15 Top Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the moment you hear this name you imagine the happening nightlife and relaxing massage parlors.  Why wouldn’t you? Because this city is well-known for its distinctive culture and lifestyle. But the capital has got more in the store than just nightclubs. There are several top places to visit in Bangkok that are worth your visit. These places not only speak Thai culture but also can brighten up your soul.

Bangkok offers everything that you expect from this city. The noisy streets, crowded markets, and colorful surroundings seem like the capital of Thailand never sleeps. This city is one of the elements that make Thailand unique from every facet. From ancient sites & century-old temples to high-end shopping malls, this place provides an atmosphere that attracts innumerable tourists around the globe.

Whether you are planning a honeymoon trip, a family vacation, or making a solo trip, you must visit here at least once in your life. You will get to do oodles of fun-filled activities to make your experience an unparalleled one.

Which are the top places to visit in Bangkok?

Starting with a tiny port and trading center centuries ago, now Bangkok is one of the largest cities on the globe with over 9 million citizens. The capital has more to offer than just naughty nightlife. The popularity of this place is reaching another level, the prime reason is the cost is comparatively lower than other countries. As already told, Bangkok is a large city, so deciding where to go can be puzzling, especially when you have limited time in the capital. Don’t worry! We have unveiled the best tourist places in Bangkok that will help you narrow down your list to stopover. Also, it will persuade you to plan your next holiday in this destination.

1. Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This one is among the popular destinations in Bangkok. The queen saovabha memorial institute is a snake farm. It is an abode of thousands of deadly snakes. This institute was opened in the year 1912. They are famous for extracting snakes’ venom. Once extracted the venom is researched, used for making many vaccines (especially rabies), and produces the antivenin.

Many tourists and students visit this captivating place to ogle at deadly yet beautiful snakes like pythons and king cobras. You can also learn about these poisonous creatures through lectures and seminars that this institute organizes.

This snake farm is open every day except on public holidays. You can visit there between 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. You can enjoy various shows on this farm.

Shows Timings

Venom extraction 11:00 am, Snake handling 2:00 pm

On Sundays and public holidays, this institute opens from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.

How to get there? 

It is located at Rama IV road in Pathuwman. There are four ways to reach queen saovabha memorial institute—taxi, bus, subway, and foot.

2. Grand Palace

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

The construction of this major attraction started around the year 1782 when the Siam capital was moved to Bangkok from Thonburi. This Grand Palace was the abode of the Kings of Thailand until the covert death of King Ananda Mahidol in the year 1946. 

Today this palace is one of the key tourist attractions. The complex structure of buildings is what makes them unique. It is located at the heart of the city.

How to get there?

You can take cabs. It will pick you up from the hotel to the destination. Taking the metro will save a lot of time and avoid traffic congestion but you have to reach the station and buy a ticket for it. You can also take boats if you want some entertainment on the journey. Boats can help you ditch the traffic while saving money on the fare

3. Chatuchak Market

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This weekend market is considered the largest in the world. This place is among Bangkok’s most visited places. From appealing jewelry & paper lamps to religious icons and pet supplies. You will find every single thing under one roof. Chatuchak market has over 15000 stalls that offer everything that you can think of. The best part is that items which are sold here are offered at a very cheaper price than elsewhere in the capital. 

You will get to eat appetizing street food in this market and mingle with Thai people. You need to arrive early and don’t plan anything else the entire day to do complete justice to this place.

How to get there?

This market is close to the Kamphaengpecth Station (MRT) which is just five minutes walk from Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park) Station (MRT).

4. Wat Pho

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

If your feet are up for some walking then Wat Pho can provide an exceptional experience on your trip. Located in the center of the Grand Palace area, this ancient temple was built by King Rama. This place was dedicated to pharmacy and is the first university in Thailand. This temple is considered an abode of healing. You can try a foot or Thai massage at the premises. But the prices of these massages are quite costlier than that offered in other parts of the city.

Nowadays, this oldest temple is well known for its reclining Buddha. The statue is very large that is approx. 45 meters in length and 15 meters in breadth. This statue is so big that you cannot view it completely from one point. You can only admire a few sections. 

The feet of the reclining Buddha are carved with numerous precious stones which makes them very beautiful to watch for beholders. The earlobes are very long which signifies noble birth and the shape of the hands seems like a lotus bud that symbolizes purity.

How to get there?

You can take Skytrain to Sanam Chai MRT station (nearest station to Wat Pho) then you will have to take a ferry. The ferry ride is fun for many tourists that drop you at Pier 9 which is closest to the Grand Palace then you will have to walk up to the temple.

5. Dream World

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

One of the biggest amusement parks, dream world has got a lot of fun to offer to its visitors, especially kids. This park has four zones namely Dream World Plaza, Dream Garden, Fantasy Land, and Adventure Land. You can enjoy more than 40 fun rides here. The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain can give you chills as these attractions provide a thrilling experience and unbelievable sights. 

