06 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps: Elevate Your Social Media Game!

Want to elevate your Instagram game with compelling video content? You have found the right post! This guide dives into the top 6 Instagram video editing apps that help you unleash your creativity to the fullest. We have highlighted their features, pros, and cons, and pricing structure. Learn more about them and pick what suits your needs and experience level! 

More than 95 million videos and photos are shared on Instagram every day. This figure indicates that the competition is ferocious more than ever. In such noise, capturing people’s attention can feel like a battle.

Instagram is a social media giant that has provided a platform for creators and businesses to tell their brand stories in short video forms.

Whether you are creating traditional posts or Instagram stories, your videos need to compete with other content to grab people’s attention. 

Fortunately, Instagram video editing apps have made it possible to captivate audiences with top-notch video content.

Best video editing apps can transform a raw clip into engaging videos that win attention and grow your followers on Instagram.  

So, get ready to create stunning visuals, breathe life into your videos, and catch maximum attention in the evolving world of Instagram.

Why Should You Use Instagram Video Editing Apps?

best video editing apps

Videos are undeniably a powerful method to grab audience attention and increase engagement. However, raw clips and footage need a little fine-tuning to make them post-worthy and shareable. 

Here, the best video editing apps help your videos truly shine in the massive crowd. These video editing apps offer a plethora of benefits to the users and aid in boosting their Instagram game. 

Here is a list of benefits that video editing apps offer to users:

Freedom of Creativity: Instagram video editing apps offer a range of effects, transitions, and filters to polish videos. It gives you enough freedom to unlock your creativity. Whether you want to add a futuristic touch or a vintage vibe in a visual, you can easily choose and apply any effect to your video and make it watch-worthy.
Storytelling Power:The best video editing apps give users the power to narrate a story compellingly. You can arrange clips in a specific sequence, and add music, sound effects, and overlays to convey information most interestingly.
Transforms Ordinary Footage: Admit it, ordinary or unedited footage lacks an intriguing element. To make it captivating, you need to adjust colors, and lighting, and trim unnecessary parts. Video editing apps allow you to attain this goal and capture people’s attention.
Boost Engagement: Fine-tuned and polished videos are more likely to capture viewers’ attention than unedited ones. Video editing apps allow you to edit features like intros, calls to action, and outros, and add those elements to your content that encourage shares and more engagement.
Accessible and User-Friendly: Nowadays, you don’t need to use bulky software to edit video content. With the advent of the best apps for editing video, clip editing can be done conveniently on a mobile. These video editing apps offer intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible to all types of users, especially beginners.
Highly Efficient: Using traditional software, editing videos can be a big and time-consuming task. Instagram video editing apps enable you to create and share videos on the go. Many such apps offer pre-made templates to get started easily. This not only saves you time but also increases your efficiency.
Stand Out:Instagram is crowded with innumerable content in every niche. With raw or ordinary content, it is impossible to capture people’s attention. Here, Instagram video editing apps can help you make a significant difference through professional and polished content.

06 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps To Capture Attention 

Using Instagram video editing apps, you can transform your presence on this platform. You can create perfect videos easily that resonate with your audience and help you grow on Instagram. 

Below is the list of the best video editing apps that move you closer to your goal i.e. capturing maximum attention and encouraging more share, like, comments, and saves. 


 free video editors

    InShot is one of the most popular and free video editors that transform raw footage into engaging Instagram videos. It is a user-friendly app designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

    Why We Picked It?

    Ease of merging, trimming, and splitting clips.
    Video speed can be adjusted for fast-motion and slow-motion effects.
    Titles, emojis, and captions can be added to convey information effectively.
    Several creative filters and transitions to enhance videos.
    Royalty-free background music within the app.
    Videos can be resized, formatted, and optimized further according to the needs.
    Edited videos can be shared directly on Instagram and other social media platforms.

    Inshot is Best For?

    Creators, especially beginners who want to create polished and engaging videos for Instagram and other social media channels. It might not be ideal for professional video creators looking for advanced editing features like color grading and multi-layering.

