Parental Control Apps: Take Control & Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Do you know that 79% of children receive physical threats while playing online games and 41% receive racist remarks in comments? These figures can overwhelm any parent. However,  parental control apps can be a ray of hope that will empower you to navigate the online maze with your kid. Let’s dive in deep!

The best thing about the internet is that kids can discover a lot of amazing things on it. However, with huge exposure to the internet, there are high odds that they explore something unsuitable for them.

Today laptops, phones, tablets, and other electronic devices have given children access to every corner of the internet. Along with resourceful, educational, and fun content, the online world is prone to dangerous websites, interactions, and applications.

Plus, parents can’t be always present to monitor their kid’s online activities which leads to potential online risks. And It is no longer a secret that social media affects the mental health of users.

Now it is harder than ever to keep your children safe online, especially when they attain teenage. According to a report 96% of teenagers spend time online daily.

But as parents, we need to keep our children protected, no matter what. Here, parental control apps can empower you to track their online activities, location, and interactions. You just need to download these apps on their tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

However, due to the sheer number of options in parenting control apps, you might get confused about choosing the right one. 

Don’t worry! We have dug out the best ones along with their features, pricing plans, and more. Learn about them and make the online world safer for your child!

Why You Should Use Parental Control Apps?

parental control app

Parental control apps offer several advantages to parents who want to create a healthy and safe online environment for their children. Here is the list of benefits that parental control apps offer:

Improved Safety Online: Parental control apps offer content filtering features to block inappropriate content and websites to prevent their exposure to pornography, violence, and other harmful content. 
Talking Point: Apps for parental control act as a conversation starter to discuss online safety, potential risks, and how to responsibly use them. This also builds trust as you discuss technology and associated risks in an open conversation.
Block Apps: Using these apps, you can limit your kid’s access to certain applications or even games that aren’t age-appropriate or showcase unhealthy behaviors.
Track’s Location: Apps for parental control help you know the whereabouts of your children via GPS tracking features. You can gain peace of mind while your kids are far off for studies, playing, or other activities.
Limit Screen Time: Using these apps, you can set a time for using mobile for your children. Limiting screen time can give them a break and encourage more physical activity and interactions to help them stay fit and healthy.
Monitor App usage: You can identify how much time your child is spending on different apps. This way you can track and find out potential digital distractions and divert their attention to other better apps.
Healthy Management: You can create a designated time for using the device, avoid late-night screen items, and promote healthy sleeping patterns. This lets your children focus more on schoolwork and other vital activities.
Talking Point: Apps for parental control act as a conversation starter to discuss online safety, potential risks, and how to responsibly use them. This also builds trust as you discuss technology and associated risks in an open conversation.

07 Best Parental Control Apps to Keep Children Safe Online

Here is the list of the best parental control apps to monitor your child’s online activities and keep them protected. 


Apps for parental control

    FamilyTime is one of the best parental control apps that comes with a range of online management options. This app is a good option for parents having young teenagers. This app is specifically designed to promote a safe online experience for kids.

    Key Features of FamilyTime: 

    Ease of setting screen time limits for different apps on your child’s device.
    Restrict access to social media, games, and other specific apps.
    Block inappropriate content and websites.
    Real-time location can be tracked.
    Understand your child’s online behavior by tracking the amount of time spent on different apps.
    Limit access and manage settings from your device remotely.
    Reasons to Use
    • Offers comprehensive features to manage app access, screen time, and website filtering.
    • Tracking online activities and app usage gives you peace of mind about your child’s online
    • Designated screen usage and limits encourage a balanced digital lifestyle.
    Reasons to Avoid
    • The free version comes with limited features.
    • Some users complained about compatibility issues.

    Cost of FamilyTime:

    • The Basic plan is free.
    • The MyFamily plan is $2.41 per month.
    • The MyFamily5 plan is $5.75 per month.
    free parental control apps

      Google Family Link is one of the free parental control apps that are specifically designed for parents to manage and monitor the Google accounts of their children below 13 years. Google Family Link is one of the best parental control apps for Android.

      Key Features of Google Family Link:

      Set daily or weekly screen time limits on your child’s device.
      Ease of approving and denying app downloads from Google Play Store.
      Block inappropriate content and websites in Chrome.
      Track your child’s location on a map.
      Deny or approve in-app purchases made through Google Play.
      Lock your child’s device remotely during bedtime, fun activities, or homework.
      Reasons to Use
      • Completely free to use.
      • User-friendly interface makes it easy for both parents and children to use this app.
      • With seamless integration with existing Google accounts, you can avoid creating new ones for your children.
      • Screen time limits and healthy app usage encourage good tech habits.
      • Content filtering and location tracking increase safety and provide peace of mind.
      Reasons to Avoid
      • It is not compatible with iPhones, iPads, etc.
      • Offers a basic set of functionalities.

      Cost of Google Family Link: Completely free to use and has no subscription fees or in-app purchases.


      apps for parental control

        Life360 is one of the most popular apps for parental control. This location-sharing app is specifically designed for parents or guardians to stay connected with their children, and see their whereabouts on a private map to ensure their utmost safety.

