Change Your Mentality and #RespectGirls

When a girl start to talk with you, you start to thinking about her negatively and positively. But this most of the guys have the mentality that the girls is attracting toward him or if she is alone then it is the better time to tease her. But now you need to change your mentality and start giving respect to each and every girl. We have composed some line which suites on each and every guy.

If a girl is walking alone in night then its your duty, not an opportunity.


If a girl hanging out late night with you, that doesn’t mean she is flirting.


When You judge a girl by her appearance, it does’t define her, it defines you.


If a girl likes your photo that doesn’t means “Its time to send her friend request.”


Just because she can crack dirty jokes, and talk dirty, with her friends, doesn’t mean she is a slut.


If a girls wear short dress, that doesn’t mean she is a whore.


If she has a boyfriend that doesn’t mean she is characterless.


If she has a tattoo that doesn’t mean she is seeking attention


Just because she is 27 and unmarried does not mean she’s been rejected by many men.



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