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25 Best Apple Watch Faces that You Will Love to Try



Best Apple Watch Faces

Why settle for one watch face when you have plentiful options?

The ability to display a lot of info on the smartwatch is one of the key reasons why the Apple Watch has a huge fan base. From classic analog with moving hands and digital watch face to a mixture of both along with striking animation. There are many best Apple Watch faces that give you access to everything on your wrist in one go.

The best part is, you can change watch faces on your Apple Watch in a breeze without even opening the app on your iPhone. The watch face of your Apple Watch is called Infograph Modular. With this default feature, you can customize onscreen info (date, health, music, etc.) called complications on your Apple Watch easily.   

As there are quite several options in watch faces, you might want to know ‘What is the most popular Apple Watch face? In this post, we have included some of the cool Apple Watch faces that will make your display even more exclusive. Let’s get started!

What are the best free Apple Watch faces?

The best part of Apple Watches is that you can download and access any of your favorite fitness apps on your wrist.

The choice of your Apple Watch face should not only look good but also display your personal style. So, here is a list of free and best Apple Watch faces, let’s check them out.

1. Lunar

best Apple Watch faces

Lunar is the best Apple Watch faces for those who want to keep a track of dates and lunar faces. One of the most interesting features of this watch face is that when you move the circular dial, the date and moon’s shape change. This aspect gives you a clear picture of the moon’s appearance at a particular time of the day.

Additionally, you can adjust between analog and digital modes. Users can also change the color of the second hand. Plus, you get three options in the calendar i.e. Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew. Lunar is one of the most used Apple Watch faces. This Apple Watch face is best for evening and night outs and goes well with casuals. 

2. Metropolitan

best Apple Watch faces to download

Metropolitan is another best Apple Watch faces to download if you look for more customization. This watch face is the perfect choice for users who like a regular look. Metropolitan comes in four different types of design. Users can also choose the color of backdrops from an array of color palettes.

One of the most fascinating features of this watch face is that when you flip your wrist, the displayed numbers fade away. You can switch to the Metropolitan watch face in both formal and semi-formal looks. Especially, if you are appearing for an interview, Metropolitan is the best Apple Watch faces for the day.

3. Playtime

best Apple Watch faces in 2021

Playtime is an ideal Apple Watch face for those who love graphics. This watch face was counted as one of the best Apple Watch faces in 2021.

To offer an exclusive experience to watch users, Apple has teamed up with Joi Fulton. The custom-built characters in this watch face are extremely amusing to play. When you touch them, characters begin interacting with you.

Additionally, when you move the digital crown, the backdrop moves very distinctly. Plus, there are various possibilities to adjust and customize background shadow. You can keep children busy by letting them tap on these characters. This can be one of the fun mother-daughter activities at your home.

4. Portraits

best Apple Watch faces

Portraits is one of the best Apple Watch faces that lets you see pictures of your loved ones on your wrist. Not only one but you can choose 24 portrait images for the watch’s background. Users not only can edit portrait pictures but also change the location of the time on the Apple Watch.

You get three options in font styles i.e. Modern, Classic, and Rounded. You can select between the duotone and backdrop to customize this watch face even further.

One of the intriguing aspects of this watch face is that you can change the current image just by tapping on the screen. This makes it one of the best custom Watch faces for family parties and gatherings.

5. Astronomy

best free Apple watch face

Astronomy is another best free Apple watch face for those who enjoy everything about space. As you roll the digital crown of your watch, you will see a graphic representation of the time changes day and night. By tapping on the watch screen, you can also access the zooming in and out feature.

You can choose from three configurable face options i.e. Contemporary, Classic, and Rounded. You can view the solar system, earth, moon, and any random planet using random or full-style options. This is one of the top Apple Watch faces that never goes out of style.

If you have plans to visit any planetarium or have a friend who likes talking about space, switch to this watch face whenever you are around him/her.

6. Artists

top Apple Watch faces

Artists is another cool watch faces for the Apple watch and best for those who prefer minimal. If you like simple yet creative design, the Artist Watch face is something you should not miss. This Apple Watch face is a portrait by Canadian Geoff McFetridge who is one of the most renowned painters and illustrators for human figures, bold color palettes, and auxiliary compositions.

You can change the design just by touching the screen. Not only this, try lifting your wrist, it will again change automatically. This occurrence enhances the appearance of the always-on display. If you are visiting an art gallery, you can switch to this cool Apple watch faces.

7. Modular

cool watch faces for the Apple

Modular is quite popular Apple Watch faces among users who like statistics and numbers. This watch face comes in three different versions i.e. Small, Dual, and Basic. Once you download and use this Apple Watch face, you get enough data just by touching the screen. The look of this watch’s face is very attractive.

The Dual and Basic versions give you customizing options to some extent. Instead of turning the background on and off or changing the color of the backdrop, you can easily customize them on your wrist.

You can choose between digital and analog clocks with additional customization options. This makes it one of the best digital Apple Watch faces for those who like seeing good designs on their wrist. Whether you are someone who goes to the gym or prefers jogging/walking in the park, Modular is among the best Apple Watch Faces for you.

8. Breathe

best Apple Watch home screen

Breath offers the best Apple Watch home screen for your smartwatch. The design of this watch face is very soothing as it resembles the animation and graphics of a mindfulness application. Not only does it look similar to it, but when you tap this face you will be directed to an app that guides you in meditation. This makes Breathe the best Apple Watch faces for fitness.

Therefore, if anybody is looking for calmness in their hectic life then this watch face is a perfect choice. Using this face on your Apple watch is a great alternative for you to integrate mindfulness into your daily activity. You can use this watch face while going to a yoga center or practicing flat stomach workouts.

9. Contour

Apple Watch faces

Contour is another stylish Apple Watch face that users should definitely try. The display is based on the highlighted time which keeps lightning up for a particular hour of the day. This watch face is inspired by the passage of time with all numbers displayed on the edges. A simple tap on the screen makes the edge’s numbers wave.

You can choose between a rounded or regular watch style that matches your mood and outfit. Contour comes with two complications in the center of the screen, you can customize it according to your needs.  This Apple Watch face goes well with comfy casuals.

10. California

best Apple watch faces

California is another best Apple watch faces that is timeless and gives your smartwatch a completely formal look. This watch face gives you a range of alternative options in dial marker. You can attain a preferred watch design easily. The dial option comes in two varieties i.e. circular and rectangular.

In addition, you get seven options for changing symbols on the watch face. You can select from a variety of backdrop displays. California Apple watch face is a perfect choice for official meetings as it goes well with professional outfits.

11. GMT

best Apple Watch faces for travel

GMT is considered the best Apple Watch faces for travel because it resembles traditional analog designs. You get a dual-dial display on this watch face. The inner dial shows the local time and the outer one shows the other region timezone that you would choose.

