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Contentmart -Get Content From Skillful Writers




What is contentmart and How it Works:

Contentmart is a simple website and a working platform connecting Clients who need content online, to Freelance Writers, providing high-quality Online Writing at affordable prices. Though the writers can be hired at affordable rates, Contentmart ensures that the writers are not underpaid or taken advantage of by offering extremely meager amounts for working. For writers, Contentmart is a great platform for Online Writing Jobs and it gives beginners a chance to prove themselves. This is the place where beginners or young writers with good knowledge of English get an opportunity to showcase their skills and turn into experienced writers. Development of their writing skills takes place as they keep on writing and earning.

Contetmart for Clients:

As for the clients, they receive good quality content at reasonable rates. Clients can fix deadlines, demand write-ups on different kinds of topics and decide the pay. Contentmart’s chat feature enables the Client to explain the work order to the writer. It makes it easier for the writer to understand the order properly and prevents any kind of miscommunication. If the content is still not up to the mark, the client may send the content back for the required corrections. Even after that if the Content is not satisfactory, the client may decline it. At this point of time, Contentmart gives a fair share of opportunity to the writer and he may appeal to Contentmart if he feels cheated up on.

Contentmart for Writers:

The writers deliver plagiarism free works which are absolutely their own creations. You do not need to worry about the originality of the works at any point of time. Contentmart is an online working place designed for Freelance Writing which guarantees genuine works to the clients and full payments to the freelancers. For registration in Contentmart, you do not need to pay anything and is absolutely free of cost. Writers aspiring to register on Contentmart need to go through an online examination to test their English Language skills.

What Contentmart can offer you:

  • Access to thousands of qualified copywriters
  • No charges. Pay your writers directly
  • Fully registered & licensed
  • Check writer reviews, portfolios and past experience
  • 100% refund if the content doesn’t match your requirements
  • Automated payments
  • Built-in checks for uniqueness
  • Fixed deadlines
  • Helpful support team

Advantages of Using Contentmart for buy Content Online:

Get the best works Freelance Writing on this site with hassle free transactions and a guarantee to not pay the money if you do not get the desired content or write up. Contentmart is undoubtedly a trustworthy place for Freelance Transactions – both for clients as well as writers.

How contentmart is different from others:

Contentmart is a 100% trustworthy working platform which ensures complete, proper transactions between Freelance Writers and their clients. Contentmart Support always ensure to make their clients and writers satisfied and increase the ratio of completion of orders.


The writers clear their doubts or queries via the personal chat feature which Contentmart has introduced to allow the client and writer to discuss the project. Project tracking, time taken, pay offered and accepted are kept track of by Contentmart. This enables the transaction to carry out smoothly and both the parties are satisfied and feel safe and secure while working via Contentmart.




Naveen is SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Tech, SEO, Blogging, Life style, Business and a lot more.

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Zimmber : Best Smartphone App For Home Services




Home Services app – Has there not been enough time you have tried combating all the terrible twos of your work and home?  We know what an attempt it can be to tackle both household chores and striking a balance between work and home. The satisfaction we achieve once some guardian angel sweeps their magic wand at us, and poof, gets done with our work, is immeasurable.

Zimmber is the lifesaver we all needed. Now just a click away are your professional services ranging from plumbing, carpentry, electrical services, AC servicing, laundry services, drivers on demand, repairing, pest control, packers and movers, and a vast range of services are provided at your doorstep.   For the best service, you can also check previous work reviews for consumer satisfaction and then select a time in preference with your busy schedule.

Zimmber  is functioning in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, and Pune, and is the one must-have app for all the ‘fixing’ we need. It is a 100% reliable, safe, and easy service provider to a huge number of Indian households. All you need to do is download Zimmber on your smartphone. You can sit back and avail a myriad number of discount coupons as well. These discount coupons can be availed once you have made your booking and have decided upon which service you want to avail. The services are 100% trusted as all the professionals are certified handymen and know their job by the back of their hands.

Home Services

Zimmber is a must-have for ladies as professional beauty services and interior designers to revamp your drab home to your dream house are also available here.  So, if you are looking at glamming up for the next page 3 party and are in dire straits about a beautician, Zimmber is just a click away or if you are painting out of heat on a hot summer day as the air conditioner has bid adieu to you, all you have to do is contact the handymen on Zimmber as they ‘blow’ your worries away! All these services at your doorstep? Sounds like a dream but is definitely a reality.

Coming from the horsesmouth , the COO Amit and CEO Anubhab, clearly stated that the ulterior motive has been to shed the burden off of the shoulders of the housewives. The  app has a motto they abide by- HarGhar Main Hum. Being such a thoughtful app, Zimmber is now earning brownie points in the country as it is one of those startup apps by the young generation that have caught the world by storm and have tried changing and moulding the conception of many women in the country. These women are now believing that someone else taking over their job at home is not so bad after all. A helping hand has always been a far cry and now with Zimmber it is not unattainable at all.

