Common Causes of Car Crashes and How to Prevent Them from Happening to You

While a century ago, driving a car was a matter of status and prestige, today at least 16.4 percent of people drive cars. Although this number may seem fairly low, keep in mind that the actual number of drivers may be a lot higher, seeing how it is not uncommon for multiple drivers to share the same vehicle. Unfortunately, as the number of drivers increases so does the number of car crashes, some of which even have fatal outcomes. The first step in avoiding the trap lies in knowing there is one in the first place, so here are some of the most common causes of car crashes, as well as a few tips on how to prevent them from happening to you.

1. Getting distracted by driving

Most often, car crashes are caused by drivers who get distracted while on the road. Sure, driving long distance may be an arduous work but it’s no excuse for you to start multitasking. Keep in mind that this may put everyone in the car at risk, which means that while you are driving, you are not supposed to be texting, eating or grooming. Focus on the road ahead in order to make sure you reach your destination.

2. Speeding

Another common cause of accidents is speeding. While some people do so because of the thrill, more commonly a person in question is in the rush to get somewhere on time. Of course, a much safer way to achieve this goal is to start your voyage a bit earlier, which means that a key to your on-road salvation might just lie in your organizational skills.

3. Drunk driving

Even though drunk driving is something that most organizations advocate strongly against, it is still one of the major causes of car crashes. You see, drinking traps you in a vicious loop, seeing as how on one hand, you are supposed to know you shouldn’t drive drunk but on the other hand, drinking impairs your judgment. This means that you might underestimate the amount of alcohol in your blood or the dangers of the road. Either one of these lapses may turn out to be fatal.

4. Tailgating

The main thing every new driver should know about the road is a fact that it’s a living thing. The drivers around you are all people with their own diverse driving habits, the road conditions change by the minute and you never know what may occur next. The only way to stay safe is to keep your distance from the person in front of you so that you may react in time, should the need arise. This is why, tailgating is a particularly dangerous driving habit, one that is more common amongst the male population.

5. Other people’s errors

Finally, you need to keep in mind that not everything is up to you and sometimes even though you did everything right, other people’s mistakes may cost you dearly. The only way to deal with this is to be extra cautious when other drivers start acting unusual and try to steer clear of them. Furthermore, having a lawyer on a speed dial is also a smart safety precaution. Some prestigious firms such as Adams & Co even specialize in motor vehicle accident claims, which can ensure you don’t fall victim to any false accusations.


One of the things that you must have noticed by now is the fact that most of the car accidents are caused by human error. In fact, the most recent surveys claim that the number of these accidents is almost up to 90 percent. Although horrifying, this also means that you are in full control of your safety for most of the time. Sure, poor weather conditions, vehicle failure, and unexpected natural occurrences may also be the cause of an accident but by driving carefully, even those mishaps can be averted more easily.

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