Movavi Slideshow Maker – The Simplest Software To Create Slideshows From Music And Pictures

There are so many situations in which you might want to create a video slideshow. Some people need this for business presentations while others simply want to build something special for an important event in their personal life. No matter what situation you are in, the big problem is that creating slideshow videos is usually something really expensive. Hiring a professional for this does cost a lot and if you are to use special video editing software the learning curve is really high. To make matters even worse, that professional editing software comes packed with so many features you will never use. Investing in them simply does not make sense and people just looking to create a slideshow are going to lose money.

A quick solution that should be considered by everyone is Movavi Slideshow Maker. It allows you to quickly make videos from pictures and add music, transitions or effects, as you can see from the official tutorial here:

Go through it to see how simple it is to end up with a really high-quality slideshow video file.

Facts Of Interest About Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker was created with a clear purpose: allow really easy slideshow creation for people that do not know much about the technical side of creating video content. With this in mind, the interface is really easy-to-use and all the features that are included are self-explanatory. If there is something that you do not understand, the Help system is straightforward and will offer solutions to most problems you could have.

It takes just a few minutes to import all the pictures, videos and music you want to use in your slideshow. All the popular formats are supported and after the content is imported, you just need to arrange it and make the desired modifications. You do this by going to the appropriate menu option.

Numerous modifications are available, including the possibility to increase the quality of what you added and put in the text that you want after choosing out of hundreds of fonts. This is particularly useful for creating a slideshow since most people use images and text. With Movavi’s options, you can basically be sure that the text you add perfectly fits the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Another common feature that will be used by most people is adding audio to slideshow videos. With Movavi Slideshow Maker you just import the audio file and you choose where to add it. That is how easy it is.

After you feel that the slideshow you created is perfect, you want to export it. You do this by following simple steps taking you through choices needed to create the exact match to the type of device you would use to play the video file you create. For instance, if you are to play the slideshow on your personal computer, you can go for really high definition quality settings. If not and you just need iPhone use, the software will export the file to a format that offers the best quality for iPhone users.

Is Movavi Slideshow Maker For You?

The bottom line is that Movavi Slideshow Maker is the simplest, fastest and even cheapest program you can use right now. However, as with any program out there, you might not like it. That is why you do want to be informed. You will be happy to hear about the existence of a trial version. Consider it to see all it offers and it will be really easy to figure out if the software is perfect for your intended use or not.


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