The cable train offers fanciful views. Among the mentioned four fun zones, Adventure Land is the largest and accommodates several rides including Thunderbirds, Hanging Roller Coaster, Flying Carpet, Tornado, and Haunted Mansion.

Fantasy Land hosts ride with well-known fairy tale themes like Giant House, Sleeping Beauty, and 4D adventure. Whereas the Dream World Plaza and Dream Garden have astonishing gardens and fancy-themed shops in the store.

How to get there?

Start your journey from Victory Monument BTS station (N3) as this is the prime center for land transport. If you choose a bus then it will take 1 hour to reach Dream World.

6. National Museum

If you love Thai culture then you must love Thai art. The Bangkok National Museum is one of the city’s gems that attracts many art lovers to itself. You can spend several hours ogling at the artsy treasures inside the museum.

This place is a house of enticing art pieces, it also features artifacts, religious crafts, and exhibits. You can learn a number of things about the religious history and court traditions that influence art expression even today.

Many volunteers provide foreign language tours that begin at 9.30 in the morning on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Languages include German, English, Japanese, and French. 

How to get there?

This museum is 1.5 km away from Grand Palace and 33 km from Suvarnabhumi airport. You can take the bus, metro, or tuk-tuk to reach there.

7. River Cruise

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

The Chayo Phraya River is also known as the river of kings in Bangkok. It is also considered the heart of Bangkok. This large waterway can give a new angle to discover some of the spectacular temples and monuments of the city.

You can plan your dinner on this river cruise and gaze at the lightened-up city. If you have come here with your partner, then you can organize a wonderful romantic birthday party here for them, Believe me, the devotee will be happy seeing all this.Sailing along the famous Grand Palace under the Rama VIII bridge will give you a lifetime experience. 

If you plan a day out, take ferries and express boats that are departed from Sathorn Pier. These rides stop at all those ports that are prime tourist attractions including Ratchawongse and Wat Arun. If you want to take a closer look at the city then you can take local canal boats which local. Thai people use it for their commute. This will give a great perspective to see the actual capital as these local rides pass behind residential buildings and mini canals.

How to get there?

The river is 9.8 km away from the main city. You can use public transport to get there. The nearest airport is Suvarnabhumi which is 40.2 km from the River.

8. Lumpini Park

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This is one of the most beautiful open-air places in the capital of Thailand. Whether you like sporty adventure or looking for relaxation, this place caters to your need. You can enjoy nature and see big lizards. It is a great spot for families.

The Lumpini Park covers 57.6 hectares and is located in the heart of the city center. It is very close to many MRT and BTS stations. This smoke-free park hosts walking trails, artificial lakes, and pavilions. It was established in the year 1920 on the plain ground that once was regal property. It is named later the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal. This park offers various activities to visitors. Also, many concerts are held in this large park. It has all the amenities including street food stalls and bathrooms to afford a comfortable visit for tourists. 

There are several monitor lizards swimming across the lake and twittering birds in the trees. More than 30 species of birds dwell here. You can take a boat for a water ride and admire the nearby skyscrapers.

How to get there?

The park is located between Witthayu Road and Ratchadamri Road in the center of the capital. The Bangkok international airport is almost 38km away from the park. Taking an MRT to the Lumpini station or Silcom airport is the best option to reach the park.

9. Safari World

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This open zoo is believed to be the largest one in the world. What is an open zoo? A place where you can gaze at various animals roaming around freely is an open zoo. In Bangkok Safari World, you will find a marine park and a drive-through for animal treks. 

If you are planning a family trip with kids, then do pay a visit to this place. Your kids will have a day out filled with fun and adventure. There is a high possibility that lions and tigers will climb over your vehicle but it’s safe. Visiting this open zoo will provide one of a kind experience.

How to get there?

If you want to take a bus then head towards Mo Chit station (BTS) or Chatuchak Park station (MRT) to grab a bus. It takes around 2 hours to reach Safari World by public transit. Make sure that you are closely following the map to avoid any confusion.

10. Dinosaur Planet

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

The dinosaur planet was inaugurated in the year 2016. The main motive of this site is to bring back the Mesozoic age with a twist. This center is a blend of entertainment with education. This place is among the most perfect ones in Bangkok for those who have kids.

This center hosts many popular thrill rides but the most exciting one is the 4D deep world. This ride takes visitors on an underground adventure. The other most stirring one is the Ferris Wheel which lifts the person to the highest point to offer a whole view of the skylines in the city.

How to get there?

This center is situated on Sukumvit road which falls between Soi22 and Soi 24 at 544/1 in Bangkok. To reach the dinosaur planet you need to take BTS Skytrain to reach Phrom Phong station. Take exit 6, from this point it is hardly a hundred meters walk to the center.

