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7 Best Android Apps To Download Hollywood Songs For Free



Best Android Apps to Download Hollywood Songs

Listening to your favorite music is a powerful way of healing in this busy and digitized era. There is no better way to listen to your preferred music on your device via different Android apps, particularly Hollywood songs. These sorts of songs are powerful enough to make your mood one step ahead and to forget about your worries. 

That’s why we are presenting here a list of some of the best Android apps to download Hollywood songs with their basic features. And the cherry on the cake is, that you don’t need to make a song collection in this streaming services era. This will especially help you when you are in a low or no network area and you don’t want to get bored. These prepared lists of songs will catch your mind exactly there. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the awesome list of Android apps to listen to your favorite Hollywood songs!

Let’s get rolling to check that!

Best Android Apps to Download Hollywood Songs


Best Android Apps To Download Hollywood Songs


Soundcloud is one of the popular Android apps for downloading music with more than 300 million tracks with a choice of over 30 million artists from 193 countries. The platform offers you a wide variety of genres to choose songs from. SoundCloud has an offline function to download music as well as listen to streaming music. You can listen, change or pause the songs from the lock screen as well. 

Some Important Features:

  • You can select from a good range of songs like hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock, and many more.
  • You can save the songs to listen to them later on in offline mode. 
  • The platform even suggests you a variety of songs as per your choice or listening habits.
  • There is also an option to make a customized song list. 
  • You can even connect with the music community. 

The platform is available for free as well as for a subscription plan. Subscribed plans can let you listen ad-free and limitless audio options for offline listening. 

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Youtube Music

free music download app


A subsidiary of Google, Youtube Music is an awesome music streaming application developed by Youtube. It allows the user to search through the songs and music videos in different genres and recommendations via Youtube. 

The platform also offers a pro version to listen to ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, and download unlimited songs for offline listening. These all paid benefits are also offered to the users of Google Play Music and Youtube Premium. 

Some Important Features:

  • You can choose from a variety of more than 70 million songs.
  • You can easily curate lists of your favorite songs from a vast variety of genres.
  • One of the unique features of this platform is to listen to the music including live shows, remixes, covers, etc.
  • You can build personalized playlists as per your choice and mood.
  • It also offers to customize music as per your activity, workout, and focus sessions.
  • You can easily make your list from new release mixes and charts from all over the world.

For enhanced listening experience, you can see song lyrics to sing the song along them and to well understand the meaning. There is also an option to switch between audio and video.

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The best free music download apps for Android


What’s better than getting a ready-made playlist as per your choice?

Nothing…Right! Spotify makes this possible for you. It is one of the largest music streaming services with over 430 million monthly active users. It is a great music platform to search for the latest music covers, all thanks to its awesome discovery engine. Spotify also offers you to easily create, share and embed playlists. 

If you go for its premium plan, you can listen to any song from any genre in offline mode too. But once you lose the Spotify premium plan, you will lose access to the selected offline playlist. 

Some Important Features:

  • As per the music taste, you can get personalized recommendations.
  • Download your favorite songs anywhere anytime from any of the genres.
  • Hassle-freely listens to the ad-free music.
  • The free version of Spotify is also available to use and listen to your favorite music. 


Free Music Downloader Apps for Android


Pandora is another option subscription-based streaming music service based in California, the United States, and Oakland. Pandora lets you enjoy your personalized music list as per your mood and taste. The company was formed in 2000 with a business-to-business view in mind to license the music genome projects, but later, in 2005, they shifted their concentration to the customers a launched of internet radio product.

This freemium platform has basic services like streaming music albums, but with paid services, you can get downloaded music and improved music streaming quality. You can use the Pandora Genome project to discover more songs and albums of your choice. You can also add them to your library and listen later on.  

Some Important Features:

  • You can listen to high-quality audio at any time.
  • You can easily customize your MP3 music album.
  • Ad-free music is another advantage you can get with some paid subscriptions.
  • One of the unique features is to search the music via your voice. 

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Top English Songs App

Android apps to download hollywood songs


Top English Songs App is specially created for English music lovers. You can choose from a vast variety of top English songs. This online music broadcasting service is brought to you by India’s top song platform ‘’ to help people to search for their English songs wishlist along with videos anytime and anywhere. 

You don’t need to download the songs first and then listen to them. You can directly click this English song and listen to it. So, stop your search for English songs somewhere else, just download the app and get a huge variety of English songs. 

Some Important Features:

  • Get the access to latest and topmost English songs very easily.
  • As per your network speed, you can change the streaming quality of the music.
  • The interface is very smooth and simple to use to access the songs.
  • You can create a favorite playlist section and listen quickly to your favorite songs anytime.
  • You can even watch the music video.


