19 Double Meaning Dialog from Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Double meaning Dialogs

Yes, I know, your naughty mind start thinking when you read about double meaning dialogs. It's true that double meaning talks always entertain us and when it happened in the movies, movies become more interesting and funny. These funny Bollywood double meaning dialog initially posted on Gazab Post.

Thele Wale Babu, Mujhe Poha Khila De – Must watch

thele wale babu

Thele Wale Babu, another version of DJ wale babu after fashion wale babu is available in the market. You should watch it. Made by Bakar Bhakti: Directed and Edited by: Shubham Maru Line Produced by: Chirag Bhaiya Concept and Lyrics: Rajiv Nema Singers: Rajiv Nema, Tanya Jain Cast: Rajiv Nema, Chirag Bhaiya, Shweta Sharma, Vinita Rodwal, Rashmika Ahuja. Acknowledgement: Koustubh

10 Funniest Images on Facebook of 2015

Funny Images

Facebook is the second most crowded place after China and here everyone is busy in sharing their update. Some are busy in sharing funny images or some are busy in updating useful or informative updates. In this post, we choose the 10 most funniest images from Facebook. There is a huge