Why iMessage is the easiest way to stay in touch with friends?

Apple Launched their messaging app named iMessage back in 2011. They wanted to enhance your regular texting and Instant messaging experience while combining them both.

Yes, the app had few problems and loopholes while it was first launched, but developers have learned from their mistakes since then. Now iMessage is heading towards becoming a perfect Messenger. It is also available for windows computer. You can get iMessage on your desktop using this detailed article about iMessage on PC.

In fact, I personally believe that iMessage is the best app available currently to stay in touch with your friends and here is why.

  • Today’s world is all about being online, the situation has gone so far that I talk with more people online each week than I do face to face. And the difference between these two numbers is only growing bigger.
  • Now in normal conditions, I need at least 3-4 different apps to connect with all the people I know, both personally and professionally.
  • I need a messaging app to text people I know, I use it rarely but there are still a few places or situations where a data connection is not available.
  • Then I need an Instant messaging app which usage Internet to chat with my closest buddies, because if I’ll use regular texts then I’ll probably have to sell my soul to Satan in order to pay my bills.
  • And then I’ll need an app that is based on an id rather than a number in order to be in touch with all those annoying people who can blow your mind away if they get your phone number from anywhere.
  • Now with all these apps, all the data will also be shattered in pieces, and let’s just not talk about all the different features and updates each one of these apps will have.
  • But on the same time, iMessage allows you to send both Instant Messages and normal texts within the same app, so keeping the track of previous chat record with any friend is far easier.
  • You can sort your contacts according to the persons who have your Apple id and who have your phone number so you can stay in touch with both types of people or any one of them as per your needs.
  • With all this you get lots of small but cool features like seeing the definition of any word before sending it, easily forwarding any message with a double tab, creating custom keyboard shortcuts and much more which only add up to your messaging experience.

I think these are enough reasons to convince anyone that iMessage is the future of text messaging. If you still have a question regarding this awesome app, do tell us in the comments box.

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