30 Best Travel Apps for iPhone and Android

Whether you are planning for a short getaway, solo travel, or heading for a long vacation, one thing is common in all i.e. preparation. Even if you are through with all the know-how of the destination, there are high odds that you are missing something. To avoid any pitfalls, you need to find the best travel apps that help you know everything about your holiday destination.

If you are a travel buff, you are familiar with the chaos of planning a trip. From booking hotel rooms and reserving flight tickets to packing all the basics that you would need during your stay.

Not only this, you need to do research for eateries as well as the communication source to help you know the major places around your holiday spot. There are countless things that tag along with a vacation. Here best apps for travelers immensely help you stay organized.

To save you time and effort in research, we have curated a list of the must-have best travel apps that work well on iPhone and Android phones. After delegating travel-related tasks to these apps, you can commit your valuable time to other important errands.

Why use apps for travel?

Travel planning apps are integrated with numerous indispensable features such as booking, scheduling, rentals, tourist destinations, and much more.  

The moment you start thinking of your travel destination, the stress of organizing, planning, reserving, booking, and much more keeps hovering over your brain. But knowing the best trip-planning app can make the entire experience trouble-free and smooth. If you have access to top travel planning apps for iPhone, Android, and web apps, you can keep your stress level in order.

Plus, there are many apps for road trips that can help you easily navigate streets and find essential things that you would need throughout the journey. These were some handful benefits that come with using the best travel apps. Let’s have a quick look at some of the other major advantages of using the best trip app.

  • Safety info: Safety is a major concern when you travel to foreign soil. If you pick the best trip advisor app, it will help you with important information about the place such as weather disturbances. These apps offer 24X7 emergency customer service on your trip so that you have the safest vacation in the best family destination.
  • Instant booking: The best travel guide apps not only assist you in finding hotels but also help you with instant booking. These apps give you a quick insight into vital details such as hotel rates, amenities, distance from major attractions, and much more.
  • Avail of discounts: Travel apps offer various discounting offers in your hotels and even air tickets. It gives you a chance to book the best seat on the plane. You can also make taxi reservations at a good price from the airport to your booked hotel as well.
  • Easy networking: As already told, safety is a major concern in various countries. Whether you travel across borders or within the country, you need to stay connected with your friends and family. These travel apps help you share pictures across various social media platforms easily and instantly.
  • IoT-based suggestions: Getting lost in a new place is quite normal but very unnerving. If you are a tourist then navigating the roads of a new city becomes quite confusing. Here, IoT-based suggestions in your best road trip apps play a big role. This feature in travel apps guides you with suggestions using geolocation.
  • Cashless travel: We know the hassle of carrying cash everywhere you go during your vacation. Using the best travel apps, you can book everything beforehand and even order your food online. You can mitigate the need of carrying a lot of cash with you during your travel.

Now you know that these applications will make your life much easier.  Whether you are looking for the best travel apps for iPhone or Android, your getaway experience will be nothing less than the finest using these tools.

Let us introduce you to some of the top-rated travel apps so that you can pick what suits you the best.

Which is the best travel booking app for flights?

From getting notified about delayed flights and booking airfare to accessing the lounge. A flight booking app can help you get the cheapest air ticket and save a lot of bucks on your reservations. If you are constantly googling, what are the best apps to help you travel through the world? Here are some of the best free travel apps for availing of great deals on flights. From getting notified about delayed flights and booking airfare to accessing the lounge. A flight booking app can help you get the cheapest air ticket and save a lot of bucks on your reservations. If you are constantly googling, what are the best apps to help you travel through the world? Here are some of the best free travel apps for availing of great deals on flights.

1. Skyscanner

Best Travel Apps

Skyscanner is one of the most preferred flight-booking apps for over a decade. The interface of this free trip planner app is very clean. Your action and cookies don’t get tracked, so you can skip going incognito. This has eradicated all flight booking myths to a great extent. Using this app, you can find the best deals on your flights.

This app also notifies you regarding flight fares. One of the best features ‘search everywhere’ is a true winner for those travelers who want to go trip but haven’t decided on the destination.

