What Can A Call Handling Service Do For A Psychologist’s Office?

Like any medical practitioner, a psychologist has a schedule and most, if not all, of his or her appointments would be made over the telephone. Reception services are critical for any clinic-based organisation, and with a specialist practitioner whose time is very valuable, there must be an effective appointment system in place. The virtual receptionist is remotely located at the provider’s call centre and any incoming calls are automatically forwarded and are typically answered within 5 seconds.

Online Appointment Calendar

In order to have a virtual receptionist make appointments, the clinic would need an online appointment schedule, which can be amended by either the virtual receptionist or the clinic itself and using this online platform, appointments can be made and everything will run as it should. If your business is based in Australia, Office HQ call answering service are the people to talk to about arranging for virtual receptionist cover and they will even give you a free trial!

Making Appointments

All virtual receptionists are fully briefed on their clients’ businesses and are trained professionals in call handling, and this frees up the in-house receptionist – who actually has many other roles to keep the clinic running smoothly.

The large majority of the work of a virtual receptionist for a psychologist would involve making appointments over the phone. Therefore, a receptionist for a psychologist need not have any in-depth knowledge about psychology.

Cost Effective Professional Call Handling

For any service-based industry, the goal is cost-effective call handling that is both prompt and professional and with a business that involves making appointments over the phone, the virtual receptionist is the ideal candidate. Freeing up your valuable resources is a very effective way to improve business efficiency and with a very busy city clinic, the receptionist would always have something to do and answering the phone simply takes their focus away what they could be doing.

Tailored to Suit

The great thing about call handling is you can use the service when you need it and so confident is the provider, they usually offer the customer a free trial and you can’t get any fairer than that. The service requires no hardware installed and once you are on their books, you can use the service whenever you need to. You might already have a very good receptionist – more than likely if you run a busy practice – but what about the times when she is unavailable? For most appointment based organisations, losing their receptionist can cause serious hiccups, and with the help of a call handling provider, the business can continue to run smoothly.

Scripted Greetings

The virtual receptionist is trained to follow a script that is put together by the customer, giving you total control and if there are ever any amendments or particular things that the receptionist needs to know, this is instantly passed on, maintaining an up-to-date service that is always fully informed. Should the consultant be sick for a day, or unavailable for any reason, then one call is all it takes to let the virtual receptionist know.

Online connectivity is what empowers the virtual receptionist industry and this service can help any business that uses telephone communication, especially a psychologist practice. If you would lie to know more about the many benefits a virtual receptionist can offer your practice, an online search will put you in touch with an established provider.

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