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8 Habits That Keep You Poor Even With A Reasonable Income



Habits That Keep You Poor Even With A Reasonable Income

Have you ever wondered where all that money is going? Even after making a decent income, you are left with a few bucks by the end of each month. Have you ever tried to find out those undetectable holes through which all the funds are getting disappeared? First of all, you are not the only one who is dealing with such a situation. Second of all, we will help you know the exact reasons why you are failing to save money despite making a reasonable income.

Habits That Keep You, Poor, Even With A Reasonable Income-Whether the money stress is occasional or happens every month, it is one of the biggest problems that almost every individual faces. 70% of the population around the world aren’t able to save money even after having a decent job. That is the reason why many people are buried in debt and money lenders are getting richer day by day because they charge jaw-dropping interest on the loaned cash. This way is poor keeps becoming poorer. However, some people genuinely need money after getting impacted by unforeseen emergencies. But some often leave beyond their means and don’t think twice before making any financial decision. As a result, they not only fail to save money but also remain poor even with a reasonable income.

What money habits keep you poor? Learn to improve them and amass money!

Managing money is the biggest task that each one of us encounters on a daily basis. People work hard, some even do extra shifts to earn additional money but they fail to save it for rainy days. This cycle continues and when the actual emergency pops up, financial stress shakes their world. To tackle such a situation, you need to analyze the problem first. Once you know what habits are pulling you down from saving stash, you can easily break them.

Bad Habits That Keep You Poor Even With A Reasonable Income, To learn more, keep reading

So here are some major poor money habits that are stopping you from becoming financially sound.

1.   Prioritizing spending over saving

Habits That Keep You Poor Even With A Reasonable Income

It is the biggest mistake that almost every person does. The moment you receive the pay cheque, you prioritize paying all the bills like utility, credit card, settled loan, etc. Once all these bills are settled, you might go holiday shopping, for dinner, or clubbing places. Here, you are wasting your money on a plethora of unessential things. As soon as you are through with all these things, you are hardly left with anything to save.

What to do?

It’s never too late. Do some corrections here, there is a high scope of achieving a lot. For that, you need to save your money first and then spend the remaining funds only on essentials. Set aside a fixed percentage of your monthly income and save it in a separate bank account that is not linked with any shopping, or food ordering app.

2.   Not following a budget

how to save money

Not preparing and following a poor budget means you will spend on both essential and non-essential items without thinking twice. A good budget helps you to stop loosening your wallet every time you see enticing things. Budgeting is a plan where you draft all your spending for the month beforehand. It helps people to stick only to their needs and avoid any debt.

What to do?

Whether you are comfortable making an Excel sheet or making it in your diary, jot down every essential thing that needs to be taken care of in a particular month. Avoid buying any unnecessary things, at least for a few months till the time you don’t save a decent amount for emergencies.

3.   Not investing

poor financial habits

After following the first two steps, hopefully, you start saving some money. But piling money or keeping it in a bank account will not provide you the interest that investing it would. You can earn a high return if you consider investing your money. If you are thinking of building long-term wealth, then investing is an essential step toward achieving this goal. You need to choose investment plans according to your financial goals like long, medium, or short.

What to do?

You can start with safe products like FDs, RDs, retirement funds, or PPFs. Buying health and life insurance is also a smart move. If you are interested in investing in stocks, dividends, or mutual funds, consider taking a professional financial adviser’s help. They can help you make the right choice of funds and where the risk of losing money is less. You can also check common mistakes every stock broker wants you to make before beginning your investment journey.

4.   Not preparing an emergency fund

good money habit

Life is very uncertain. Therefore, it is essential to save for emergencies. Any unpredictable event like the loss of a job, medical emergency, natural calamity, etc. can make you suffer financially. Not having funds for such rainy days can push you towards taking debt to tackle the situation. Many financial experts suggest that an ideal emergency fund should cater to your necessities for at least 6 months.

What to do?

You can dedicate 10% of your pay toward building an emergency fund. Consider selling off all unwanted items you have right now. You can cut off all unnecessary subscriptions like gyms, magazines, streaming services, etc. Avoid using credit cards, instead, carry cash wherever you go, so you have a fixed amount of money to spend. This way you will surely regain financial security in your life.

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5.   Relying on loans

bad habits that are keeping you poor

Earlier people used to take loans for buying a house or car but nowadays they take loans for buying the smallest gadgets or kitchen appliances. Loans are good options for big purchases but if you paying EMIs for your iPhone or new microwave then this habit can lead you to the darkest hole of debt. This can badly impact your financial health. A good loan is taken for creating an asset that gives you great returns in the future like ‘real estate. Bad loans are quickies that are taken to buy gadgets or even worse to reduce another ongoing debt. Before taking loans you need to check whether you are able to afford them or if it is necessary.

What to do?

You need to keep a check on your expenditure and strictly avoid purchasing things based on your wants. Avoid taking loans. If you cannot help but take it then check your affordability. This is because being unable to pay back the loan with interest can push you into a debt cycle that never ends.

6.   Not caring for the future

habits of a poor man

It is a famous saying that we should live our present to the fullest and not worry about the future. We don’t agree with this, especially when we are talking about money matters. Not caring for the future and just focusing on the present is a recipe for a great upcoming financial disaster. Many people take care of their present needs thinking that the future is unseen and believe in enjoying the very moment.

What to do?