This feature-packed travel planner app has ‘top deals’ options for unprompted trips. This app also helps you search for car rentals and hotels.

2. Priority Pass

Best Travel Apps
Priority Pass

Priority Pass is the best travel planner app for frequent flyers. If you don’t have a credit card or business class ticket which gives you quick access to the lounge, you should consider using this app. You get a membership option for over 1000 lounges in more than 140 countries.

This app will allow you to relax in the lounge before boarding your flight. There is a range of pricing models in Priority Pass. The lowest gives you the paid option to enter the lounge and the mid-pricing membership allows you to relax in lounges for free (ten times).

If you are someone who doesn’t fly that much, then probably pass on this one.

3. Colibra

best apps for travelers

Colibra is one of the best trip planner apps which is quite well-known for paying out compensation for delayed flights. If your flight gets delayed due to extreme weather conditions, strikes, etc. you will receive your money within 24 hours.

In order to use this app, you need to download it and register your flight details before it takes off. This app also offers a flight booking feature ‘Fly Now, Pay If Okay, which gives you the option to do the flying first and pay afterward.

If you ask us, what is the best app to use for international travel? Then we would definitely recommend this one because you get a full refund if something gets wrong.

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4. Hopper

best apps for travelers

Hopper is another application that can be used for booking any type of ticket for your next holiday destination. This app does an exceptional job of tracking the prices of different types of flights. It gives you suggestions for buying tickets at the right time via notifications. It tells you about the price drops on various flights.

The amount of details that this trip planner app provides is valuable enough. You don’t longer need to wait because it gives you the exact date of the likely price rise

5. Kayak

best travel planner app

Kayak is counted as one of the best applications for booking cheap flights. Not only air tickets, but you can also search for car rentals and book your accommodation using this best travel planner app. If you use this app for all your travel-related tasks, it collects all the details under one tab ‘Trips’. You can access these details even if you are offline.

This app has a live flight tracking feature. You will get essential notifications once the date of the trip approaches. You get updates regarding your flight timings and gate changes as well.

Best travel apps for booking a car and roaming around

Is there a smart travel app? The answer is yes. Without worrying, you can switch on your favorite audiobook app and get around the city. It is that easy.

Here are some of the best trip planner apps which are smart enough in introducing you to alternative routes, and cheap bus tickets, and gain enough knowledge about any particular place.

6. BlaBlaCar

best free travel apps

BlaBlaCar is one of the most helpful and best free travel apps for those who are dependent on public transport. We know that it is not possible to reach every place by self-driving or due to the restricted use of public transport. Here, BlaBlaCar comes in handy.

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It is more like Uber, you need to search for your destination and the pickup location. It will give you several options for drivers who are going on the same route, you can do carpooling and save hundreds of bucks on your rental.

7. FlixBus

smart travel app

FlixBus is one of the most reliable and affordable travel apps in the USA and Europe. These buses have portable toilets, plug sockets, and Wi-Fi. If you are traveling to one of the budget-friendly Asian countries, you can use the 12GO app for searching buses, cars, and ferry connections. Flixbus is not a very luxurious option but makes you reach various attractions at the lowest fare.

Best travel apps for booking accommodation

Here are some best trip apps when it comes to finding hotels, accommodations, hostels, and even tours and other activities.

8. Booking.com

must have travel apps

Booking.com is the best travel app that offers numerous benefits for your hotel fare. Benefits such as late checkout timing, other discounts, offers, and in-hotel extras. Even if you plan a last-minute trip, you will be amazed by the hotel prices after availing of the discount.

9. Airbnb

best travel app

Airbnb is the best travel app for those who are looking for private stays while staying within their budget. It gives you a platform where you can directly connect with the host. Whether you want to stay in a villa or a private room, you get what you want.

It is a great option for short-term as well as long-term holiday stays. Once booked, you can easily access the entire reservation details and check-in timings along with where to go and what to do near that destination.

