Zimmber : Best Smartphone App For Home Services

Has there not been enough time you have tried combating all the terrible twos of your work and home?  We know what an attempt it can be to tackle both household chores and striking a balance between work and home. The satisfaction we achieve once some guardian angel sweeps their magic wand at us, and poof, gets done with our work, is immeasurable.

Zimmber is the lifesaver we all needed. Now just a click away are your professional services ranging from plumbing, carpentry, electrical services, AC servicing, laundry services, drivers on demand, repairing, pest control, packers and movers and a vast range of services are provided at your doorstep.   For the best service you can also check previous work reviews for  consumer satisfaction and then select a time in preference with your busy schedule.

Zimmber  is functioning in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi and Pune, and is the one must have app for all the ‘fixing’ we need. It is a 100% reliable, safe and easy service provider to a huge number of Indian households. All you need to do is download Zimmber on your smartphone . You can sit back and avail a myriad number of discount coupons as well. These discount coupons can be availed once you have made your booking and have decided upon which service you want to avail. The services are 100% trusted as all the professionals are certified handymen and know their job by the back of their hand.

Zimmber is a must have for the ladies as professional beauty services and interior designers to revamp your drab home to your dream house are also available here.  So, if you are looking at glamming up for the next page 3 party and are in dire straits about a beautician, Zimmber is just a click away or if you are painting out of heat on a hot summer day as the air conditioner has bid adieu to you, all you have to do is contact the handymen on Zimmber as they ‘blow’ your worries away! All these services at your doorstep? Sounds like a dream but is definitely a reality.

Coming from the horsesmouth , the COO Amit and CEO Anubhab, clearly stated that the ulterior motive has been to shed the burden off of the shoulders of the housewives. The  app has a motto they abide by- HarGhar Main Hum. Being such a thoughtful app, Zimmber is now earning brownie points in the country as it is one of those startup apps by the young generation that have caught the world by storm and have tried changing and moulding the conception of many women in the country. These women are now believing that someone else taking over their job at home is not so bad after all. A helping hand has always been a far cry and now with Zimmber it is not unattainable at all.

For a quick service,  type in your nearest locality as Zimmber sends you way  the professional services at the best price. Zimmber has promised that in case of an emergency, the helpline number is at the customer’s disposal to book the service required.  The minimum visiting charges include a thirty-minute time span including repairing time. And in case it exceeds the time limit, the extra charges yielded upon the customer will be communicated to them. Zimmber also provides a feature called Floating AMC which provides customers to hoard  up on the last penny in case of nig projects to be undertaken. Zimmber is the one junction for all your functions as it is the one helpline that should be at the top of your phone book set as a priority as they consider you, the customer their priority.