Taking care of the present is good but solely thinking about the current wants and needs is bad. Securing the future is more than important, As we discussed in the above points unforeseen emergencies can knock on your door any day. Especially when you least expect it. Considering future events, start building funds.

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7.   Overlooking debts

There is a huge percentage of people whose major chunk of their paycheck goes to minimizing their debts. Debts are the real enemies of your financial well-being. Things become even worse when people take debt to get rid of another. This way the cycle of debts never ends in their life. As a result, they fail to save a single penny from their monthly income.

What to do?

First of all, to avoid debts in your life, you should never take any. But if you are dealing with multiple debts due to some unavoidable circumstances, then prioritize paying them off ASAP. Paying the debts with the highest rate of interest should be your topmost goal every month. Plan out things that help you get rid of debts soon. 

8.   Impulsive buying

Money Habits That Are Keeping You Poor

Are you someone who keeps buying stuff whether it is at a discounted price or not? Or else you keep putting unnecessary things in your cart and end up purchasing them without a prior plan. Then you suffer from impulsive buying which can lead to serious financial issues in your life. Many people justify these unplanned actions by saying it was a need, not a want. Random purchases wobble your monthly budget and put a hurdle between realizing your financial goals.

What to do?

Stick to your needs and avoid buying all those enticing and glittery things that you don’t require. If you will focus merely on your wants then you will get distracted from your goals. If you don’t work on this habit, you will keep swiping your credit cards to fund such purchases. Suppress your wants till the time you don’t realize your long and short-term financial goals.

Final thoughts

If you think that your spending is greater than your earnings, it is time to drop some bad habits and adopt good financial behaviors.  Magic will not improve your situation, you need to take a sharp look at the spending habits that you have built over the years. If you work on yourself, control your impulsive purchases, and focus on saving more rather than spending it, then you can create wealth in no time.

Analyze the problem in the first step then move towards fixing it. You can end your money problems with a little tweak in your lifestyle and money habits. That’s all you need. Use your money wisely and prioritize saving.

Always remember, never sabotage your permanent financial stability for temporary happiness!




9 Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use



Best Air Mattress

From camping trips and last-minute guest stays to everyday usage, have a look at these inflatable beds that can stand up to any type of use. We have dug out the best air mattress to buy this year. Our list is based on customer reviews, durability, comfort, and ease of use. Let’s get going!

The difference between a top-quality mattress and an inferior one cannot be overstated. A subpar mattress can disrupt your good sleep in the middle of the night and make the entire day uneasy. Whereas, a high-quality mattress can effortlessly transform a normal space into a comfortable guest room. Good quality air beds not only offer an excellent nap but also help you get rid of any types of marks easily including blood stains from the mattress.

As the market is flooded with a wide range of mattresses that are best for everyday use. People get overwhelmed with the choices and end up buying a cheap air mattress and repent afterward. You need to pick the best for your needs to help yourself not fall into this upsetting situation. In this post, we have curated the finest air mattresses that provide value, comfort, and convenience for your money spent.

List of best air mattresses that offer overall quality, comfort, and convenience

The best part of Air mattresses is that it is easy to inflate and deflate them whenever required. This makes air mattresses the best option for camping, sudden guest stays, and other situations when the bed is urgently needed. 

Whether you have frequent guests coming for short and long stays or you love going camping with your friends and colleagues, a compact, comfortable, and easy-to-carry bed saves your day.

The way staying fit is important in your life, you should keep your sleeping health upright because taking proper naps is part of a healthy regime. Therefore, you need to pick the best when it comes to choosing an Air mattress.

The following is the list of the most comfortable and easy-to-store air mattresses that have to be a part of your house essentials. 

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress is the top choice on our list and there are good reasons for it. This air mattress has got a 4.4-star rating and over 50K Amazon reviews. This mattress consists of 40 air coils which give great support to the body. A well-grippy bottom doesn’t let the mattress slip a bit. It has an in-built pump that can be inflated and deflated under 4 reps.  

This 19-inch heightened mattress offers great convenience in getting on and off it whenever required. Its thick and robust waterproof material on the top makes it a sturdy choice for any type of use. 

This mattress is highly durable due to its multilayer structure. This mattress is preferred by countless users for its quality. This product is among Amazon’s best sellers. It comes in Queen, Full, King, Twin XL, and Twin sizes.

2. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress offers comparatively straightforward and swift deflation than other inflatable beds. This air mattress utilizes a unique dual pump system. The first pump takes care of inflating and deflating the bed and comes with an automatic shut feature when the air is completely filled. 

The second pump helps in keeping the pressure of air intact and automatically adjusts it according to the need. This Air Mattress is 18 inches tall. The circular coils in the mattress give the experience of an actual bed.  This mattress comes with high-end features that provide a non-plastic feeling below the bedsheet. It came out as a top performer when the puncture test was run on this mattress.

3. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed
Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed is another pocket-friendly inflatable bed on our list. The height of this mattress is 22 inches. As the mattress is quite tall, getting over and off the bed is super easy. Its in-built electric pump affords quick inflation of the bed. 

It comes with a rapid setup process. In less than 5 minutes, your bed will be completely inflated and ready to use. It can easily support 2 people on it. Due to its durable material, this mattress is considered among the best options for multipurpose and everyday use that doesn’t sag. The only downside of this mattress is the time to deflate it which is quite long. 

So, you have to keep your patience level higher when you start with the deflating procedure. Also, putting extra pressure on the inflating unit can end up damaging the bed permanently, so avoid doing it. This airbed comes in queen size.

4. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress
Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

This air mattress has an added remote control system allowing users to select from various levels of firmness. You can choose from soft plush to extra firm which lets users make the bed according to their preference. 

It comes with a remote control that helps in inflating and deflating the bed as well. It has a built-in pump that shuts down automatically once the selected level of firmness is reached or once the process of inflation and deflation is completely done. 

This adds extra convenience and safety features to this mattress. It follows ComfortCoil technology and has multiple customizing options with 40 air coils. This mattress offers great comfort and convenience to users.

5. Coleman EasyStep 4-N-1 Airbed

Coleman EasyStep 4-N-1 Airbed
Coleman EasyStep 4-N-1 Airbed

Coleman EasyStep 4-N-1 airbed comes with a twin-size mattress. Users can use both mattresses separately, stack them, or use them full king-size. You can also secure it with a clip to increase its height and make it a more sturdy single bed. 

This mattress offers a distinct Wrap and Roll storage system which means you can easily roll it and make it a bag after deflating the air from the bed. The only lacking factor in this mattress is that you need to buy the pump separately. 

However, it just takes 1 minute to fully inflate or deflate. It performed the best in the puncture resistance challenge. This mattress is highly versatile and convertible which makes it one of the best options in the market. It is available in twin size which can be converted to king size.

6. King Koil Luxury Air Mattress

King Koil Luxury Air Mattress
King Koil Luxury Air Mattress

It is not easy for a taller person to sleep on an air mattress because they will have their feet hanging outside the edge. But King Koil Luxury air mattresses have resolved this issue by offering a California king size. This mattress provides extra support and length to the body making it best for tall people. It has coils that offer additional support. 

It comes with an inbuilt pump that offers inflation and deflation within 2 and a half minutes. It has flocked material on the top which gives a non-plastic feeling beneath. It offers sturdy support at the bottom which prevents slipping. 

This mattress has received a 10K five-star rating on Amazon from various users who have loved the comfort and the customer service. It comes in twin, California king, and queen sizes.

7. Intex Prestige Airbed Mattress

Intex Prestige Airbed Mattress
Intex Prestige Airbed Mattress

Intex Prestige Airbed mattress is one of the most affordable mattresses in the market. This mattress is 10 inches tall and comes with an 8ft USB cord which is used to attach to a power source. It takes only 5 mins to inflate the entire mattress.

It comes with a super easy manageable in-built pump. This mattress is very lightweight. The 8ft cord is quite a longer cord. This airbed is super comfortable and convenient to use. The only downside of this mattress is its height which is quite low. Otherwise, it is a budget-friendly option.

8. Active Era Air Mattress

Active Era Air Mattress
Active Era Air Mattress

Active Era air mattress is very lightweight and gets inflated within a few minutes. It is very sturdy and durable and comes with a carrying bag. This mattress is a good option for camping trips, guest stays, and other types of emergencies. 

This mattress has received an abundance of love from many users for its firmness and sturdy feeling. The flocked material used on the top gives a soft feeling beneath and doesn’t feel like plastic at all. 

It is one of the top performers in the puncture resistance test. It has 35 coils which are well-structured and designed to give good support to the body. It comes with an inbuilt electric pump for quick inflation and deflation process. The carrying bag can be used for storing the airbed easily.  

9. Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress

Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress
Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress

Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress provides a perfect balance between compactness and comfort. This mattress is the best option for camping trips and backpackers as it can be compressed inside the tent and bags. 

The material used in this air bed is sturdy and durable. This airbed stays warm in winter and cool in summer. This mattress is made of natural microfiber and is highly puncture-resistant. It comes with an in-built pump that completely inflates the bed within 2 minutes.

Summing up

Your choice of mattress is the key to quality sleep, even if it is for limited days. Whether you are going out camping, waiting for all new mattresses to arrive, or hosting night stays for your guests, a good quality air bed is ideal for such a situation.

Sleeping on an air mattress doesn’t mean that you have to settle for ‘not so good’ comfort. All the aforementioned options are performing great in the market. Pick one that suits your needs and budget!



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The 15 Best Dating Apps to Help You Meet Someone New



Best Dating Apps

Are you questing for ‘What is the #1 dating app’? Or Is there a 100% free dating app? Whatever query you have in your mind, we have got your back here. 

Dating apps or dating websites are one of the fastest-growing and lovable ways to meet a new match. As per the estimation of Online Dating Magazine, there are over 2500 online dating services in the U.S. alone. And there are approx. 8000 competitors globally. I think these numbers are sufficient for you to know the rising need for the best dating app. 

And if you never thought about it, it’s time to do so to make your days memorable and lovable. Here, in this blog, we have reviewed the best dating apps to help you meet someone new. 

Grab a cup of coffee and explore the list!

Which is the best dating app to help you find someone special?

1. Match


If you are looking for a long-term relationship, Match is one of the best dating apps to try. The platform has a huge customer base that makes you feel like marriage is over the horizon. It caters to all the age groups and needs. With the diverse backgrounds of the people, one can create meaningful connections with the alike soul. Doesn’t matter if you are in your 30s, 40s, or 60s, Match has something to offer for all. 

Match has been launched as one of the first dating sites in 1995 having a decade of experience to make heaven-like matches. That’s why it is considered one of the most popular dating sites and one of the best dating apps for over 50 people.  

