07 Best Mental Health Apps of 2024: Boost Your Well-being!

Mental health is no longer a secret topic. It has become a crucial aspect of our life. Juggling between professional and personal life can make anyone super drained mentally. 

Fortunately, some tools help you stay focused and rejuvenated. Keep reading and learn the 07 best mental health apps of 2024 which are designed to revive your everyday routine!

According to Harvard Medical School, one out of every two individuals develop mental health issues in their lifespan. We have entered into a fast-paced era where depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems are upswing. 

Looking at the rising mental issues, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended all individuals, especially adults be examined for anxiety.

Additionally, more than 50% of people with mental health conditions do not receive the treatment they need. 

Luckily, technology again has offered a helping hand to de-stress, relax, and boost one’s mood. Here, we are talking about mental health apps. These apps for mental health are available at your fingertips. 

Undoubtedly, mental well-being apps cannot replace therapy but research has highlighted that these applications can greatly improve one’s well-being.

There are many things to love about mental well-being apps including features, benefits, and affordability. However, all apps come with distinct features and pricing structures. 

In this post, we have curated a list of the 07 best mental health apps after in-depth research. Understand what each offers and pick the one that supports your mental wellness journey.

What Are Mental Health Apps?

apps for mental health

Mental health apps are applications for phones that are mainly designed for users who are seeking to improve their emotional well-being, address health issues, and become more mindful. 

Some mental well-being apps enable users to get psychiatric help or directly talk to a therapist. Other best therapy apps aid in coping with anxiety and stress, start a meditation practice or enhance the quality of sleep. 

All in all, mental well-being apps support users’ emotional well-being in a variety of ways. 

Mental well-being apps are divided into two categories i.e. therapy apps and self-help apps. To understand each, here is the breakdown of what both types of mental health apps offer.

Therapy Apps

This type of mental health app helps you connect with a licensed therapist to consult and begin therapy sessions for a particular issue. Here are some features of therapy apps:

Connect directly with a licensed therapist after scheduling an appointment.
Chat or exchange messages with the therapist throughout the session.
Easy tracking of progress over a period of time.

Self-help Apps

This type of mental health app provides different resources and tools to manage your mental well-being without any therapist’s assistance. Here is the list of features that self-help apps offer.

Learning rejuvenation and relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation.
Monitor mood swings.
CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) tools to identify and cope with negative behavior and thoughts.
Learn about different mental health problems.
Connect with other users (consider keeping your condition confidential).
Guided meditation, nature imagery, and calming sounds to decrease stress levels

Now, you have understood what mental health apps are, what it does, and its type. Let’s introduce you to some of the best mental well-being apps that will support your mental wellness journey. 

07 Best Mental Health Apps: 2024’s Top Picked 

The demand for mental well-being apps is rising. It is estimated that the global mental health apps market will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 15.2% between 2024 to 2030.

However, this constant demand for these apps has made the market flooded with options, where choosing the best mental well-being apps often becomes daunting. 

Dont worry! We thoroughly researched the market and have dug out the best options along with their features and pricing structures. 


mental health app

Key Specs

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Category: Self-help app
  • Focus: Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.

Headspace is one of the most popular mental well-being apps designed for meditation and mindfulness. This app provides breathing exercises, guided meditation, and sleep sounds. 

It offers educational content to help users enhance concentration and sleep, and manage stress and anxiety.

Headspace Best Features:

Numerous guided meditations on varied themes like anxiety, focus, sleep, stress, relationships, and creativity.
Help users fall asleep with relaxing sleepcasts and soothing soundscapes.
Improves focus by helping with timely and short exercise sessions.
Relives stress immediately with the help of short and guided meditations, and SOS sessions.
Combines mindful movement exercises with meditation.
Exercise and meditation are available for kids as well.
Daily challenges to keep users motivated to do consistent meditation practice.
Users can monitor their progress and set customized goals.
Detailed courses are available on sleep, mindfulness, anxiety, etc.