Best Free MP3 Downloader for Android in 2022


MP3Skull is one of the good search engine platforms for MP3 files. You can search for your favorite music very easily and hassle-freely. It even allows you to download the particular music file from its link which too free of cost.

All the media content they provide for downloading is copyright free and legal. This feature of MP3Skull is conform with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act law for continued operation. But users can’t use it further for any sort of commercial purpose. 

Some Important Features:

  • Its unique ringtone feature allows you to set any song as your ringtone. 
  • It offers a huge library of MP3 music.
  • MP3Skull is a default music player.
  • The platform has even support for Youtube, and 4Shared. 
  • You can search for MP3 files for various sources at once.

Amazon Music

music download app for android


You must have heard about Amazon prime services, but if you don’t know about the Amazon music service among that, we are here to explain it to you! If you are one of the millions of Amazon Prime Members, you have access to prime music as well via this app. Now be a music lover along with being a shopper..!!!

It is free for prime members, Still, prime music allows you to download free music from your Android devices. If you don’t want to go for paid streaming services, you can listen to offline music easily. The platform’s music searching and sharing features are as good as Spotify. But if you love to hear from a simple music player, Amazon has a good name in itself.

Some Important Features:

  • You can hassle-freely access millions of songs and podcast episodes.
  • Amazon Music provides you with offline listening services.
  • You can opt for ad-free listening.
  • You can listen hand-freely on your favorite devices.

Some Knowledgable Points to Know before Downloading!

Whenever you download any sort of application from the Play Store, you must adhere to some guidelines and regulations. You must be careful while downloading any of the applications and

read all the terms and conditions carefully. Some of the points you can consider are discussed below:

  • Many free applications are inclined towards stealing your data and they may contain some malware to steal your personal information. You should do your utmost to analyze the platforms.
  • Also, some apps have technical lacks to download songs illegally. You must know everything about it before downloading from a particular application. You also need to know if the services are bound to your geographical location or not. 

Just keep an eye out for all the rules and regulations and you can listen to your favorite songs hassle-freely. 

The Closure

That’s all for this blog!

We tried our best to collect the most favorite Hollywood songs platform. You can download all the applications easily and you are good to go to listen to mind-blowing music. Just downloading the songs of your choice is a basic feature of all the applications, you can do much beyond that. You can create lists, and get suggestions of your choice and new releases. 

If you have any other options in mind, you can drop your ideas here. Tell us about your favorite among the given in the comment section…… We will be pleased to hear from your side!

Hope you had a good reading time!




How To Turn on Emergency Bypass on iPhone



How To Turn on Emergency Bypass on iPhone

How To Turn on Emergency Bypass on iPhone –So, you have found this page while Googling. First, you have landed at the right spot as we have covered every bit and piece of information regarding your query. Secondly, you will gain enough knowledge about what actually is an emergency bypass and learn to set it on to sidestep missing any urgent call or message. Let’s dive into the stream of information which will help you understand everything about the concept by its end!

Apple has a huge fan base. They keep coming up with a new-fangled range of devices every year. Even with a minor set of upgradation in apple devices, its popularity is immense. Whether it shifting from iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14 or anticipating the latest versions, Apple fanatics don’t hesitate to upgrade their old phones with the newest ones even with the mouth-dropping prices. Well, it was all about consumer behavior when it comes to purchasing iPhones. Now let’s talk about one of its greatest features i.e. emergency bypass.

DND (do not disturb) element is among the most useful features present in an iPhone. This attribute allows users to put everything on silence mode that too very quickly. Using this feature, people can put their entire focus on work without getting distracted by notifications with message tones or even calls. This is one of the iPhone tricks that help its users to put their phone in DND mode for a few people, not for all.

While DND is useful but there are some issues with it as well. If you use this feature, you can miss important or urgent messages and calls. However, there is a solution to avert missing important calls and texts i.e. emergency bypass on iPhone. If you want to know more about it and unlock its useful features, let’s learn the steps involved. Once you know it you will allow specific people to message, call, or facetime while DND is enabled. But first, let’s begin with its basics and know what it actually is!

What is an emergency bypass feature in an iPhone?

iPhone has a feature named focus modes that shuts all notifications and keeps you away from getting distracted while working or doing an important thing. However, what if some close ones want to contact you out of urgency or other tragic scenarios? To solve this issue, Apple has provided a feature called emergency bypass on iPhones.

Emergency bypass is one of the attributes of the iPhone that lets users personalize DND for specific contacts or people. When an iPhone user turns this feature ‘ON’ then a certain number of people or contacts can reach him/her using DND. You can get the notification, even if you have turned ‘on the do not disturb feature.