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10. Hostelworld

best trip advisor app

If you are looking for cheaper options like staying in a hostel, then the Hostelworld app is the right choice. This app has a very clean interface. You can easily check out the prices for private rooms and dorms on this application. Hostelworld has become a staple platform for an economical stay.

11. Agoda

best trip advisor app

Agoda and Booking.com work on similar lines. However, Agoda has some added features that are worth downloading from your app store or Google Play Store. If you are traveling to Asian countries, this app has some great saving deals on accommodation. They have some of the most affordable guest houses stays.

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12. TourRadar

best travel app

TourRadar is another best travel app that includes several big operators like Intrepid and G Adventures. They also cover local companies. This app is considered a great search engine for finding and reserving extended tours on your favorite destination.

13. Get Your Guide

best apps for long road trips
Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is a handy app that has completely evaded the need of carrying a printed ticket. They have included various discounted tickets for various destinations on their official website. You can also check out activities happening around your travel destination. This makes it a good research tool as well.

14. Wanderlog

best apps for long road trips

Wanderlog is another best travel apps for booking your next holiday. You can also share your travel experience through blogging in this app. You can easily search different destinations, and activities, map out an itinerary and organize reservations by just signing up.

The details you put are stored offline, you can easily access them at the time of travel. You can use this app for road trips as well because it quickly calculates the distance and time between different locations. You can write and share about your past trips.

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15. Viator

the best travel apps

Viator and Get Your Guide works similarly with the same set of discounts and offers. However, Viator offers alternative trips on some destinations longer than a day which is worth a check. You need to simply download this app from your application store and put your destination on the search.

Best travel apps for planning road trips, hiking, camping, and roaming around

Whether you are looking for smooth navigation from point A to point B or finding more adventurous options. The following trip planner apps are all that you need.

16. Roadtrippers

travel apps for road trips

Roadtrippers is one of the best travel apps for road trips across the USA. If you want your trip to begin with an epic point, download this app. This app allows more than 100 stops on your route, gives you a chance to meet with friends, and offers interesting suggestions. It gives live updates about the traffic so that you have the smoothest ride throughout.

17. Rome 2 Rio

travel apps for road trips
Rome 2 Rio

Rome 2 Rio can be called a leader when it comes to finding bus routes to travel across, within, or between countries. You just need to put the destination and your location on this platform, then a full list of air, water, and road routes for the journey will be presented in front of your eyes.

You will also find prices, times, distance, mileage, route no., and options for companies to complete the booking. No matter where you are, Rome 2 Rio will find the most feasible transport option.

18. Maps.Me

best travel journal app

Even if you have Google Maps installed on your smartphone, Maps.Me proves to be helpful when you visit unique or unusual places. The best part about this app is that they work seamlessly offline. It is powered by OpenStreetMap which means you can update the details and include your findings in the app as well.

19. What3Words

best road trip planner apps

What3Words is one of the best road trip planner apps that help you find places that don’t exist in usual maps. This app helps you get there easily. In case of emergencies, What3Words will help you get immediate assistance near you. Many delivery companies use this app for navigation. If you ask us, what is the best navigation app for iPhone? What3Words is the answer.

20.  All Trails

trip planner app for free
All Trails

All Trails is another trip planner app for free that has a huge database of walking trails, crowd-sourced routes, and reviews. This database includes both official as well as not-so-official info. This app helps you know and explore more about your destination.

The knowledge of a local guide is unbeatable but this app is great when it comes to guiding you on uncommon paths. Although this travel app is free, if you are up for hiking then upgrading to its paid version is recommended.

Best travel apps for managing travel itineraries

If you get a smart trip planner app that manages your itinerary then 50% of your stress level goes away. Here are some of the apps that you should know about.

21. Tripit

best travel apps

Tripit is one of the best travel apps in 2023 which is widely preferred by regular travelers. This app automatically scans your emails and organizes all your holiday trips into one place. The best part is, it is free to use.

However, if you want to be guided in navigating different road routes, you should upgrade to the paid version. Because things will be more manageable and comfortable in compiling plans which come with the paid version.

