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How To Increase Your Followers Likes On Roposo App?



How To Increase Your Followers

How To Increase Your Followers Likes On Roposo App? Want dedicated Roposo followers that keep reposting your posts? No wonder; that’s the excitement Roposo has created in the fashion world. Of course, social networks become more attractive if you find people giving importance to your views and ideas. But in the world of fashion, getting more followers, likes and reposts can be challenging due to the different taste of different people. Your fashion choices may not resonate with all of the community members and that’s why it becomes a tedious task to popularize your posts on Roposo. Nevertheless, popularity can be gained on Roposo regarding more reposts by following some highly useful tips that we are going to share with you here. So scroll down and get some hot tips for making your posts reposted and shared more often.

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Have a Look at the Profiles with the Highest Number of Reposts

The best way to learn something good is to thoroughly examine what successful people are doing. At Roposo, you will find numerous other active members whose posts are being shared and reposted the most. Go through their profiles and try to explore the idea they are sharing or the kind of language style they are using. Also, go through their activities and most popular posts. This thorough analysis of successful Roposo users will inspire you to post something interesting in your community.

Hashtags – Best Way to Grab Attention


After their resounding success on Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are trending on Roposo as well. To make your post attention-grabbing, try some popular hashtags while posting. By doing this, you will be making your post available to all those users who are searching for that keyword specifically. It has been proved that the popular hashtags bring more attention to your topic than anything else.

Serve Your Roposo Community with Fashion Dose Regularly

Regularity is another important aspect of being popular at. If you want your posts to get shared more and more, you will have to be regular in your posts on new Natural beauty tips, hairstyle options, and style statements. Your frequency will indeed serve other users’ fashion needs, thus increasing the number of followers to your posts.

Like, Comment and Repost Other’s Posts


This is the best way ever to get back more reposts and likes on all social media platforms including Roposo. At Roposo, you can like, share or comment any of the posts through Roposo app. Keep replying to others posts as much as you can, and you will, in turn, be rewarded as more followers and thus more reposts. There will be beginners at Roposo like you, who are in hunt of more reposts. So by sharing their posts further, you will be gaining a fair share of reposts for your Roposo posts as well.

Originality – The Basic Need of Your Roposo Post

Don’t think of borrowing ideas from Flicker, Pinterest or Instagram, as this trick will not help you to gain dedicated followers and thus reposts. To make you Roposo post more attractive come out with your unique idea. You can even come out with your views on B-town celebrities and fashion styling like comparing stars with same dresses. That’s because all this is going to entertain your fashion community much more than what you will inherit from other social media channels.

Be Simple and Sensible With Your Words

You might believe that sharing content on a fashion platform means the use of complex language, vocabulary or sentences. But forget all about these notions; people at Roposo are more interested in the content than the words you use to convey it. They only want to explore more about the latest fashion and trendy styles. It doesn’t matter to them what words you are using, what is important is just the meaning that you are delivering. So keep your words simple and sophisticated so that user of any level can understand all about your content.

Keep Following and Hash-tagging Celebrities

This is one of the easiest methods to get your posts noticed by more people on Roposo. Sometimes by following and hash-tagging your favorite celebrity too often may reward you with his/her comment on your post. Or even your favorite celebrity may follow you back. With this, you automatically can get necessary attention thus increasing the number of followers, likes, reposts and sharing of your posts. So keep an eye on celebrities’ activities regularly.

You can see becoming popular on Roposo is not an as much difficult task as it seems but what you need to do is produce quality fashion related content smartly. Keep all these tips in mind and you will be rewarded with more reposting and sharing of your Roposo posts. If you haven’t tried Roposo yet, then don’t wait any more. Get registered to Roposo and discover latest fashion and styling trends online at a single place.



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How To Get More Followers on Instagram – 15+ Easy Steps



How To Get More Followers on Instagram

Are you looking for ways how to get more followers on Instagram?

It’s no secret that Instagram is the leading platform for creators and business people.

There are approximately 1.4 billion monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide, and 200 million of these users have business accounts. Not just that, according to a report, the most viewed Instagram stories are coming out of business accounts.

Do you know what that means?

If you are not leveraging this platform for your brand or business, you are already falling behind your competitors.

But here comes the pain point: as glittery as this whole thing appears to be, the reality is that it requires a huge amount of strategies, hard work, and perseverance to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram and even afterward.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you might have already seen the cheap tricks of #likeforlike, #follow4follow, or getting paid followers who don’t provide any kind of engagement, and much more.