This dual-dial display shows the color scheme of sunrise & sunset and day & night of the selected city. You can add complications and customize the colors of the four external corners.

12. Fire and Water

best-looking Apple Watch faces
Fire and Water

Fire and Water is one of the best-looking Apple Watch faces as the images look too realistic. This watch face literally shines on your watch screen especially in Apple Watch Series 4 and above. A circular version of this watch face is available for all models. However, in the full-screen edition, no complications are available.

You can choose any of the two options i.e. fire and water to change the color of this watch face. You can pick a rectangular or circular dial. If you are heading for a camp or an adventurous trip, Fire and Water is the best Apple Watch face to download and use.

13. Infograph

best Apple Watch faces

Infograph is one of the best Apple Watch faces for those who are traveling or working in different time zones. The inner dial shows the time and the outer one shows the second timezone same as the GMT watch face.

However, the key difference between these two is that, GMT has comparatively fewer complications than Infographics. This watch face offers an ageless yet elegant design with two dials. Infographic goes well with partywear.

14. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

best Apple Watch faces
Mickey and Minnie Mouse

If you are a fan of 90’s cartoon characters, then Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch face is the right choice for you. This watch face lets you keep Mickey or Minnie Mouse in the center of the dial. You can also customize the color of their clothes and much more details according to your preference.

These cartoon characters also tell you the time in their cute voices. Buying Apple Watch and switching to Mickey and Minnie Mouse face can be the best valentine’s gift for your beloved.

15. Memoji

best digital Apple watch face

Memoji is another fun-filled yet best digital Apple watch face for users. You can have several Memojis on your watch and have fun watching them moving. You can interact with them by tapping on the watch screen.

This watch face features all popular Memojis or those you have created on your iPhone. If you have plans to hang out with your buddies, this watch face will definitely complement your looks.

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16. Nike

best custom Watch faces

Nike’s watch face is the result of a collaboration between two popular brands. You get five alternates in this face i.e. Digital, Analogue, Compact, Bounce, and Hybrid. Each variant reacts differently when you tap the screen or move the digital crown.

This watch face lets you easily customize the color. Few variants allow you to change the dials and styles. Nike is one of the best custom Watch faces for Apple Watch users. This watch face is perfect when attending sports matches.

17. Siri

best Apple Watch faces

No matter what level of dependency you have on Siri, this Apple Watch face will make your life way easier. Siri is among good watch faces that show the time along with the info that you might need at a particular time in the day.

Siri is one of the best Apple Watch faces that is useful in getting things done without using your iPhone. This watch face guides and notifies you about different things. Siri watches face is wearable with everyday usage.

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18. Pride

best Apple Watch faces

The key goal of creating the Apple Pride watch face is to support the LGBTQ community. This watch face is a fusion of a unique set of colors. These colorful threads indicate the hour very distinctively. When you tap on the screen or move the digital crown, threads move and receive a vibration.

You get the customization option in enabling or disabling the backdrop. This watch face has to be used on special occasions.

19. Toy Story

best custom Apple Watch faces
Toy Story

Toy Story is one of the cutest faces for the Apple Watch that soothe the child in you. The main characters of the movie i.e. Buzz Lightyear and Woody appear on your wrist. If you want to see more animations, you need to just tap on your screen.

Toy Story is one of the best custom Apple Watch faces that is playful and fun to use. If you are visiting a school or attending a kid’s party, this watch face is surely the right pick.

20. Timelapse

classy Apple Watch faces

Timelapse is another one of the best Apple Watch faces for travel enthusiasts. The cityscape and scene in the background keep changing with the passage of time.

Animations of different regions make Timelapse one of the classy Apple Watch faces. This watch face gives you a great view of places that you haven’t been to. If you are traveling somewhere, switch to Timelapse to complement the whole journey.

21. Typograph

classy Apple Watch faces

Typograph is one of the interesting Apple Watch faces that is worth a download. This watch face gives you three custom style options i.e. Classic, Rounded, and Modern. You can choose between 12 or 4 numbers to keep on your watch face.

You can also choose from Devnagri, Arabic Indic, Arabic, and Roman symbols. The Typrograph watch face looks a bit conventional so consider wearing this with formal attire.

22. Wayfinder

best Apple Watch faces

Wayfinder is another creative yet best Apple Watch faces that hikers and divers would love. The specific night mode feature is what separates this watch face from others in the list. This watch face is available for Apple Watch Ultra only.

This watch face offers up to 8 complications. The high contrast colors in the display make it easy for users to see clearly even on shiny sunny days. This watch face is best for nighttime excursions and camping.

23. Gradient

best Apple Watch faces

Gradient is one of the best Apple Watch faces for those who like going minimal. In this watch face, the time is displayed against a changing background. It provides an uncomplicated full-screen view of time with a gradient style.

You get choices to pick from a few styles and gradients. However, if you want more complications, you will have to pick a traditional look to easily add them in corners. This simply designed watch face goes well with formals.

24. Motion

best Apple Watch faces

Motion is one of the best Apple Watch faces for those who like animations. This watch face lets you pick from three options i.e. Flower, Butterfly, and Jellyfish.

Once you choose a specific category, the watch face keeps changing from time to time. Motion watch face is fun and best for outings that are surrounded by nature.

25.  Clockology

best third-party Apple Watch faces

Clockology is one of the best third-party Apple Watch faces that caters to every user’s needs. This face gives an ultra design to your Apple Watch screen. This outstanding software enables users to customize as well as utilize designs from other watch faces.

There are a variety of attractive patterns and layouts to download. However, to unlock exclusive designs, you will require to take a subscription. The monthly and annual fee of this subscription is $2.99 to $24.99. This watch face offers the best clockology watch faces that complement every look.

Concluding Thoughts

Apple has a massive fan following, why wouldn’t it be? From emergency bypass in iPhones to top-end smart watches for kids, there are many features that are exclusively available in Apple devices only.

Apple Watches is increasingly becoming a must-have accessory because it not only tracks time but also shows pulse rate, oxygen level, sleep quality, and much more. You just need to pick the best watch face to make your watch look extraordinary.

You might get swayed away by several Apple watch faces options. No matter what you pick, keep your software updated to get more customizing options on watch faces.

You need to pick a watch face that gives you the best complications as it gives you maximum info such as health, temperature, workout, battery, alarm, heart rate, schedule, compass, etc.

Remember not all watch faces are available in all regions and some of them work only in a newer version of Apple Watches.

Now start customizing your Apple watch and make it exclusively yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the standard Apple Watch 3 support all the watch faces?

No, Apple Watch 3 doesn’t support all the watch faces. You need to check what is available by keeping your software updated.

Can I download more watch faces for Apple Watch?

You need to go to the Face Gallery of your Apple Watch to check all the available faces. Once you find one, you can easily customize it, select complications and add the same to your collection.

Why are Apple watches so expensive?