However, this is not the sole way to allow particular people to contact you when you turn on an emergency bypass iPhone.  iPhones with iOS 15, iOS 16, or further versions can utilize this feature. Whether you are using DND with focus mode or not, you can allow some people to bypass this mode and contact you easily.

  • Contacts or people with emergency bypass can easily:
  • Communicate with you even with the enabled DND.
  • Get through whether you have switched ON the focus mode or not.

Notify you with ringtones or other sounds even when your phone is in silent mode. Additionally, you can customize this sound with some soundboard apps available for iPhone.

Now you know what an emergency bypass can do, let us understand how to switch this feature on.

How to set an emergency bypass on in an iPhone?

There are two methods to turn on the emergency bypass in iPhone to allow people to reach you when you are busy. You can set it for both or either calls, messages, or facetime.

Steps to use emergency bypass for calls on your iPhone:

Steps to use emergency bypass for calls on your iPhone

The below-mentioned steps will help you turn on the emergency bypass for calls:

  • Step 1: Open the contacts application on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Click on the particular contact, you want to enable the emergency bypass feature for.
  • Step 3: Once done, click on the ‘option’.
  • Step 4: Now select a ringtone.
  • Step 5: Enable the toggle ‘on’ for the emergency bypass and you are all set!

Steps to use emergency bypass for text messages on your iPhone:

Steps to use emergency bypass for text messages on your iPhone

The following are the steps to set the emergency bypass ‘on’ for text messages.

  • Step 1: Open the contact application on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Select a contact you want to set the emergency bypass for.
  • Step 3: Click on edit.
  • Step 4: Hit on the ‘Text Tone.
  • Step 5: Once done, turn ‘on the emergency bypass toggle.

Steps to use emergency bypass for facetime on your iPhone:

Steps to use emergency bypass for facetime on your iPhone

Here are the steps involved in turning ‘on the emergency bypass for facetime.

  • Step 1: Open the facetime application on your phone.
  • Step 2: Select a contact for whom you want to set the emergency bypass.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘edit’ on the right side.
  • Step 4: Scroll down and check for the Text Tone and Ringtone options.
  • Step 5: If you want to get notified with a sound on a DND mode, simply ‘Toggle on to switch on the emergency bypass.
  • Step 6: If you want Text Tone for facetime, turn it in.

By now you have learned all these steps involved in enabling the emergency bypass in your iPhone. Turning on emergency bypass helps your close people to uninterruptedly communicate with you via phone, text, or facetime bypassing the DND mode.

Common FAQs related to emergency bypass in iPhone

How to turn off emergency bypass on iPhone?

You can deactivate the emergency bypass option in the same way you activated it. In the above steps, turning the toggle on enabled the emergency bypass, likewise, you can turn it off by toggling off. As you cannot turn it off for all contacts at once, you have to do it manually for each that you had enabled emergency bypass. So, this is how you disable emergency bypass on your iPhone.

How many contacts I can set emergency bypass for?

You can set emergency bypass for as many contacts as you want because there is no limit to it.

Do calls get rejected when I put my phone on DND mode?

Yes, it does. Unless you enable contacts to call, message, or do facetime, it gets rejected when you set your phone to DND mode.

What to do when the emergency bypass in iPhone stops working?

If you experience this issue, probably you are using an outdated operating system. To utilize this feature, you need to update your iOS via settings or the iTunes app.

Wrapping up

Apple has included a heap of features on iPhones that keep users engaged. Although there are a number of elements and tools that keep an iPhone user glued to their mobile, there are additional features that help iPhone users to set a time limit for screen time and improve their digital well-being.

As an iPhone user, you must have loved the perks that come with using the focus mode as it keeps you away from unnecessary notifications. However, there are a few people in your life whose messages, calls, or facetime cannot go unmissed in any situation. Hence, the emergency bypass in iPhones comes into play to help you with this. This feature has put an end to the inability of contacting someone whose phone is in DND mode. You can skip from the feeling of ‘what if this call was important or urgent, after missing it.By now you must have understood that enabling this feature will help special people, family, and friends in your life to get through no matter what!



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13 Best Soundboard Apps on Android and iOS You Can Download



Best Soundboard Apps

Questing for the best Soundboard apps for Android and iOS devices?

This blog caters to your needs! We have collected a mix-and-match list of some of the top Soundboard apps for Android and iOS devices. 

Who doesn’t want to have ready sound playlists or tracks to use whenever they want? I think…nobody! So, soundboard apps are there for you to make this possible. A soundboard app is used to play all sorts of sound bites like audio memes, any trimmed portion of songs, sound effects, popular movie phrases, and many such tracks. You can use such apps with any voice changer app or with podcasts. It is a very handy kind of thing to play on many events like weddings, or any live show, etc. Many soundboard apps offer ready-to-use soundtracks and some allow you to make your own. So, without wasting a minute, let’s have a look at the list of some of the best apps available in the market!