But do you know that Instagram allows such accounts by restricting their reach to the audience? Yes, it is true.

So what to do? Don’t worry! 

In this blog, we will help you gain authentic followers for your Instagram account who will stick to your content and your brand.

So, let’s get started!

How to get more followers on Instagram – 15+ easy steps!

Before moving on to the topic, we assume you already have a public account. So, let’s en route towards the ways that will help you how to grow on Instagram.

Optimize your bio

How To Get More Followers on Instagram
Optimize your bio

The first thing a visitor lands on your Instagram page notices is your “bio”. A warm, actionable, and factual description of your brand helps people better understand what you do and why they should follow you. So optimize as much as you can.

Also, don’t forget to add a hint of your personality. This is very important, as different people connect with different accounts based on the things they can resonate with.

For a better understanding, here are some examples:

  • Ishita Mangal: “Delivering informative fashion and beauty unconventionally.”
  • Ankur Warikoo: “Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, online educator, and content creator.”
  • Netflix India: “Thoda Heist, Thoda Hijack.”

Next, add Linktree to your bio. As Instagram’s bio itself doesn’t allow you to have more than one link, by using the Linktree tool, you can add multiple links in a single-page link and let people find all your work in one place. Also, you can indirectly persuade them to interact with your content.

Hire a designated social media manager

how to grow on Instagram
Hire a designated social media manager

When you first step into the creator world, you find yourself drowning in a lot of work, including planning & creating content, scheduling & posting, interacting with the followers, and sharing it on other social media accounts.

In such cases, the overall productivity of your work starts deteriorating. Thus, it is wise to hire someone (one or max two people) who has great social taste, has prior experience handling Instagram accounts, and can also keep you updated with the daily changing algorithms. This way, you can concentrate more on creating content and worry less about external factors. Also, they provide a lot of help by letting you use social media to earn money for local businesses.

Brush up your photography and videography skills

followers for your Instagram
Brush up your photography and videography skills

Instagram is all about aesthetics! How beautifully you present your content on your feed grabs a lot of attention from your audience.

You can’t just post a random post or reel on your feed. This might work on other social media platforms, but on Instagram, it’s a big no-no!

Thankfully, in this digital era, there are many free resources where you can at least learn the basics of photography or video editing for free. There is no need to enroll in the paid courses (at least in the initial stage).

Additionally, here are some basics that can give you a start:

  • Focus on one subject at a time.
  • Find an interesting object.
  • Try to capture symmetry.
  • Target a bigger canvas for more cinematic thought.

Next, edit photos and videos before you post. Instagram itself allows for some editing options, but for wider tools, you can always take help from third-party editing apps. For example, use Picsart for photo editing or VN for video editing. If you do want deeper knowledge, check out the best ways of creating a perfect video for social media .

Additionally, always keep a single Instagram theme for your feed so that the visitors get a sense of what your brand is all about.

Create shareable content

followers for your Instagram
Create shareable content

The first step in actively reaching new audiences is to start producing shareable content. It just needs one popular post to touch hundreds of thousands of individuals, and tried-and-true forms include motivational quotations, educational carousel articles, short-format reels, and trendy memes.

Memes are particularly fantastic at spreading virally, especially when they capitalize on a current cultural trend. They often combine text and images and are frequently humorous. Your meme is more likely to go viral if it strikes a chord with people in your neighborhood!

Also, to make a good post, attempt to strike a balance between the popular images you’re using, the attitude of your core demographic, and the specialty of your brand.

Prepare your content in advance

Prepare your content in advance

Always, always make sure you have a good number of 20-25 posts ready in advance before you start posting them on your profile. This will give all your future visitors a clear picture of the quality of your feed.

Also, be very specific about the posting schedule. It can be a game changer, especially when your audience is in different time zones. 

Think and plan whether you will post regularly, alternate days, or simply 3 days a week. This allows your followers to stay up to date on your posting schedule. 

Also, there is no hard-and-fast rule. Keep experimenting until you figure out what works best for you. And once you have everything set up around you and your inner creative soul is ready, it’s time to publish and interact with your audience.

Level up your caption game

increase followers on Instagram for your business
Level up your caption game

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to the captions and the comments section. They are like the icing on the cake. So, if you want to increase followers on Instagram for your business, you need to master the game of captions.

You can do the following for winning Instagram captions:

  • Write something witty or pun-intended.
  • Smartly incorporate the emojis (try Pictionary for more hints).
  • Engage your followers with a certain call to action.
  • Create your hashtags or follow the trending and relevant ones.

