Facebook is the second most crowded place after China and here everyone is busy in sharing their update. Some are busy in sharing funny images or some are busy in updating useful or informative updates. In this post, we choose the 10 most funniest images from Facebook.

There is a huge difference between our real and online life

Seems legit

Forget what you saw

Don’t ask your man to do shave

There are too many versions of this and everyone forget what was the real scene.

This will happen when I will leave the School

This is the most awakened moment when your dad uses your phone.

Every man has this look when your wife is driving the car

Sometime girls get confused 😛

While playing Holi, how I think, I look Like, and how I actually look like.

This is our parents dream and we are dreaming like this. Its the Reality 😛

Yes, greatest tool to reshape kid’s future.

It’s a very hot day. Let’s do something different.

You can understand what I mean, if you have a Girlfriend.

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