Why SSL is Important for a website?

It is very important to work in a safer place. SSL is the backbone of our secure internet. It protects and secures the overall connections throughout the Internet. The organization like Google has also announced the website with SSL certificate is the safer site. As it has been working towards to make a safer place. Before going into depth, let us discuss what is an SSL Certificate? this will help you to understand more clearly about the entire topic.

What is SSL Certificates?

SSL certificate plays an important role for a website. Before discussing the importance of it we should know the definition of SSL to understand that what it actually is? SSL stands for the Secure Socket Layer which provides the secure connection between the browser and the server. Have you ever noticed in a website URL some says HTTPS and some  HTTP? The website which contains “s” with HTTP protocol that has SSL certification that “s” means the security which the SSL provides to the website. While working on a website we all share many confidential pieces of information, this certificate will give the security between the browser to the server.

SSL certificates are used for security of your website as you can transfer your data securely and for secure login, credit card transactions, other personal information. If a website is having this certificate then it contains the padlock on the left side of url and has https protocol. This is security provided by the website to the customer that they can stay for a period of time on a website.

Is SSL is Necessary?

Why SSL is important for a website? Is SSL is necessary? These are the question which is mostly asked by visitors. As we all know that doing work online is not safer so we need some securities to protect our information and data on which we work. SSL is very important for the safety of your website. Here are some benefits which will help you to understand why there is a need for SSL certificates for a website.

  • Protects the data of a website

SSL helps you to protect from the dangerous hackers while dealing with IDs password or some confidential information. After the Installation of SSL certificate the data get locked and it can only be unlocked by the browser and the server. 

  • It gives Better Search Engine Rankings

According to the Google algorithm updates, google give rise up that websites which contain the https protocol. SSL certificate having website provide better search engine rankings.

  • Reliable and Trustworthy

As SSL certification having website shows the padlock on the left side of their address bar which will indicate the customer that the website is taking their privacy seriously. Sometimes browser declares without certification site to the unsafe site.

  • Provide Secure Online Payment

If you have an e-commerce site then you have to deal with many online payments, for secure dealing you have to install this certificate. SSL accepts the payment in encryption. So, the details of your card will be safer.

  • Google Announce SSL Mandatory in 2018

In 2018 Google declares the SSL certification mandatory. If any of the website browsers found which do not contains the certificate then they show their website with the warning like ”Unsafe”  or “ Not Secure” to the visitor.

How Do SSL Certificates Work?

  • First whenever the browser visits a website then it checks the SSL certificate and if it is there then the browser referred to do SSL handshake.
  • During the handshake, the browser checks the validity of the SSL Certificate of a website.
  • SSL certificates deal with two keys private key and a public key which is used for the encryption and decryption to secure communication.
  • It also contains another key “session key” which is used after the confirmation of valid certificates. This makes SSL communication faster.
  • After the handshake process, the secure connection established. Now the person and the server can communicate safely.

What is SSL handshake?

It is a process used to establish the keys to communicating safer and secure. During the process, the person and the server share some private information to have a secure connection between them.

Factors affecting that affects the Purchasing of SSL Certificates

While purchasing the SSL certificate a few things which we have to set in mind. These are some factors which we have to check before buying any SSL certificates for your websites.

  • First, you have to understand the level of security certification authority.
  • It is most important to check the validity of the certificates, information of the organization and the number of servers. 
  • Audit the reviews about the Certificate Authority to work out which provides better security.
  • Check the trust site seal of the certificate before purchasing.
  • Last but not least you should have to check the support of SSL certification.

Top 5 companies which provide reliable SSL certificates 

There are many companies which deals which the SSL certification. You can get the certificates at affordable cost from these companies:

  • Namecheap
  • Comodo
  • Digicert
  • Thawte
  • GoDaddy

For protection and security, these are the companies which are always on the top of the lists. As per my research from the above list, Namecheap is one of the best website service provider. The company provides affordable web services with Namecheap Coupons. It provides SSL certificate free with its hosting. It is one of the best media to purchase SSL for your website. 

Final Words

SSL is very important for the protection of your website, even if you are not having the confidential data over your website.  I hope this article helps you to understand the whole concept of SSL.

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