Use relevant hashtags for a wider reach

how to get Instagram followers fast
Use relevant hashtags for a wider reach

Another way to get followers for your Instagram account is to use relevant hashtags in your posts. A hashtag ties different people in different locations into a single stream who wouldn’t know each other.

To find out the relevant hashtags on Instagram, you can use several hashtag generator apps. There is also an alternative approach to finding hashtags that are free and work all the time.

Open your Instagram app, go to the Explore tab, and search for a specific keyword. It will then create a list of all the relevant hashtags surrounding it, along with the number of times that particular hashtag has been used. Alternatively, you can also create your hashtags, for example, in the case of miniseries or podcasts.

Also, it has been seen that many people seeking to learn how to get Instagram followers fast use irrelevant hashtags like #dolike, #dofollow, #like4like, and many others. A little heads up: don’t fall into such traps. You will certainly see an initial spike in your follower list, but then it will fall off.

Note: For beginners, you can get the Instagram followers app to keep a close watch on who is following you and what kind of audience is interested in your content.

get more followers on Instagram for free
Follow the content trends

Another way to get more followers on Instagram for free is to follow the current trends. With the arrival of TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts, short-form content has become everyone’s favorite.

In fact, as per a Hubspot report, 85% of the marketers who are taking advantage of short-form content have the most engaged audiences.

Moreover, it is a great feature to show off your creativity in the menial time and keep your audience engaged throughout the content.

Take advantage of Instagram stories

get followers without following
Take advantage of Instagram stories

While Instagram posts and reels give you limited options to edit, Instagram stories are a whole different ballgame. Brands and creators love it.

Public accounts can now share on the go, and beneath appears for 24 hours on Instagram thanks to the fleeting Instagram Stories feature. These posts may not appear as refined as a published shot, but they offer your company more personality.

Just consider how popular Snapchat became a couple of years ago. Similar features were added by the Instagram app, which increased the value and appeal of such programs from users’ perspectives. Instagram Stories currently boasts more than 500 million daily users, despite Snapchat having invented this function.

This is how you can take advantage of Instagram stories to get followers without following anyone:

Since the stories only remain for 24 hours, you can then add highlights by creating a separate folder. This will be shown in your profile for the rest of your life.

Also, do you know there are ways through which you can see someone’s Instagram stories anonymously? These are helpful especially when you want to know what your competitors are doing without knowing them.

Join Instagram Live

get Instagram followers
Join Instagram Live

Another content type that has proven to be quite successful on other social media platforms, Live videos are another format that Instagram users may capture and post. What makes Instagram Live videos special? After users stop filming, they vanish.

To add human qualities to an online community that is often highly edited and polished, marketers may share unscripted, unfiltered experiences with their audience through this real-time, two-way interaction.

With the introduction of the Live function, Instagram has added other elements that might encourage greater viewer involvement or engagement, including Q&A, requests to join, pinned comments, and adding filters.

You may organize a live event in association with an expert or another organization to get Instagram followers. You may advertise this live event with folks that your audience would be interested in and then conduct it on your account.

Tag relevant people into your photos

how to get Instagram followers fast without paying
Tag relevant people into your photos

Another method of how to get Instagram followers fast without paying is to tag the people who are associated with your brand in the particular post. By tagging pertinent accounts, you may make yourself visible to those who aren’t following you by appearing in their tagged post.

For example, after a dance fitness class, if you own a fitness center, you could snap a group photo and tag everyone in it. Then all of their labeled feeds will be filled.

The post will be seen by their followers, who will then find your studio. Yet this approach also works for other company and brand accounts. If you can, tag others and share the spotlight. It will come full circle, bringing you additional leads and Instagram followers.

Keep a close watch on your competitors

how to get followers on Instagram without following
Keep a close watch on your competitors

Looking at what your rivals are doing and picking up tips from it is another effective strategy for how to get followers on Instagram without following.

If you look into their accounts, you could find hashtags, influencers, or unique ideas that you hadn’t considered, as well as other marketing tactics that might help you with your own.

Moreover, take notice that some of their feeds are doing the best because it might be another indication of what can work for your account.

In the world of content creation, the more you learn from your fellow competitors, the better it will be for your business.