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Best SoundBoard Apps for Android and iOS

Here you will read a mix-and-match list of soundboard apps for Android and iOS platforms. You can choose as per your needs. Let’s get started reading!

Custom Soundboard

Best Soundboard Apps
Custom Soundboard

The first option on the list is the Custom Soundboard app available for Android devices. This app allows you to create limitless soundtracks hassle-freely from any device or any URL (Except YouTube URL). The platform is free to download and use. 

Create your track with multiple highlighting options and share them with your friends easily with the Custom Soundboard app. Even the app lets you create sound tables with your sound, music, or customized recordings. One can even use the existing audio in the phone to create the soundboard. 

Potential Features: 

  • Custom Soundboard allows in-app purchases. 
  • It also offers a Record Live Audio feature to make your own track.
  • You can easily trim and loop the tracks as per your needs.
  • The platform allows you to create a backup for your soundboards. 
  • You can even assign colors and thumbnails to the tracks.
  • It has support for various file formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, and many more. 
  • You can easily fade in and out the setting of the track.

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Soundboard Studio

Best Soundboard Apps on iOS
Soundboard Studio

Our next pick of the Soundboard app is for iOS platforms named Soundboard Studio. This app has some really advanced features and professional settings to work with. You can cover numerous events and activities through this platform like Recording Podcasts, Theatre Productions, Wedding or Birthday events, Church services, and many more.

You can add up to 24 tracks from various cloud services or from the music library of the device in the non-paid version provided by the company. And before jumping to the pro version, you can have a trial for 7 days. This professional sound playback app is perfect for voiceovers, sound effects, music, soundbites, etc. 

Potential Features:

  • Provides good support for various formats like MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats. 
  • You can play multiple tracks at the same time very easily.
  • You can set tracks to fade in or out.
  • Easily trim the start and end of the tracks.
  • Make your tracks recognizable by adding images.
  • Easily navigate between multiple boards of the tracks. 
  • There is an option to set the individual volume levels of different tracks.

Meme and Vine Soundboard

best free soundboard
Meme and Vine Soundboard

Are you looking for some funny memes and vines for your soundtracks? If so, then the next option on the list is perfect to do this. Meme and Vine Soundboard have two different versions for iOS and Android platforms. This best and free sound effect application is worth using. It has a large collection of unique sounds to offer you. You must swipe the tabs and select the perfect sound for your track. The application doesn’t offer customization. You can’t edit the sounds and make the loops. You may experience some ads in its non-paid version. If you upgrade to its golden version, you can have access to 100 plus free tracks. 

Potential Features:

  • You can access about 200 audio tracks.
  • You can easily add sounds to your favorite lists to access them easily later on.
  • You can also distinguish tracks and easily add images to each one.
  • It offers a very simple and clean interface to use. 
  • You can also share hilarious voices with your friends with its share button.
  • You can also buy the gold version by collecting rewards by doing various activities on the platform like watching videos and giving ratings to the app.

Funny Sounds Effects+

Soundboard App
Funny Sounds Effects+

The next soundboard app option, especially for iOS is the Funny Sounds Effects+ application. This is a free and customizable platform that offers a large collection of funny and cool sound effects to get funny sounds, prank sounds, text sounds, alarms, ringtones, etc. You can easily access over 80 famous soundtracks with a single tap button. You can just click the button to hear the funny sounds to prank your friends or to use it as a funny soundboard. This app basically includes some of the most famous and downloaded sound effects gathered together in one easy-to-use application. You can also save any soundtrack as a ringtone.

Potential Features:

  • You can even get laugh tracks of both men’s and women’s voices.
  • It is free to download and doesn’t contain any ads.
  • You can get over 80 soundtracks in high definition. 
  • It has a very easy-to-use and straightforward interface.
  • It offers various sounds like stadium horns, realistic sounds, fails sounds, etc.
  • You can even get famous movie phrases. 

Meme Soundboard

Best Soundboard Apps on Android
Meme Soundboard

Meme Soundboard by Zombodroid is another good choice on the list for Android users. It offers a complete set of Dank meme sounds at the fingertips. The platform regularly adds fresh memes, you just have to refresh it. It also offers a record function to let you make your memes. You can play almost 16 tracks all at the same time without taking care of length restrictions. You can easily trim the start and end of the track. Meme Soundboard is free to download and contains ads.

Potential Features:

  • It offers a top collection of over 500 top-quality selected sounds.
  • You can add a wound widget to your home screen. 
  • You can simply record your own sound or import any.
  • Easily set any sound as a ringtone, alarm, or notification.
  • You can even prank your friends with so many meme sounds.
  • It also offers multiple options for playback.

