10 Exhilarating Things you can do on Your Trip to Kabini

Trip to Kabini, The famous hunting ground during British rule and once a very popular coursing lodge for the Maharaja of Mysore, Kabini is eminent for its rich wildlife. It provides shelter to several endangered species. Other than its diverse richness in flora and fauna, there are many other star attractions in this place that magnetize countless flocks of tourists to itself. 

The silence of dense forests, the jingle of chirping birds, the calmness of the River, thrilling wildlife, and exciting safaris. All these elements make Kabini one of the best places to visit in the country. It is a hidden gem that has numerous secrets to unrivaled.  Nestled in the well-known Nagarhole forest in southern Karnataka, Kabini is a captivating tourist spot that attracts n number of nature lovers and adventure seekers every year. Located on the bank of the Kabini River, this place has a unique charm as it is filled with a range of flora and fauna, enchanting waterfalls, and a bounty of wildlife. 

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Kabini was a famous hunting ground during British Rule that connects Mudumalai, Nagarhole, Wayanad, Bandipur, and other parks & reserves which combinedly make it one of the largest forests in India. This place is famous for having one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. It is just 60 km away from Mysuru and 200 km from Bangalore. The river Kapila also known as Kabini is very popular in south India. This river water stream gives birth to stunning backwaters and reservoirs. One of the best things about this destination is that you will find a lot of budget resorts in Kabini that make your stay reasonable as well as pleasant. 

10 things to do in Kabini to make your trip the most incredible one

From carnivores animals to chirping birds, Kabini has everything in abundance, especially for a nature enthusiast. This place ensures that you have the perfect getaway and fulfilling vacation surrounded by the nature. Kabini is a great location for adventure lovers. But if you are looking for a romantic getaway then you can check out the best monsoon destinations in India

Here is a detailed list of some superb things you can do in Kabini with your friends, family, or partner.

Jungle Safari

Doing a Jungle safari is another adventurous activity you can do in Kabini. Through jungle safari, you can explore in and out of the forest. You watch the wilderness from really close quarters. If you will take a small jeep to do this activity then you will not be able to experience the actual beauty of the jungle. Try taking a tall and open vehicle in which you can enjoy even the slightest things while keeping safety in check. You can spot several wild animals like tigers, sambar deer, leopards, Asiatic animals, etc. This adventurous activity is also regulated by authorities, so following a few terms and conditions is a must.

Elephant Safari

Trip to kabini

The best way to experience Kabini is from the back of an elephant. You can have the most authentic experience this way and access terrain that you cannot reach via jeeps or other vehicles. Be sure to follow the rules laid down by the forest officials to avoid any mishaps.

Any time of the year is good for a quick visit except for the monsoon. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for all the action in the jungle.


Best time to visit Kabini

If you love trekking then Kabini is the right place to feed your inner adventurous soul. Trekking is one of the challenging activities here but for many people, it is a thing that they would love to do in Kabini. The Trek area is surrounded by stunning hills and mountains in this place. You can check out the Western Ghats while trekking. The lush green forest around you will surely make this trek experience the most memorable one.

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Bike Riding

Take a ride on the wild side in Kabini. You can take a bike and ride it through the Kabini forests Yes, you read that right! Kabini also fulfills this wish. You can enjoy riding in the middle of the greenery supported by the pleasant climate. You can spot several faunas on your path. This activity will take your experience to next level. If you like riding then make sure you include bike riding in your to-do list at Kabini. Also, you need to be careful while riding your bike amidst the wildlife enclosed area.

Bird Watching

How to Reach Kabini

The wildlife sanctuary of Kabini is home to more than 240 bird species of diverse colors and sizes. If you love watching birds then this activity is one of the best ones in Kabini. The sanctuary is full of musical birds. Local people feed these birds and protect them. If you want to see various birds in different colors and sizes then consider adding this activity to your to-do lists. You will get professional assistance in making this experience more enriching. 

The Crested Serpent Eagle, Cormorants, Peregrine Falcon Malabar Pied Hornbill, Drongo, Snakebird, Asian Openbill, Wooly necked stork, and different types of Kingfisher can be spotted in this sanctuary.


Take a coracle ride in the Kabini river and immerse yourself in Kabini’s wildlife. You can also be Boating is another fun-filled activity you can do in Kabini. This boat ride will provide a surreal experience because the expanses are extremely beautiful. You can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the site. The river water is very clean. You can also spot animals while boat riding. The best time to enjoy boat riding is the sunset and dawn. You also get so many options in Kabini river resort to enjoy your vacation in the lap of nature. All are within the budget and suit every pocket.

Nagarhole National Park

best time to visit in kabini

Whenever you plan a trip to Kabini then visiting Nagarhole National Park is a must. Also called Rajiv Gandhi National Park, it is one of the renowned destinations present in Kabini. This park offers many enthralling activities and you can spot several animal species here. This park is extended over 247 miles and is well preserved by government authorities. You can get a bus or a jeep ride every morning and evening. The best time to visit this massive national park is the summer season because due to heavy rainfall it remains closed from July to October

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how to plan a kabini trip

After experiencing all the adventures, you should explore a town close to the Kodagu region.  This place is famous for local shopping, you can buy some memorable goodies and rejuvenate your mood. Shopping is a natural stress buster and one of the fun things to do in Kabini. You will find numerous local shops and food stalls where natives sell handiworks like coin pouches, wall hangings, chocolates, wooden cutlery, coffee, spices, and many more.

Visit Kutta

best season to visit in kabini

Kutta is a small town in South Kodagu located in Kabini. This place is very famous for the food, drinks, and culture of south India. You can purchase popular things like betel nuts, paddy, bananas, spices, and coffee. You will find a lot of green mountains, stunning waterfalls, and clean rivers in this small town. This place also has a decent number of fauna. You can explore Kutta with your family and friends all year round as the climate is very pleasant all the time.


Trip to Kabini

Cycling is also one of the preferred activities in Kabini. You can explore the tiniest things on your way via cycling. If you like cycling then you can make a group and do this activity. You can ride a cycle along the river and above the dam. You can explore tiny villages and taste local food and drinks. This activity is ideal for adventurers. The cost of cycling here ranges from INR 100-200 per hour for each person. The best location to do this activity is Nagarhole National Park and Kabini Dam.

Wrapping up

All and all Kabini is a perfect wilderness. This place has every single thing that a nature lover looks forward to on a vacation. From astonishing wildlife that includes Langurs, and an enormous population of birds to big scary cats, this place has everything in abundance. All these unique elements make Kabini one of the awesome destinations in the country. Kabini is also a popular corporate offsite in South India

The best time to visit Kabini is from October to February. As these months are peak season so expect a lot of tourists. The weather during this time is very pleasant with the lowest 20ºC to the highest 32º C. If you want to avoid the crowd then you can plan something between the months of March to May. However, off-seasons are a little humid and receive heavy rainfalls. Days are a little hotter but evenings are comfortable. If you are fond of exploring lively streets then plan your trips during festival seasons.

Even if you visit Kabini once, you would want to go there and explore more things because you can’t get enough in a single trip. With every visit, this captivating place will surprise you in distinct ways because there is a lot in the store.

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