Don’t forget to check this – The Most Profitable Businesses Ideas for Startups

Repost when someone tags you in their post

how to get followers on Instagram without following
Repost when someone tags you in their post

Every time someone tags your company or brand, repost the content to your feed to gain more exposure. Instagram is a fantastic tool for a company since it allows you to display good comments and mentions.

Remember to get in touch with the user, appreciate them for their posting, and get their consent to republish it (according to Instagram’s terms of service, you must receive written consent before reposting a user’s work).

The user will probably concur. Reposting for Instagram is one such program, but you can also do it manually. In either case, don’t forget to both tags and acknowledge the author of the piece in the caption.

Use Instagram ads to boost your profile

get followers for instagram
Use Instagram ads to boost your profile

Instagram ads are a great way to boost your profile and make it reach a wider audience. Consider investing in them if you have a flexible budget. Also, you use several power editor tools to make powerful carousel advertisements to market your content.

You may even use Facebook advertising to get your content in front of more consumers if you’re conducting a special contest or marketing campaign.

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You can ensure that your photos will be seen by your Instagram followers, who will be engaged in your company and help you target your clients according to their tastes and habits. Find the tactics that work best for you or your company, even though some of them may be more effective than others.

Post content generated by users

get followers for instagram
Post content generated by users

Similar to cross-promotion, companies may share user-generated material to express gratitude to current clients while simultaneously generating social proof.

I’m more inclined to believe an ordinary person likes a product if I see them recommending it on Instagram.

Most customers have the same perspective. It explains why Meesho and Yelp are so well-liked websites.

In the end, using user-generated content may be a great way to build brand recognition and customer confidence in your goods and services. This tactic is employed by many influencers and artists.

Try to get on Instagram’s Explore page

Try to get on Instagram’s Explore page

It’s easier to say than to do to get on the Instagram search results page. We comprehend that. You will, however, be producing readily shared and fashionable material if you write pieces intending to be on the Explore page.

While making a video, consider the latest trends that are going viral. Moreover, in those postings, include hashtags and the hashtags of other users and companies.

Also, it appears that Instagram’s browse page mechanism favors material with higher engagement, particularly if it occurs within the initial few moments after publishing. 

In the case of Instagram, engagement from prominent individuals is among the greatest methods to achieve this. Quality is preferable to quantity in this scenario.

Final Thoughts: How to get a lot of followers on Instagram?

It takes time to amass a following on Instagram that is both consistent and devoted. They can’t be acquired overnight.

Moreover, we think that what attracts individuals to your account is the caliber and consistency of your work. Thus, we advise you to place more emphasis on the quality of your material than the number of your followers. Eventually, your audience will expand.

To succeed in the long-term game on Instagram, you must first concentrate on your controllable factors, such as the quality of the material you create, the messages you spread, and the brand you establish.

Hope you found this blog useful! Wanna know how to increase your followers and likes on the Roposo app? Read it out.



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How to View Instagram Stories and Profiles Anonymously?



View Instagram Stories and Profiles Anonymously

Do you want to check someone’s Instagram story without stamping your presence? Try these techniques to view Instagram stories and profiles anonymously!

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular and powerful social media platforms. It has become the new favorite online spot for photo-sharing and reel-making for every individual. This platform has only seen ascending footfall since its birth a decade ago.  Every other day Instagram is coming with new updates, evolved designs, and fascinating features. Not only does it entertain people but also has monetizing capabilities in abundance. Looking at its insanely beneficial features, many local businesses are using this social media platform to promote their offerings and gain more customers.

Instagram introduced one of the most intriguing features in this app i.e. stories wherein people can share photos and videos that run for 24 hours. Once a user submits his/her stories in the story, they are able to see whoever has checked it within 24 hours. Now there are several valid reasons why people don’t want to show their attendance while checking another Instagram user’s story. Some don’t have their own account on Instagram and some just don’t want to reveal their identity to the user at the other end.

Luckily, you can use some tools to check a user’s Instagram stories and profiles anonymously. You can view people’s profiles even without having your own account on this platform.  In this post, we will take a look at some of the best methods present right now to view stories secretly.

View Instagram Stories and Profiles Anonymously-Best Smart techniques

View Instagram Stories and Profiles Anonymously

If you want to watch Instagram stories and profiles anonymously without revealing your presence and identity, then follow these methods to do it.

Use a separate Instagram account

Create a different Instagram account and utilize it whenever you want to watch stories and profiles without revealing your actual account details. You need to ensure that this separate account doesn’t include your personal details or other identifying info. By using switch Instagram accounts in the app you can handle both accounts with a single click.