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Animals Soundboard

Best Soundboard Apps on Android
Animals Soundboard

If you searching particularly for animal sounds, then the next option for Android platforms on the list is best suited for it. It offers a huge variety of over 120 sounds of cats, dogs, elephants, fixes, vultures, and many more. The app can even work offline to use any sound. If you want your child to hear the sounds of any animals to recognize them, then this is one of the best options to opt for. One of the special features of this app is the Prank Mode tool which will help you to play some tracks when your phone gets moved. 

Potential Features:

  • You can define a set of sounds as your favorite ones to access them easily.
  • You can define particular sounds as notifications, alarms, contact ringtones, etc.
  • You can even share sounds through WhatsApp, Telegram, Emails, MMS, etc.
  • It allows you to add sounds as widgets on the desktop.
  • It lets you play random sounds very hassle-freely.
  • The prank Mode option is one of its best features.

MLG Meme Streamer Soundboard

free soundboard apps
MLG Meme Streamer Soundboard

The next choice on the list is MLG Meme Streamer Soundboard- a nice option used for iOS platforms. It is full of the best and funniest memes, streamers, pranks, sound effects, etc. If you want to use it for gaming, pranking your friends or family, or just want to laugh, it is one of the best options to use. The app is free to use but also offers free in-app purchases. 

Potential Features:

  • Choose the best soundtracks and pranks as per your requirement very easily.
  • If you want any soundboard option, particularly for gaming, then it is one of the well-tested options.
  • It is basically a fun fan-made app for your entertainment.
  • The app is free to download, so you may face some ads while using it.

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GameShow FX Soundboard

Best Soundboard
GameShow FX Soundboard

The GameShow FX Soundboard app is used for events, especially for Android platforms. It actually brings the excitement of high-production game shows to your android gadgets. You can add sounds like prize wheels, dramatic countdowns, wrong answer buzzers, correct answer tones, and many more such options to make your events more interesting and entertaining. It will surely intensify your event. No matter if you want to make your event interesting or if you are playing at your home or in class, it will add fun to the event.

Potential Features:

  • It offers multiple theme music options to set the mood of your event.
  • You can also use its cue thinking music while participants are thinking about the answer.
  • You can also add audience applause sound effects to simulate the real crowd.
  • It also offers to use an on-screen timer.
  • You can star your favorite sound to send them to the top of the board.

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100 Sound Buttons 2

Soundboard download
100 Sound Buttons 2

The next option on the list is also for Android platforms named 100 Sound Buttons 2. It is an extended version of the 100 Sound Buttons app. Very little information for the app is available at the Play Store. You can just download it and use it to know in depth about the features. It is free to use and contains ads. 

Potential Features:

  • One of the latest things that are added in this version is additional 20 soundtracks apart from 100 previous sounds of the previous version.
  • You can get the latest effects in this second version.
  • You can use memes, vehicles, funny, and many kinds of animal sounds, etc.
  • Duplicate and broken sounds are fixed in this version.
  • The app is very lightweight to use.

Halloween Soundboard App

Soundboard App
Halloween Soundboard App

If you want to use any soundboard app option, particularly for Halloween, then the Halloween soundboard app is the best option for Android. It basically features a Halloween theme and many other scary soundtracks. The app is available for free to use but contains ads. It not only offers one or two scary sounds but a collection of the same to choose from. It also allows you to play random tracks at the same time. If you want to access an ad-free collection, you must take a premium subscription. 

Potential Features:

  • You can use around 48 scary sound effects like creepy church bells, creaking doors, crow noises, etc.
  • It also allows you to layer sounds one over another to get a creepier effect.
  • It also offers a randomized icon if you are confused about which sound effect to play.
  • You can also play a track on an infinite loop with just a double tap.
  • You can set any track as your ringtone.

MLG Memes Soundboard

Best Soundboard Apps on Android
MLG Memes Soundboard

The next turn on the list is MLG Memes Soundboard for Android platforms. This application offers various decent memes. The usage is very simple and the design is very colorful. The app has some advertisements and is not so friendly for child users. If you go for its pro version, you can go ad-free then. 

Potential Features:

  • You can easily download all the sounds you want to use.
  • You can also add your own sounds and use them later.
  • You can split and play the sounds you have added as per your use.
  • Your own sounds can also be used for setting alarms, notifications, ringtones, etc.
  • The interface is very smooth and simple to use. 

Instant Buttons

Soundboard Apps
Instant Buttons

Instant Buttons is one of the other Android and iOS options for soundboard apps. It is a unique soundboard collection for your mobile phones. You can have so many fun sound effects under this app. Instant Buttons offers various tracks related to anime, video games, series, movies, etc. It is one of the apps that even offers sports commentaries as soundtracks. It is also well suitable for children as it has cartoon shows and many popular songs for children. You can even make a list of your favorite tracks to use as per your need. 

