Anna Gunn: Education, Movies, Achievements, and Net Worth

“We don’t have to push each other out of the way, because the universe will push us out of the way, or push us towards our goals when it’s time”.

The aforementioned quote comes from a personality who has led her life by these words. An American actress and voiceover artist, Anna Gunn has received a lot of praise for her work in some high-profile drama series and managed to win some unbelievable Emmy awards in her acting career. 

The actress has always believed in living out of her comfort zone, which is why, coming from an opera show, she ended up being a Hollywood actress. 

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Seeing her performance and achievements, it would be fair to say that the actress has received well-deserved recognition both from viewers and critics at IMDb. It was her strong determination and her astounding acting skills that landed her some high-profile projects.

But was it that easy? What did her journey look like?

We are sure a lot of Anna’s fans want to know everything from A to Z about their star.

This is why we have curated this complete guide about Anna Gunn, in which we will share her early childhood, her journey from being a soap opera actor to Hollywood , her achievements, and her contribution to society.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Anna Gunn’s Personal Life

Anna Gunn’s Personal Life

There is not much to talk about Emmy winner Anna Gunn’s life. The actress dated and married the same person, Alastair Duncan, a local real estate agent in 1990. 

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out for them, and they ended up getting divorced after 19 years of being together. The rumor was that her husband argued about the whole changing behavior of the actress after her rising popularity in Breaking Bad, followed by Windfall. However, after her separation from her husband, she didn’t jump into any relationship drama.

The couple has two beautiful daughters, Emma and Emily, and together they are sharing the responsibilities of co-parenting. Duncan and Gunn both came back into the news as a couple in 2013 due to the ongoing need for their children’s care.

Anna Gunn

BornAugust 11, 1968 (age 55), Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Height5 ft 10 in (1.77 m)
SpouseAlastair Duncan (married 1990; divorced 2009)
ChildrenTwo daughters: Emma Duncan, Eila Rose Duncan
Alma materNorthwestern University
Notable worksSully, Equity, Sassy Pants, Red State, Breaking Bad, Enemy of the State
Years active1992–present

Anna Gunn’s Early Years

Anna Gunn
Anna Gunn’s Early Years

Anna Gunn was born to financially sound parents, Clemens Earl Gunn, who worked as a real estate agent, and Sharon Anna Kathryn Gunn, who worked as an interior designer, in 1968 in Ohio.

During her early childhood days, the family relocated to New Mexico, where Anna spent the rest of her infancy period. In 1986, she completed her high school studies at Santa Fe Preparatory School. And later enrolled herself at Northwestern University.

Anna has always had a soft inclination towards the theatre, which is why, during her college days in 1988, she joined the British American Drama Company of London for a year. And finally graduated in 1990 with theatre as her major.

After getting a degree in the theatre field, Gunn later shifted to Los Angeles in search of some acting work, where she shared the residence with her co-actress Pamela Adlon.

Anna Gunn’s Early Television Career

anna gunn tv shows
Anna Gunn’s Early Television Career

In 1992, Anna Gunn made her first appearance on TV by taking part in an episode of the fictional science fiction show Quantum Leap and being featured in the movie Indecency.

She was also chosen to be a member of the cast of the Fox comedy Down the Shore, which ran for 29 episodes. Anna later appeared as a guest performer on segments of Seinfeld, and she additionally portrayed Detective Alex King in the NBC original movie Moment of Truth.

Gunn made appearances on several television shows in the later 1990s, including the legal and medical drama, the criminal thriller, and the NBC futuristic science-fiction program. Gunn obtained one of her most significant responsibilities to date as an assistant in 1997.

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Anna Gunn’s Film Career

Anna Gunn’s Film Career

Anna made her big screen debut in 1994 in the science fiction entertainment show Junior. The next year, the actress grabbed a thriller film project, Without Evidence, where she shared the screen with popular film stars Angelina Jolie and Scott Plank.

In 2000, Anna again appeared in a horror movie, Lost Souls, followed by starring in a comedy movie, Nobody’s Baby.

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Seeing the diversified portfolio of her active career, it is obvious to say that she has had a tremendous film career. Later, Gunn took a long break from acting and didn’t appear on screen till 2011.