Click to your profile-à tap your account nameà click add an account or other account. This will help you manage both accounts conveniently.

Switch to Airplane mode

Go to the user’s profile of whom you want to watch the story, then switch on airplane mode on your phone before viewing their Instagram story. Please note that enabling airplane mode on a PC is different from turning it on an iPhone or Android.

You can watch stories on Instagram even with poor internet connectivity because it preloads some of its content. So, switching temporarily to airplane mode will let you see stories on Instagram without the creator’s knowledge. This method doesn’t work when the user posts multiple stories one after the other.

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Use third-party website

Websites such as StoriesDown, Anon IG Viewer, and Instastories allow people to view Instagram stories and profiles anonymously or without logging into the account. You only need to provide a user name to view users’ stories as well as posts. Some websites also enable individuals to download content from this social media platform. However, you can only view public accounts, not private ones.

Use third-party software

If you don’t have an Instagram account and you want to check a specific person’s posted story, then you can use one of the following third-party software to do it. There are other third-party apps available in the market to do this job. But these are quite popular.

  • Instadp: This application enables you to view as well as download all the content from Instagram. You can easily download Reels, videos, posts, profile pictures, and posts using the Instadp app. To view stories without letting the creator know you need to open its website. In the username bar, type the person’s name, hit enter, then the record of all the stories that are updated within 24 hours will be in front of your screen. You can see and download them.
  • StoriesIG: This app is another free website to view and download Instagram stories. You can use it on any operating system. Just visit the StoriesIG website, type the username, and double-click the arrowhead on the right side. You can see the stories or download them on your device.
  • Dumpor: Dumpor allows you to see and download posts, stories, and videos without having an Instagram account. Visit its website, type the username, and you get to see numerous profiles appearing in the results. Scroll down and click ‘show stories. You can view it and download it by pressing the green icon on the right side.

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Web browser extension

Download an extension named Hiddengram from the Google Chrome Store to view Instagram stories and posts anonymously. Once installed in the browser, you can look at Instagram stories on your computer without getting your view counted. Fastsave is also another extension that provides similar features and performance. You can access stories without logging in from your account and they will remain unseen even after taking a glimpse at them.

Parting thoughts

Instagram doesn’t let a non-Instagrammer access users’ stories and profiles. Whenever a story is posted in the app, the user can see who has checked it within 24 hours. If you don’t want to show your user details then you should use an incognito mode if you do things against this platform’s terms and conditions. Also, some tools and techniques are very helpful for viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

Every person has their own legitimate reason for not revealing their identity to the story creator. It might be the case that you are conducting research and want to see how popular brands are introducing their products. Or else you don’t have an Instagram account but like to see what your friends are up to. Whatever your reason is, you can view Instagram stories anonymously with all the above-mentioned methods.

If you have more techniques to do it, do share them with us by commenting at end of this post.

Can I watch stories on Instagram anonymously?

Yes, you can see users’ stories on Instagram on your iPhone, or Android, without letting them know by using all the above-mentioned techniques.

Is looking at Instagram stories using third-party websites safe?

Yes, in most cases it is safe. But your activity will be tracked on these third-party websites. People who are particular about their online safety should not use these tools. Plus, some websites are not legitimate and contain a virus that can damage your device. If you are unsure then research all these websites then pick one.

Is it possible to view Instagram stories without having an account?

The answer depends on the type of mode the user has kept his/her profile on—private or public. If it is public any person can view, share, and save the content from that particular user’s account. Whereas in private accounts only the followers of that user’s Instagram profile can view and access all the updates. As stories last for 24 hours, unless the user has kept it in the ‘highlights’ section, you cannot access it after its expiration.

Can I view the Instagram stories of a user who has blocked me?

Yes, you can use third-party websites or apps to view stories and profiles anonymously. You require a link to their profile and your login credentials to do it.

How to download Instagram stories and videos?

To download Instagram stories or videos on your devices or desktop, you will need one of the third-party apps which are mentioned above.

Can I view Instagram stories after 24 hours?

Downloader app. This app enables you to view and download those stories which have expired after 24 hours and are not present in the Instagram app



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Using Social Media For Local Business Is Profitable?



Social Media for local business

Nowadays Social Media for local business plays a major role in all fields.

Once upon a time, it was much more difficult to promote a business if you are a startup. It takes at least two or three years to deliver what the company is doing and their role in that field. This is because of a lack of awareness about social media in those days.

