A Guy Asked This Woman For A Naked Selfie And Her Response Was Brilliant

When a guy started asking this woman for nude pictures, she decided to get inventive.

Rather than simply telling him where to go, she realised playing a prank on him would be far, far more satisfying.

When the woman, who posts under @jwzayn on Twitter, received a message saying: “I want to see you without all that necessary clothing on,” she replied positively.

“OK hang on a sec,” she said.

But instead of sending through a naked selfie, she sent a screen grab of a loading screen, below.

The ‘genius’ post (Twitter/@jwzayn)

He waited a moment and replied telling her it didn’t work, requesting it again.

Another loading screen then arrived. But rather than realising he had been pranked, he assumed it must be a technology problem.

“I think I need to buy a new phone,” he wrote.

Posting the exchange on Twitter, she wrote: “I’ve been sending him a picture of the loading sign and he still hasnt realised lmao.”

The tweet has been favourited more than 7,000 times and retweeted around 6,000 times.

One user responded calling it “absolute genius” and added “I am inspired”. Another said: “You win the internet today, ma’am.”


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