Potential Features:

  • The platform allows you to trim the track as per your requirement. 
  • You can also set these tracks as alarm ringtones or notification sounds, etc.
  • Ad-free and with-ad versions are available. 
  • It offers up to 400 different soundtracks.
  • It also offers most of the famous soundtracks of the sports world.
  • You can also share soundtracks with your friends with just a touch of a button.

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Live Streamer

Best Soundboard Apps on Android
Live Streamer

The last option on the list is the Live Streamer soundboard app available for Android platforms. Live Streamer soundboard is well known for best streamers, memes, pranks, and many other sound effects. It also includes so many funny moments from popular games like Ali A, gamer Daequan, Myth Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, etc. This is actually like a funny gaming soundboard. 

Potential Features:

  • It also offers high and low-pitch voice changer adjusts buttons.
  • Its fart sound is simply amazing to prank your friends.
  • It will provide you with a huge list of sound fx, pranks, memes, and streamers to give you the tools you need. 
  • This fan-made app is a super shot for your fun and entertainment. 

Wrapping Up

Closing this blog with this mix-and-match list of the 13 best soundboard apps for Android and iOS. Each one has its own set of features as discussed above. You should choose as per your work requirement like whether you want to go for gaming voices, haunting sounds, or some anime ones. You can go through the list with their key features and choose the one as per your need. 

If you have any other option in mind, feel free to drop your idea here..we will appreciate it!

Still want to ask something, you can do it hassle-free…we will serve you happily!

Hope you had a good read!



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The Best Note-Taking App for iPad In 2023 (Free & Paid)



Best Note-Taking App for iPad

Are you looking for the best Note Taking Apps for iPad? Then your hunt is over!

If you’re a dedicated notetaker, you already know that only an iPad plus an Apple Pencil aren’t enough. The software you use for taking notes can have a significant influence on the effectiveness of your thoughts.

However, the choosing procedure becomes a maze of dizzying dimensions, the moment you visit the app store. 

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To help you with that, we have dedicated some time to finding the best note apps for all kinds of purposes including both personal and professional needs. 

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And after meticulously going through all of the decision-making procedures, we have condensed our list down to the 10 greatest notes apps for iPads. 

So keep reading and have fun!

Best Note-Taking App for iPad (Free + Paid)


Best Note-Taking App for iPad

Notability is among the most prominent iPad note-taking applications available in the App Store. It has received favorable feedback throughout time and has ranked as the #1 app worldwide. In terms of its usability, all folders are located on the left bar, while notes are located on the right. You may make a subject and organize all of your notes under it. There are favorite toolbars, which allow you to bookmark your preferred items for quick access.

Notability also has various customization possibilities, including a large range of pad layouts and styles. In presentation mode, one may share ideas and even collaborate with double notes in a multiple-note. Notability’s sketching experience is likewise excellent, with shapes and arrows, and the ability to swiftly swap between ink colors.

Key Features:

  • Make instantaneous multi-media notes or journals.
  • Customize your group notes and stay organized at all times.
  • The Apple pencil has been fine-tuned to provide the most exquisite writing and drawing experience.
  • Exclusive audio-syncing while taking notes.
  • Switch between many notes quickly.
  • Import notes in a variety of formats, including PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, GIFs, and others.
  • Search, tag, and save notes from anywhere.


  • Its free edition only allows for limited editing and functionalities.
  • No auto-backup option or iCloud syncing.


The app is available in the following plans:

  • Free
  • Monthly Subscription at $2.99
  • Annual Subscription at $11.99


Note Apps for iPad

Evernote is an obvious choice for iPads because of its capabilities, which are employed not only by people but also by organizations. It allows you to construct an unlimited number of notebooks, chores, and questionnaires. Evernote, like many other note-taking apps, has a plethora of features. For example, you can include illustrations, text, multimedia, PDFs, and a variety of other items in your notes.

It also composes your voiced note, saving you substantial time over the period of a usual workday. You can use your camera to scan documents and images and digitize your analog material. Moreover, you can sync & cloud puts all of your gadgets on the same page, at all times. Overall, Evernote’s impressive feature set is rounded off with a well-organized file and search system.

Key Features:

  • Add many types of content ideas to your notes, including multimedia, web clips, PDFs, DOCs, drawings, and more.
  • Syncing with Google Calendar so that you never violate a deadline.
  • All-in-one app for students and professionals.
  • Find anything quickly with a powerful search.
  • Upload up to 10GB every month with Evernote Personal and 20GB with Evernote Business.
  • Supports lock screen gadgets.