For quick service,  type in your nearest locality as Zimmber sends you way professional services at the best price. Zimmber has promised that in case of an emergency, the helpline number is at the customer’s disposal to book the service required.  The minimum visiting charges include a thirty-minute time span including repair time. And in case it exceeds the time limit, the extra charges yielded to the customer will be communicated to them. Zimmber also provides a feature called Floating AMC which provides customers to hoard  up on the last penny in case of nig projects are to be undertaken. Zimmber is the one junction for all your functions as it is the one helpline that should be at the top of your phone book set as a priority as they consider you, the customer their priority.



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How to Grow Your Startup – A Guide for Business Owners



How to Grow Your Startup - A Guide for Business Owners

Startups are one of the twenty-first century’s biggest conundrums. So many people want to get involved in starting their own businesses. But so few know what it entails and how to go about making it a success. That’s why it’s important to have a guide as a reference. You need to know what you’re doing and how to help the company grow. And, the way to do that is to make sure you use this guide to help you. It will make things much simpler, and you’ll be able to run your company in a much more successful way.

Are You Sure?

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself whether you’re sure. You have to make sure you are ready for all the work and stress involved in starting your own business. Launching a startup is one of those things that seems like a great idea, but people often don’t think it through enough. The consequence of this is that they are unprepared for all the work that’s involved. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to make a decision about whether this is right for you or not. Running a small business isn’t for everyone, so this is a decision you need to make carefully before committing to it.

Business Partner

Running a business is no mean feat, and you might struggle to do this by yourself. If this is the case, then you’ll want to consider getting help. That’s why a business partner is such a great idea for a lot of business owners. Having input and help from another person can go a long way towards helping your company thrive. Decide whether you need to have someone else come on board, and be honest about it. If you do, then this is something you should try to sort out as much as you can. A business partner can make a big difference to your business and help you become a dominant brand.


Business finances are one of the major things that people struggle to maintain. You need to have plenty of money to be able to support and bankroll your company. But this can often be hard to achieve because it’s so difficult to make ends meet these days. So, it’s useful to come up with some ideas that will help you to get more finances for your business. There are a few ways you can go about doing this. Some of the most effective include applying for a business loan, selling shares and getting investors involved. These are all things you need to consider to help you acquire funding and money for your company.

What’s in a Name?

It’s very important to think about why names matter. Consider your business name, and think about how important it is. It needs to be something memorable and iconic as much as possible. The name is going to be the main thing that people remember about your brand. So, you need to have a great name. It’s important to have something that people won’t forget. Your name also needs to say something about your business as well. So, you have to try and make sure you get it right as much as possible.




There are certain things in business that are more important than others. You need to understand that you are projecting an image for your company. And that’s why branding is so important. It’s vital that you brand your business and your products in the right way. This is how you can ensure that you get the interest you need. There are so many things to think about when it comes to branding, and you need to make sure you get it right. Decide how you want your company to be branded, and look into the best way to achieve that. This will help you achieve startup superiority as a business owner.

Make the Company Modern

Make the Company Modern

Make the Company Modern

You might be surprised how many businesses seem to be stuck in a different time. If you want to have success these days, you need to modernise. This is important because it makes your company modern and relevant. You can achieve this in a number of different ways. For one thing, you should try to make sure you have a young and hip staff base. You also need to understand the current market and economic climate and make your business fit. This may well require you to rebrand the business, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Advertise Effectively

We all understand the importance of advertising and marketing in the business world. It is perhaps the most important area of business and that means you need to get it right. Companies spend so much money each year on marketing and promotion, and it’s not difficult to understand why. This is how you generate interest and custom for your business. So you have to make sure you advertise as effectively as you can. This might mean outsourcing to a marketing team so they can ensure you have different irons in the fire. This is an important step to take to ensure that the company is marketing itself correctly.


There are so many things you can do to draw positive attention to your company. And, one of the main ones is to make sure philanthropy is the main focus. It’s important to do charity work as much as you can and to support important causes. Local causes are often a good way to go as well. And you might find that your customers are more receptive if you help a charity they care a lot about. So make sure you think hard about this as much as you can now because it will help you going forward.

Protect Your Reputation

Build your online Reputaion

Build your online Reputation

When you are first starting out as a brand, all you have is your reputation. And you need to do whatever you can to protect this as much as possible. A negative reputation leads to poor business and customer interest. Whereas a good reputation will help you to thrive and develop as a brand. You will attract customers and find you generate a lot more repeat business. You need to make sure you protect your reputation because at this point that’s all you have. You can do this by making sure you always make customer satisfaction your priority, and that the business is always above board.

