Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment: What Does This Mean? 

Origin post is preparing shipment’ What does this update mean

This is a notification that people receive occasionally for international shipments. However, there is more to it. In this post, we will understand what the ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ means, why this notification is sent to you, what USPS trying to tell you about it, and what can be done. 

Let’s take a look!

The USPS (United States Postal Service) is undeniably one of the finest courier services in the world. However, many times people face challenges when it comes to making international shipments. The most common issue is the ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ message. 

If you are someone who regularly sends shipments, mail, and packages internationally, there are high odds you come across the ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ phrase while tracking it. 

But! What does this shipment tracking term mean? Let’s dive into its details!

What Does the ‘Origin Is Post Preparing Shipment’ Mean?

origin post is preparing shipment
What Does the ‘Origin Is Post Preparing Shipment’ Mean?

The phrase ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ is used for international shipments. If you come across this term when tracking your shipment, it means the package you are trying to ship via USPS has created tracking info, scanned into the tracking system, and is all set to be shipped through United States Postal Service infrastructure to the destination.

USPS origin post is preparing the shipment is used to describe various stages of your package. This tracking term gets many people worried and furious as it doesn’t specify the actual status of your package or mail. This is because it might feel like your shipment is sidelined which can make you feel furious. 

However, USPS itself doesn’t want people to know the exact status of the parcel which is why they use this phrase whenever you try tracking the shipment. 

Therefore, whenever you see this update, you are supposed to stay calm and understand that your package is on its way and reach the destination anytime. 

Does the Package Listed As ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Mean Awaiting Custom Clearance? 

USPS origin post is preparing shipment
Does the Package Listed As ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Mean Awaiting Custom Clearance?

As we already mentioned, ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ is a tracking term used for international mail and packages, it is very common for people to think that their shipment is under ‘awaiting customs clearance status. However, it is not so.

Once an international package is passed the clearance by the shipping country. The term ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ can be used before it passes through the United States customs. This sole tracking term can be used to represent varied situations happening to your shipment before clearing the US customs.

Here are some of the situations where your package is listed as ‘origin post is preparing shipment.

  • When the package departs from the warehouse and is about to reach a facility where the mail sorting is done for the shipment.
  • When the airport is still in the screening process of your package.
  • Your package has reached the mail sorting facility and is under process.
  • When the pallet is yet to be full enough to load onto the plane, that will deliver your package to a mail sorting facility.

So, these are some instances that show your package under the ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ status.

How long does it take an international shipment to reach the destination?

origin post is preparing shipment USPS
How long does it take an international shipment to reach the destination?

Well, there is no fixed answer to this question. This is because the delivery of international shipments depends on several factors which are:

Shipping Region

The country or region from where the package or mail is shipped makes a big difference in the delivery time and process.

Mail System Efficiency

The efficiency of the mail system of every country varies. Therefore, the time at which your parcel will get delivered highly depends on the mail system used and its efficiency. 

The Volume of Mail

The volume of packages that a shipment facility has to process can delay or expedite the whole delivery operation.

Time of the year

The delivery of international packages greatly depends on the time of year it is expected. For instance, seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, are peak ones, so the delivery time tends to get slow. 

Shipment Labels

During the shipment, the labels of the parcels get destroyed or become unreadable which makes it hard for the facility to move forward in the next stage. This can delay the delivery.

Mail Service

Whether first class or international express, the type of mail service used for the package shipment can expedite or delay the delivery process. 

Custom Forms & Exceptions

Incorrect or improperly filled custom forms can delay the entire delivery process. Additionally, if any package looks suspicious to customs duty personnel, it is held. This also causes a delay in the package delivery.  

So, these are some of the major aspects that impact the delivery process and time of your international package. However, most postal systems provide an estimated delivery time of the package.

Major Reasons for Getting ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Notification for a Long Time

what does the origin post is preparing shipment mean
Major Reasons for Getting ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Notification for a Long Time

There are several reasons that label a package as the ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ while tracking it. Let’s take a look at the major ones. 