There was no proper guidance to use those sites and also the number of social networking sites available on those days is very less ,the existing is also not user friendly.Then the evolution of smart phone enhances the thirst of people ,who are using smart phones to open account in social networking sites.

As a result there comes a Facebook ,which changed totally the marketing field and the world. Even though there is more number of social networking sites ,nothing can able to overcome the Facebook at that time.

So Facebook stands in top till now.

Social Media for local business

Then after that people started using many social networking sites.”Internet to all” helps the people to learn new things each and everyday.

Google’s AdSense programme promote people to upload tutorial videos on almost each and everything (The people who upload the videos will get rewards for the number of views) this only promotes people to use social networking sites.

Here are the few tips for using social media for local business, which helps you to use the social media in most effective ways.

Social media for local business, share your business in all social networking sites

The first and foremost task in marketing is ,you need to have your profile in each and every social networking sites that is on top .Open an account in all the social networking sites.This is because different people may feel ,different media as an effective one.

Some may constantly use Facebook ,Some may use Whats app ,Some may use twitter. But your task is to attract each and every individual ,so its mandatory for a newbie to open account in all the social networking sites. Try to make a portfolio about your business and upload it in your Profile of all the Social networking sites.

This portfolio should be of high quality as it depicts your business. The professional quality should be maintained in your portfolio which you are using it in your profile.

Try to update the status each and every day and it should be related to your business .For example ,if you are doing business related to electrical you can share the status like amazing facts about electrical ,amazing facts about Lights,New technology in lightings and so on.

This will attract more people to like and follow your profile.

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Use premium facilities if available

Every thing becomes money nowadays in this world. Abruptly the for accessing premium package you need to spend some money. In Facebook the premium package has better promoting features when compared to freebie account. There is also an option to buy likes. This allows your page to promote in extremely faster time.

The concept behind this was ,giving thousands of likes for few dollars. The likes are of two types

1. Real likes
2. Autolikes

-> Real likes

These are real likes provided by real persons. It is usually done by agencies or freelancers. You can gets some thousand likes for some money.

-> Autolikes

These are unreal likes. It is done by the social networking site itself. The concept is making a changes in the program codings. In other words it is also called as fake likes.

So the intention and mentality of the people is giving likes to some thing which already has more likes.Ultimately as a result your profile or page will get more likes at short span of time. The same procedure is applicable to YouTube video also. There also you can get paid likes and views.

The following YouTube video tutorial will helps you learn “How to get likes” ?

Link all social networking sites

If you have a website it is mandatory in the field of marketing to link all social networking sites where you have accounts. If anyone sees your content, there may be a chance for sharing those on anyone social networking sites they are using.

Some may like to share it on Facebook and some may like to share it on Twitter. If their favorite link is not there, there may be a chance to terminate from that page without liking it.So be perfect on your side to avoid those.

Another thing is all your social networking sites should be inter linked with each and every social networking site that you are using. Don’t forget to mention your contact info on your profile.

The following video will guide you a lot

Paid Promotion

If you are targeting a specific area or specific state you can choose paid promotion. Your task is to find the group in your state that is having more active followers. Ask them to share your portfolio on their page.

Some may do this free of cost but some may charge a decent amount for this. If they are meme creators ask them to create a meme regarding your product or service.

I am insisting on this because nowadays memes have more reach while comparing them with any other source. Definitely you can expect at-least one or two sales from these.

To get more idea on paid promotion kindly watch this YouTube video.

Organize Contest in social media

“Money makes many things” so organize a contest similar to slogan contest ,meme contest , short film contest related to your product or service that you are offering.This was considered as one of the most important thing in Social Media marketing for local business.

You can even make few of the similar rules for the contest .

-> To participate the contest like our page.
-> To participate in the contest share our page to 10 whats app numbers.
-> To participate in the contest show the bill of our product.

You can crosscheck the following details before distribution prizes. So this idea will surely promote your business interms of marketing and also interms of sales.

Maintain a blog with forum

Maintaining a blog and forum will also help you to boost your business. Try to post a blog related to the service or product that you are offering.

Here consistent posting is important. If you post one blog today and then posting next blog after a month is utter waste.

It won’t help you to improve your business progress.The blogs can be related to new trends ,discount ,offers,buy one take one offer and so on.Then the last thing you have to share these all things in social networking sites.


Online networking has changed how we impart, as well as in a general sense changed the way we learn,work together, experience our everyday lives, and capacity as a general public.

Follow the above Social media tips for local business to get better results.



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