These days electronic and communications technology manipulates almost every facet of the home environment. Smart home technology is gradually more standard in new homes and major home reconstructions. The home automation system is providing you enough to make you invincible in today’s world. Nothing can beat the technology of home automation as it is the blend of smartness, save time, provides comfort and convenience and makes us feel secured all the day.

Beginners usually tend to make some mistakes while installing home automation system, and this can haunt them in the future. So it is recommendable to have proper knowledge about this scheme before planning to have this system in your home. We are going to highlight the most common and general mistakes that people do in this home automation system. So carefully go through these errors and try to avoid them for better efficiency and prolong use of the smart home devices.

Failure to plan according to the desires

This is by far the most common and dangerous mistake people make while adopting home automation system for their homes. Without any prior knowledge and budget, they hire some home automation service provider and fall in the trap of the cheap products and services. Firstly you should make a plan about this and see what all you require in your home. This all should be planned according to your budget and later on, you can even add other features and technology in this system. Search for this technology online and be fully aware of it before going to install this system. Compare the prices and quality of products and then come to the conclusion.

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Not keeping regular eye on battery

You should be acutely aware that all your smart devices run on battery and if you don’t charge it timely they are of no use. The smart doors, lights, home theatre, works on battery so you should never forget to charge it as soon as it is running short of power.

Brand reputation

Always sue the home automation system of single reputed brand rather than assembled parts of different companies. The only brand product proves to be reliable and efficient, and you need to contact the single supplier in case of any issue. Different brands often cause problems in the long run, and you can even fall prey to cheap quality or duplicate products.

Private Wi-Fi and good quality router

If you are spending too much on home automation system, then don’t compromise in the Wi-Fi and router class. Never use public Wi-Fi as hackers can hack your system and leak the vital information. Routers are also used to communicate with other devices, and bad quality routers will not generate perfect signals resulting in improper functioning of smart home appliances.

Additional cameras and motion detectors

Too many smart home devices can also create confusion which leads to improper functioning of the devices. Make the system simple to use rather than making it complicated. Proper space should be allocated to every smart home device so that it doesn’t look messy all around. Wireless devices should be adopted rather than wired devices.

Ensure CEDIA certificate consultant

CEDIA is an acronym for Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. The motive of this organisation is to provide training and practice to its members for safe operation of the smart home devices. If your budget allows then opt CEDIA consultant and installer as the whole system will be in safe hands then.

Not covering all security areas

Make sure to cover all the sectors while installing the security devices. While preparing a layout, mark all the important areas where cameras and motion detectors need to be placed. Use the high quality products as it is the most important part of your home.

Final Verdict

These all are the basic and most common mistakes people tend to commit while planning for home automation system. Planning is the most important part of home automation; therefore use this technology as much as you can. By committing these mistakes, you will create problems in the future for yourself only. To achieve the best possible results from your home automation, make sure that your system is designed, installed and maintained by the experienced people.


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