Best Cocktail Bars in Connecticut: The Ultimate Guide to Find the Perfect Sip!

Are you tired of sipping the same old cocktails at the same venues? Do you want to explore something beyond wine and beer? We have got you covered! This post serves as your guide to finding the best cocktail bars in Connecticut. Keep reading on and find the finest cocktail scene in CT!

Renowned for its picturesque coastline, best family vacation spots, rich history, healthy food options, and enthralling towns, Connecticut has a lot more to offer. This place is becoming a retreat for delightful and creative cocktail venues. This city’s cocktail scene is one of the hidden gems that set it apart from other places.

Whether you are looking for something innovative or classic drinks, Connecticut will not let you down. From vintage classic cocktails to house-made ingredients and creative mixes, numerous options in Connecticut will live up to your expectations.

So, whether you are a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or have just begun to explore crafted drinks, the city of Connecticut is filled with bars that offer an inviting ambiance to socialize, relax, and satisfy every unique taste bud.

Let’s delve into an unforgettable journey through the best cocktail bars in Connecticut that serve classics, innovation, and happy hour specials.

Best Bars for Classic Cocktails in Connecticut

Although Connecticut boasts the best pubs and creative cocktail scenes, no person can deny the satisfaction that classic drinks bring to one’s taste buds. If you are a fan of classics, the following is the list of best cocktail bars in Connecticut that serve timeless classic drinks that you are familiar with and love to sip any day. 


New Haven bars

Ordinary is one of the best New Haven bars which offers delectable snacks and meticulously crafted classic cocktails. They serve one of the finest classic cocktails alongside charcuterie boards and delectable cheese.

The staff here is knowledgeable, polite, and attentive. They might even help you whip up specials not present on the menu if you are up for an experiment.  Bee Knees and Viking Funeral are among the most popular on their menu. This place also provides options for parties.

Address990 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States.
Phone No+1 203-907-0238
Operational HoursTues to Sat: 5PM-12AM
Sun & Mon: Closed
Cost of Cocktails $13 to $29.

J.B. Percival Co. Craft Cocktail Lounge

Connecticut cocktails

J.B. Percival Co. Craft Cocktail Lounge is another best cocktail bar in Connecticut that serves great cocktails, craft beers, and wines. Their drink menu is filled with sizzling classic drinks cocktails that can help you beat the summer heat. This place organizes a lot of live music events, so if you want to enjoy drinking while grooving, this bar is the right place.

Their staff is quite friendly and attentive. You can also enjoy small bites alongside the cocktail. This place offers a cozy atmosphere which makes it best for romantic date nights. Although this bar is not very spacious, it has a perfect setting, delicious food, and filled with entertainment.

Address63 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States.
Phone No+1 203-292-6301
Operational HoursWed & Thurs: 5PM- 10PM
Fri & Sat: 5PM- 12AM
Sun to Tues: Closed
Cost of Cocktails$30 to $40.

Little River Restoratives

Connecticut cocktails

Little River Restoratives is one of the best cocktail bars in Connecticut that offers a welcoming vibe to its visitors. This place offers great food and classic cocktail options. Their range of refreshing summer cocktails is unique and try-worthy. The staff is quite knowledgeable and attentive. 

The drink menu is inventive and the ingredients used are unique. The ambiance is comforting, so you can plan a date night with your special one and enjoy superb cocktails together hand in hand. The exposed bricks, unique decoration, and the best classic cocktail drink can set the mood. 

Address405 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States.
Phone No+1 860-403-0340
Operational HoursTues to Thurs: 5PM-1AM
Fri & Sat: 5PM-2AM
Sun & Mon: Closed
Cost of Cocktails$10 to $20

The Port of Call

bars in New Haven

The Port of Call is another great option to taste Connecticut cocktails in a calming atmosphere. Recently, Esquire named this nautical-theme cocktail lounge one of the best bars in America. As the name suggests, the menu of this bar is inspired by ports of call across the globe each with a unique twist. You can explore international cocktails and culture port by port.