Apple Watches offers the finest features in tracking fitness and provides great build quality and durability. All these aspects make Apple Watches comparatively more expensive than others.

What is the number 1 rated Apple Watch?

On the basis of features, battery life, and pricing Apple Watch Series 8 is the top-rated watch from the brand.

How many complications can you have on Apple Watch face?

Every Apple Watch face lets you pick up to three complications. You can choose more depending on the choice of the watch face. For example, Infographics is one of the best Apple Watch Faces that offers up to eight complications.

Does changing the Apple Watch face use more battery?

Apple Watch faces that include more animation eat up more battery than simple ones. If you want to save your watch battery, choose one with a large black background.




10+ Best Pedometer Apps for Android to Track Your Steps



Best Pedometer Apps

How do you keep track of your steps? Maybe via a fitness band or a smartwatch, right? Using such devices is not the only way to keep a tab on your step counts. All you need to install is the best pedometer apps on your phone and the rest is taken care of!

Staying active and maintaining fitness is the key to a hale and hearty life. But the chaotic lifestyle often pulls us down whenever we try to step on this healthful path. Plus, spending huge bucks on expensive smartwatches or bands is not something everyone can do.

Here pedometer apps help you achieve your health goals without needing a fancy fitness device. You can start with walking a few steps, track it, and aim to improve in the next with these step tracker apps.

Now queries like which app is best for tracking steps? What are some good pedometer apps for Android? Etcetera etcetera are some of the common ones that strike your mind when you hunt for the best pedometer apps.

Worry no more! You don’t need to waste your precious time on research all over again as we have come up with a handpicked list of the best pedometer apps. All these apps will help you reach your health goals by keeping a watch on your every step. Let’s get going!

What are pedometer apps?

best pedometer apps
What are pedometer apps

Once paired with your smartphone, the Pedometer app tracks your daily steps, shows the number of burned calories, and monitors your physical activities, and other vital health data. As this app shows the number of calories burnt, you can work on your diet plans for each day.

Step tracker app for Android help to manage overall health and accomplish fitness goals easily. Tracking all this health information allows you to prevent various illnesses and lead a hearty life.

Pedometer apps work similarly to a fitness watch but comparatively cost lower. Although these apps don’t track the rate of heart, you can try them out to get other important details about your health for free.

Most daily step count apps are free to download from your app store and some need premium plans to access exclusive content. Here is the list of the best pedometer apps along with their notable features and pricing plans.

Pedometer AppsKey FeaturesPrice
GoogleFitHealth and physical activity tracking. Counts calorie, tracks steps, compatible with other related apps, and monitor your health goals.Free.
Pedometer- ITO TechnologiesSimple to use. Easy-to-understand progress graphs that keep users motivated. Goes soft on the phone battery.Free/Ad-supported.
ActivityTrackerSleek interface. Setting days, hourly, weekly, or monthly goals is easy. Sharing daily progress on social media channels. Comes with a customizable widget.Free/Annual subscription @ $9.99.
Step Counter- Leap FitnessShows and records walking activities. Adjusting and resetting daily goals for steps is easy. Monitors health as well as mobile usage.Free/Monthly subscription @$4.99.
ArgusAll-in-one fitness app that tracks weight, diet, heart rate, workout plans, sleeping habits, and more. Keeps a tab on steps without exhausting mobile battery.Free/in-app purchases between $4.99 to $29.99.
FitbitTracks and logs workouts and steps using GPS and motion sensors. Comes with a 3-month free trial. Offers robust community support.Plans range from $10 to $80.
MapMyWalkTracks steps, workout, pace, length, walk, and much more. Offers audio feedback while walking. Huge choice in mapped routes.Free/Premium plan ranges between $6 to $30.
PacerComprehensive pedometer and the step tracker app. Large community support. Audio and video workouts for guidance.Free/Premium plan ranges between $10 to $50.
EasyFit PedometerMonitors steps, distance, calories, and other health metrics and displays them in the form of animated stats. Various challenges to take part in and stay motivated.Free/Add supported.
Walk TrackerUses in-built sensors to track your steps and activities. Go soft on mobile battery. Comes with a water tracker feature. Many step challenges to motivate users.Free/In-app purchases from $2.99 to $16.99.
StepUpUsers can track their walking activities, compare results with their goals, and work on them. Keeps users motivated by giving insights on the best goal streak.Free
Pedometer- REPSSimple yet intuitive solution for tracking steps easily. In-built motion sensors keep a tab on vital health metrics.Free/Ad-supported

What are the must-have features in the best pedometer apps?

Here are some of the features that your step tracker app for Android should have:

  • Useful dashboard: The dashboard or control panel of a pedometer app must be useful to users and provide basic info such as calories burned, total steps in a day, walking duration, time spent on completing a task, and much more. This information not only helps you to track your physical activities but also assists you in achieving your health goals.
  • Real-time tracking: A good pedometer app allows you to track real-time progress whenever you take steps, walk, or run. Using this feature, you can set particular fitness goals for yourself and accomplish each accordingly.
  • Personalized experience: You feel more connected to the app for counting steps if you get the option to customize it. Setting the colors, themes, reminders, and much more gives you more power to alter some features as per your preference.
  • Easy to synchronize: The best pedometer apps offer quick pairing with your smartphone. An easy-to-connect step tracker app for Android helps you track your routine activities easily and in a better way.
  • Power saver: A good pedometer app eats less battery of your phone. As a few step-counting apps use an in-built sensor to tally each step, they utilize less battery power.
  • Widget: The choice of pedometer app should give you a consistent view of calories burnt, steps taken, the distance you traveled, etc. each day. This widget feature in your step-counting app helps you track your progress and improve it each time.
  • Start, pause, and reset: A pedometer app should allow users to start, pause, and reset the count of steps whenever they want to.  These features help them set a specific goal for each day starting from 0.

Which are the best pedometer apps for Android?

Whether you have just started your wellness journey or want to hit the 10,000 steps goal, pedometer apps help you accomplish your objective. Here is the exclusive list of best pedometer apps that shouldn’t go unnoticed:

1. GoogleFit

free step counter app for Android

GoogleFit is a free step counter app for Android that tracks steps and heart points. The more you do intense exercises like brisk walking and running, the double your heart points will get. GoogleFit is one of the best pedometer apps that monitor your walks, jogs, runs, and cycling and gives accurate stats on the total steps taken, speed, calories burned, distance covered, pace, etc.

This app is best for runners, hikers, walkers, and joggers. Despite some beneficial features, GoogleFit has some downfalls. It is recommended to learn them before making a choice

Clean interface and offers a user-friendly experience.No stats for calorie consumption.
Offers useful insights in the form of real-time stats.Doesn’t track exercises such as weightlifting, yoga poses, jumping jacks, etc.
Keeps you motivated to pursue fitness goals. 
Access the details from anywhere. 
Highly compatible with other related applications. 

