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What is contentmart and How it Works:

Contentmart is a simple website and a working platform connecting Clients who need content online, to Freelance Writers, providing high-quality Online Writing at affordable prices. Though the writers can be hired at affordable rates, Contentmart ensures that the writers are not underpaid or taken advantage of by offering extremely meager amounts for working. For writers, Contentmart is a great platform for Online Writing Jobs and it gives beginners a chance to prove themselves. This is the place where beginners or young writers with good knowledge of English get an opportunity to showcase their skills and turn into experienced writers. Development of their writing skills takes place as they keep on writing and earning.

Contetmart for Clients:

As for the clients, they receive good quality content at reasonable rates. Clients can fix deadlines, demand write-ups on different kinds of topics and decide the pay. Contentmart’s chat feature enables the Client to explain the work order to the writer. It makes it easier for the writer to understand the order properly and prevents any kind of miscommunication. If the content is still not up to the mark, the client may send the content back for the required corrections. Even after that if the Content is not satisfactory, the client may decline it. At this point of time, Contentmart gives a fair share of opportunity to the writer and he may appeal to Contentmart if he feels cheated up on.

Contentmart for Writers:

The writers deliver plagiarism free works which are absolutely their own creations. You do not need to worry about the originality of the works at any point of time. Contentmart is an online working place designed for Freelance Writing which guarantees genuine works to the clients and full payments to the freelancers. For registration in Contentmart, you do not need to pay anything and is absolutely free of cost. Writers aspiring to register on Contentmart need to go through an online examination to test their English Language skills.

What Contentmart can offer you:

  • Access to thousands of qualified copywriters
  • No charges. Pay your writers directly
  • Fully registered & licensed
  • Check writer reviews, portfolios and past experience
  • 100% refund if the content doesn’t match your requirements
  • Automated payments
  • Built-in checks for uniqueness
  • Fixed deadlines
  • Helpful support team

Advantages of Using Contentmart for buy Content Online:

Get the best works Freelance Writing on this site with hassle free transactions and a guarantee to not pay the money if you do not get the desired content or write up. Contentmart is undoubtedly a trustworthy place for Freelance Transactions – both for clients as well as writers.

How contentmart is different from others:

Contentmart is a 100% trustworthy working platform which ensures complete, proper transactions between Freelance Writers and their clients. Contentmart Support always ensure to make their clients and writers satisfied and increase the ratio of completion of orders.


The writers clear their doubts or queries via the personal chat feature which Contentmart has introduced to allow the client and writer to discuss the project. Project tracking, time taken, pay offered and accepted are kept track of by Contentmart. This enables the transaction to carry out smoothly and both the parties are satisfied and feel safe and secure while working via Contentmart.