22. TripCase

best travel guide apps

TripCase is one of the most useful travel apps that makes the entire holiday plan easy and stress-free. This app helps you create an itinerary that comprises hotel reservations, flights, car rentals, directions to different locations, and even dining. Not only this, TripCase helps you in tracking your expenses. You can keep all the vital details in one place for your next holiday or business trip.

You are just required to confirm this to TripCase via email. Once you do it, they will automatically establish your itinerary for your next getaway. You can share this detail with your loved ones to keep them in the loop with this travel app. 

23. TravelBank

best trip planner app

TravelBank is the best trip planner app for business travelers. You know the difficulty of tracking bills receipt; once you lose it, you won’t get reimbursement for it. Here, TravelBank proves to be a great help. It not only helps you in tracking your itinerary but also different types of receipts in the trip. With this app, you can stay organized in your business travels.

You can easily book your flights, get rewards, and automated expenses, calculate the cost of the trip, track mileage, and manage bills and receipts for reimbursement. Using this app, you can spend within your budget.

Best travel apps for solo travelers and backpackers

Here are some of the best trip apps for solo travelers and backpackers. Using them, you can easily connect with new people, find a place to stay, and deal with your heavy baggage.

24. Travello

best free travel app

Travello is the best free travel app which is one of the top-rated applications in the Apple App Store. It is more like a tinder for travelers. This app enables you to look for other travelers near you with similar interests and trip locations.

Simply look for the noticeboard for the upcoming touring plan and swap. You will get plenty of deals in this app which will help you save a few bucks on your travel cost.

25. Radical Storage

best free travel app
Radical Storage

Radical Storage is one of the useful apps that help you immediately find a place to stay and stash your luggage. This app is handy when it comes to looking for a pre-booked place to stockpile your stuff if you don’t get this storage option on a train or a bus.

The prices charged for this service are reasonable. This makes this app the finest option for backpackers.

26. Meetup

free trip planner app

Meetup is another beneficial app that helps you connect with people near you. Using this app, you can find different activities and group events according to your interest.

Whether you are traveling or not, Meetup is a great connecting app and find new friends. If you are traveling alone and looking for people to share their trip experience, this app is the right travel app to download.

Best travel apps for learning a foreign language

Not everyone understands or speaks English. Therefore, you need to learn the basic language when you are visiting foreign soil to interact easily. The following are the top-rated apps to accomplish this task before hitting your holiday destination.

27. Duolingo

apps for travel

When it comes to learning a language through an app for free, Duolingo is the best pick. It contains a huge list of jumbled words. This app makes sure that you are grasped the language via using repetition and review. It promotes audio-visual learning. There are several languages including Spanish and French that you can easily learn through this app.

28. Mondly

apps for travel

Mondly is another fun and useful learning app in the lot. This app contains translations, images, and audio aids to help you learn specific languages and styles. This app is free to use but if you want to get access to more content and languages, you need to signup for its premium version.

29. Drops

apps for road trips

Drops is quite similar to Mondly in terms of colorful layout and design. This app makes the entire language learning process easy and less intimidating. Users get the words suggestion in both Greek and English language. This app continuously adds new terms and languages.

The most recent update was the Japanese language Ainu. This app is free to use but you will have to wait for extended hours to unlock another tutorial. It is better to opt for its premium version.

30.  Memrise

best apps for long road trips

Memrise is another best language-learning app that can be used to learn basics before reaching your holiday destination. This app offers short videos of local people pronouncing different words and phrases in their conversation.

Memrise helps users in improving their hold on a particular language. There are a few languages that can be accessed for free but upgrading to its premium version will give you more options.

Summing Up

Traveling has become more self-reliant and less dependent on tour agencies. Technology serves many travelers with ease of booking flights, rental vehicles, and hotels, getting advice, and navigating easily in local places. A well-planned trip offers lasting memories and unforgettable experiences in abundance. Whether you plan for a short getaway or a long stay, you have to ensure that all things are in the right order. All the aforementioned applications are the best apps for long road trips as well as other types of getaways.

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