2. Pedometer- ITO Technologies

free step counter app
Pedometer- ITO Technologies

Pedometer is one of the best pedometer apps on our list that is quite popular among users. This free step counter app keeps a tab on your walk during the day. You just need to hit the ‘start’ button and all your physical movements will get recorded.

This app gives you insight into the distance you have covered, the time you were active, the calories you have burnt, your speed, etc. This best Android step counter app offers easy-to-understand graphs. You can go through them and create long-term walking goals.

User-friendly interface.Missing widget feature that displays all data on your phone screen.
Monitoring health and making long-term goals is easy. 
Multiple themes to choose from and further customizing the app. 
Tracks all the health details including speed per hour. 
Easy on battery. 

3. ActivityTracker

best step counter app

ActivityTracker is another best step counter app that assists users in meeting their health targets. The best part of this app is, it doesn’t use GPS. This means it does not eat up your phone battery. This application uses in-built motion sensors to keep a tab on your daily activities.

This app gives an insight into the distance covered, calories burnt, active time, steps taken, etc. in the form of relevant graphs. It comes with a customizable widget on your phone screen. You can easily track and access your steps on a particular duration or day.

The sleek and intuitive interface makes it user-friendly.Some of the finest content is available on premium versions only.
Switching views and setting up health goals on a daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly basis is easy. 
Ease of sharing daily progress on various social media channels. 
This app sends progress notifications and keeps you updated for reached, unreached, or half-reached goals. 

4. Step Counter- Leap Fitness

best step counter app for Android
Step Counter- Leap Fitness

Step Counter is another best step counter app for Android that keeps users engaged in meeting their health targets. This app lets you record your steps, burned calories, distance covered, speed, and much more. You can easily set and adjust daily health goals. This is one of the best pedometer apps that lets you monitor all your activities including running, cycling, and jogging.

This app not only tracks your movements but also monitors the usage of your mobile phone in both tilt and rest positions. If you use your Gmail account for using this app, you can access leaderboard options and see your position on the basis of steps taken.

Monitors all walking activities.No option to turn off notifications unless you remove the permission.
Easy setting and adjusting of daily health goals. 
Simple interface. 
You can start or pause the app anytime to save battery on your phone. 

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5. Argus

free pedometer app for Android

Argus is another free pedometer app for Android that keeps a tab on your steps without compromising the mobile battery. This app uses ultra-low battery technology which is employed by its developers. You can easily enable GPS and track various activities including cycling, jogging, and running.

This best free pedometer app makes walking even more fun as you can add your friends and compete with each other in various challenges. Argus is an all-in-one fitness app that helps you track weight, heart rate, diet, sleeping habits, and much more.

User-friendly interface.Some essential features are chargeable.
Offers various tools to monitor and improve health. 
Adding friends and competing with them in step challenges is fun. 
Counts steps without draining the mobile battery. 

6. Fitbit

best pedometer apps

Fitbit is one of the best pedometer apps that help users to track steps and work out on their smartphones. Fitbit is among the free pedometer apps that track your activities with GPS as well as motion sensors. It also provides data on calories burnt, distance covered, speed, steps taken, etc. It comes with a free 3-month trial plan which is the highest of any app.

If you opt for a premium plan, you get access to workout videos, a health-measured dashboard, personalized health programs, guidance on the basis of your health data, and much more. You can connect with the community and friends and participate in daily step challenges.

3 months free trial.Expensive than other pedometer apps.
Robust community support.Complex interface.
Tracks steps and workout. 
The premium plan offers personalized health programs, videos, dashboards, and much more. 

7. MapMyWalk

best app for walking steps

MapMyWalk is another best app for walking steps count. This app uses your GPS location to track steps and log your workout. It tracks steps, distance covered, speed, etc. This pedometer step counter can keep a tab on your path and location effortlessly. The most liked feature of this app is the ease of sharing the saved route with friends.

This app comes with a range of mapped routes which helps users in getting directions or looking for nearby places for walking. MapMyWalk tracks your length, pace, step, pulse, and much more.

Tracks and records workouts, steps, distance covered, pace, etc.Huge variation in paid and free versions.
Offers audio feedback while walking.Premium features are chargeable.
Compatible with various devices and smartwatches. 
Allows competing with friends which promotes motivation. 

8. Pacer

best free step counter app for Android

Pacer pedometer is another best free step counter apps for Android. It comes with an in-built step tracker with all related features and health amenities. Although the size of this app is comparatively heavy than other alternatives, it is equipped with special features such as fitness log share, community support, and much more.

This pedometer app includes customized plans for weight management. You can take part in various walking challenges to stay motivated. You can manage weight loss by monitoring the weekly and monthly graphs. This app was voted as the best free pedometer app for Android 2022.

Tracking weight loss is easy.Extended usage might drain the battery.
Large and interactive community support.Some users reported inconsistent GPS tracking.
Monitor daily activities using GPS. 
Tracks and logs steps, distance covered, and other health metrics. 

9. EasyFit Pedometer

step tracker app
EasyFit Pedometer

EasyFit Pedometer is one of the best pedometer apps that help users to attain their fitness goals. This step tracker app monitors and records your steps, active time, distance covered, calories burnt, and other health metrics.

This best free step counter app shows your weight loss progress to keep you motivated. You can take part in three different walk challenges i.e. Willpower, Consistency, and Elite. This app displays the information in the form of animated stats. It also provides a water tracker feature that helps you stay hydrated.

Instead of GPS, it uses an inbuilt sensor to track steps.Too many ads.
Provides rewards to physically active users in the form of badges.Some users reported inconsistent tracking.
An attractive widget that displays the workout progress on the home screen. 
Option to save steps record and export the same. 

10. Walk Tracker

best step tracker app for Android
Walk Tracker

Walk Tracker is another best step tracker app for Android that records each movement efficiently. It uses in-built sensors of your device to track your steps. You just need to hit the start and you are ready to go. You can easily pause and start your steps whenever you feel like it.

Using this best step tracker app, you can set daily step goals and check the performance reports. Walk Tracker comes with step challenges that keep you motivated. This app comes with a water intake tracking feature to help you stay hydrated without fail.

Starting, pausing, and resetting walking exercises is easy.Too many ads.
Water tracker feature to stay hydrated. 
Various step challenges to keep you motivated. 
No GPS tracking saves battery. 

11. StepUp

best free pedometer app for Android

StepUp is another best free pedometer app for Android that efficiently track steps, distance, burnt calories, and much more. This step tracker app is free to download and use. You can connect with your friends and start walking together via Facebook integration.

StepUp is one of the best pedometer apps to set a daily steps goal and track your progress. You can easily keep a record of your walking activities. This app shows your performance in the form of the best week, best day, or best goal streak to keep your motivation level high.

Tracks and logs steps walked, distance covered, calories burnt, and other health metrics.Unappealing user-interface.
Connecting with people and walking together motivates users. 
Free to use and no ads. 