La Jardinerx and margarita are one of the most popular on the menu. The indoor ambiance of this bar is enthralling. The combination of Thai basil, Cilantro Rice, and peanuts is very popular among their customers. Drinks are inventive and their service is absolutely amazing and quick. 

Address:15 Water St, Mystic, CT 06355, United States.
Phone No+1 860-980-3648
Operational HoursTues to Thurs: 4PM-9AM
Fri: 4PM-10PM
Sat: 12PM- 10PM
Cost of Cocktails$13 to $30

The Old Well Tavern

speakeasy bars in Connecticut

Established in 1781, The Old Well Tavern is considered one of the true gems of Connecticut.  This place gives a feeling of a classic bar. The restaurant menu has the right combination of great drinks, delectable cuisine, and matchless service. Bartenders have the expertise to craft the finest classic cocktails that taste like a dream.

This place offers some delicious cuisines in the city. They even have a pool table, you can challenge your friends while having the best classic cocktail in the town. The staff is super friendly and attentive. This place undeniably imprints a great first impression whenever you visit it.

Address20 Tariffville Rd, Simsbury, CT 06070, United States.
Operational HoursTues to Fri: 3PM- 12AM
Sat & Sun: 11:30-AM-12AM
Monday: Closed
Cost of Cocktails:$10 to $20

116 Crown 

bars in New Haven

116 Crown is another premier classic cocktail bar in Connecticut. This bar was inaugurated in 2007 in New Haven’s Ninth Square which was among the few firsts in that area. Their drink menu is refreshing and filled with unique local ingredients. This bar has received an ‘excellent’ rating by the New York Times.

This place is counted among the best bars in New Haven that offers great drinks and food options. 116 Crown has an inviting vibe and perfect ambiance which makes it one of the finest speakeasy bars in Connecticut. Deviled eggs and Fried Oyester are among the most popular dishes served in this bar. The dimly lit corners and comfortable seating make this place perfect for an astounding summer date. Charcuterie and cheese boards can perfectly complement your cocktail and mood. 

Address116 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States.
Operational HoursTues to Thurs: 4:30PM-10PM
Fri & Sat:4:30PM-11PM
Sun & Mon: Closed
Phone No+1 203-777-3116
Cost of Cocktails$14 to $49

Best Bars for Creative Cocktails in Connecticut

If you are someone who likes surprises and a unique touch of ingredients in cocktails, then you should definitely try out creative cocktails in CT. Learn the top bars that serve creative cocktails in Connecticut to ditch the ordinary.

Elm City Social

bars in New Haven

Elm City Social is one of the best cocktail bars in Connecticut that offers creative booze. This is a great place to organize a family gathering or plan a romantic surprise birthday party. Mango fruit and grapefruit are some of the best creative cocktails they serve. The staff is friendly and attentive. Their in-house cocktails are so good that you would end up drinking 2 or 3 rounds. 

They serve the most delicious food and drinks in the city. The service is quite fast. They also have rooftop seating which gives a good view of the city. This place is perfect for family and friends gathering as the atmosphere is very welcoming. Elm City Social is a lively spot where you can enjoy inventive cocktails made with unique flavors.

Address266 College St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States
Phone No+1 475-441-7436
Operational HoursTues to Thurs: 10:30AM-11PM
Fri: 11:30AM-2AM
Sat: 11AM- 2AM
Sun: 11AM-10PM
Mon: 11:30AM-11PM
Cost of CocktailsBelow $30

The Hops Company

best cocktail bars in Connecticut

The Hops Company is one of the best cocktail bars in Connecticut which has fabulous indoor and outdoor seating. They have quite rich options in drinks and food. Whether you are looking for a place for a date night or a friend gathering, The Hops Company is the perfect venue to do all kinds of fun activities

This place offers a unique beer garden experience and gets lively during the peak hours. The outdoor seating is quite spacious and comforting. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly. They even guide you through the menu and help you choose the perfect cocktail matching to your preference.