Arrival Scan of Package is Pending

This kind of error happens very rarely but does occur at times. So, if you are receiving notifications such as ‘origin post is preparing a shipment for a long time or ‘origin is preparing shipment stuck then some personnel at the USPS facility have missed scanning the package or completely skipped it.

This type of error majorly occurs when the parcels and packages are received in bulk in the USPS facility. This usually happens during the peak seasons like New Year, Christmas, and

Thanksgiving. So, if any facility gets swarmed with a huge amount of work, it is easy to overwhelmed and the chances of errors rise. So, when the package flow is at its peak, workers at USPS facilities might skip to scan some packages. 

Obstruction in Transportation 

Obstruction or issues in transportation are one of the common and major reasons that list particular parcels as ‘origin post is preparing shipment. This problem is beyond any person’s control and is even not the fault of USPS.

Hinderaton in a transportation chain can result from extreme weather conditions like lightning, hailstorms, and storms. Also, it can arise due to more catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes which completely ground the aircraft for longer periods.

Additionally, if any issue arises in the aircraft it goes under maintenance which delays the delivery of parcels, shipments, packages, and mail for a couple of days. 

Overflow of Packages

As already discussed, overflow of parcels and packages at the USPS facilities can be another big reason to get a notification with ‘the origin post preparing shipment. When USPS gets a lot of parcels and packages to be mailed and received, it obstructs the entire shipping process. This impacts the shipment of most packages. This kind of situation leads to delays and wrong shipment statuses and you might get bumped or stuck in the notification messages.

During this overflow of packages, there might be a situation where a shortage of logistics for load management occurs. This leads to delays in deliveries and some packages get labeled as ‘origin post preparing shipment.

The Pallet of the Package Has Been Removed

Pallets are flat wooden storage container which is utilized for managing, storing, and transporting shipment, goods, and parcels. These pallets hold several packages in different USPS facilities while shipments move from one shipment to another. During this process, when any pallet opens or takes time to get fully loaded, the whole delivery of other packages gets impacted.

The delay in delivery happens as the pallet gets open or doesn’t get fully loaded, all the packages get removed from the log until the matter is solved. This waits until the pallets are full and prepared to be shipped out after some time.

What Can be Done About the ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Problem?

origin post is preparing shipment usps
What Can be Done About the ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Problem?

The first thing that can be done in such a situation is to remain calm and not lose your cool. Always remember that if you get the ‘origin post preparing shipment’ notification doesn’t mean that your parcel is stuck or not moving. This term is used for many things that occur in the entire shipment cycle. 

If get this tracking status continuously for a couple of days or weeks, you can reach out to the USPS customer support team.

So, how to contact USPS customer support?

Here are some of the methods to contact USPS services to get your question answered.

  • Phone: You can directly call them on this number 1-800-275-8777.
  • Email: Visit this link and mail them directly.
  • Website: Visit their website https://www.usps.com/ and fill out a short form to get your issues resolved.
  • Virtual assistant: Once you call on the mentioned number, you will get connected with a virtual assistant.
  • Agent: If don’t want to talk to the virtual assistant, keep repeating the ‘Agent’ word to get connected with the right person. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Origin Post Preparing Shipment

Is the ‘origin post preparing shipment’ notification for international shipments only?

Yes, the ‘origin post preparing shipment’ notification is applicable to international shipments only.

How can I solve delivery delay problems?

You can directly contact USPS customer support via email, phone, tool chat, etc., and get clarity about the status of your shipment.

How long does the message ‘the origin post preparing shipment’ stay in tracking details?

This status stays between 3 to 5 working days. It means that your package might be delayed for 2 to 3 days.

What does it mean when it says preparing shipment?

Preparing shipment means that your package is in the process of packing, and labeling, or is still in the process of being processed for shipment.

Final Words On the ‘Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment’ Tracking Message

By now, you must have understood that ‘origin post preparing shipment’ is a common tracking status for international packages that are shipped from different origin facilities. Also, the reasons behind getting this notification, so there is no need to get alarmed or concerned.  

However, if you are still in doubt about your package shipment status or getting the same message for a couple of days or weeks, you can reach out to the USPS regional facility directly via different communication methods that we have shared in the blog.

We hope you found this post helpful. Please share your valuable feedback on the same!

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