12. Pedometer- REPS

step counter apps
Pedometer- REPS

Pedometer is one of the best step counter apps that tracks and logs walking activities efficiently. This is the most basic and simple alternative for counting steps on the entire list. Pedometer uses in-built motion sensors to track all important health data. It displays all your fitness information in the form of graphs.

This accurate step counter app tracks your daily, weekly, and monthly walking activities. This is one of the best pedometer apps that enable you to easily start, stop, and reset your step goals. It keeps you motivated to walk a few extra miles.

A simple solution to keep a tab on your walking activities.Some users reported inefficiency in stopping and resetting the steps.
Utilizes in-built motion sensors to track activities, which saves battery. 
Shows daily, weekly, and monthly walking progress to keep you motivated. 
One of the most accurate pedometer apps.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track 10,000 steps on an Android phone?

You can install the best pedometer apps on your phone and track 10,000 steps via motion sensors and GPS.

Can I use my Android phone as a pedometer?

Yes, if you install any of the aforementioned pedometer apps on your Android phone, you can keep count and log your steps easily.

Is the pedometer app safe?

Most pedometer apps are safe. However, before submitting all your sensitive information, it is recommended to carefully read the privacy policy.

Does the pedometer app drain the battery?

May or May not. It depends on which pedometer app you are using on your phone. Some pedometer apps utilize GPS on your phone to track steps do impact the battery. However, apps like Argus, Pedometer by REPS, EasyFit Pedometer, Walk Tracker, and ActivityTracker on our list use sensor motors that go easy on the battery.

Is there a free pedometer app for Android?

Yes. Most pedometer apps on our list are free to download and use.

Is the pedometer app accurate?

Maybe or Maybe not. The only problem with using a pedometer app is that you might not carry your mobile everywhere. So, the step track might show inconsistent results.

Which pedometer app is most accurate?

Almost every pedometer app in our list shows accurate results. To get more exact results, consider carrying your phone wherever you go on foot.

Wrapping Up

Using a pedometer app promotes healthy living without spending huge bucks on expensive smartwatches and fitness bands. All these pedometer apps will help you track and log your steps. Do check out the features and the prices of each and pick what matches your need.

Now this was our list of best pedometer apps. Do tell us, according to you ‘Which is the best step tracker app? We would love to include them in our blog!



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The 10+ Best Free Video Editing Software For Mac in 2023



Best Free Video Editing Software For Mac

Questions like ‘What is the best free video editing software for Mac’? Or ‘What professionals use for video editing on Mac?’ or ‘How can I edit videos on Mac?’ hovers your mind continuously if you are in this space. 

However, when you search for the best video editing software for Mac, the results are abundant. But what’s more important is to find such free software. That’s why we are here. 

To make this easier for you, here is a handpicked list of over 10 best free video editing software for Mac in 2023. 

So, let’s be with us to polish your video editing skills!

What is the best video editing software for Mac?

Mac is not only for just show off or for the corporate world to use. And also they are not just limited to handling your business work. Mac has a lot more to offer. Like, you can use various audio mixer software for Mac, or you can go for animation software for Mac

But here we are talking about video editing skills with some mindblowing software. If you are in this photo or video editing space, you can use your Mac to create some professional-level videos. A good photo editing and video editing app on Mac can give you marvelous results. 

Video editing software lets you edit a single bit of your videos with just a few taps. You can easily make adjustments to your audiovisuals and polish your work.  But the main headache is ‘What is the best video editing software for Mac?’ 

Let’s check our list to solve this query!

Apple iMovie

best free video editing software for Mac
Apple iMovie

The first choice on the list of best free video editing software for Mac is Apple iMovie. It has awesome themes, video effects, Hollywood-style trailers, and good optimization with macOS. 

You can easily edit and adjust focus in video shots with the latest cinematic mode. It is well optimized to use with the latest Apple silicon to give an enhanced performance. If you are looking for an elegant video editing software option, then Apple iMovie is for you.

Some potential features of Apple iMovie

  • It offers seamless Apple product integration. 
  • It also provides a great feature of a green screen or chroma-key tool.
  • You can easily integrate audio and social platforms. 
  • You can use its default storyboard templates. 
  • This software easily adjusts your selected background music to match the video length. 
  • It offers a robust audio editing toolset to enhance the soundtrack of the video. 

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video editing on Mac

Another great option for free video editing software for Mac is VideoPad to create high-quality video hassle-free. It offers a simple-to-use tool set to do 3D video editing and to make different composition videos. 

You can get awesome videos with overlays, special effects, transitions, etc. You can even change and adjust the color and sound effects.

Some potential features of VideoPad

  • It offers an awesome feature of a double in-built screen. You can use one to preview chosen clips, and one to see the complete sequence. 
  • You can use social sharing and publishing tools to share videos on online platforms to get more followers
  • Video optimization tools like stabilization are a good feature of VideoPad.
  • You can create professional videos with their customizable transitions. 
  • You can easily export video files to various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. with exporting presets. 
  • You can edit 360-degree videos with the same easiness with its awesome toolset.

DaVinci Resolve

video editing on Mac
DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is another top video editing software for Mac for advanced-level video editors. But before using this effectively, you should have a system with discrete graphics to use its features powerfully. 

You can do both online and offline editing very easily with DaVinci Resolve. It also lets you save time while editing and trimming with its high-performance playback engine. You can have many extensive features in the pro version but its free version is perfect for some advanced projects.

Some potential features of DaVinci Resolve

  • It has a very dedicated trim interface to enable you to edit in minutes.
  • It provides default tools for picture-in-picture effects, dynamic zoom, stabilization, retiming, etc. 
  • It lets you detect faces in your videos through its facial recognition effects. 
  • Its good quality motion estimation speed changes and frame rate conversions feature is awesome to use.
  • You can do fast navigation, trimming, and cutting very effectively with its dual timeline option.
  • It provides some interesting features like keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop editing, etc. 

Shotcut 22

What is the best video editing software for Mac
Shotcut 22

Shotcut version 22 is one of the best open-source video editing software for cross-platforms. It provides a very good collection of video tutorials. The interesting part about this software is the support it provides for various formats like 4K, DNxHD, ProRes, etc.

You can also use its vast library for audio editing options. Users can easily make bass and treble settings, adjust gain, and do dynamic compression. Overall, shotcut 22 is a good-to-use open-source application.  

Some potential features of Shotcut 22

  • This cross-platform software provides a very flexible interface to work with.
  • You can get a vast variety of audio and video filters.
  • It has support for various advanced video formats like FFmpeg.
  • Being a user, you can easily import video files directly into the project space rather than getting them into the media library.
  •  You can fit together resolutions with its multi-frame timeline.
  • One of the advanced features is a three-way color correction which is very popular these days. 