    Pros and Cons of InShot:

    • The intuitive and easy-to-learn interface makes it best for beginners.
    • The free version offers a decent selection of filters and core editing tools.
    • Plethora of editing tools to polish a video
    • Allows quick edits and easy sharing.
    • Limited advanced features.
    • Watermark on exported videos in the free version.
    • Few users have reported performance issues like crashes and lags.

    Pricing Structure of InShot:

    The free version includes decent filters and basic editing tools.
    The InShot Pro subscription is$3.99 per month and $14.99 per year with a 3-day trial.
    The InShot Pro one-time purchase cost is $34.99.

    Adobe Premier Rush

    free editing software

      Adobe Premier Rush is one of the most advanced Instagram video editing apps. This app caters to content creators who want to produce professional-looking videos for Instagram and other social media platforms. This free editing software is compatible across all platforms and devices.

      Why We Picked It?

      Arranging and editing multiple clips, voiceovers, and photos is easy.
      Videos can be further enhanced by using customizable titles and pre-made motion graphics.
      Audio mixing and tools including reducing background noise and balancing audio levels.
      Manual adjustments and professional-looking color presets to create compelling visuals.
      Pre-configured settings and automatic resizing option to optimize videos for different social media channels.
      Mobile video editing can be easily shifted to the desktop for further fine-tuning. 

      Pros and Cons Adobe Premier Rush:

      • Wide range of editing tools to make advanced alterations in videos.
      • Color tools, motion graphics, and audio mixing features enable users to create high-quality and professional-looking videos.
      • Easy integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Premier Pro to unlock advanced editing tools.
      • Offers flexibility of editing videos on both mobile as well as desktop.
      • Might be challenging to learn for beginners.
      • Limited exports in the free version.
      • A paid subscription is required to access all advanced features like full cloud storage, unlimited exports, etc.

      Pricing Structure of Adobe Premier Rush:

      The free version includes 3 project exports, 2GB of cloud storage, and basic editing tools.
      The Single app plan is $9.99 per month.
      The Photograpy plan is $9.99 per month (might need additional storage based on usage).
      All apps plan is $20.99 per month (gives access to Adobe Creative Suite).


      video editor for Instagram

        LumaFusion is another feature-rich and powerful video editor for Instagram. This video editor for Instagram is specifically designed for iPhone and Android users who are looking for professional-level editing features. 

        Why We Picked It?

        Well-designed and versatile interface.
        Multiple video, image, and audio tracks editing for complex projects.
        Advanced editing tools including trim, splice, cut, and reordering clips.
        Professional-level effects, titles, and transitions to enhance storytelling in videos.
        Ease of replacing green backgrounds with graphics and other footage.
        Advanced audio mixing and editing tools including fine-tuning and adding EQ (equalization) and compression.
        Color correction and grading to add the desired style in a clip.

        LumaFusion is Best For?

        Professional creators who are looking for advanced editing tools to build high-quality and desktop-edited content. This app is not ideal for beginners and those who are looking for free video editors.

        Pros and Cons of LumaFusion:

        • Comprehensive editing tools within apps.
        • User-friendly and highly customizable interface.
        • Supports integration with cloud services and other external storage devices for seamless collaboration and project management.
        • Controlled and accurate video editing with the help of frame-by-frame editing and timeline snapping.
        • An extensive set of features requires time and effort to learn and master.
        • Lack of monthly subscriptions only requires a one-time purchase.

        Pricing Structure of LumaFusion:

        • Requires one-time purchase at $29.99.


        Instagram video editor

          VLLO is another feature-rich Instagram video editor available for iOS and Android devices. This free editing software is best suited for creators looking for a tool to produce visually engaging and appealing content for Instagram and other social media platforms.  

          Why We Picked It?

          Easy-to-use and clean user interface.
          Several editing tools including merge, split, trim, and cut clips.
          Ease of adjusting footage speed or time-lapse and slow-motion effects.
          Personalizing videos using captions, titles, and animated stickers.
          Creative filters and transitions to make videos visually appealing.
          Users can choose to import music from the device library or pick any royalty-free option within the app.
          Pre-configured settings and automatic resizing option optimize videos for different social media channels.