  • The free edition has fewer features and does not allow for offline access or access on an unlimited number of mobile devices.


The app is available in the following plans:

  • Free
  • Evernote Premium at $6.99
  • Evernote Personal at $8.99

Apple Notes

free note-taking app for ipad
Apple Notes

We really can not discuss iPad note apps without including this app. Apple Notes, which comes standard with iOS devices, lets you type or take written notes. The application’s drawing abilities are extremely powerful, keeping it easy to add doodles and pictures to your notes. It also lets you record voice messages with Siri while driving.

Besides the fact you can use this app for free, the most notable aspect of Apple Notes has been its close connection with iOS. When you utilize iCloud, you may effortlessly switch from note-taking on your iPad to any other iOS device. Moreover, whatever you write is immediately saved in iCloud.

Key Features:

  • Attachments such as images, maps, web links, papers, and more can be included.
  • Keep critical or personal information in a locked note.
  • Sort your notes by placing them in folders and subfolders.
  • Use tags to categorize and arrange your notes in a quick and flexible manner.
  • With Activity view, you can view what others added to a shared note when you were away.
  • To designate your location, add deep links from an app or a website to a Quick Note.


  • Nothing.


  • Free.

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GoodNotes 5

best iPad pro note-taking app
GoodNotes 5

The GoodNotes 5 is an excellent note app for iPad that truly resembles a classic pen-and-paper feel by allowing you to translate your writing to text. You can search inside your notes, alter the font size of your handwriting, select from a choice of paper layouts, make flashcards, and more. The app makes use of digital ink technology to display your illustrations and drawings in HD.

With the user-friendly export tool, you can easily back up your data to third-party services such as iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more. This means you don’t need to worry about losing your very important notes. And you can access them from anywhere across the globe.

Key Features:

  • HD copies are possible because of digital-ink technology.
  • Search handwritten notes, PDF text, doc outlines, folder titles, and geometric designs.
  • Sharing and posting are made easier with a digital whiteboard.
  • Design and organization options are endless.
  • Use your iPad’s Laser Pointer to direct the attention of your audience.
  • Synced with iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other services.


  • Nothing.


The app is available in the following plans:

  • Free
  • Full Version Unlock at $8.99
  • The Ultimate Student Planner at $12.99
  • Grids & Graphs: Draft Papers at $0.99
  • The Hustle Planner at $12.99
  • Dotted Grids & Graphs Papers at $0.99
  • The Universal Daily Planner at $12.99
  • Hexagonal Grid: Draft Papers at $0.99
  • Slouchy Cat Stickers at $1.99
  • Happy Place Covers at $1.99
  • Good Morning – BuJo Stickers at $1.99


free note-taking app for iPad

CollaNote is another enjoyable note-taking app for the iPad and iPad Pro. The app has various useful features, such as a color fill tool for adding and a curve editor for drawing smooth graphs and charts. Remember capturing voice notes in Notability with auto-sync? CollaNote includes that, and the greatest thing is that you don’t have to pay for membership since the CollaNote software is free to use. 

You may use CollaNote in Dark mode when taking notes. It has Dynamic colors, which means that the notes you made in light mode will not be distorted when you move to dark mode. Furthermore, there are several stickers and distinctive layouts provided to create the notes more attractive.

Key Features:

  • Finest handwriting experience with minimum latency, driven by an exceptional vector ink engine.
  • Smart Dark Mode is ideal for taking notes and reading.
  • Collaboration in real-time with no delay and an infinite number of participants.
  • 150+ paper designs and lovely templates.
  • Online whiteboard for teaching and learning.
  • Record audio and your handwriting is synchronized to it.


Managing notes and folders is not good.



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iPad for note taking

Whink is a simplistic notetaking tool that everyone, especially people who struggle with technology, may use. It has a simple design that helps you take notes easily and quickly. Unlike most other notetaking applications, Whink’s pen tool simulates a gel pen with classic ink colors, giving it the impression of writing on paper with a pen. You may also modify the width of your line and select from a range of color palettes.

Another amazing feature is its ability to multitask. Whink supports split-screen mode, allowing you to take notes while viewing a movie or studying other content. While you may change this through the iPad’s settings, it’s far easier to do it this way.

Key Features:

  • Write smoothly using a gel ink pen to simulate the sensation of pen & paper.
  • Format typewritten notes quickly.
  • Import PDFs from other apps, such as Email, using Open-In.
  • Record meetings when writing notes and play them back at your leisure.
  • Excellent for creating charts or geometric designs.
  • Backup and sync with iCloud automatically.
  • Using the Open-In function, you may open your notes in another app.
  • More affordable than other apps like Notability.


  • No free version.
  • Limited search functionality.