You don’t need to fill in long-form questions as years of experience and algorithms behind the platform help to find out your match easily. This will save a lot of your time which anybody is lacking in this busy digital world. Just you need to specify what you want in your partner, and you will get a long list of options to choose from. And if you want to take your chat one step ahead, you can good date night movie ideas. 

Note: It’s free to register and use Match, but you can’t chat for free. You need to be paid a subscription for this. But yes, you can have a free trial to check the features. 

2. eharmony

dating app

If you are questing for love based on compatibility, eharmony is one of the best dating apps. The platform is well-suited for people looking for long-term relationships and commitments. So, if you are eagerly waiting for your match made in heaven, eharmony is the perfect dating app to try.

You can easily find a compatible partner based on your personality tests, and interests. With its in-depth personality analysis, eharmony offers a thoughtful approach to matchmaking. The success rate of this platform makes it a top choice for all. 

This dating site has recently updated its design traits with a newly designed heart logo displaying 32 dimensions of compatibility. The best part of the site is its emphasis on traditional values to make a match perfect for your personality. 

Note: Although you can try eharmony for free, you need to have a paid subscription to have access to all the in-depth features. Some of the interesting features are the access to photos of your match and having an unlimited chat option.

3. Hinge

best free dating app

Hinge tops the list when it comes to the best free dating app option. If you don’t want to try your hands on traditional dating apps, you can jump onto Hinge. It is the best choice for those looking for relationships based on individual interests. 

Hinge works on the formula of ‘the most compatible’ one for you and suggests you the right people at the right time. If you want to get into a serious relationship but don’t want to create in-depth profiles, Hinge is the best option for you. Hinge is considered the best Tinder (another popular dating app) competitor. 

You can find a curated list as per your requirements, that’s why it is famous as a hook-up platform. You can better know the matches by scrolling through their profiles with their personality traits and interests. You can find your interest with its stress-free ways to analyze your personality including voice prompts and pictures, etc. And if you got to know the birthday of your match, you can impress him/her with the best romantic birthday ideas

Note: Every time you like someone’s profile, they will be notified. And they have the option to match with you. This may feel a little bit daunting to many people.

4. EliteSingles

best free dating app

If you are looking for a professional kind of dating app, EliteSingles is the perfect pick for you. This dating application makes your profile by taking a personality test. Even it offers to match the profile through personality tests. This compatibility test takes into account your personality, your looks, your ambitions, etc. 

EliteSingles also asks you about ‘what you are looking for in your partner’. They even ask you if you need children or not to match the exact personality traits with the required profile. This dating app is a perfect platform for those who are looking for a committed relationship between the ages of 30 to 55.

Note: If you want to send messages to your preferred match or want to comment on someone’s photo, you need to subscribe first. You can have a free trial first.

5. Our Time

best dating app
Our Time

If you are a mature single, Our Time is the best dating app to try your hands on. The application is specially designed for people 40 and above age. Their site has around 150,000 active users that you can connect with. 

If you are tired of swiping left and right to get your perfect match, Our Time is the best option to find your love. This app is owned by the Match Group, so you have an advantage to spread your profile to various platforms under them. So, it widens your group of perfect partners. 

Even they host regular events for mature singles in your nearby area. So, if you are late in getting your love of life and ready to mingle soon, Our Time can be your last and the best option. 

Note: The platform is free to use, but if you want to try your hands on all the features, you have to pay for a subscription. And remember, the platform is especially for mature singles, so think once before signing up. 

6. OkCupid

best dating apps

If you are serious about finding the love of your life, OkCupid is one of the best dating apps to consider. If you want to check for compatibility in everything, OkCupid solves this for you. Both versions, be its desktop or mobile version, OkCupid has a lot of features to offer. The platform is a tough competitor for others in this field being one of the oldest dating sites. 

The platform offers a massive user base and various dating tools. And the best part about this platform is the continuous updation of the latest features. For example, ‘Flavors’, is one of the systems that allow the customer to quickly view the flavors of potential matches. That’s why it is one of the best platforms for quirky and open-minded singles. 

Note: You can get free membership of OkCupid and the platform is LGBT-inclusive. OkCupid is an overwhelmingly nice space for many as this site commits to offering 22 gender entities and 13 sexual orientations. 

7. Tinder

dating app to help you meet someone new

If you are a little bit aware of dating apps and sites, You must have heard about Tinder. It is best suited for people looking for casual dating. If you are an adventurous person and single too, this is a fun-loving option of a dating app to help you meet someone new. 

Tinder is well-suited for people living in rural areas too, that’s why it is one of the most popular too. Its easy-to-navigate and simple features make it easy to swipe left or right to find the perfect match for you. What’s easier than finding a soul mate by swiping left and right?

The massive user base of the app makes it a good option for college students and recent graduates looking for a partner. Tinder offers a mic range of dating partners including casual ones and serious ones. 

Tinder doesn’t display its image as a hook-up app, it’s hard to ignore its reputation as the same. It is very simple and easy to make a profile on Tinder which makes it a perfect choice for many. If you got a female match that accepts you the way you are, it can be a great sign to have a great girlfriend .

Note: This dating app is free to use, but offers paid subscriptions like Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Platinum. You can even undo the swipe in paid features if you don’t want to continue with the same match. And sending super likes to your favorite profile makes it worth spending money on the platform. 

