Winter Date Ideas

Awesome Winter Date Ideas

Winter days won’t feel so gloomy when you plan romantic nights with your loved one. These 10 winter date ideas are perfect for couples looking for some ideas to enjoy this winter! 

There’s something for everyone, whether you want to have a night out or get cozy at home with hot cocoa.

So, let’s start with the most romantic winter date ideas!

Cute Winter First Date Ideas

Awesome Winter Date Ideas
Cute Winter First Date Ideas

So, your first date falls on a cold, wintery day! What will you do? Don’t panic! We have covered some first-date winter ideas for your cute winter ideas little moments.

Build a Snowman

If you live someplace that gets snow, whether it’s two inches or twenty-two feet, have fun outside! Channel your inner Frozen stan and make an Olaf snowman. Build a snow angel, or have a snowball fight with your sweetheart. Whether you’re making memories or getting the stains out of your clothes, you and your sweetheart will laugh and work up a sweat.

Whiskey Tasting

Next time it’s freezing outside, get along to a whiskey tasting for the ultimate in warming winter Date beverages. Whiskey’s one of those drinks that almost everyone wishes they knew more about than they do, so it’s a great excuse to educate yourself on a classic spirit while keeping the cold away

Go to a nice restaurant

Having a fancy date is fun if you like to dress up! Reserve a table at a nice restaurant. Enjoy the soft music and the romantic ambiance. Order a delicious meal with a classic wine and laugh as the night goes on.

Stay-at-Home Winter Date Ideas

Awesome Winter Date Ideas
Stay-at-Home Winter Date Ideas

Most couples look forward to falling and winter for the opportunity to enjoy romantic outings that are weather-specific. You should always make sure to enjoy whatever activity you choose with the one you love.

Stay inside and make hot cocoa together

Sharing a hot chocolate on a cold day can be a romantic, intimate thing to do with your loved one. The temptation to stay inside and cuddle up on the couch after a long, cold day together may be strong. Consider making some hot chocolate with your sweetie – or try out different variations using your own personal twists. While you relax in front of the TV, experiment with toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, and more.

Make a Meal Together

Dinner might be a little warmer than you’d like it to be today, so whip up your favorite recipe, or grab a frozen pizza crust and dress it with your favorite toppings. Serve with a cold drink on the side and enjoy!

Watch Holiday Movies

Looking for a bit of romance? Winter movies are the perfect way to spend an evening together. Have you seen Love Actually or The Holiday? We are sure that these two rom-coms would make the perfect fun free date ideas for winter. And if you are not a rom-com lover, then try and pick other genre films. Consider watching films that you both enjoy, or pick something interesting for each of you to watch as a vehicle for sharing your tastes with each other.

Fun Winter Date Ideas

Awesome Winter Date Ideas

You need some fun winter date ideas for you and your sweetheart when the temperatures begin to drop. We’ve collected fun romantic date ideas for when you’ve finished your Netflix queue and the first snowfall has subsided.

Go ice skating together

Ice skating is an essential part of any list of great winter dating tips. As countless Hollywood productions have shown us, there are few winter activities more romantic than anything else. So, if you fancy yourself a bit of a skater, this is a great way to show off your skills. However, if you have the grace of an elephant when wearing skates, you can just have fun and prove that you have a sense of humor.


Take a Hike

Embarking on an outdoor hike in winter can help you both appreciate the beauty of the season and boost your endorphins. Explore the great outdoors with your honey this winter by hiking. If you’re heading out on a journey, be sure to check the weather, map your route and bring the necessary equipment.

Snowboarding Class

Consider signing up for an afternoon class together if you don’t have the time or money for the whole skiing or snowboarding trip. While it works best if you live near a mountain, there are some great indoor ski and snowboard centers that are excellent for a one-off session.

Try picking a sport neither of you has ever tried before so that you can learn from scratch together. If you enjoy it, it can serve as the inspiration for your next vacation together.

So, that’s all about with the winter date ideas! Comments below your ideal winter date type. We will be happy to hear it!



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