Chew proof dog bed DIY

Chew proof dog bed DIY

Chewing is normal for dogs as it’s their way to express their moods and behaviors as well. Chewing can be healthy for dogs, but on the other hand, it’s something drastic for you to have around. This chewing habit of your dog can get many of things in your place ripped apart, and you will be helpless. Commonly with the help of many precautionary measures and chew toys you can cover up this loss.

But, the primary target of this chewing is the dog’s bed. It is the first thing that gets ripped off due to the chewing habit of your dog.

It’s really not a good feeling for having all messed foam or fluff around whenever you wake up in the morning because your dog just pulled it off from the bed. To avoid such situation, it is essential to provide them such bed that cannot be torn off and you can have peace of mind finally. Here we have some of the ideas and tips to make your DIY chew proof dog bed that will actually help you to avoid such a mess. The bed options will be comfy, relaxing and durable enough to offer you the ultimate results.

Pick up a design

When it comes to design anti chew dog bed you do have a number of options to try with according to your preferences. You can go for the flatbed to the bean shape or a couch as well. It is up to the dog’s choice and comfort level that is preferred by your pet. But, you have to make sure that the bed’s design should be compatible with the house space and its uses as well. You will be able to adjust the bed easily.

Select the tough fabric

The most important thing you need to consider in the chew resistant dog beds is the fabric material. No matter what’s inside, but from the outside, it should be tough and hard. You need a comfortable fabric that is chew resistant aswell. In this regard, you might have many options such as:

  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Outdoor fabric
  • Kevlar thread fabric or threads etc

Keep it double

Although you are going to use the best of fabric, make sure that you will keep it double. Just in case the first layer gets damaged or destroyed then your second layer of fabric will b helpful for long. It is an ideal situation to always have extra covers with you to avoid any inconvenience with the bed and its covers.

Outdoor fabric

When it is about crafting the dog’s bed you came across some fabric options. But you have to make sure that you will pick up the sturdy and durable option. On the other hand, it should be soft and comfy as well. Outdoor fabric is soft and durable that can go through the extreme temperatures, moisture, and other conditions as well. So you can pick up the print of your choice in the first place and move forward with it. Following are the things you need to consider overall:

  • Take the perfect measurements and follow the design
  • Use the flexible and durable threat to avoid tears
  • Stick it well and keep the stitching inside
  • Avoid adding on anything prick
  • It’s always good to have double-layered fillers

You can go nonfabric

It’s not necessary that you need to have the fabricated dog bed. You can go nonfabric as well by using the PVC or other materials to have a solid and dog-friendly bed or case as well. It will be a different experience for your dog but eventually get the ultimate satisfaction.

Explore more options

When crafting best chew proof dog beds using your common skills and materials, you do have a number of options to explore in low budget. You can improvise the designs and make new things out of common ideas those too destroyed than in the budget.

Bottom Line

To have the best of chew proof bed DIY it’s necessary to consider the needs of the dogs and pick the best designs. Your dog will love the bed if you add on some chew toys to it and make it attractive.