8. Facebook Dating

best dating apps
Facebook Dating

 I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t hear about Facebook. So, if you are already on Facebook, our next pick on the best dating apps list is Facebook Dating. There are no hidden premiums or limitations in this platform. 

It is like an added feature on the pre-existing Facebook website, so you don’t need extra space for this. It is available on the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the already-existing Facebook app. And from there, you can tap on the dating option. 

Now you can follow various steps to set up your profile including your gender, location, and your profile photo. To make your profile photo perfect, you can use the best photo editing apps to lure more matches.

The biggest advantage you can get here is the circle of Facebook you already have and the things which Facebook knows about you. Facebook also has an option to skim your already existing profile, although you can remove anything that you don’t want to share. 

Note: Facebook hasn’t released its membership version, but it lacks a browser-based version. Also, there is no video chat option. You should have a Facebook account to use this dating app. 

9. Plenty of Fish (POF)

dating sites
Plenty of Fish (POF)

Launched in 2003, POF is one of the first and most popular dating sites. It gives you preferred dates based on your character test. Whenever you want to register your profile on this dating app. You have to give answers to some basic questions to get an accurate match.

You can join a live stream to connect with people of similar interest bases. You can even put a restriction on your first message count. If you love to explore a conversational application, POF is one of the best dating app options.

The best part about POF is the continuous addition of technical advancements and a positive approach to make the platform more interesting. 

Hey Women, one interesting point to note about POF is the number of men on Plenty of Fish outnumbers the women by 20 percent. 

Note: POF has a free version available, but you can pay to get its additional features which enable you to extend your profile and check read receipts on the messages.

10. Happn

dating app

Like Tinder, another dating app option named Happn has its fan base being one of the most popular ones. If you are a little shy kind of person, Happn is the most interesting option to try your hands on. Happn is the nicest option to enhance your dating pool rather than the common dating profiles. 

If you are a busy personality, whether in your work or running errands, Happn is suitable for you. It helps to connect with the potential matches that you miss around you in your real life. It even allows you to connect with your favorite neighbor with whom you are shy to start talking first in real-life. 

You can put up questions of your interest, like smoking or drinking habits or interest areas to look for in a relationship. You can get basic information about the person before connecting with him/her. 

Note: Its free version has only basic features to use. But the premium features are good to invest in. Like, the location-based feature is much more clever than a human being.

11. Bumble

dating app for women

If you are looking for a dating app for women, Bumble is the best option on this list. The unique center point of the app is the initiative process is diverted toward women. So, if you are a woman and don’t want to run behind boring messages, you can initiate this dating app. 

Back in 2022, Bumble opened its doors to non-binary people. The app is well-suitable for people looking for same-sex relationships or business connections. The platform is easy-to-navigate and offers numerous preference filters. The platform is LGBT-inclusive. 

Note: The unique thing about Bumble is to reply to messages 24 hours after the matchmaking, after that, it disappears. If you don’t want to directly jump into a serious relationship, Bumble is good for casual hookups. You can try its free membership if you are not so serious about hooking up or commitments. 

12. Kippo

top-most dating app

If you are a gamer and interested in hookups, Kippo is one of the best dating apps on this list. A gamer-based dating app may sound a little odd, but Kippo’s exceptional features pull it off with the best of the best apps. 

It offers you to modify your profile as per your preferences and style. You can highlight your unique interest areas to attract people like you. It is one of the best dating apps to give premium features at affordable prices. You can also use its social space features to hang out with people digitally. You can even play games with them and make the best use of the ‘metaverse’ feature. 

Note: Kippo is one of the most popular dating apps for gamers that too at very affordable prices. But you can get only the audio chat option, no video calling is allowed. If you are not-so-interested in finding the love of your life and need a perfect gaming partner, Kippo is the top-most dating app to try.

13. Parship

best dating app

Another great dating site option is Parship which uses a vast test to calculate your personality traits to match with the best. You can quickly start chatting with your favorite and like-minded people. 

If you are in search of professional people for long-term relationships, Parship is the best dating app to give a chance. The maximum number of people on the platform has approx. equal education and income group. 

Parship has a fantastic option for finding a same-sex partner in its specific gay version. The platform welcomes around 20K above members every week. And the platform has a good record of making a perfect match of 4 out of 10 people. 

Note: If you want to send messages to your matching profile, you have little to lose in your pocket. Although you can sign up for free, attend personality tests, view your matching profiles, and send smileys. 

14. Muddy Matches

interesting dating app
Muddy Matches

The next interesting dating app platform is Muddy Matches as it was created by two sisters from farming backgrounds. They struggled to find a perfect match for them and thought of creating this mindful dating app option. 

The app is specially designed for people living in countryside areas, more on the farm’s side. If you are interested in hooking up with country-side and simple personalities, Muddy Matches can be your final destination to get a lifetime match. This humble dating app doesn’t have appealing and latest features, but it is good for country-side people. And also, the platform is LGBT-inclusive.

Note: You can get limited free membership. You can search and read the blogs and do a winking on other people’s profiles for free. You have to pay a subscription for the messaging feature, so you don’t need any messaging app to get in touch with your favorite match.

15. HER

dating apps

Our next pick on the best dating apps is HER, a mindful app to find mind-liking women. HER is one of the nicest dating apps especially for Lesbians, bisexual, and queer women. You can say, it is one of the biggest dedicated dating apps for LGBTQ+ women. 