1994JuniorCasitas Madres Receptionist
1995Without EvidenceLiz Godlove
1995If Someone Had Known OfficerLinda Reed
1997Santa FeJane
1998Enemy of the StateEmily Reynolds
2000Lost SoulsSally Prescott
2001Nobody’s BabyStormy
2002Treading WaterThe Actress
2011Red StateTravis’ Mother
2012Little Red WagonLaurie Bonner
2012Sassy PantsJune Pruitt
2016EquityNaomi Bishop
2016SullyDr. Elizabeth Davis
2018Being FrankLaura Hansen
2021Land of DreamsNancy
2022The ApologyDarlene Hagen

Anna Gunn Quotes

  • We don’t have to push each other out of the way, because the universe will push us out of the way, or push us toward our goals when it’s time.
Anna Gunn Quotes
  • I feel like it’s important to be forthright about equality. If you’re doing the same work, you should get the same amount of money, and you should get the same respect. It’s about valuation. It’s about not being afraid to ask for those things.
  • In my experience, you get a job for a reason. Your work life happens for a reason.
Anna Gunn Quotes
  • If you have to go back through your day in your head, try to go back to only the good things. Look at those, and what you did well. Otherwise, life kind of passes you by.
  • My mom and dad, you’re my heart, thank you for keeping me going all these years and never letting me give up.
  • I have to remind myself to stop thinking about the future. Stop thinking about what happened at work today, or another choice you could have made. Just be with your kids. Just be with your friends. Enjoy your victories. Stop second-guessing things that have already happened.
  • As kids do, they’re smart, and even if parents try to keep things away from them, conflict and issues and whatnot, kids pick up on what’s happening.
Anna Gunn Quotes
  • Nobody’s all good or bad, and nobody’s all light or dark. Every human being has so many different aspects and facets to them. And there can be something noble and something really dark and dangerous going on in a person all at the same time.
  • If you don’t agree with the direction something is going in, at least at work, you should always try it first, unless it’s dangerous or damaging. But if you have an opinion about the direction your work should be taking, say it. Then back it up with proof and other solutions.
  • You know my girls are so funny. You’re out in the country and there are critters everywhere and they get a little like, ‘Oh my God! Oh no, bugs!’ and I had to say, ‘Honey this is fine. This is their world and it’s all part of being in the country.’ I realized, ‘Oh my God, my girls are really city girls.’
  • For actors, you’ve got to sometimes fill in your backstory.
Anna Gunn Quotes
  • As an actor – and I say actor, but actress or actor, whatever – I’ve had to learn to be very open about what I want. I ask for it, even if I may not get it. I feel like it’s worth the ask.

Anna Gunn’s Achievements and Awards

Anna Gunn’s Achievements and Awards
2006Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama SeriesNominated
2011Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama SeriesNominated
2012Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama SeriesNominated
2012Emmy-Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama SeriesNominated
2013Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama SeriesWinner
2013Screen Actors Guild Awards-Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama SeriesNominated
2013Emmy-Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama SeriesWinner
2014Emmy-Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama SeriesWinner
2014Critics’ Choice Television Awards-Best Supporting Actress in a Drama SeriesNominated

Anna Gunn Net Worth

Anna Gunn Net Worth
Anna Gunn Net Worth

According to the celebrity net worth report, the American actress Anna Gunn has a net worth of $9 million dollars as of 2023. 

The actress first came into the limelight with her role as Skyler White in the Breaking Bad series. With her incredible performances in both the 2013 and 2014 seasons, she managed to win people’s hearts with the Emmy Awards in her bucket of achievements. 

Anna has done other recognizable roles too, which include Julia Ayres in Shades of Blue, Elizabeth Davis in Sully, Kimmy in NYPD Blue, Meghan Barstow in The Guardian, and many more.

With her sterling reputation and an established name in the industry, the actress now charges $75,000 per episode.

Some unknown facts about Anna Gunn

  • Anna Gunn has been affected by lupus, a chronic autoimmune illness brought on by the immune system’s habit of invading tissues and affecting any region of the body.
  • She became obsessed with theatre when she enrolled in an academic program at the Santa Fe Preparatory School.
  • She was successful in receiving a scholarship during her freshman year at Northwestern University in recognition of her outstanding performance.
  • She faced a lot of hate on the internet as a result of her vamp character in Breaking Bad. Trolls started running an “I Hate Skyler White” dedicated page and spreading a lot of negativity about her.
  • In a segment of the 2016 grown-up anime slow-motion humor show Robot Chicken, she performed the vocals for the Skyler White personality.
  • In the criminal thriller adventure TV show Shades of Blue, she played the continuing character of Julia Ayres.
  • She doesn’t have any authorized presence on digital platforms.
  • She has provided voiceovers for renowned video games like Blood Omen, Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver 2, and more.


Anna Gunn has moved zillions of people by showing her marvelous acting skills both on and off-screen, and she is still continuing to do that. From starting work as a TV actress to playing the lead role in a high-IMDb-rated drama series to establishing a position for herself in Hollywood, she has come a long way.

In the midst of her acting career, she has seen various ups and downs, which have grounded her in her real life. Moreover, the actress has often talked about personal and professional life balance and also taken initiatives towards women’s well-being, which was once highlighted in NY magazine.

Overall, she holds a strong vision towards the upliftment of women’s role in society and often comes up with a strong vision and perseverance in sharing a common goal: striving for a better environment.

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