Avail of all its features at $5.52

Loose Leaf

The Best Note-Taking App for iPad In 2023 (Free & Paid)
Loose Leaf

If you enjoy taking notes graphically, Loose Leaf may be a terrific note app for you. It is not like other note-taking applications. Instead of a whole notebook, the pages are haphazardly piled here. You’ll feel as if you’re working on a piece of paper rather than a notepad. You may flick through the pages and erase them using the iPad’s two-finger motions. 

Using motions, you may organize the pages into a single document. You can also import photographs and add those to your notes. However, there are just five colors to pick from, which may be enough if you require a simple notetaking tool.

Key Features:

  • Templates of all kinds, including blank, lined, grid, and more.
  • Importing images and PDFs is simple.
  • Scissors make movable scraps.
  • For basic forms, use a ruler or protractor.
  • Scrap drawer on the sidebar.
  • Export and distribute ideas over key social networks.
  • Page navigation with a simple two-finger gesture.


  • When compared to more advanced note-taking apps, it lacks various customization options.




free note-taking app for ipad

The greatest iPad note-taking applications do not have to be the best complicated. Simpler is sometimes better. That is where Simplenote truly shines. As the name implies, this isn’t a bloated app with a slew of features you’ll never use. Instead, it concentrates on allowing you to create fantastic notes in a clear and straightforward manner, while also providing a few handy tools to enhance your note-taking experience.

Simplenote includes note browsing, so you can readily access previous jottings. Moreover, tags, sharing through web links, and password locks for sensitive material are also supported.

Key Features:

  • An intuitive note-taking experience
  • Third-party apps can be used to share ideas.
  • Use a passcode lock to secure your content.
  • Tags help you stay organized and may be used for rapid searching and sorting.
  • Log in to your account and publish your notes.
  • Auto-sync across any computer, phone, or tablet.


  • In contrast to other apps, it does not allow styluses, PDF annotation, and other robust features.


  • Free.


The Best Note-Taking App for iPad In 2023 (Free & Paid)

Beesy is suited for usage in the commercial and professional worlds. The integrated To-Do-Manager converts current obligations and notes into checklists for you, saving you time in planning, organizing, and recording meetings and tasks. This organizational genie has a lot of options with audio, photographs, and GPS data, such as journey planning. 

With ongoing and consistent use, the smart system is trained from your inputs and content and progressively anticipates your demands. This feature-rich notes tool easily accepts keyboard use. If you get stuck, just refer to the accompanying tutorials and help.

Key Features:

  • Organize your task list and tasks.
  • Follow up on crucial emails to prevent becoming overwhelmed with information.
  • Meeting minutes that are professional and automated in < 1 min.
  • Boost the performance of your Microsoft tools with a Microsoft connection.
  • Sorted, saved, shared, and synced across all team members. 


  • Less user-friendly in comparison to other apps.


The app is available in the following plans:

  • Free
  • Reminders full synchronization at $1.99
  • Import Documents at $1.99
  • Export Reports to PDF at $1.99
  • Beesy Pro – Yearly Subscription at $69.99
  • Beesy Sync – Yearly Subscription at $69.99

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Best Note-Taking App for iPad

If the design of an app is vital to you, then take a glance at Bear. It’s among the most visually appealing note-taking applications available again for iPad. Bear, on the other hand, is not a superficial app. Some of its finest features include hashtags (for quickly finding related material), compatibility with the Apple Watch (for dictating voice notes while on the way), and the capability to mark down notes and draw with an Apple Pencil.

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Bear is also Siri-compatible, which is impressive. You can make notes using only your voice from any Siri-enabled device. Finally, Bear provides a comprehensive range of export types, including HTML, JPG, EPUB, and more.

Key Features:

  • WRITE YOUR WAY using versatile yet straightforward tools.
  • Use #tags, #multi-word tags#, or perhaps even nested tags to organize your notes efficiently.
  • Emoji autocomplete may be used to add flair to your tasks and diaries.
  • Quickly exchange your notes with any 3rd-party app, such as WP, Sparkle, or Mail.
  • Sync notes across Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.


  • Nothing.


The app is available in the following plans:

  • Free
  • Monthly Pro subscription at $1.49
  • Yearly Pro subscription at $14.99

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Final Words

That’s it! We’ve compiled a list of the top Notetaking applications for iPad, both free and paid. You’re probably thinking about which note app I should use now.

Well, the answer lies in your goal. Yes, the use case is important since some are students and others are professionals. Apple Notes is a wonderful alternative for taking fast notes. On the other hand, Notability and GoodNotes 5 may be the finest notetaking apps for iPad for teams and individuals.

Hope we were able to address your concerns and that you found this blog informative! 

In case of further doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section below. We would be glad to assist you.



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