Drunk Delhi Girl Create Another Scene in Police Station

If you remember, before few day ago, a Delhi Drunk girl hits two guys on the bike and created a scene at Connaught Place. The girl was with a boy. After hitting the two guys on the bike both they misbehave with the boys and police authorities. According to those boys and on spot public, both boy and girl were under the influence of the alcohol. Someone from the public captured the scene with his camera. Her words were “Once I call my dad, you will be in trouble”.

But later, when she was taken to Police station and CMO for her statement. Also, here She continually abusing the authorities and those guys. One time she snatched the paper sheet from the police officer and threw it on the floor. Her words for the officers was “who the bloody hell you are? Teri Aukat ni hai mere se bat karne ki. “

Watch how she was behaving with the authorities.

Now the question is, why she was not sent to Jail. Because of she is a Girl? or she has powerful parents. Does police or media will behave something like this if there is a middle-class girl or a boy at her place.

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