          VLLO is Best For?

          Beginner and intermediate users. This video editing app might not be ideal for professional video editors who are looking for advanced features.

          Pros and Cons of VLLO:

          • Easy to learn and intuitive interface.
          • The free version offers core editing tools and a good selection of transitions and filters.
          • Ease of incorporating trending music, text overlays for captions, and resizing videos.
          • Frequent updates with new filters, effects, and features.
          • Lack of advanced editing like color correction and multi-track editing.
          • Upgrade to the premium version is required to remove ads.

          Pricing Structure of VLLO:

          • The free version offers core editing tools and a range of filters.
          • The Premium plan costs $2.49 monthly and $12.99 yearly.

          YouCam Video

          Instagram video editing app

            YouCam Video is another popular Instagram video editing app designed to create visually engaging and appealing video content. This app offers a unique set of features by using AI (artificial intelligence).

            Why We Picked It?

            Utilize AI to remove background, facial retouching, and smart trimming.
            Wide range of creative filters, effects, and transitions.
            AI cartoon effect with one click.
            Pre-made video templates and AR (augmented reality) stickers to make the video interesting.
            Users can choose to add sound effects from a royalty-free music library or their choice of tunes on the device.

            YouCam Video is Best For?

            Beginner and casual content creators. It is not ideal for professionals looking for advanced editing features. 

            Pros and Cons of YouCam Video:

            • AI-powered editing to save time and effort.
            • AI cartoon effects, video templates, and AR stickers to make playful and unique videos.
            • User-friendly interface.
            • The free version offers core editing tools and, a good selection of effects and filters.
            • Limited advanced editing features.
            • Unlocking all features requires in-app purchases and paid subscriptions.

            Pricing Structure of YouCam Video:

            • The free plan includes core editing tools, watermarked exports, and limited effects and filters.
            • In-app purchases include packs of effects, AR stickers, and a few editing features.
            • The Premium subscription ranges from $4.99 to $9.99 per month based on duration.


            Instagram Video Editing

              Canva is another powerful platform to create a range of visually engaging content. This app is renowned for creating compelling content without any professional experience. Although many Canva alternatives can be found in the market, this app has stood the test of time and is still preferred by many users.

              Why We Picked It?

              Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
              No prior design experience is required.
              A vast library of professionally designed templates including posters, infographics, social media posts, etc.
              Wide range of free stock videos, photos, and animation to create visually appealing content.
              Editing tools like background removal, text editing, animation, and photo filters.
              Facilitates seamless team collaboration.

              Canva is Best For?

              Beginners with no prior design experience. However, it is not ideal for professional content creators due to limited advanced features.

              Pros and Cons of Canva:

              • Drag-and-drop interface to create professional-looking designs.
              • Design and edit a wide range of visual content.
              • The free plan has good functionality.
              • Great option for casual creators and those running on a tight budget.
              • Multiple users can collaboratively work on designs.
              • Limited customization options in complex designs.
              • Limited choice in free stock video and photo.
              • Watermark in the free version.

              Pricing Structure of Canva:

              • The free version includes a decent range of stock video and photos, editing tools, and 5GB of cloud storage.
              • The Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month.
              • The Canva for Team price depends on the size and features needed.
              • The Canva for Enterprise requires custom pricing. 

              Wrapping Up: Best Instagram Video Editing Apps

              In this fiercely competitive era, creating captivating videos is not an option for those who desire to capture people’s attention. The best Instagram video editing apps can transform your raw footage into compelling content. 

              This was our list of best apps for video editing for Instagram. For you, the best pick would be your experience level, editing requirements, and desired result. 

              If you are a complete beginner, YouCam Video, VLLO, and Canva offer user-friendly interfaces and features, whereas users looking for something between advanced and easy-to-use can go for InShot, LumaFusion, or Adobe Premier Rush. 

              Tell us about your experience with your chosen video editing app. We would love to hear from you!

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