What is the best video editing software for Mac

If you are looking for the best overall video editing software then Lightworks is a good choice. It provides some basic features in the free version but they are worth using. It provides a very simple and appealing interface to work best for beginners especially. 

Lightworks is one of the best Linux video editing software as well. It also has a huge collection of licensed music clips and original stock videos for users.

Some potential features of Lightworks

  • It offers a standard multi-layered timeline structure. 
  • You can get multicam editing, awesome video effects, and titling even in the free version. 
  • You can easily share your videos on various social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • One of its fantastic features is real-time project sharing with the team to give editing access to everyone. 
  • It also has an active customer forum. 
  • You can easily edit your content while importing a new one.  

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HitFilm Express

best MacBook video editing software
HitFilm Express

If you are an intermediate or novice video editor who wants to add so many video effects to your videos, then HitFilm Express is for you. It is one of the best MacBook video editing software. Its free version can tackle all your video editing needs. 

You can easily do audio and video transitions with its animation toolset. For this, you don’t need to create composite shots that save a lot of your time. You can easily make Hollywood-style videos. 

Some potential features of HitFilm Express

  • You can even smooth out a shaky video with its auto-stabilizer feature.
  • This Mac video editing software offers various transition options like push, zoom and dissolve, etc. 
  • You can do advanced-level video editing with the features like color pickers, motion tracking, and cropping tools. 
  • It also has an option of an audio mixer to give professional-level quality output. 
  • You can even animate two small shots together for fantastic video effects with composite shot enhancements. 
  • You can also re-trim your edits after adding them to the timeline again if you want. 


easiest video editors for Mac

The next option on the list is OpenShot which is one of the easiest video editors for Mac. The interface of OpenShot is so appealing and interesting to use that anyone can fall in love with it. This platform is so popular for its minimal design and usage.

This open-source movie editor is updated many times a year which makes it full of the latest features. This makes it a good option for small business works too. 

Some potential features of OpenShot

  • You can easily resize, scale, trim, and rotate clips very easily.
  • Credit scrolling, frame stepping, audio editing, and real-time preview are some of its good features.
  • You can create animated videos with its powerful key-frame animation options. 
  • You can hassle-freely edit audio and video with its drag-and-drop feature.
  • You can add many digital video effects to your videos like brightness, hue, grayscale, chroma-key composition, etc. 


video editing software for Mac

The next video editor for Mac is Blender which is an open-source 3D creation model. You can easily render 3D animations. Many developers from around the world collaboratively created this software. And they are continuously trying hard to improve and update it. 

Its functional video editor is alone enough to meet the basic needs of almost all users. Blender has also been used for many high-profile films for editing purposes. One of the unique things that maximum people don’t know is the non-linear video editors. 

Some potential features of Blender

  • It lets you slice and edit videos very quickly.
  • You can also mix and synchronize sounds. 
  • If you want to do practical kinematics, then Blender is a good choice for you.
  • The software is well-used for video game development with game logic coding. 
  • You can easily speed up video-making with its advanced rendering process. 
  • It’s color correction and adjustment layer features are superb to use. 

PowerDirector 365

free video editing software for Mac
PowerDirector 365

PowerDirector is one of the best free video editing software for Mac. This overall good software has superb easy-to-navigate features that are suitable for beginners as well as experts. 

It has AI-powered tools that let you edit awesome videos very quickly. You can change the overall experience of your video project with just simple clicks. Without paying a hefty price tag, you are ready to go to create fantastic videos with PowerDirector 365. 

Some potential features of PowerDirector 365

  • The software provides a low learning curve to easily understand the process.
  • You can get multiple updates regularly to keep the advanced work updated. 
  • If your Mac is having M1/M2 chips, this is nicely suitable software for you. 
  • You can directly upload your videos on various platforms like Facebook, and Youtube.
  • You can make video collages with its powerful plugin feature. 
  • It fully supports a wide range of video formats. 


video editing tool for Mac

If you are a vlogger or teacher, Kapwing is a perfect choice of video editing tool for Mac. It is well compatible with Windows as well. You can get all the needed features for video editing in its free version. But a single point to be noted is that you will get a 7-minute window cap in the free version. 

Being a contributor, you can even collaborate with the platform. It lets you work hassle-freely with the team members. It will streamline your creative video-making process. 

Some potential features of Kapwing

  • You can use a wide range of video templates for many famous platforms.
  • The software provides you with a user-friendly video editing experience. 
  • You can even remove background distractions removal using artificial intelligence tools.
  • Even you can generate subtitles.
  • It provides a recorder option to record screens and audio. 
  • One of its best features includes free video editing software for Mac with no watermark. 


best free video editing software for Mac

The last choice on the list of best free video editing software for Mac is KineMaster. The software is well known to rise clicks and likes on your videos on different social platforms. This way you can create a perfect video for social media

If you want to share, trim, and add enhanced effects to your videos, KineMaster is a good choice. Even you can use this software on Android and iOS. 

Some potential features of KineMaster

  • You can do keyframe animation with its motion effects.
  • KineMaster offers a personalized user interface. 
  • It offers a good variety of tools for trimming, combining, and mixing videos.
  • It provides a wide variety of audio enhancements with voiceovers and effects. 
  • You can easily enhance the visual appeal with slow-mo effects. 

Parting Words

Mac allows you to edit videos fantastically. But with such the best free video editing software, you can do it more powerfully and quickly. After all, one must polish videos before publishing them on social media or using them professionally. 

The best video editing software for Mac allows you to achieve this hassle-freely and tweak every minor detail of the videos.  So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best simple video editor for Mac and make mindblowing videos. 

Hope you find this blog helpful!



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The 15+ Best Money Transfer Apps for Android and iOS



Best Money Transfer Apps

Are you looking for the best money transfer apps for your iOS and Android devices? Then, good for you, as we have covered the safest cash transfer apps in this blog. Read on to this blog to find out what they are!

Gone are the days when people used to stand in long lines at banks to send money to their loved ones or withdraw money from ATMs for their personal use. Now that it’s the 21st century, with more and more technological advancements, everything is possible at your fingertips, and sending money online instantly is no longer an exception.

Though there is a certain amount limit on online transactions via money transfer apps, it is still viable as the number varies differently for consumers and businesses. Also, with strict payment gateways, it is valid to say that your money is in safe hands.

Having said that, let’s get started on the best cash transfer apps (both national and international) for your iOS and Android device, including features and costs. And then you can decide which one you want to use.

How to choose the right money transfer app?

We examined more than a dozen alternatives provided by the leading vendors in this industry to come up with our list of the top apps you can send money on, and we reduced it down include applications that fulfilled the following requirements:

Pricing: Each cash transfer app on our shortlist provides reduced (or free) basic checking account transfers and only levies extra costs when requesting quick money transfers or tying up with credit cards as a payment option.

Features: The applications include a range of benefits, such as fast transfer speeds (3-5 business days) and simplicity in connecting the app to your bank account.

