4 Best Ideas For Displays For Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events’ best ideas displays, when summer comes around, we start thinking about lighting the BBQ, lathering on suntan lotion, and relaxing outdoors. We also start thinking about our outdoor exhibitions and advertising displays, don’t we? While it may not always go as planned, weather-wise, and even if there’s terrible weather, we still have to think about taking advantage of increased sales during the summer months and all those events you plan to attend during the warmer season.

So, the question is this: which outdoor exhibition displays are right for you? Let’s take a look at some ideas to use, and the right time to use them.

Outdoor Events -Advertising Flags

There are some great choices of advertising flags for outdoor exhibitions that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Flags are a great addition to your outdoor campaigns as they’re portable and can be used on any number of surfaces, from sand to concrete and everything in between. All you’ve got to do is pick the right base for your display. Since flags tend to be above head height, they are ideal for grabbing exhibition visitors’ attention in busy areas. You can use the flags as double flags or single standalone. Depending on your display, a couple of flags in a row can be highly effective. Talk to your professional exhibition stand builders for ideas.

Outdoor Events – PVC Banners

PVC banners are an effective display, too. They offer great value for money and can be incredibly flexible. The banners are usually custom-made to your preferences and may be cut to size to suit your requirements. Usually, eyelets are placed around the edges of the banner based on sizing requirements. Then, all you have to do is attach the banner using cord and tie it wherever you need to – be it gates, fences, railings, or anywhere else.

Pavement Signs

These signs are great if you have a message that needs to be updated on a somewhat regular basis. You can change up your pavement signs in just a matter of seconds and they are incredibly portable and easy to store.

A-Frame Displays

There’s no disputing the fact that A-frame displays are the largest and most popular type of outdoor display. They are usually made up of an eyelets PVC banner that is attached to an aluminum frame. These frames are made to last, hard-wearing, and can be used either as a permanent display or a temporary display from one exhibition to the next. They are really good for use at the side of a busy walkway and especially at events. Although they are fairly large displays, they’re still easily portable and just as easy to dismantle and put up again.

While we’re crossing our fingers that the sun will shine for your outdoor exhibition events, make sure you use products that are specially designed for outdoor use, have been tested for high wind speeds, and are weatherproof and fade-resistant.

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