11. Floating market

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

If you want to see or photograph the amazing morning life of Thai culture, then Bangkok’s floating market is the best place to go. This place still has traditional yachts that float in the main streams across the city namely— DamnoenSaduak, Taling Chan Amphawa, and Khlong Lat Mayom. 

You can also pick fresh flowers, vegetables, fruits, juices, coconut water, etc. Also, there are floating kitchens as well that provides fresh street food and serve you on the boat. It is recommended to bring out your bargaining genes when you buy things here. But try not to go overboard.

How to get there?

There are many floating markets in Bangkok but the largest one is Damnoen Saduak. It is the only one that opens daily from 8 am to 12 am. It is the most popular and touristy market which is 100 km from Bangkok. You can reach there by van from Mo Chit bus station.

12. Emerald Buddha

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This temple is also known as Wat Phra Kaew. Located on the land of Bangkok’s Grand Palace and among the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand, the site is spectacular. It has a 15th-century Buddha statue which is carved out of bright green emerald jasper and gold.

The idol is comparatively smaller but has a massive significance and repute. It is sitting on its perch since 1784.  There are six pairs of giant demons idol that are guarding the main entrance of the temple. Every month thousands of tourists pay a visit to this temple to see the emerald statue. This place was one of the major treasures of King Rama I who ruled from 1782 to 1809.

How to get there?

River taxis or boats are the most economical way to get to the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. It opens daily from 8.30 in the morning to 4.00 in the evening.  Photography is allowed on this land but forbidden inside the emerald temple. Make sure you reach early as the tropical heat is way too much.

13. Sky Bar at Lebua

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This sky bar is one of the highest rooftop bars around the globe. You can get a complete and fabulous view of Bangkok from the top. You get served famous signature watermelon cocktail drinks in this bar. This is a sophisticated as well as the stylish bar at Lebua that is a perfect getaway for couples.

Sometimes they have a live pianist who lifts up the mood and the atmosphere. There are many imported items that are offered on this bar. This bar is also featured in the hit movie Hangover II.  They also created a drink after this film namely Hangovertini. 

They follow a strict dress code, so don’t wear sleeveless or shorts and this applies to kids also. But dress up glamorously and hit the 64th floor for a romantic dinner with your partner.

How to get there?

The easiest way to reach the sky bar at Lebua is by taxi. It is inexpensive and quick. Make sure that the driver turns on the meter. Also, don’t try to negotiate the fare price as you will end up paying more than needed. Avoid taking tuk-tuk because you will be charged more.

14. Chinatown in Bangkok

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

Out of many colorful neighborhoods in Bangkok, Chinatown is among the most exciting ones. Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The main attraction of this place is the Yaowarat Road. It is very lively and full of restaurants, gold stores, food carts, herb shops, cafes, fruit stalls, and much more.

If you plan your trip to this Chinatown you will not be able to leave the place any sooner. Waiting till the sunset will be a full treat to your eyes and tummy. They are also in the process of revamping the place. You will get more places to dine than earlier.

How to get there?

You need to reach Hua Lamphong station in the southern part of Chinatown. You will board the MRT blue line at the MRT station to reach there. Once you get there take a walk from Hua Lamphong station to enjoy the beautiful sights. Make sure you carry a map to navigate without getting lost.

15. Patpong

Top Places to Visit in Bangkok

This is one of the wildest and most notorious places to explore in Bangkok. Patpong is the city’s original red-light region with a lot of adult entertainment and erotic pole dancing. The nightlife is quite busy and the size of the market is relatively bigger. This type of area might not be every person’s cup of tea. But it is a fun place to plan a night out.

There is no need to indulge in adult-centered fun but experiencing this culture is one of its kind. There is a large market that has slogan t-shirts and novel gadgets. Make sure you haggle when you buy anything here because the price of most of the things here is over-inflated. Additionally, be cautious of tricks and make sure you check the charges beforehand.

How to get there?

Catering to most foreigners, the evening is the best time to visit this place. Every bar in the area follows different timings for opening and closing. There are three ways to reach Patpong—Metro Si Lom exit 2, Sala Daeng BTS stop, and Subway: Sala Daeng exit 1.

Bangkok is known for several selves—food, holy, nightlife, and a rare lifestyle. The capital of Thailand is one of the most popular and economical destinations in the world. With buzzing markets, exciting nightlife, and never-ending options to explore things. This city awaits tourists every year. There are so many famous tourist spots in Bangkok Thailand that are worth your visit.

Bangkok is a wholly different world that offers adventure, entertainment, food, and much more to its visitors. Plan your next trip to this destination and make the fondest memories in this place. You might fill your bags with oodles of shopping but the number of memories that you will collect on this trip will be incomparable. 

Now don’t wait up, channel your innermost adventurer and fill your passport page with one more entry i.e. Bangkok.

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