Security: Two-factor identification and fraud detection are among the minimum two security elements we looked for in our selection of applications.

So, these are the points that one needs to consider, whether they are looking to transfer money for personal use or considering it as a must for their business apps.

Best money transfer apps for immediate and safest transactions

There are a lot of things to consider while choosing the best online money transfer apps, such as the user interface, transaction amount limit, security, and platform charges. Considering all these factors, we have listed our top picks for you.

Google Pay

free money transfer apps
Google Pay

With an easy-to-use interface and a secure payment gateway, Google Pay is one of the best free money transfer apps through which you can do UPI transfers, mobile or DTH recharges, pay bills, book flights for your solo traveling trip, and, make B2B payments in a fraction of the time.

Moreover, earn amazing rewards (in the form of cashback or coupons) every time you make a payment via this app or refer it to your friends.


  • Create a money send and receive group to keep tabs on expenses such as flat rent, trips, and more.
  • Can do a transaction limit of 1 lac per day.
  • Shop for brands or from websites directly linked within the app and get guaranteed rewards.
  • Monitor all your everyday payments from all accounts within this single app.
  • Highly secured with a pin, fingerprint, or pattern so that only you can make the payment.
  • Make offline payments by bringing your device close to NFC terminals.
  • No transaction charges.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free to use.

Cash App

most popular money transfer apps
Cash App

Another of the most popular money transfer apps through which you can send, receive, and save money is the Cash App. The interesting thing about this app is that you can even invest your hard-earned money in stocks and Bitcoin and watch it grow right before your eyes. Interesting, no!


  • Transfer money to your friends or family at zero fees.
  • Free tax filing for state and federal returns No hidden fees; complete transparency.
  • Order a custom Visa debit card directly from the app and use it to make instant transactions via swipe, dip, or tap. If you use an ATM, you may be charged a fee.
  • Get instant discounts at your favorite stores, websites, or restaurants. No more waiting for redeeming points.
  • Start investing in Bitcoin or stocks for as little as $1.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free to use.

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 best app to send money internationally

PayPal, one of the original online money transfer applications, is a reputable financial business that is accessible worldwide. With an account, PayPal Cash, credit or debit cards, or another payment method, you can send money to your connections.

It is also the best app to send money internationally. So, whether you want to shop in India or around the world or transfer money for commercial purposes, everything is possible with this app.


  • Buy now and pay later in four interest-free installments with no late fees.
  • Buy and sell several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.
  • Manage all your spending in one place.
  • Support a cause by donating directly from the app.
  • All your payments are secured with robust encryption and advanced fraud protection.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free


best cash-sending apps

Another one of the best cash-sending apps is Venmo which lets you pay and get paid with extra social elements. It is a PayPal subsidiary. Venmo, however, concentrates on between-user transactions, in contrast to PayPal, which is focused on corporate interactions. 

It is a youth-oriented app created with the latest mobile app development techniques in consideration. 

The Venmo app is proven to be a quick and simple way to transfer money with far more than 83 million users. The important thing to consider is that it only functions in the USA.


  • Send and receive money with a personalized note in each payment.
  • Split the basic utilities, and groceries, and settle up later. No hassle.
  • Send a cash gift voucher for special occasions.
  • Earn upto 3% cashback on every payment.
  • Start to begin your crypto journey with as little as $1.
  • Venmo is for everyone – for friends and business.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free except 3% fees is levied on linked credit card payments.

Apple Pay

popular money transfer apps
Apple Pay

Next on the list of popular money transfer apps is e-Pay. All Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, watch, or Mac can use this secure digital payment software. It is a quick and secure way to make purchases online, via applications, or in shops. It may also be used to upgrade iCloud or other Apple services and enroll in Apple News, Itunes, or their other offerings. 

You may make purchases with simply your touch ID; no account or form filling is required. The most alluring aspect of Apple Pay is the ability to send money instantly through texts without having to download an app.


  • It’s a built-in app, so no more hassle to additional download and set up.
  • Use Apple Cash with Apple Pay and send money directly via text or in your wallet.
  • Accepted by more than 85% of retailers in the U.S.
  • Works everywhere from subway stations to taxis to groceries to vending machines.
  • Every transaction is protected with a unique transaction ID and device-specific number.
  • Touchless transactions.

Available on: all Apple devices

Pricing: No additional fees for users/ merchants.


popular money transfer apps

The next top money transfer app, Zelle, has partnerships with several institutions and provides direct cash transactions from banks. Due to Zelle’s partnerships with banks, clients who have accounts there may send and receive money on the same day. Once more, this amazing payment app is US-based.

The only drawback is that you can’t use your credit card to make payments.


  • No need to additionally download the app as it is in-built with other bank payment apps.
  • All payments are secured with authentication and tracking features.
  • Instant transactions in a couple of minutes (the only requirement is your account is linked to a U.S. bank).

Available on: iOS and Android 

Pricing: Free


popular money transfer app

Millions of people trust Remitly, another popular money transfer app when transferring money to loved ones who live abroad. You may transfer or receive cash to more than 100 countries, 3,000 banks, and 350,000 cash pickup locations globally with this app.

Receivers pay no additional expenses, while senders pay almost nonexistent fees. Also, you will be given the precise time and date your money will reach your recipient when you are transferring money.


  • Send money via bank account, or debit/ credit card.
  • Transfer funds to 50+ mobile money providers including GoPay, Vodafone, eSewa, and more.
  • Conveniently send money directly to trusted banks or cash pick-up locations.
  • Transactions are safeguarded with 2-factor authentication and robust encryption algorithms.
  • Get special rewards on your first payment.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download. Sending costs may vary based on the country.


 best app for money transactions

Another best app for money transactions for international transactions is WorldRemit. It allows transfers online with no need for intermediaries to 150+ countries and 90 different currencies. The approval of the transactions happens quickly, in just a few minutes, and they are completely secure. 

It provides a range of transaction options, including bank transfers, cash, wallet, online, and prepaid top-ups. It makes use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure the security of your transfer of funds. It charges a transfer cost, however, it is cheaper compared to other international exchange apps.


  • Have Collaboration with international money providers including M-Pesa, Metrobank, MTN, and more.
  • Money transferred can be conveniently received as a bank deposit, airtime pop-up, cash pickup, and more.
  • Upfront low-cost fees.
  • Approved by FCA and government authorities, so transfer money with no worries.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download but levy an unpredictable fee on international transfers.

Western Union

best apps for international money transfers
Western Union

Western Union is one of the best apps for international money transfers, with the ability to send money to more than 200 countries, including South America, Europe, and other territories, with the utmost convenience, a robust security system, and 24/7 customer support. And the best part is that for first-time users, there are zero charges on their first payment.