Headspace Pricing Structure:

  • The Freemium model comes with limited features such as basic medications, sleepcasts, etc.
  • The premium subscription costs $12.99 monthly and $69.99 annually.

Happify By Twill

mental health apps

Key Specs

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Category: Self-help app
  • Focus: Positivity and Flexibility
  • Languages: Available in 10 languages.

Happify By Twill is another mental app that boosts the overall well-being of users. This is a self-help app that utilizes exercises, games, and activities based on positive psychology. 

This app greatly helps users to become adaptable and overcome negative emotions. 

Happify By Twill Best Features:

Users can set personalized goals daily and keep them motivated by completing short activities.
Science-based games and activities to overcome negative thoughts and build positive coping skills.
Helps in understanding emotional triggers by tracking mood and identifying patterns.
Users can learn mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and meditation to manage stress levels.
Provides daily notifications and exercises to build an attitude of gratitude.
Gain an understanding of positive psychology and methods to apply them in daily life.
Supportive community to get encouragement and share experiences (consider keeping confidentiality).

Happify By Twill Pricing Structure:

  • The freemium model comes with limited features such as mood tracking, limited games, and gratitude exercises.
  • The premium subscription costs $14.99 per month and $139.99 annually.
  • The lifetime subscription requires a time fee of $449.95.


free mental health apps

Key Specs:

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Category: Therapy app
  • Focus: Therapy with licensed specialists.
  • Languages: Available in 32 different languages.

Talkspace is one of the best health apps that connect users with licensed therapists to improve their emotional well-being. Users can do text messaging, video chat, and audio chat with their choice of therapists. 

This app has a variety of therapy options, and insurance coverages, and offers strong privacy protection. Based on the initial evaluation, users are matched with therapists to connect in a schedule sessions. 

Talkspace Best Features:

This app matches users to therapists based on preferences, needs, and insurance.
Users can send unlimited text messages to their therapists and specialists.
Based on the choice of subscription, users can schedule video sessions and audio calls with their therapists.
Numerous choices in licensed therapists specialized in different mental health conditions.
As therapists cannot prescribe medicines, users can collaborate them with their psychiatrists whenever required.
Short surveys to monitor progress and stay connected with particular specialists between sessions.

Talkspace Pricing Structure:

  • Messaging therapy with one live video session costs $99 per week.
  • Messaging therapy costs $69 per week,
  • Messaging therapy with video sessions and weekly online workshops costs $109 per week.


 mental health apps

Key Specs:

  • Platform: iOS, Android, Wear OS, Apple Watch, Alexa, Google Home, web.
  • Category: Self-help app.
  • Focus: Mindfulness, sleep, and relaxation.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, German.

Calm is one of the free mental health apps that is designed to improve users’ sleep, minimize stress, and nurture mindfulness. This app is best for people who are dealing with poor sleep and insomnia. 

You can also listen to bedtime stories narrated by Matthew McConaughey, soothing tracks, and soundscapes to experience quality sleep.

Calm Best Features:

Numerous guided mediations on anxiety, focus, sleep, and gratitude.
Bedtime relaxing stories narrated by Matthew McConaughey.
Huge library of soothing tracks and nature soundscapes.
A sleep story of length 10 minutes is delivered daily.
Guided breathing exercises for managing anxiety and stress.
Monitor sleeping patterns and overall progress.
Premium subscription holders can connect with other users in a forum.
Video lessons on personal growth and mindfulness.

Calm Pricing Structure:

  • 7-day free trial of premium subscription.
  • Premium subscription costs $$12.99 per month and $69.99 annually.
  • Lifetime subscription costs $399.99.

Worry Watch

free therapy apps

Key Specs

  • Platform: iOS
  • Category: Self-help app.
  • Focus: Anxiety and mood.
  • Languages: Available in 16 different languages.

Worry Watch is another mental health app on our list that is quite popular among users. This self-help app aids users in identifying panic triggers and worry patterns. 

This app helps users in improving their mood and manage their anxiety levels. Users can write their challenges and worries in the in-app journal and find ways to confront them.

