Archie Heaton: Everything to know about Charlie Heaton’s son

“Who is Archie Heaton?” is a much talked-about topic recently in Hollywood and the entertainment community. What is his connection with Stranger Things, an acclaimed Netflix science fiction horror series starring Charlie Heaton?

People are going crazy to know the ins and outs about him. If you are here for the same reason, then guess what? Your search for all your curious questions ends over here.

As you continue reading this blog, all the mysteries about Charlie Heaton’s son Archie will be unveiled.

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Archie Heaton: Brief Biography

Full NameArchie Heaton
Date of Birth19th May, 2014
Age9 years old
ResidenceLondon, England
Father’s NameCharles Ross Heaton aka Charlie Heaton
Mother’s NameAkiko Matsuura
EthnicityMixed (British, Japanese)
Birth PlaceEngland
Weight28 Kgs
Height4.5 ft.
Sexual OrientationNot Known
Marital StatusUnmarried
Known forAs a Celebrity’s Kid

Born on May 19, 2014, Archie Heaton has started gaining notoriety as the son of Charlie Heaton, the acclaimed star of Netflix horror thriller series. Stranger Things. Now you must be fidgety to think that the cast of the show is relatively young, so how did the star happen to have a 9-year-old son at this age?

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Well, usually Charlie likes to keep their personal lives private, but in the recent show promotional interviews last year, the star was seen sharing some happy moments and bonding about his kid with the press.

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Who is Archie Heaton?

Archie Heaton is a 9-year-old young British boy and the only child of Charles Ross Heaton, an actor and musician, and Akiko Matsuura, a Japanese drummer and vocalist who also happened to be Charlie’s band member. Being born into a family of mixed ethnicity,  Archie Heaton is half-Caucasian and half-Asian. His grandparents from his paternal side are Crispy Heaton and Shelly Lowe.

The zodiac sign of Archie is Taurus, which shares the traits of being reliable and practical.

Archie’s parents actually didn’t ever marry and got separated after living together for a year after birth. The juvenile is currently living with his mother in London. Because of the warm co-parenting relationship the two shared, the kid has pretty much adjusted well to that and now lives in a healthy relationship with his father. Charlie Heaton also manages to take time from his busy work schedule to visit his child as often as possible.

While Archie is still relatively young, indubitably the star kid is managing to be the center of attention in the public eye and will continue to do so as he grows up in the showbiz industry.

Who is Archie Heaton’s mother?

While a lot of you are curious to know more about Archie Heaton and have already read enough about Charlie Heaton, very few know Akiko Matsuura, the ex-girlfriend of Charlie and mother of Archie Heaton. But her achievements speak louder than that. While searching for information about her personal life and career, here is what we have found out about her.

Akiko Matsuura, who is Archie Heaton’s mother, is a lead drummer and vocalist residing in London, England. Also known as Keex, Akiko was born in the 1980s and spent her early childhood years in Osaka, Japan. She then moved to the U.K. in the early 2000s to further pursue her artistic studies. While attending school, her love for rock music and career as a drummer started to peak. 

She played as a frontwoman in so many bands, such as Comanechi, PRE, Big Pink (a renowned British rock band), and even in the going-on-side project Sperm Javelin. In fact, Akiko was the co-founder of Comanechi and PRE.

Who is Archie Heaton’s father?

If you are an avid Stranger Things series fan, then Jonathan Byers is an extolled character, and Chalie Heaton is a well-known name to you. However, for those of you who don’t know and those of you who have even known the actor from this series, there are still a lot of obscure things about him to fathom.

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Charles Ross Heaton, aka Charlie Heaton, is an English actor and musician known for his starring roles in Stranger Things as Jonathan Byers and his magnificent acting skills in movies like As You Are, Marrowbone, The Souvenir Part ||, and No Future.

Before stepping into the acting career, Charles was a musician and played in the leading British bands. He moved to London in 2016 and became a key member of the noise-rock bands before formally joining the Comanechi. 

In his short span of four years of music career, he has been a part of a famous album, “You owe me nothing but love,” and released numerous applause songs like Rabbit Hole, Death of You, Mesmerizing Fingers, and more.

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The Story Behind Archie: The Charlie and Akiko Relationship

Charlie Heaton son Archie

Being a celebrity’s kid is not the easiest, and Archie Heaton is the perfect example of that. When Charlie Heaton appeared as one of the prevailing characters in the fourth season of the series, Archie Heaton shot to the limelight and gained unexpected fame.

Suddenly, a lot of questions among the audience and his fans started popping: What is the story behind the birth of Archie Heaton? 

Well, for all of you, here is what happened in reality.

Before Charles’ acting career took off, he used to work with numerous famed rock bands, and Comanechi was one of them. You caught it right! This is the same band where Akiko played as the lead drummer. During his work tenure and tour of one and a half years in 2013, the duo started dating. Charles was 18 years old, and Akiko was 32 years old back then.

Despite the continuous backlash coming on them because of their considerable age gap, they continued living together for almost two years. They were very committed during the phase and did not allow any of the external criticisms to affect their relationship. And within a year, they became parents to Archie Heaton, who was born in 2014 in London, and got separated after a year of giving birth.

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However, despite all these, the two shared a beautiful co-parenting relationship and are really cordial towards each other.

The Archie Heaton’s Parents Shared a Cordial Co-parenting Relationship

Archie Heaton parents

Following Archie’s birth, his parents put his welfare first and made a concerted effort to establish a happy home. But in 2015, their love affair came to an end shortly after a year. For the benefit of their son, they nevertheless agreed to continue having a cordial co-parenting relationship.

Archie spends most of his time in London with his mother, and he has occasional visits from his father, who has his career in the US. Archie’s mother even shared photos of her son with his father, demonstrating how eager both parents are to set aside their issues for the good of their child.

The escalated scrutiny of Archie Heaton

With the global success of his father’s Netflix series Stranger Things, the young Heaton has come under more scrutiny. When Archie arrived in 2014, his father was relatively unknown in the UK, allowing Archie to nurture himself away from the limelight. His mother, on the other hand, was rather well-known.

That all changed, though, when his existence was made public by British tabloids in 2017, an entire year after the show’s debut. Archie’s parents made the decision to keep quiet and not add to the story in spite of the media scrutiny. Fans of Stranger Things, however, continue to wish for a formal response from Charlie Heaton at some point.

Archie Heaton’s Present and Future Prospects

Who is Archie Heaton

Archie and his mother currently live in London, and his parents go to considerable lengths to protect his anonymity and give him a normal upbringing. They don’t talk about him in talks or share posts about him on social media on a regular basis. However, his mother has revealed that being a parent to him has instilled in her the value of unwavering love.

Archie, like any other youngster his age, would probably go to elementary school and engage in a variety of extracurricular activities. Though it’s too soon to tell what his future holds, it’s likely that he will pursue a career in entertainment and acquire either his mother’s singing talents or his father’s acting prowess. 

That being said, some famous kids prefer to stay out of the spotlight entirely, so it wouldn’t be shocking if Archie went in a different direction with his career.


We hope you now know everything about Archie Heaton and that your curiosity over this star’s kid ends here. Also, it would be good for the kid and the parents if we didn’t make a lot of buzz out of it and let them enjoy their parenting period.

Having said that, let us know if you want to know about any other celebrity. We will cover that in our next blog.

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