A Kerala Man Fed Hungry Street Kids At A Restaurant But Was Surprised When He Saw The Bill

A man from Kerala named Akhilesh Kumar, fed a rag picker and his sister while he was waiting for his food in a small hotel in Malappuram.


So, here’s what happened:

  1. Akhilesh went into a small hotel in Malappuram for dinner. As he placed the order, he noticed a small kid who was standing outside and peeping inside through the window.

  2. Seeing him, Akhilesh ushered him inside. His sister also entered with him. After asking them what they’d like to eat, Akhilesh ordered food for them.

  3. The boy and his sister couldn’t contain their excitement when the food arrived and ate peacefully. And then, Akhilesh also had his food.

  4. When they were done, he asked for the bill.

But then something unexpected happened.


The bill had no amount but a little message that said,

We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you.”

When he saw this message, tears welled up his eyes.

Isn’t this amazing?


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