Sort Your Taxes

As a small business owner, you need to make sure you sort your taxes out as much as you can. This is something you’re going to need to take charge of doing yourself. It’s a big issue among business owners and something that you have to take the time to do right. You won’t be able to just leave this for someone else as you would be able to with full-time employment. Instead, you need to take charge of it and do whatever you can to sort it out. Most people in this position decide to hire an accountant to take charge of their financial affairs. The right business accountant can make this a much easier step in the process for you, and ensure your taxes all get done properly.

IT Solutions

You also need to think about how important IT is for your company. No modern business is able to thrive without making use of IT as much as possible. There are so many things you can do using IT and the world has become so reliant on it now. So, you need to be sure you consult with businesses like CMIT Solutions to get the best IT services for your business. You need to be able to access and use IT within the business whenever you need to. And that’s why it’s often important to meet with IT consulting firms and see how you can implement the best IT strategies for your company.

Business Rulebook

It always helps to make sure you have some sort of business rulebook. You need to know the direction you’re going to take your company in, and how to make it better. Think of this as similar to having a business plan. You need to create your own set of rules for the business itself. That means you have to come up with a plan to take the business as far as you can. There are legalities to consider, as well as having a clear and concise vision for the company. Having your own business rulebook is essential for helping make your startup more superior.

Final Words

Loads of people these days are beginning to start launching their own businesses. It’s something that has become hugely popular. But, you need to understand that there are plenty of pressures involved in being a business owner. And the better you understand these, the more likely you are to succeed. Making your company superior to others is the key to ensuring you enjoy continued success. Use the guide on here to come up with as many different ideas as you can to make your startup more superior.



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Uber Coupons Terminology



uber coupon

Unless your dad is the founder of Microsoft, or you’re the daughter /son of Mr. Ambani, I’m pretty sure you know what coupons are. Infact, probably also used them somewhere, sometimes, right?

If you are wondering you can get coupons only for a particular “type” of services, you’re wrong. I’m sure you have used the coupons for Flipkart, Amazon or Paytm in the least. I mean, those are the most common types, aren’t they?

Uber- An Introduction

What if I tell you, you can even hail free rides, yes free Uber Rides, or atleast the discounted ones ! Now, you probably already know what “Uber” is, if you don’t then here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Uber:-

“Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online taxi dispatch company headquartered in San Francisco, California.” Got that? And the best part is they even launched their services recently all across the Globe, meaning no matter which country you are in, you can avail Uber taxis and get to wherever you want.

Now, Uber might be a bit expensive, sometimes. And even if it’s not, what’s the harm in getting a discount? I mean, who wouldn’t want to save a couple bucks? I can list out a long list of Uber coupons right here for you, but they keep changing (Ah Duh, ! But yeah you can’t keep looting Uber Either), but wait, I’ve got a solution.

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Uber coupons

You can get coupons for almost anything, maybe a 25% discount ! Or maybe a 10-times free ride thing ! Or maybe a certain 200/- to 500/- off coupon directly ! Meaning, you don’t have to stress out your pockets every -time you’re getting into an Uber Cab !

Infact, even the normal Uber rates aren’t as high. You can cover 12-15km’s easily at a price range of around 130-150Rs only ( well, it does vary according to your location, but that’s an approx. calculation), so if you actually consider this fare rate, you’d see you don’t even have to spend 200 Rs./day on your normal routes, while I’m talking about 200/- off coupons directly !

What if I can get you free, Unlimited, fresh Uber Coupons forever ! Well, no I don’t have any magical lamp, but Zoutons probably do ! They keep updating themselves with the freshest possible Uber coupons every once in a while, so next time you need a taxi ride, you know who to hail, right?

What are Zoutons?

Okay so why should you move over to Zoutons?

Well, Zoutons have a coupon available for almost any kind of thing you need ! If you’re hungry they’ve a coupon from FoodPanda, Macdonald and what not, if you need electronics then, of course, they’ll assist you with Amazon and Flipkart coupons, in short whatever your need is, they’ve got a coupon for you.

Uber is a global company, so coupons definitely is a major part of it’s marketing strategy. Because uber knows, everyone loves discounts. And it has competition too, so passing out coupons is one of the best ways this company can boost it’s customer and fan base.

And no, if you’re using a coupon, that doesn’t make you a “poorer” guy, it just makes you a smarter human being. Not using coupons only because “it’s cheaper” is like buying Iphones “only” because they’re expensive. If a company is offering you discounts, show me where’s the genius in “no, I’ll buy them at full price” thing?


So well, if you do need to get along somewhere, fast, and in a comfortable manner, I’d say get that Uber app, hail a taxi and get there, and use one of the coupons from the above site and you might not need to pay a single $ in cash ! That’s the power of coupons, try and give me an excuse for not using them.



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