Uber Coupons Terminology

Unless your dad is the founder of Microsoft, or you’re the daughter /son of Mr. Ambani, I’m pretty sure you know what coupons are. Infact, probably also used them somewhere, sometimes, right?

If you are wondering you can get coupons only for a particular “type” of services, you’re wrong. I’m sure you have used the coupons for Flipkart, Amazon or Paytm in the least. I mean, those are the most common types, aren’t they?

Uber- An Introduction

What if I tell you, you can even hail free rides, yes free Uber Rides, or atleast the discounted ones ! Now, you probably already know what “Uber” is, if you don’t then here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Uber:-

“Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online taxi dispatch company headquartered in San Francisco, California.” Got that? And the best part is they even launched their services recently all across the Globe, meaning no matter which country you are in, you can avail Uber taxis and get to wherever you want.

Now, Uber might be a bit expensive, sometimes. And even if it’s not, what’s the harm in getting a discount? I mean, who wouldn’t want to save a couple bucks? I can list out a long list of Uber coupons right here for you, but they keep changing (Ah Duh, ! But yeah you can’t keep looting Uber Either), but wait, I’ve got a solution.

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Uber coupons

You can get coupons for almost anything, maybe a 25% discount ! Or maybe a 10-times free ride thing ! Or maybe a certain 200/- to 500/- off coupon directly ! Meaning, you don’t have to stress out your pockets every -time you’re getting into an Uber Cab !

Infact, even the normal Uber rates aren’t as high. You can cover 12-15km’s easily at a price range of around 130-150Rs only ( well, it does vary according to your location, but that’s an approx. calculation), so if you actually consider this fare rate, you’d see you don’t even have to spend 200 Rs./day on your normal routes, while I’m talking about 200/- off coupons directly !

What if I can get you free, Unlimited, fresh Uber Coupons forever ! Well, no I don’t have any magical lamp, but Zoutons probably do ! They keep updating themselves with the freshest possible Uber coupons every once in a while, so next time you need a taxi ride, you know who to hail, right?

What are Zoutons?

Okay so why should you move over to Zoutons?

Well, Zoutons have a coupon available for almost any kind of thing you need ! If you’re hungry they’ve a coupon from FoodPanda, Macdonald and what not, if you need electronics then, of course, they’ll assist you with Amazon and Flipkart coupons, in short whatever your need is, they’ve got a coupon for you.

Uber is a global company, so coupons definitely is a major part of it’s marketing strategy. Because uber knows, everyone loves discounts. And it has competition too, so passing out coupons is one of the best ways this company can boost it’s customer and fan base.

And no, if you’re using a coupon, that doesn’t make you a “poorer” guy, it just makes you a smarter human being. Not using coupons only because “it’s cheaper” is like buying Iphones “only” because they’re expensive. If a company is offering you discounts, show me where’s the genius in “no, I’ll buy them at full price” thing?


So well, if you do need to get along somewhere, fast, and in a comfortable manner, I’d say get that Uber app, hail a taxi and get there, and use one of the coupons from the above site and you might not need to pay a single $ in cash ! That’s the power of coupons, try and give me an excuse for not using them.

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