        Key Features of Life360:

        The real-time location-sharing feature allows you to see all family members on a map.
        Using the SOS button, children can trigger emergency responses and connect with designated contacts or emergency services.
        This app can detect likely car crashes and inform emergency services.
        Gain valuable insights into your driving habits including phone usage, speed, and braking.
        Direct communication with family members within the app.
        Get alerted when someone arrives or leaves from designated places like home, school, or work.
        Reasons to Use
        • Knowing family members’ location gives great peace of mind.
        • Ease of coordinating schedules and communication within the family.
        • Crash detection, SOS button, and driving insights add extra shield of protection for drivers in the family.
        • Track and monitor the whereabouts of family members.
        Reasons to Avoid
        • Constant location sharing can raise privacy concerns.
        • Many essential features require a subscription.
        • Due to constant location sharing, phone batteries can drain faster.

        Cost of Life360:

        • The basic plan is free with limited features.
        • The Gold Plan is $14.99 per month and $99.99 per year.
        • The Platinum Plan is $24.99 per month and $199.99 per year.


        parenting control

          Bark is another parental control app to increase the safety of your children online. This app is specifically designed to scan your child’s text messages. This app identifies potential signs of suicidal thoughts, cyberbullying, sexting, violence threats, and other dangers.

          Key Features of Bark:

          Scans MMS (multimedia service) and SMS (short message service) for defined phrases and keywords such as depression, cyberbullying, drug use, sexting, suicidal thoughts, and more.
          Monitors messages 24/7 and sends prompt alerts to your phone or email with snippets of concerning content.
          Remove or add keywords or phrases based on your concerns or your child’s age.
          Sends you reports on identified phrases or keywords.
          School-level monitoring in some regions ensures broader safety for the child.
          Reasons to Use
          • Real-time alerts for likely dangers and concerns.
          • Identifies issues early and enables you to address them before they become big.
          • You can customize keywords or phrases according to your child’s age or likely issues.
          • School monitoring ensures additional safety for your children.
          Reasons to Avoid
          • Limited to monitor SMS and MMS, not other online activities.
          • The school-monitoring feature is not available in all regions.

          Cost of Bark:

          • Come with a 7-day free trial.
          • The Bark Premium plan is $14 per month and $99 per year.


          parenting control apps

            Qusodio is one of the best parenting control apps available in the market today. This app goes beyond text message monitoring and offers a range of features that help you ensure your child’s safety online and manage their digital lifestyle.

            Key Features of Qustodio:

            Set daily or weekly screen time limits for phones, computers, and tablets.
            Block access to age-inappropriate games and websites.
            Filter categories based on content and age.
            Web filtering blocks exposure to harmful content and websites.
            Track YouTube history and restrict access to specific channels.
            Real-time location tracking.
            Monitor and track activities on different social media platforms.
            Get reports for breaches or suspicious activity.
            Reasons to Use
            • Ease of restricting managing screen time, web browsing, location tracking, and app usage.
            • Customize usage based on your child’s age, needs, and maturity levels.
            • Detailed reports on your child’s website visits, app usage, and location tracking.
            Reasons to Avoid
            • Essential features can be utilized after signing up for a paid subscription.
            • Setting up and getting the hang of features requires time.

            Cost of Qustodio:

            • The free plan offers limited features.
            • The Family Plan is $54.99 per month.

            Norton Family

            parenting control

              Norton Family is another comprehensive parenting control app that offers a range of features. It is a reliable tool, coming from a renowned cybersecurity company ‘Norton. This app offers a quick setup and installation process. 

              Key Features of Norton Family:

              Set daily or weekly limits on screen time for specific apps.
              Based on defined keywords or phrases, it blocks inappropriate websites.
              Limit access to specific games or apps.
              Track videos that your child is watching on YouTube (Windows only).
              Location tracking.
              Keep a check on your child’s search history.
              Get reports of your child’s online activities and receive alerts of likely risks.
              Remotely manage the settings and apply restrictions via mobile.
              Reasons to Use
              • Wide range of parental tools.
              • Trusted brand.
              • Effective screen time management promotes healthy digital habits.
              • App and website blocking limits potential distractions.
              Reasons to Avoid
              • Requires a paid subscription to access essential features.
              • Video monitoring is available in Windows only.

              Cost of Norton Family: The Premium plan is $49.99 per month.


              apps for parental control

              Mobicip is one of the best parental control apps to manage your child’s digital life. It offers a range of features to manage your child’s browsing activities and keep them safer online.

              Key Features of Mobicip:

              Based on customized keywords and phrases, it blocks inappropriate websites.
              Set daily or weekly limits on screen time for specific apps.
              Block access to specific games or apps.
              Location tracking.
              Track and manage YouTube history and recommend age-suitable content.
              Basic monitoring for social media platforms.
              Detailed reports on app usage, location tracking, and website visits.
              Reasons to Use
              • A comprehensive set of features to manage online safety.
              • Ease of customization on app blocking, website filtering, and setting limits on screen time.
              • Location updates offer peace of mind.
              • Insightful reports on children’s online activities to adjust settings accordingly.
              Reasons to Avoid
              • An extensive set of features might overwhelm non-tech-savvy parents.
              • Comparatively expensive subscription cost.
              • Fewer features for social media monitoring.

              Cost of Mobicip:

              • Offers a 7-day free trial.
              • The Lite plan is $2.99 per month.
              • The Standard plan is $4.99 per month.
              • The Premium plan is $7.99 per month.

              The Bottomline: Best Parental Control Apps

              So, this was our list of apps for parental control. Each app has its unique set of features, pricing structure, and strengths and weaknesses. Before settling for one, understand your requirements, concerns, your child’s age, and online habits, and pick accordingly.

              No matter what you choose, always remember parental control apps are just a tool which has to be used alongside. You need to interact openly with your child, share your concerns, and give the right guidance to create a healthy and safe online environment.

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