  • Simply scan your debit/ credit cards with your phone camera and avoid space of entering the wrong information.
  • View the current international exchange rates within the app.
  • Save your recipient’s name to resend the list and quickly make repeat transactions.
  • From paying insurance premiums to utility bills, make payments as you go.
  • With PCI DSS compliant, all your payments are protected.
  • Pay in multiple ways including via bank account, debit/ credit card, Apple Pay, and pick-up cash location.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download


most secure money transfer app

Paytm is India’s most-loved and most secure money transfer app. It lets you transfer money from bank to bank, pay at grocery stores, eCommerce websites like Flipkart, and Amazon, or traveling websites like IRCTC, or for day-to-day utility bills including mobile recharge, fast tag, or DTH recharge, and a lot more. And not to forget the irresistible cashback reward points and coupon system on every single transaction. 


  • Send or receive money to any phone number or bank account via wallet, Paytm or BHIM UPI, or Paytm bank.
  • Pay for metro recharge, subscriptions, or other services, and get the hottest rewards and offers.
  • Never miss your SIP payments with the auto-pay and reminder options.
  • Make payments to over 21 million stores including kiranas, supermarkets, petrol pumps, and more.
  • Now invest in gold (buy, sell, or gift) at live market prices.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download


 most used money transfer apps

Users may easily make payments in India via PhonePe, a popular online payment software, and UPI-enabled project. The software allows for fast UPI money transfers, mobile and DTH recharges, and utility bill payments for things like gas, water, and electricity. Due to this, it is one of the most used money transfer apps in India.

Also, you may purchase insurance (auto, medical, bicycle, vacation, life, accident) at any location, pay your broadband bill, invest in mutual funds that reduce your tax liability, or buy gold.


  • Secure your life, vehicle, and health with the in-app collaborated insurance companies.
  • Invest in systematic plans, mutual funds, and gold, and let your money grow and achieve your financial goals.
  • Pay however you like with app UPI, wallet, bank account, or debit/ credit card.
  • Use your food, travel, and groceries app within PhonePe Switch without the need of downloading them.
  • Gift your loved ones e-cards on special occasions.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download. Only a platform-specific charge is levied.


best international money transfer app

Payoneer began as a universal free payment system to enable Indian businesses to do international transactions. It is the best international money transfer app, serving over 4.1 million clients, and is accessible in more than 200 nations. Considering this app as one of the most profitable business concepts.

Digital marketers, e-commerce vendors, and freelancers may all use Payoneer as a reliable payment option. It has aided several businesses in international commercial expansion. It has handled more than 21 billion international payments so far and offers countless commercial prospects.


  • Get paid for having local bank accounts in EUR, USD, and more.
  • Expand into new marketplaces and connect with them to get paid in a fraction of the time.
  • With billing service, let international clients make you pay the most simply.
  • Pay the VAT charges in the EU and UK with zero fees.
  • Get a digital Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate direct to your account for free.
  • Grow your business globally with the help of global partners.
  • Track your incoming and outgoing payments from a single dashboard in multiple currencies.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download.


best international money transfer app

With MobiKwik, the supreme transactions app that enables you to easily handle all of your financial requirements, you can discover an entire universe of financial comfort. It is one of the mobile transfer applications that is expanding the fastest, with a network of more than 3 million businesses and 106 million users. 

The Mobikwik app allows users to make funds transfer, recharges, payment services, and local purchases. It also provides the option to provide loans using a mobile wallet, which has several advantages such as requiring no collateral and having a straightforward approach. 


  • Link any account through BHIM UPI and have the best seamless transaction experience.
  • Get instant credit upto 60,000 at zero cost.
  • Boost your money with return series of up to 12%* p.a. And save the money for your business growth.
  • Get exciting rewards and cashback every time you pay.
  • Do all the mobile, DTH recharge, and order food, groceries, or medicines all from a single app.
  • Pay for 300+ utility bills.
  • Shop upto 2 lac on non-cost EMI. Also, there is a standard processing fee of 2-4%.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download.


best app to send or receive money from abroad

MoneyGram is the best app to send or receive money from abroad. It gives you the freedom, speed, and flexibility to move money at your own pace. Because of their shared dedication to innovation, technology, speed, and safety, they have become a proud partner of the Haas F1 Team and helped move the globe ahead.

Avoiding your loved ones a visit to the store, the app makes it simple to send money straight into bank deposits, mobile wallets, or for money pickup in 200+ nations and territories around the world.


  • Send money across borders and also within the US state.
  • Pay more than 13,000 registered billers within the app.
  • By joining MoneyGram Plus rewards program, you can earn upto 40%.
  • Easily set recurring or auto payments on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Know your estimated fees before you initiate your wire transfer.
  • Access your profile quickly with the biometric login.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pricing: Free to download

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safest apps to send money

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is another one of the safest apps to send money that incorporates UPI to make payments simple, fast, and straightforward. The app was introduced in 2016 and since then has built a loyal customer base across all OS devices. 

Users of BHIM can transmit money via VPA, bank account information, or QR code scanning. They can even edit their profiles and view transaction history. The app is simple to set up and offers the next level of secured operations.


  • Send or collect money via VPA, mobile number, account number + IFSC code.
  • Transaction limit may vary as per your BHIM’s limit and it can go from 40,000 to max 1 lac per day.
  • Autopay and reminder system so that you never miss any important payment.
  • Collaborated with several e-commerce stores to let you shop easily around India.
  • Supports more than 20 languages. So, no language barrier.

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download.


safest money-transfer apps

With over 100 million users nationwide and an established name in the market of payment applications, Freecharge has evolved into one of India’s top financial services and investing apps. Freecharge enables you to accomplish anything with ease, from bill paying and recharging to investing and lending.


  • Get your shopping budget with the Pay Later feature. Also, get an instant credit limit of upto 10,000  with a repayment period of a month.
  • Invest in top-rated mutual funds with a 100% paperless process.
  • Invest in 99.99% pure gold, powered by SafeGold and partnership with Brink and IDBI trustees.
  • With Axis Bank’s back support, you can open an FD in as little as 3 minutes. 
  • Additionally, pay for your utility bills, DTH recharge, mobile and fast tag recharge, loan EMIs, and much more.  

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free to download

Final Words

So that’s all for the best and safest money-transfer apps that you can use for your money-transfer convenience. For many of us, moving money around serves a necessary function, and with everybody having little time to play, efficiency is key. It’s all about ease if you’re using a money transfer app, and we’ve selected these applications based on this principle.

Also, we consider the app’s usability and the platforms it may be used on. We tend to choose money transfer programs that can be used in the app format, even if some providers still allow you to use a personal computer and web configuration. Remember, convenience is the main concern here.

All the aforementioned apps that we listed are highly optimized, offer potential features, and make cashless transactions possible anytime and anywhere.

We hope you found this blog informative!

Do share with us in the comments section below which money-transfer app you like the most. Also, if you are already using one, share your experience with that too.



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