discovery and sexuality. You will enjoy this young person’s sweet romance in the list of the great date night movie!

Check the Trailer Now-

Call Me By Your Name

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

The next one is a thought-provoking movie it explores the love of two young girls. They grow together from high school students to young adults. The movie spans several years as you can see the love of the girls in and out of their relationship. 

You will be amazed to see the tremendous performance of the girls. Enjoy this delightful and unique movie to have some good moments on your movie date night!

Check the Trailer Now-

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Queen And Slim (2019)

The next choice is an American romantic road crime drama film directed by Melina Matsoukas. The film centers on a young couple Daniel and Jodie who go on a run after killing a police officer mistakenly as a self-defense act during a traffic argument.

The interesting part is they were on their first date when all this happened. The film also represents the cruel reality of black people in America. So, it’s interesting to watch such a movie to set a good mood!

Check the Trailer Now-

Queen And Slim

The Graduate (1967)

Mike Nichols directed this romantic comedy-drama named The Graduate. It is based on a 1963 novel of the same name written by Charles Webb. He wrote this story suddenly after graduating from his college. The story represents 21 years old Benjamin Braddock, a just college pass-out, aimless in life.

An older married woman Mrs. Robinson seduced him but then he falls for her daughter Elaine. This is an all-time favorite playful and forbidden love angle that is difficult to be missed. Enjoy this laughter ride from your best date night movies checklist!

Check the Trailer Now-

The Graduate

P.S. I Love You (2007)

It’s time to discuss our next pick which is a super romantic one and awesome to watch on date night directed by Richard LaGravenese. The movie is based on a novel of the same name written by Cecelia Ahern.

Control your emotions while watching this else have tissue with you as the movie is super emotional. The girl loses her husband to a brain tumor. She decided to revisit all the places they traveled to together. Watch this super heartwarming movie to get emotional with your lover!

You know, sometimes being emotional with your partner is one of the best things to strengthen your relationship.

Check the Trailer Now-

P.S. I Love You

Titanic (1997)

The next movie to watch for date night is everybody’s all-time favorite movie, So we thought not to miss this on our list. You can watch this film again and again without getting bored. A romantic disaster movie directed by James Cameron displays some historical aspects. 

Kate and Leonardo cross paths while traveling on Titanic. Both are from opposite societal standards. Kate (Rose) is socially engaged with a young healthy man but she lost herself with the free-spirited Leonardo (Jack). The movie shows an immortal nature love story that is worth watching on a date night!

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You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Sometimes it’s good to watch romantic comedies on date nights to boost the mood if you are a fun-loving personality. The film is directed by Nora Ephron inspired by a Hungarian play of 1937. The story depicts the online romance of two people.

The interesting part is both people didn’t know that they are business competitors also. What will happen when they came to know the truth….Watch this to find out!

Check the Trailer Now-

You’ve Got Mail

The Brown Bunny (2003)

We chose a sexually explicit movie next on the list of romantic date movies. The Brown Bunny is an experimental road drama written and directed by Vincent Gallo. The story shows a bike racer who has unforgettable memories of his ex-lover. 

The movie got a lot of attention because of its last sexually explicit scene. The bike racer travels across the country seducing and abandoning various women across the country. If you want to watch something different and controversial, then only go for this good couple’s movie night!

Planning for a surprise birthday date for your partner, choosing this tempting kind of movie is a nice option to spend time with!

Watch the Trailer (For Adults only)

Best Date Night Movies

La La Land (2016)

It’s time to go for the next very famous pick La La Land, a romantic musical comedy-drama film directed by Damien Chazelle. The movie stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, a struggling jazz pianist and an inspiring actress who met and fell in love while running towards their dream in Los Angeles.

Have a musical date night as you can sing along to La La Land and impress your loved ones!

Check the Trailer Now-

La La Land

Date Night (2010)

Any movie list is incomplete without this movie ‘Date Night’, an American romantic comedy crime directed by Shawn Levy. The film tells the story of a couple where romantic glamorous date night becomes thrilling and dangerous due to a case of mistaken identity in New York.

Both tried to heat up their romance but that turned out to be something very dangerous. Watch to know the twist!

Check the Trailer Now-

Date Night

Only Lovers Left Alive (2014)

The next is not so famous but a fantastic movie to watch. An everlasting love story with some vampire scenes, an awesome comedy-drama film directed by Jim Jarmusch.

The film focuses on the romance of two vampires. You will like its trance-like music and enhanced visuals to give you a sensual feel. It follows a love affair spanning numerous centuries. Enjoy watching this vampire romance movie to give you some sensual sense!

Check the Trailer Now-

Only Lovers Left Alive

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

A timeless romantic and little comedy movie directed by Rob Reiner featuring Bily Crystal as Harry and Meg Ryan as Sally. The incredible chemistry with some orgasms scenes between the two will blow your mind.

It shows the long-term relationship between the friends as depicts a boy and girl can never be only friends. The film addresses “Can a man and woman be just friends” but it fails to solve the question. Watch the movie to check this!

Check the Trailer Now-

When Harry Met Sally

Silver Linings Playbook

The last on the list is a feel-good romantic movie written and directed by David O. Russell. The film is based on a novel written by Matthew Quick. The movie is about a man who was just released from the mental hospital and a 22 years old crazy girl.

After being released from the mental hospital, he tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. But things got worse when he engages with that crazy mysterious girl. Watch to know more!

Check the Trailer Now-

Silver Linings Playbook

Finally: Pick the Best One to Set the Mood

We have compiled this list of globally famous movies to have an awesome time with your loved ones. Choosing a movie from the given choices can be one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day with your better half. Still, the choice depends totally upon you as per mood and personal views. If you have some other option in mind, then feel free to drop your idea here.

Still, need to ask something from us….. Feel free to connect with us…. we will be pleased to serve you….!!!!!

Happy Reading!

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