Address77 Sodom Ln, Derby, CT 06418, United States
Phone No+1 203-734-1616
Operational HoursWed & Thurs:4PM-11PM
Fri: 3PM-2AM
Sat: 12PM-2AM
Sun: 12AM-9PM
Mon & Tues: Closed
Cost of Cocktails$20 to $30

The Charles

speakeasy bars in Connecticut

The Charles is another best place that offers perfect creative cocktails in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut. Whether you need to grab a quick drink or looking for delicious food, The Charles is one of the finest places that is capable of satisfying all your cravings. You can also host a party in a private room or conduct a meeting in the art board room. 

The food and drinks menu is amazing. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and takes care of all diverse food requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free meals. The bartender is inventive and expert and can make the most unique and tasty cocktails right in front of you. This place has a romantic charm, so you can bring your special one and have the most unforgettable winter date.

Address161 Main St, Wethersfield, CT 06109, United States
Phone No+1 860-785-8499
Operational HoursTues to Thurs: 11:30AM-11PM
Fri & Sat:11:30AM-11AM
Sun & Mon: 11:30AM-11PM
Cost of Cocktails$30–$50

Best Bars with Happy Hour Specials in Connecticut

Social Republic

bars in New Haven

Social Republic is one of the best bars and restaurants in Connecticut that offers happy hour specials for their guests. The ambiance of this place is inviting and relaxing. The staff is attentive and service is pretty quick. They offer great options for food and drinks.

You can enjoy good music and cocktail drinks at this place. The decoration and atmosphere of this place are very appealing. Whether you want to organize a family gathering or a romantic date, this place will meet up to your expectations. Their happy hours run between 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Address10 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States
Phone No+1 860-310-3269
Operational HoursTues to Fri: 11:30AM-10PM
Sat: 11AM-1OPM
Sun: 11AM-6PM
Cost of Cocktails$30 to $50

Max Downtown

Connecticut cocktails

If you want to enjoy high-quality food with delicious cocktails, Max Downtown is the right place. This restaurant and bar has been serving its guests for more than two decades. They have years of experience in providing finesse in their food and drinks. The staff is attentive and service is very quick. 

Buffalo Cauliflower, cowboy ribeye, black and blue waffle fries, and cocktails are quite popular among their customers. Their bar lounge is quite large and has interesting choices on the menu. You can enjoy inexpensive food and cocktails during the happy hours that run from 4 pm to 6:30 pm every day from Sunday to Saturday.

Address185 Asylum St, Hartford, CT 06103, United States
Phone No.+1 860-522-2530
Operational HoursMon to Thurs:11:30-9PM
Sun: Closed
Cost of Classic Cocktails$60 to $100

Prime 16

bars in New Haven

Prime 16  is one of the best cocktail bars in Connecticut which is rich in food and drink menu. The ambiance of this place is soothing. The staff is friendly and service is quick. The presentation of the food is quite amazing, you wouldn’t stop yourself from taking pictures before satisfying your hunger.

This place accommodates all types of gatherings including birthday parties. Prime 16 is one of the best bars in New Haven. They run happy hour daily from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Also, you can enjoy craft beers, cocktails, wines, and easy-to-eat bites at just $5.

Address172 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States.
Phone No+1 203-782-1616
Operational HoursWed to Sat:10:45AM-10PM
Sun: 11:15AM-9PM
Mon & Tues: 10:45AM-9PM
Cost of Cocktails$20–$30

In Summary: Best Cocktail Bars in Connecticut

Whether you are looking for classic cocktails, creative drinks, or happy hour specials, Connecticut offers diverse options with enticing vibe.

So, whenever you are in this beautiful city and finding the best cocktail bars in Connecticut, make sure you visit one of these places mentioned on our list. We are sure you will not be disappointed a bit. 

Hope we helped you in your exploration. Please do share your experience with us.

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