The platform works on the criteria of the importance of equality, empowerment, and inclusivity. The platform has virtual community-building chances for the users, like webinars, and virtual movies. The platform offers an incognito mode that allows no one to like your profile without liking it first. 

Note: The filter system of the app is based on gender equality and sexual identity. You can use it in the free version but have to pay for premium features, like additional preference features.

Finally, choose the best dating app to find the perfect match for you!

So, that’s our take on the best dating apps to help you meet someone new. We have curated this list based on the research work done on customer ratings and word-of-mouth publicity. Our list is inclined toward the search based on people’s interests. 

As there is no-one-fits-all area approach to dating and finding someone new, that’s why we have displayed a long list of dating apps to try your hands on. Such options can help you to find your love of life based on your interest and comfort level. Once you get your perfect date match, you can try some romantic dinner ideas to take your relationship to the next level. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Go and find your match made in heaven from the comfort of your home!

Happy Dating 🙂



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The 20 Best Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day



Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

If you regularly scratch your head on how to eat healthy food every day, you catch us right. Here we have prepared a comprehensive list of the 20 best healthy foods to eat every day!

You must have heard about the saying ‘You are what you eat’ and it is damn true. Your food intake plays an important role in deciding what your lifestyle will look like. Our diet has a significant impact on our health. And it’s good to include healthy food options in our daily diet to have a healthy life, especially in our old age. 

Having a healthy meal that includes all the food groups that can help you to improve essential nutrient intake. Most people eat repetitive diets every day or every week. Instead of this, one should follow a 2-week rotating diet plan to fulfill the nutrition needs of the body. This will add a vast range of nutrients to make the body healthier. 

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There are many people who still think ‘what foods should they eat every day’ and they continue the same diet for their whole life. Many people are unaware of the healthy food options that are easily available and most probably, they see them all around. But don’t know what to eat and what to not. 

So, in this article, we tried our best to include the best of the best healthy foods to eat every day. You will surely live a long and healthy life if you include these foods in your best diet plan with some daily best workouts or routine walks. 

All the given food items are super nutritious and each one has its own nutritional value. Try to take a meal that has all the required nutrients, that’s why we have mentioned important ones with each food item. 

Excited to live a healthy life? 

Let’s jump onto the list!

Best Healthy Foods to Eat every day to keep you fit and fine!

1. Avocados

Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

If you want to intake a single food beneficial for your brain, heart, intestines, and skin, Avocado is a great option. This nutrient-rich food has anti-inflammatory properties and makes your body defensive against Cancer and heart diseases. The monounsaturated fat present in this food is linked to lessening the risk of heart ailments. 

The antioxidant properties of Avocados are super rich for skin conditioning and healing wounds. The vitamin C present in Avocados helps to fight against diseases, so it improves the immune system of your body too. If you think about it, Avocado is not only a healthy food option, but also one of the healthiest food options in the world. 

If you are looking for top ways to stay healthy and fit, you must include Avocado in your diet. And when you ask us ‘Is it healthy to eat avocado every day’, the probable answer will be ‘Yes’, but in the proper quantity.

Avocado is loaded with Fibre, Potassium, Folate, and Vitamin E.

2. Leafy Vegetables

healthy foods you should eat every day’
Leafy Vegetables

Kale, Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Bok Choy all come under leafy greens that are of nutritional value. You can even say these are nutrients powerhouse that are capable of making your body healthy.

These leafy vegetables provide support for heart health and eye health apart from other common health benefits. Spinach is full of Iron, Calcium, Insoluble Fiber, and Vitamins. On the other hand, Kale, another popular leafy green, contains Calcium and Vitamins (A, C, K) to fulfill your body’s needs. Like these two popular veggies, other leafy greens have their benefits.

So, if you ask us ‘What are the healthy foods you should eat every day’, one of the best answers will be Leafy Vegetables. 

Leafy Vegetables are loaded with Calcium, Vitamins, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Betaine, and Phosphorus, and the list is so long that you shouldn’t miss adding this food to your daily diet. 

3. Citrus Fruits

Is it good to eat fruits every day
Citrus Fruits

If you want to maintain healthy skin, citrus fruits are one such food that can make this possible. If you properly maintain the intake of citrus fruits, your skin will get healthier and glowy as they are full of Vitamin C. Even when you search for the best anti-aging foods, you will get citrus fruits in the top results.

Apart from skin health, citrus fruits can assist in maintaining eye health. If you regularly eat citrus fruits, you can easily fight eye disorders. They can also help to maintain the digestion process, lower the rate of diabetes, and fight various heart-related diseases.

If anybody asks us Is it good to eat fruits every day’, we would say, ‘Yes’, you should surely include fruits in your daily diet, especially citrus fruits.

Citrus Fruits are loaded with Vitamin C in abundance and other macronutrients like Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Folate, calcium, Niacin, Vitamin B6, etc.

4. Eggs

Is eating eggs every day good for your kids

Protein, Vitamins, Zinc, Iron, and many more nutrients, you can get in just one food item i.e. Egg. This food is a great source of nutrients like Iodine, Vitamin B12, and D, which are hard to find in any easily available item.

You can call an egg a complete nutrient package as it has all nine amino acids needed in our body. The egg is also a good source of Choline which is great for cell membranes. The egg yolk contains all the vitamins and minerals and also the fat and cholesterol. But if you consume eggs in the required quantity, it will not affect your heart functioning even if you are high in Cholesterol.

If you think ‘Is eating eggs every day good for your kids’? The answer will be a big ‘Yes’ this is one of the healthiest foods that kids can eat.