Worry Watch Best Features:

The mood journal helps in tracking feelings, moods, triggers, and levels of energy throughout the day.
The guided journal enables users to identify patterns and dive deeper into their emotions.
Medication techniques to understand and practice relaxation methods to reduce anxiety and stress.
Positive mantras and statements boost self-esteem and develop self-talk.
Ease of building customized routines with activities like meditation, mood check-ins, journaling, and statements.
Tracks mood swings and find out trends over time.
Various strategies to manage anxiety and stress.
Visual representation of mood journeys motivates users and tracks their progress.

Pricing Structure:

  • Free to download.
  • Premium subscription costs $2.99 per month and $11.99 annually.


free mental health apps

Key Specs

  • Platform: iOS and Android.
  • Category: Self-help app.
  • Focus: Mood, stress, and anxiety.
  • Languages: English.

Moodfit is another mental health app that helps users track sleep, mood, stress, exercise, and nutrition. Using built-in tools, users can identify negative thinking patterns, and feelings, and take steps to change them. 

Modify is one of the best free mental health apps that focuses on mood tracking, setting goals, and self-care practices to help users manage stress, negative thoughts, and anxiety.

Moodfit Best Features:

Ease of setting customized goals with notifications for well-being and self-care.
Identifying triggers and patterns by logging and tracking moods.
Understand and practice CBT exercise techniques to develop positive coping skills and overcome negative thoughts.
Guided breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety.
Gratitude exercises to nurture a positive mindset.
Mindfulness techniques to improve concentration and awareness.

Moodfit Pricing Structure:

  • One-year premium plan costs $29.99.
  • The two-year premium plan costs $39.99.
  • A lifetime membership plan requires a single payment of $99.99.


free therapy apps

Key Specs

  • Platform: iOS and Android.
  • Category: Self-help and therapy app.
  • Focus: Mindfulness and stress relief.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Sanvello is another best mental health apps on our list that aids users in reducing anxiety, building confidence, and feeling happier. The education section of this app has text, audio, and videos which are easy to learn and follow. 

Sanvello is one of the free therapy apps that offers weekly exercises and assessments. Users can monitor their progress and find out areas that need improvement. Users can also get in touch with therapists in audio or video sessions.

Sanvello Best Features:

Meditation therapy exercises and CBT to minimize depression, anxiety, and stress.
Guided meditation sessions, and health and mood tracking tools to build coping strategies and life skills.
Tracing patterns such as sleep, exercise, sleep, thoughts, etc.
Recommends coping strategies to calm down.
Live in-app classes to encourage and motivate users.
Trained coaches provide instant advice.
Users can also meet therapists and mental healthcare experts in a video therapy session.

Sanvello Pricing Structure:

  • The freemium model offers limited features.
  • The premium plan costs $8.99 per month and $53.99 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Apps

How do I know which mental health app is right for me?

The best mental app for you depends on your needs and well-being concerns such as anxiety, mood tracking, sleep, etc. Once you know your requirements, choose one which is tailored to your needs.

Can mental health apps replace therapy?

No, mental health apps are generally self-help applications. For severe mental conditions, professional therapy is recommended.

Is it safe to use mental health apps?

Check the privacy policies of the app before using it. It should offer strong data encryption and policies to protect your sensitive information.

What kind of therapy is offered by the therapy apps?

Depending on the app, it offers therapy based on cognitive behavioral therapy or other. Users can connect to licensed therapists via audio, video, or text during the session.

Are mental health apps effective?

Some studies have found that mental health apps greatly improve levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. Many experts consider these apps a great tool to support mental well-being, especially when they are combined with physical treatment.

Concluding Thoughts

So, these were the top 07 mental health apps that give users the power to manage their emotional well-being at their fingertips. Learn more about them, and understand their features and pricing structure before opting for any.

Although these apps are helpful in most situations, they might be not the right substitute for those who are dealing with severe mental health conditions.

Remember! Take professional advice whenever you need it.

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