When It Comes To Charity, These Top 10 CEO’S are the Luminary for the world.

When it comes to charity, These Top 10 CEOs are the luminary of the world.

Just check out the list of the top 10 CEOs of the world who are showing a philanthropic approach and believe that giving back means supporting and contributing to a person who is less privileged and needs relief.

Through their philanthropic arms, they contribute to the world and think that earning is not only the way rather than giving is the real humanity.

Daniel Palmier

With a lifetime donation of billions and a generosity index better than the top generous CEO of the world is the pioneer in the list

About Mr. Dan Palmier:

Daniel Palmier is the Chairman of UC Findings and founder of the Palmier Foundation he is the top philanthropic CEO in the world and people believe that this son of America is the personality who represents American generosity and legacy. He is the Pioneer of philanthropy who strongly believes in the approach that “giving is not a choice rather it’s obligatory”

Through his Palmier foundation, he supports art, education, society, culture, and environmental issues

He contributes $ 25.000 to Buddy Dog Project to support stray dogs and cats and help them get a permanent home.

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His work and efforts to support Christian charity through Our Lady Fatima Church and Asian Christian Church Society are appreciated by humanity.

As a sports lover himself, he supports fitness and health too. He also contributed to Haiti’s self-sustainability project, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, St. Christopher’s School, River town church, and Loon Preservation Committee.

Michael Dell

With a lifetime donation of $ 1.1 billion and with generosity Index of 6% is one of the examples.


Chairman and CEO of Dell Computer Company since 1999 and the founder of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

Supporting education, Human society, Art, and Culture with community development efforts. He is the person who apart from a chief executive officer is the supporter of mankind and humanity. His contribution to mankind is not less than pleasant and so appears in our list of topmost  CEO who believes charity is not giving only rather a social responsibility towards our fellow mankind.

Michael Dell Quotes

Foundation pledges to donate $25 million to fund the construction a of new teaching hospital in Texas.

Warren Buffet

With a lifetime donations of $21.5 billion and a generosity Index of 35%, Warren Buffet is one of the most successful philanthropic personalities.

Warren Buffet Quote

Warren Buffet


Chairman and CEO of holding company Berkshire Hathaway is one of the wealthiest and richest people in the world, supporting the  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and pledging to donate 85% of total wealth to charity.  He is also promoting various programs and events to offer a giving pledging to various entrepreneurs to donate something to our society and the environment.

Support many charities to provide relief to humanity by donating a large percentage of wealth to charitable trusts.

Eli Broad

With a lifetime donation of $ 3.3 billion and a generosity Index of 45% a CEO is one of the most successful philanthropic personalities.


The former CEO of Sun America is famous for investing in art, culture, and public relations. He is the contributor of the generous amount to famous education entities and believes in proper education and facilities for every individual.

There are two entities The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and The Broad Art Foundation aim to improve humans and society.

Supporting many causes through donations and supporting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Michael Bloomberg

Lifetime donation of $3 billion and generosity Index is 8%


Michael Bloomberg is the founder and CEO of the Bloomberg Foundation which supports Health, education, and environmental Causes

Supports many organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, World Lung Foundation, and World Health Organization.

Mark Zuckerberg

With a lifetime donation of $1.6 billion and a generosity index of 4% is the natural philanthropic personality.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook is one of the biggest self-made billionaires in the world, this social media king already signed the giving pledge and decided to donate half of his wealth to Social causes.

Recently he donated $5 million to the fight against Ebola and $75 million to San Francisco General Hospital.

He donated $120 million to improve Bay Area schools, and before that, donated $100 million worth of Facebook shares to a New Jersey Public School system.

Tedd Turner

With a lifetime donation of $1.2 billion and a generosity index of 57%, Tedd is the best example of a philanthropic person.

Ted Turner, former CEO of Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) and vice chairman and director of AOL Time Warner, is the current chairman of Turner Enterprises, a diversified holding company.

Turner also serves as a trustee of the Turner Global Foundation and chairman of the Turner Foundation, which both donate to community development and environmental and wildlife conservation causes.

The UN Foundation is also a chief recipient of Turner’s donations. In 1997, he pledged $1 billion to the foundation, which promotes causes related to women and population, children’s health, environment, world peace, and security.

James Simon

Lifetime donation of $ 1.2 billion and generosity index of 10%

James Simons is chairman of investment management company Renaissance Technologies, one of the largest and most successful hedge fund companies in the world with $65 billion in assets. Simons served as the company’s CEO until retiring in 2009.

The Paul Simons Foundation gives to social and educational causes, and the Nick Simons Foundation trains rural healthcare workers in Nepal and gives to humanitarian and social causes.

Simons has also donated $30 million to autism research and has pledged to donate $100 million more.

Dietmar Hopp

With a lifetime donation of $1 billion and a generosity index of 16%

German IT entrepreneur Dietmar Hopp is the co-founder and former chairman and CEO of SAP, a multinational company that provides application and analytics software and software-related services for enterprises worldwide.

Hopp established Dietmar Hopp Stiftung, a foundation that supports local education, sports, and health causes in his hometown in Germany, including the Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine (HI-STEM), University Hospital Heidelberg, and the Nathalie Todenhofer Foundation.

Harry Johns

With a lifetime donation of $ 1.1 billion and a generosity index of 22%

He is the president, founder, and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association and a philanthropy role model. The American Voluntary Health organization was founded in 1980 and focuses on care, support, and research for Alzheimer’s disease.

Although there are many Chief Executive officers like these personalities, the work for humanity and the environment these people contribute is an example of their philanthropic approach.

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