Doodhwala: Get your Daily Groceries Delivered at your Doorsteps, Early in the Morning

This decade has witnessed a lot of start-ups flourishing and disappearing. Some were able to understand the needs of their customers while some failed to market their products according to the customer’s needs. Year 2015 observed a startup purely dedicated to delivery of dairy products flourishing in the streets of Bengaluru. Doodhwala emerged from the streets of Bengaluru and spread its operations in Pune too. This app-based milkman is growing steadily meeting the morning needs of many households in the cities.

Doodhwala – A Dedicated Dairy Products Delivery App

The Bengaluru-based startup – Doodhwala came emerged in the year 2015 after the founders Ebrahim Akbari and Aakash Agarwal felt the need of a dedicated dairy products delivery app. Once the founders were working on a business project and they fell short of milk delivery app. They found that there was no dedicated app for milk and this is how the idea of Doodhwala strike in their mind.

Once you have installed Doodhwala, you just need to subscribe to it and choose the daily products; Doodhwala will take care of the rest. The strategic model of this app based milkman is giving it a steady growth of 25% which is improving month by month. The company is now serving 6000+ customers in Pune and Bengaluru completing around 100000 deliveries every month. The hard to digest fact is that, it has 80% customer retention.

Doodhwala has a great team of smart and young people who are the consumers of dairy products like poultry eggs, milk, bread, and other dairy products and groceries. It understands the morning needs of every household and this is the reason why it ensures that all the orders are delivered before 7 AM in the morning.

Doodhwala App – Smart Features

This easy to use application has got a clean interface allowing you to order the groceries or dairy products and get them delivered in the fastest possible time. Moreover, it offers 70+ varieties of milk with a plan designed according to the client’s needs. Some of the best features offered by Doodhwala app are as follows:

  • Smart Filter: You can set the filters and search the grocery or dairy products based on your age, medical conditions, product type, and other sub-categories. In this way, you can find the most relevant product.
  • Get Nutritional Advice: When you choose a dairy product on the app, you will find the nutritional advice mentioned alongside the product.
  • Set Delivery Schedule: The delivery schedule can be set according to your requirements. You can select the products you wish to be delivered and Doodhwala will take care of the rest. The products will be delivered to your doorstep before 7.30 AM in the morning.
  • Change Schedule: You can change the set schedule anytime along with the daily requirements. The app-based milkman will get the items delivered according to the newly designed schedule.
  • Timely Delivery without Extra Charges: Doodhwala starts its delivery at 5 AM in the morning and all the products are delivered to the customers at their doorsteps before 7.30AM. Also, the products delivered are charged at MRP. These items are fresh and packed according to the company standards.
Over to You

Doodhwala is your app-based milkman that will take care of all your dairy and grocery needs ensuring that the items get delivered at your doorstep early in the morning. It understands the problems of different households and makes sure that the daily needs of every household trusting Doodhwala get fulfilled. If you are the resident of Pune or Bengaluru, you should definitely install this app.

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