Eggs are loaded with One of the best sources of Protein and Choline.

5. Cucumbers

best healthy food to eat every day

If you are interested in beating the summer heat with some food intake, Cucumbers are the best healthy food to eat every day. Cucumber is one of the healthiest salad options that you can take even in your dieting days being low in calories and carbs. Having low calories makes it an ideal food for weight loss.

If you want to maintain a hydration level in your body, cucumbers are one of the inexpensive and easily available options. You can eat it as it is or you can add it to sprouts salad etc. It also helps to improve your overall digestion system. 

Cucumber is loaded with Vitamin K, a lot of water content, and many other nutrients.

6. Watermelon

healthy foods to eat every day

Front Loaded with all the essential nutrients, watermelon is the next one of the healthy foods to eat every day. This fruit is full of water content, so it’s good to consume to hydrate your body just like cucumber.

Watermelon is a great source of electrolytes which is important for cellular hydration. It also helps to maintain flawless skin and helps to slow down the aging process. Watermelon assists in managing weight and getting a healthy digestive system. Watermelon intake also reduces the risk of heart disease. The benefits of this juicy fruit are endless, so try to add it to your daily healthy foods list.

Watermelon is loaded with Vitamin A, C, B6, Potassium, Carbohydrates, and zero fat.

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7. Chia Seeds

best healthy foods to eat every day
Chia Seeds

If you want to reduce the risk of heart disease, consume Chia Seeds regularly. Chia Seeds are one of the best healthy foods to eat every day. These seeds are good for your bone health too. If you eat them daily for some months, you can reduce belly fat too. When you regularly maintain the intake of Chia Seeds, there is no such specific need to give much time for flat stomach workouts.

 You can eat these seeds by adding them to yogurt, or you can sprinkle some over salad. This way you can make your already healthy food like salad or yogurt even healthier.

Chia Seeds are loaded with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and a good amount of Fiber.

8. Nuts

healthiest meal to eat every day

If you include nuts in your daily food intake, it can be the healthiest meal to eat every day. Nuts are packaged full of nutrients to maintain your gut health and help you to lose weight. The Omega-3 Fatty acids present in different nuts help to lower inflammation in your body to keep away chronic illnesses. Walnuts, Almonds, Flax Seeds, and Pistachios are some of the best nuts to include in your everyday diet.

Nuts are loaded with Nuts or dried fruits, a good package of Fiber, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, C, B-complex,  and Monounsaturated heart-healthy fats.

9. Ginger and Garlic

healthiest meal to eat every day
Ginger and Garlic

These two food ingredients are a must to include in your everyday food to balance your health. Ginger and Garlic both help to prevent various kinds of diseases from attacking your body. Garlic has allicin which is good to maintain blood pressure (helps to lower the blood pressure) and it is also good to balance cholesterol.

Ginger is a very good option to balance your digestive system. Gingerol in Ginger is present to prevent vomiting, nausea, and various digestion problems. The anti-inflammatory element present in ginger helps to treat joint pain and any kind of inflammation.

Ginger and Garlic are loaded with Allicin (A sulfur-containing compound) in garlic and anti-inflammatory elements, and Gingerol in Ginger.

10. Buckwheat

healthy foods to eat every day

If you need to consume any antioxidant food item during the intake of healthy foods to eat every day, Buckwheat is a great option. This option is considered much better than other grains like wheat and oats, etc. Buckwheat is part of a food group named pseudocereals, like Quinoa. 

Buckwheat is one of the best gluten-free food options required by many who are gluten intolerant. The plant compound rutin is a great source of d-chiro inositol (a soluble carb) to manage the blood pressure of your body. It is also good to improve blood sugar control. 

Buckwheat is loaded with A plant-based source called Rutin and high content of minerals and antioxidants.

Point to consider: Don’t consume buckwheat in large quantities as you may get a buckwheat allergy. 

11. Lentils

healthiest foods in the world

Lentils belong to a group of Legumes that are high in fiber and have a good amount of plant-based protein. You can say, lentils are the powerhouse of protein. A nutrient named Folate present in lentils is good to support healthy cell growth and can also help to prevent birth defects.

Lentils help to lower the risk of different chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cancer, and various heart-related ailments. 

Some lentils require much time to cook, so you can directly soak the lentils and eat them as sprouts mixed with salad. The combination of lentil sprouts, fruits, and vegetable salad is great to make it one of the healthiest foods in the world. 

Lentils are loaded with Fiber, Folate, Protein, and Vitamin B1.

12. Olives and Olive Oil

healthiest foods in the world
Olives and Olive Oil

If you want to prevent age-related diseases, start consuming olives in your diet. Olives and their oil are full of nutrients and compounds to solve your health issues as you enter in old-age. It helps to lower the bad LDL cholesterol and balance the level of good HDL cholesterol. Thus fights to prevent heart ailments and even heart stroke. 

Olive oil has some great anti-oxidants like Squalene, and Oleuropein to safeguard blood cholesterol from oxidation. These antioxidants can also help to fight cancers, especially colon and breast cancer. 

This healthy food item has vitamins A and C that strengthen connective tissues to protect the skin against UV damage and improve skin tone too. As olive has such great benefits, start adding it to your routine food and try to prefer extra-virgin olive oil.

Olives and Olive oil are loaded with Monounsaturated healthy fats with loads of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, and Copper.

