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To be a best social media marketer, you should know that a best practice to engage more and more audience and drive lots of traffic to your website/blog. For that, your website or blog should be covered with hot and trending topics, whatever they may be – trending news, celebrity gossip, entertainment news and latest gadget development. It’s essential to stay on top of it all. What’s trending nowadays? This week? This month? Trending topics could be current affairs, sports and entertainment news, political scandals, celebrity gossip, or the latest tech or gadget developments. Just like in the real world, also online, you have to keep up!

The key point to grow in the competitive social media community, you need to be update to date with you niche topics which can give you more followers and growth. But the most important thing is, how to find the trending topics for your blog post or social media post.
So here I am going to share my favorite online tools – which you can use to find the latest trending topics as you craft your marketing plan for the year ahead.


Buzzsumo is a great tool for finding hot topics and key influencers. Just enter your niche keyword, topic or domain to execute a search. Your results are filtered by the number of total trending shares across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. BuzzSumo lets you narrow your search to the content in the today, week, month or past month, to show you the most recent, popular content, as well as sort the results per the type of content (e.g., article, infographic, video, etc.). They offer premium services ($499+ per month), but the free tool is great on its own.

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Google+ What’s Hot

Generally most of all not much familiar with Google’s social network, but Google+ actually provides its own version of presenting trending topics. You can find these trending topic in Explore page.


Google Trends is a great tool in seeing what is being most searched on the Internet. It is especially useful, in that Google Search is the most widely used search engine around.


Like Google+, Facebook has its own version of a trending topic. Which appears on your homepage sidebar with a personalized list of trending articles and a short description of why they’re hot. Click through to see a lengthy list of related posts. Taking into attention Facebook’s position as the top social network in the world – with more than 1.55 billion monthly active users– you got to believe that it will provide you an accurate count on what topics or content are trending.


Swayy is a tool that connects to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and presents content according to keywords you define. Also, Swayy allows you to discover and curate new content.


What’s Trending is a website dedicated to showing you content across the Internet that are currently trending, content that’s trending in real-time, and offers forecasts on what they believe is going to be the next big thing?
So these 6 tools help you to find trending topics, social listening and more. What other tools do you use for creating content ideas and keeping up with the latest trends in your industry?



Naveen is SEO Expert by Profession and A blogger by hobby, who writes on various topics like Tech, SEO, Blogging, Life style, Business and a lot more.


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