13. Pomegranate

healthiest foods in the world

It is one of the healthiest food in the world that has abundant antioxidants almost thrice as green tea has. That’s why the health benefits of eating pomegranate are much. 

It also helps to lessen the inflammation and risk of heart ailments in the body. It also helps to reduce oxidative stress damage, thus contributing to the lower risk of Alzheimer’s. It also has anti-cancer phytonutrients as present in Broccoli. You should prefer to intake its seeds than its juice as you may not get the benefit of fiber in the juice.

Pomegranate is loaded with Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Folate.

14. Sweet Potatoes

which food is good in winter’
Sweet Potatoes

If you are looking for ‘which food is good in winter’, one of the healthiest options is sweet potato. Being a rich source of beta-carotene, this root vegetable is one of the healthiest food for eyes and skin. If you need to increase your intake of fiber, sweet potatoes are the topmost option. 

Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index, so it is good for diabetic persons too. They also help to keep your nervous system active, especially in the winter season. You can consume this healthy everyday meal just by boiling or baking it. 

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with Vitamin A and have a high content of beta-carotene.

15. Yogurt

Which foods should you eat every day

Yogurt is one of the healthiest food options (made up of milk) to include in the daily diet. The bacteria are added to the milk to grow microorganisms to maintain the healthy digestive system of our body. It also helps to build a strong immune system. 

If you will ask us ‘Which foods should you eat every day’? One such answer will be ‘Yogurt’, so try to add this inexpensive and healthy food item to your diet plan. It is one of the best foods on the list of nutritious foods to eat every day for your kids. 

Yogurt is loaded with Protein, Probiotics, Phosphorus, Vitamin D, and Calcium.

16. Fatty Fish

healthiest food in the world
Fatty Fish

Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, and Swordfish are some of the best examples of fatty fish. Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and essential proteins. If you consume such fish twice or thrice a week, you may reduce the risk of heart and eye diseases. This one of the healthiest food in the world helps to reduce bad cholesterol and balance high blood pressure.

Omega-3 helps in reducing blockage in the arteries and enhances blood flow in the body. It is also good for reducing inflammation around the arteries. Fatty fish has a high amount of Selenium, one of the antioxidants that assist in repairing damage to the cells.  

Fatty Fish is loaded with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Protein, and Antioxidants.

17. Oats

eating oatmeal every day

The high soluble fiber content in oats makes it one of the healthiest grains. And with high fiber content, it is very easy to lower the cholesterol level in your body. The fiber present in oats is Glucans which is very helpful to feed good bacteria in the gut. In short, eating oatmeal every day can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The carbs present in oats help to maintain the blood levels in the body and also assist in digestion. Like Apples and Almonds, Oats is one of the healthiest food in the world that you should include in your daily diet To make oatmeal more nutritious, you can add chia seeds and a variety of fruits to the bowl full of oats to enhance the taste as well as nutrition. 

Oats are loaded with Soluble fiber for lowering cholesterol, Carbs, and powerful antioxidants like Avenanthramides.

18. Brussels Sprouts

Healthy Foods
Brussels Sprouts

Our next pick Brussels Sprouts is a great option when you need to consume high levels of nutrients like Calories, Proteins, Fibers, Manganese, and Vitamins. Brussels sprouts act as an antioxidant to even strengthen your immune system. 

Folate and Vitamin B present in Brussels sprouts is good for healthy red blood cells. Vitamin A and C helps to maintain eye health and Lutien and Zea xanthin (plant-based chemicals) reduce the risk of eye diseases. 

Brussels Sprouts are loaded with Folate, vitamins A, B, C, and Fiber.

19. Berries

Healthy Foods

There are different variants of berries available as per the season, like blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries. All varieties have super-rich nutritional value and fiber content. The high fiber content helps to keep the digestive system healthy. 

Berries also help to fight against heart diseases and neurological disorders. Among all the other varieties, Raspberry is one of the common ones to maintain body weight. Berries can also help to stimulate the brain cell’s growth and help to fight memory loss problems.

Berries are loaded with Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fiber.

20. Quinoa

best healthy foods to eat every day

The last but one of the best healthy foods to eat every day is Quinoa, a wholesome grain to fulfill your body’s needs. Fiber and Omega-3 fatty acid present in Quinoa is a great food for balancing the digestive system. It also helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. When your body needs plant-based protein, Quinoa is a super food to eat. 

The most nutritious part of Quinoa is its seeds and leaves, but one can use Quinoa plants too. The people who are gluten intolerant, Quinoa is the healthiest food for them. 

Quinoa is loaded with Magnesium, Fiber, Iron, and Protein.

Finally, what’s your take on the Best Healthy Foods to eat every day?

Whenever you are going to add new food items to your daily diet, try to figure out why you are modifying your diet. Because there is a need to focus on the nutrition that your body is lacking or you are taking anything in over the limit. 

Your body’s health, appearance, weight management, and aging process depend on what you give to your body. Whatever purpose you are having behind your diet changes, try to identify it first and then include the required food items in your diet. 

Apart from the given healthy foods to eat every day, don’t forget to add Apples, Milk, Grains, Beetroot, and many other common healthy foods. And remember, not to skip routine exercises and workouts. If you need help to do workouts, you can try the best workout apps

In case, if you have any other healthy food items in your mind that you can include in your diet, feel free to share them with us. After all, it will be a great help to others.

Eat Healthy! Live Healthy!

Hope you find this blog informative!



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